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Cinema Secrets Professional Brush Cleaner 120ml 120ml

4.6 of 43 reviews


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4 instalments of $5.88

Or 4 instalments of $5.88 with LEARN MORE

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FLAMMABLE This item is flammable therefore postage is restricted to Standard Post within Australia

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The brush cleanser that is coveted by makeup professionals and enthusiasts alike - quick to dry, no rinse required. Cinema Secrets Professional Brush Cleaner cleans, conditions and deodorises all makeup brushes. 

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SUPERIOR - 98% recommend

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Cinema Secrets Professional Brush Cleaner 120ml Reviews

4.6 of 43 reviews

98% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Best brush cleaner


Yes it might be a bit pricier, but honestly, I think this is the best brush cleaner I've ever used in my kit. It cleans brushes so quickly and thoroughly. You can get a manicare one which does the job too, but just how quickly this removes product from your brush, especially when you have multiple clients, that extra couple of seconds makes a difference. So what if the blue stains the brush a little bit, doesn't bother me!
  1. Cinema Secrets Professional Brush Cleaner 120ml


    I always go back to using this for my brushes and sponges. It leaves them squeaky clean. Sometimes a really dirty brush will take 2 washes but I know they will stay soft and clean after having used this.
  2. Cinema Secrets Professional Brush Cleaner


    Best brush cleaner I have ever used. Cleaned the dirtiest of brushes and I have had foundation brushes that haven't been cleaned for longer than I care to admit.
  3. new way to clean


    verified purchaser
    perfect for a quick clean and deodorise any dirty brush
  4. Great cleaner for brushes


    Ordering this again as it works very well. The smell is a bit strong however I'm ok with it.
  5. Left too much residue


    verified purchaser
    I have acne prone skin so I was looking for a product to keep bacteria at bay. I washed my brushes with dr bronners liquid soap and followed up with this to sanitise and I really wanted to like this product but I just felt as though there was too much residue left on the brushes after they had dried :( I ended up re-washing my brushes with dr bronners soap as I just don't like to run risks with my...
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  6. Best brush cleaner


    Yes it might be a bit pricier, but honestly, I think this is the best brush cleaner I've ever used in my kit. It cleans brushes so quickly and thoroughly. You can get a manicare one which does the job too, but just how quickly this removes product from your brush, especially when you have multiple clients, that extra couple of seconds makes a difference. So what if the blue stains the brush a litt...
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  7. Amazing!!


    verified purchaser
    This product does exactly what the description says! It removed all makeup on my brushes within seconds and made them look new again.
    Perfect product for in between deep brush cleans when you just want to disinfect or remove colour.
  8. fave


    works amazing. love it
  9. Makeup artists best friend


    verified purchaser
    Amazing!!! Cleans your brushes without washing and still removes build up and stains!! Pleasant smelling and still conditions your brushes!
    Amazing for real hair and synthetic hair brushes!! I wanna have a never ending jar of this
  10. effective and efficient


    This product is easy to use and works really well. My brushes are super clean and feel great! It does seem to run out quickly though but still worth the money.
  11. Runs out quick


    Works well but the bottle is small and runs out quickly. Expensive
  12. Effective brush cleaner with no rinse


    No mess, and easy to use which is super important to me. I would buy again.
  13. Yes please


    Great brush cleaner. Not for a heavy clean but if you want to clean something quick and easy this is the one
  14. Works well


    This brush cleaner is very effective and easy to use. I use it with my palmat brush cleaner and the 2 work well together.
  15. Effective


    This is one of the best brush cleaner. It is very effective and quick drying. Definitely repurchase.
  16. dries quickly


    Super great brush cleaner, I love how it dries quickly and my blushes look restored
  17. restores brushes


    really restores brushes to their original/former shade and gets rid of all sorts of colours
  18. Great


    Im usually pretty slack with cleaning my brushes because of how long it takes. This cleaner liquid makes it so easy.
  19. Best on the spot brush cleaner out there


    It is the best brush cleaner out there. I cannot recommend this enough. i use this everyday to clean my brushes - might not be the best but it gives me peace of mind.
  20. 10/10


    I have tried a few different makeup brush cleansers and they dont compare to this one. Makes cleansing my brushes really easy and quick.
  21. Quick and easy


    Super quick and efficient brush cleaner. I used to use bar soap and have to let my brushes dry for ages, but this brush cleaner takes off grime quickly without rinsing. It's gentle on the brush fibres too.
  22. Quick, effective product for brush cleaning


    This product is very effective for cleaning all types of makeup brushes, especially fountain brushes. My makeup brushes easily absorb this product and after using it, my brushes look brand new again! It’s also quick drying - which is an added bonus!
  23. Helps keep my brushes clean


    I use this regularly to keep my brushes clean. It's a bit of an essential really. Have purchased it a couple of time and think it's good value for money.
  24. First time


    First time using this cleaner and I love it, doesn't take much product to do the job!
  25. This stuff is the best


    I honestly don’t know how I was using baby shampoo for so many years! This stuff has changed my brushes big time omg!!!! They’re so much cleaner and fresher, I can see a massive difference in the texture of my skin too which I believe has come from keeping my brushes so clean with this. The best!!
  26. Makes cleaning brushes easy


    This product makes the cleaning/sanitising process of my brushes so so easy. I spray it directly onto the brush and then wipe onto a cloth or some tissue paper and all the makeup just glides/melts right off. Ive used so many other brush cleaners before and I either have to use half a bottle of product or sit there for so long cleaning - this liquid made it so easy and quick.
  27. Excellent product


    This is one of my favourite products of all time. I’m pretty lazy when it comes to cleaning my brushes and this is a lifesaver. It leaves them so clean and fresh. And short drying time!! Can’t live without it.
  28. Cinema Secrets Professional Brush Cleaner


    I had been putting off washing my brushes for ages and then I used this. It was so easy to use and left my brushes feeling as good as new.
  29. Cleans well


    Really deeply cleans brushes. Has a very clean scent to it.
  30. The perfect spot cleaner


    I bought this after it was recommended to me by a make up artist. Definitely the best brush cleaner I've ever used for spot cleaning my brushes. It does exactly what it promises. Gets my brushes clean no matter whether it's an eyeshadow or full coverage concealer; even my white brushes look brilliant after a quick wipe off with Cinema Secrets. It dries off really quickly and leaves my brushes smel...
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  31. Cleaning brushes made easy


    Of all the products I have tried, Cinema Secrets makes cleaning brushes so easy. Leaves brushes smelling heaps nice
  32. Great!


    This really gives my brushes a good and thorough clean and gets rid of any residual makeup.


    This stuff is magic! My brushes have never been so clean.
    So easy and fast to use, and leaves your brushes smelling amazing! Even though it’s a little pricey, it’s totally worth it and I will continue to buy this
  34. so good!


    Makes cleaning brushes so easy, I use this for eyeshadow brushes in particular and it cleans them up in 30 seconds and dries INSTANTLY. Also, it smells like vanilla cupcakes which is why I bought it in the first place
  35. Best brush cleaner out there


    The title says it all - Cinema Secrets is definitely the best instant brush cleaner I've tried. It cleans quickly without having to rinse brushes afterwards. It dries on the spot so that my brushes can be used straight away. If you're a makeup artist and haven't tried it yet, you should definitely give it a shot.
  36. Best brush cleaner


    I'm on my second bottle now and I can't recommend this enough!! It's a great and effective brush cleaner doesn't have that strong alcoholic smell like using Isopropyl. It's perfect for using in-between proper washes and I get about 1 weeks use before my brushes need a deeper clean.
  37. staple product


    I bought this product because I have expensive make up brushes that I did not want to ruin by washing with regular hand soap. After washing my brushes, they felt like they were brand new again and super soft.
  38. Best brush cleaner


    I love how convenient this cleaner is! I really didn't enjoy having to wash my brushes with water and soap because of how long it took them to dry. Now, I just spray, wipe and they're ready to use again! So affordable as well. Can't recommend enough!
  39. A little goes a long way!


    I was a little skeptical at first how a cleaner could thoroughly clean my brushes with minimal effort and not only do that but be so fast drying i didnt have to wait hours before I could use them. again a little goes a long way making that once dreadful job of having to clean my brushes such a breeze!
  40. The Best!


    This is hands down the best brush cleaner I have ever used. It makes washing my brushes so quick and does an amazing job. It has a nice scent as well
  41. Amazing


    I've been a makeup brush fiend for years and detest washing brushes. It keeps getting put off because of the time taken, reshaping, etc etc. I'd heard about this stuff and finally tried it and omg what a game changer. I've tried sooo many different ways of cleaning brushes over the years but this is by far the quickest and cleanest way IMO. The product literally melts out of them and they are the ...
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  42. Witchcraft in a bottle


    Seriously, this stuff is MAGIC. I was skeptical and thought it was safer to go with the small bottle but I will be ordering a litre of the stuff with my next order. I am very lazy when it comes to cleaning my makeup brushes - mostly because of the time and effort involved. Every time I build up to doing it, I realise I need to use the brushes soon so don't have time for the whole wash/dry ritual. ...
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  43. Absolutely amazing


    I LOVE this product. I use liquid stay put foundation that is hard to clean out of my foundation brush. One use of this cleanser and my brush looked like new! So I cleaned my teenage daughters foundation and highlighter brushes with the best results, brushes are clean, dry and ready to use. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
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