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Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub 250ml

4.7 of 92 reviews


4 instalments of $17.25


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4 instalments of $17.25


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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Hair Concern:

  • Flaky scalp
  • Oily roots, dry ends
  • Product buildup

Hair Curl Type:

  • Curly
  • Straight
  • Very curly/African/Caribbean
  • Wavy

Hair Texture:

  • Fine
  • Medium

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Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub

Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub

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4.7 of 92 reviews

96% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Love the smell!
Bit of surprise on its smell. Really fresh. Definitely will buy again!

Most Helpful Criticism

It’s ok
I bought this last year after reading heaps of positive reviews online as I found that my scalp felt dirty the next day after I’d washed my hair. The scrub is quite pricey and I haven’t noticed any drastic changes in my scalp.
  1. Love the smell!

    Bit of surprise on its smell. Really fresh. Definitely will buy again!
  2. deep clean

    this scrub provides a deep clean and refreshing feel
  3. I like using it

    You only need a tiny amount and it instantly lathers with water so this will last a very very long time I think. I'm not 100% if its actually doing anything that amazing but it does leave my scalp and hair feeling nice and clean. No downsides, this is a very gentle 'scrub', I do enjoy using but not sure if I would re-purchase.
  4. That feeling of breeze of fresh and clean

    I highly recommend this shampoo scrub, you only need a small amount to work it into a lathering foam on your hair. I personally did not find it expensive for what it does and the amount you need to use, and how often you need to use (once or twice a month).

    It really leaves you scalp feeling cleaning, a normal shampoo could not achieve that fresh feeling. It really made your scalp feels like it’s breathing. However it does make your hair a bit squeaky afterwards, I would recommend you to use conditioner or hair l treatment after using the purifying scrub.
  5. Amazing

    This stuff is amazing, the best part about it... it actually works!! I have a really dry scalp and oily roots so it is hard to come across a product that looks after both yet somehow this one delivers! It is truly like a detox for your scalp, it just feels so clean after you use it. Definitely worth it!
  6. Super Clean Hair!

    I was recommended this product by Adore Beauty staff as I was experiencing a dry scalp with lots of flaking. It didn't really do anything for the dryness or flakes (if anything, maybe made them worse?) but it did do an amazing job of making my hair feel super clean! I ended up battling the dryness and flakes with Bondi Boost and now just use this once a week for a deep clean. It definitely extends the time in between washes. I would definitely recommend for those looking for a deep clean but maybe not for those with a dry, flaking, itchy scalp!
  7. Great product!

    I received a small tub of this as a gift with purchase and boy of boy am I pleased that I did! I exercise a lot and try not to wash my hair too often, resulting in lots of dry shampoo build up. After using this scrub my hair was super clean yet soft and not dried out. I know it is on the expensive side but I will most definitely be purchasing once my little sample pot runs out.
  8. Fantastic experience!

    I just received the product today and couldn’t wait to start using it. Only small amount can generate so much foams and makes my scalp so refreshed! I have oily hair and need to wash my hair every single day. I assume this can be used once/twice a week.
  9. Holy Grail

    Lives up to the hype. Expensive, but will last a long time. Estimate using a teaspoon each use, and use once a week for a deep cleanse. Highly recommend this product, and this brand.
  10. It’s ok

    I bought this last year after reading heaps of positive reviews online as I found that my scalp felt dirty the next day after I’d washed my hair. The scrub is quite pricey and I haven’t noticed any drastic changes in my scalp.
  11. it really cleans the scalp better shampoo.

    I didn't bealieve it at first, i wasnt sure about where does the hype come from. Bought it on promo, then fell in love. I use dry shampoo quite regularly, as convenient it is, there are noticeable residual on the scalp. this product foams pretty well, i just reise it, and feel less itich on my third harid day. Im gussing it is working.
  12. The best shampoo alternative!

    I started using this as I was recommended it for my oily roots. It has been a godsend. I usually get an extra day out of my hair now and it always feels super clean after I've used it. A little goes a long way too! I only use half a teaspoon and it's plenty for my long hair. Get's rid of build up from product also without being too harsh. This is now my third tub and I won't be looking back!
  13. Squeaky clean goodness!

    This wonderful product is the most clarifying hair and scalp product I have ever used. I used it once a week as a detox from my regular products. It lathers up incredibly so you don't need much at all. I suffer from dandruff and eczema and the sea salt in this product definitely helps to exfoliate and relief my scalp!
  14. This works.

    Easy and not messy to use, this actually super-cleanses hair and gives added volume. I’ve replaced regular shampoo with this, it’s that good!
  15. Get fresh hair after using it

    My hair is always very dry at end but oily at roots, so it always looks very heavy and sticky. I have been using this product for 1.5 months, roughtly twice per week. I found it really helps with oily root. Also, you only need a tiny amount to have a very foaming effect. I prefer use conditioner or treatment after use this product, otherwise it will be too dry and hard to comb hair.
  16. Good product

    This is a bit expensive but I use it after I've had my hair bleached and find it really kind on my scalp.FInd I only need to use a little bit and keeps my hair clean for days and is gentle on my scalp
  17. Brilliant for purifying the scalp.

    I purchased this to manage build-up on my hair and scalp which regular shampoo wasn't managing effectively. My hair is naturally dark brown, and at the time I was rocking a pretty light balayage.

    I found this product to be amazing from first use. It immediately got rid of the build-up and thoroughly cleansed my scalp. I found the scrub to be relaxing and enjoyed the sensation on my scalp. In saying that people with very sensitive scalps or conditions like psoriasis may find this a bit harsh (perhaps buy the small tub to try first).

    It does make your hair feel very dry when you're rinsing, however I found that my regular conditioner sorted this out. My hair remained clean and shiny for days after and it did not alter my hair colour. I used this once a week at first, then once a fortnight as the condition of my scalp improved. The price is a bit steep, but I would repurchase again.
  18. Hair feels squeaky clean

    Great scrub to use 1-2 times a week for a deep clean. Hair does become a little dry but it's nothing that a conditioner cannot solve!
  19. I can't live without it..

    My scalp was so bad at one stage. Would wash my hair and the next day it would be so oily with dandruff. I did a little research and read lots of reviews about the Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub and the whole range. so i decided to try it myself and i love love love it.
    I have been using this for over a year. I cant live without the scrub and the Christophe Robin Purifying Shampoo with Jujube Bark Extract. I alternate between the two. Now I only wash my hair every 4 or so days. It has really helped with the oil control and the dandruff. I have recommended it to so many people and they love it too.
  20. Lathers beautifully

    You only need a tiny amount, this lathers massively.
    I have oily roots and use this every 2 weeks or so. Makes hair squeaky clean. I also use it on my 5 year old every 2 weeks to get rid of the buildup of anti tangle spays and conditioners I use on her. I honestly don’t know if it’s worth the price though. I can see it lasting ages. Couldn’t use it every wash though, it’s very drying and I feel might strip hair too much.
  21. Like the cleansing effect but didn’t help scalp

    I didn’t find this really helped my scalp health, it cleansed really well but I haven’t noticed a difference in the scalp
  22. Hair is fresh

    i get oily hair really fast, i used this on Monday and its now Wednesday and my hair is still clean... haven't washed it since. i do reccomend that when you rinse, wash your hair with shampoo and it does get a bit greasy if you dont.
  23. Love this!

    I don't think there will be another day in my life without this product. It's worth the price!
    It leaves my scalp feeling fresh, light and the perfect level of squeaky clean. My hair is soft, shiny and bouncy.
    You definitely need a conditioning treatment after - I love using this with the Regenerating mask.
  24. Does what it says

    This scrub does what it says. I used to have a very dry and flaky scalp. Dandruff shampoos would just dry me out further, however this not only has sorted the flakiness and itch but its leaves my hair soft and silky when used with my regular conditioner
  25. So good for psoriasis!

    I get psoriasis on my scalp around my hairline and in other spots, and this stuff is amazing! I love how soft my hair feels after I use it. You definitely need a very moisturising conditioner to use after though as it can make your head a bit dry. It really does help with psoriasis and I’m so glad I found it! It’s lasted me ages too.
  26. Can’t live without

    I love this scrub, makes my hair feel clean but soft and it’s a good way to get rid of build up at the roots
  27. Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub

    This scrub melts into shampoo like texture when in contact with water. Cleanses the scalp well, getting rid of all the build up. However it's can be very drying so it's best to follow up a very moisturizing hair mask
  28. A winner

    I bought the travel pack which had a small tub in it. I loved it and bought the bigger version. I use it about twice a week. I have very fine shoulder length hair with oily roots and have to wash may hair every second day. I love the smell and the texture of this product and it does leave my hair feeling really clean. I do still oil up on the second day but on the day I wash with scrub this my hair feels fabulous. It is pricey but will last a long time. You don't need much and it does lather up.
  29. Super clean, but dry!

    I loved loved loved this product the first few weeks of using it, it gives that squeaky clean feeling and my scalp and hair felt so light. I also managed to extend my washing cycle to an extra day.

    I have found it to be slightly drying - I potentially used it too frequently. It made my hair incredibly knotty and so hard to comb, even with my tangle teazer. I'm now back to once a week and it's fantastic for a deep cleanse, just ensure you use a hydrating shampoo with it. Not sure I would purchase again, but I still quite like the product.
  30. Detox your scalp

    I got oily scalp and dryness end hair
    Since I’ve been using it for a month, there is no more pimple on my scalp.
    It’s work!
    It also feels detox your scalp, remove the product, hard water and purple shampoo scalp
    I use purple shampoo everyday, this scrub help me to remove the residue on the scalp.
    This product works.
  31. Serious scalp scrub, gets the job done

    If you can overlook that it contains sulphates and the expensive price tag... this scrub gets. The. Job. Done.

    It is by no means gentle or soothing. Containing oversized, coarse salt grains, the creamy formula works instantly to remove product build up and cleanse the scalp without stripping away natural oils or causing irritation. Strong fragrance, light tingling sensation if rubbed in vigorously. Only a very small amount is needed, so large tub lasts months!

    Not recommended for sensitive skin or regular usage. Once a week, if required, is more than sufficient.
  32. What a product!

    I'll admit, I was a little hesitant to buy this at first because of cost... I'm glad I did. It leaves my hair and scalp feeling so clean and refreshed.

    Lasts so much longer than a regular hair wash and you only need a tablespoon (I have long, thick, curly hair) so it lasts for ages.

    Well worth it, 100% will buy again.
  33. A must for sensitive scalps

    - I often use dry shampoo, and have quite a dry itchy scalp that gets sunburnt. I need something to help get rid of dead skin and cleanse it. This works brilliantly.
    - it can sting on the scalp because of the salt.
    - it lathers up well on the scalp
    - good value. You get a lot for how much you need for each use.
    - leaves hair softer after you use it
    - will continue to use.
  34. yes

    I was recommended this product by my hairdresser and I absolutely love it. This product left my scalp feeling very cleansed and smelling amazing. The smells a bit strong but it's not a bad smell.
  35. Heaven for sensitive scalp

    I loved the way this scrub made my scalp feel. My scalp is sensitive and this really calmed it down. The smell is devine too!
  36. Great product!

    Product works great on my hair. I have quite oily hair and normally need to wash it every other day - this product gives me a couple extra days between washes. Most importantly it gives me more volume!
  37. Nope

    I wanted to like this so bad but I just don't get the hype. The smell was nauseating, overly synthetic and strong and the scrub felt a bit meh and did nothing for my fine hair. Not the product for me unfortunately
  38. Worth trying

    This scrub is perfect it really cleanses well and gives volume to my hair.
  39. Always leaves my hair feeling clean

    Love the feeling after using the product!

    I received a tester of this and i absolutely love it. I use it once a week and it leaves my hair feeling so soft, shiny and clean and the best thing is you only need to use a small amount. 10 out of 10!
  41. Cleansing but little oil control

    I have oily fine hair, and this product was recommended by a hairdresser for helping with oil control. The scrub is difficult to apply consistently to the whole scalp because of its texture and consistency, but seems to exfoliate quite well. I have noticed a slight improvement in oil control, in that my hair can go an extra day without shampooing, but overall the change isn't dramatic.
  42. Very good for oily scalp

    I bought this under the recommendation of my friend. It really worked for my oily scalp. I used this first and then applied other shampoo. My hair feels rather refreshed and bouffant after washing. This effect could last for one or two days.
  43. Nice deep clean

    I have mixed views on this product. I bought it because I wanted to get a scalp scrub and something to deep clean, since I have fine hair that gets oily at the roots and use a lot of different products. On the one hand, this product creates a brilliant, rich lather at the scalp and leaves my hair feeling incredibly clean. It definitely removes product residue well and I do think it’s re-balancing my oily scalp. On the other hand, the salt particles are really big and get stuck in my hair so they rarely reach my scalp; so it’s not too much of a physical exfoliation. I use it before putting on a conditioning mask, as part of a weekly clarifying process. I do really enjoy using it and I’ll probably keep doing so just because it feels so nice and gives such a good clean. If you’re not too worried about the physical exfoliation, this gives a nice deep cleanse, a rich lather and makes your hair feel refreshed.
  44. Such a great product

    I got a small tub as a gift with purchase and I was so impressed! I only have to use a small amount and it really gives my hair a good clean. My scalp feels really clean and fresh afterwards. I find it useful when my hair is dirty or full of product. It is expensive but a little goes a long way.
  45. Light soft hair

    Love, love, love this! My hair always feels so soft & light after I use this. It’s always going to be in my hair arsenal!
  46. Got this as a sample and a full size is a must !

    I got this as a sample and I loved it . At first it feels strange like how is it a shampoo but it lathers and thickens up and it leaves your hair in squeaky clean condition I can really tell the difference when I didn't use it after and I feel the full size will be a must going forward loved it !
  47. Good

    I use this to relieve the itch and flakiness on my scalp. And whenever my hair started to get greasy. It feels squeaky clean. Though, it strips off all the moisture in your hair so it is best to use heavy conditioner or hair mask after. Some salt particles are quite big, it doesn’t dissolve right away. A bit expensive for its size. But it gets the job done.
  48. Fantastic product that I highly reccomend

    I Have normal wavy hair with a tendency to a sensitive scalp.

    This is the best shampoo / scrub I have ever used. It laters well and exfoliates your scalp. It doesn't dry out your hair but cleanses really deeply. It has a different texture to an ordinary shampoo which takes a bit to get used to but it is well worth persevering.
  49. Not worth the expense

    I really wanted to love this product but it made my hair dry, hard to brush and I still get greasy roots on day two after washing my hair. Disappointed as it was so expensive.
  50. So.....clean......

    I have recently felt there is always residue in my hair although i only use shampoo and not other hair products and it makes my hair feel unclean and heavy. This salt scrub leaves the scalp squeeky clean. Recommend this for weekly or monthly deep clean if your scalp feels tired.
  51. Love it!

    I have fine, slightly oily hair and am in love with this product. It leaves my hair/scalp feeling clean, fresh, soothed. The smell is great and it foams up wonderfully. It’s a little pricey, but it lasts a long time. I’ve started to use it while taking a bath instead of a shower so I can take more time to give my scalp a nice massage.
  52. Dandruff be gone!

    Love this shampoo, when i first opened it i was scared it would be too abrasive because of the sea salt chunks but no- it lathers beautifully and does a great job gently scrubbing my scalp which has removed most of my dandruff in one wash. Side note- it cleans almost too well and can be abit drying, I follow it up with Eleven's miracle hair treatment and my hair feels amazing.
  53. No ordinary shampoo!

    This stuff is incredible. Originally I bought it as my hair was feeling really heavy like it had lots of build up from crappy hair products. I’m blonde so use a few different things on my locks.
    I used this for the first time and FELL INLOVE. It lathers well but I usually use a shampoo I like before using this, and the end result is really cleansed, light weight and shiny hair. It got rid of every series of build up and I now use this probably once a month. It also really bring out my blonde and made it super bright and shiny.

    Side note: use with a good moisturising conditioner. This products does NOT dry your hair out, but it cleanses and detoxes very well so replenishing your hair would be a good idea after this!
  54. Great results

    I originally bought this for my husband (he has major trade hair) and thought I’d give it a try myself. The consistency wasn’t something I’m used to, being a solid scrub, but it lathered really well and left my hair and scalp refreshed. I will continue to use it, probably just once every other week as a detox to my other hair products.
  55. LOVE IT!

    I love this scrub! I have mild psoriasis on my scalp and this scrub has helped dramatically with the itching and to remove the build up. I have wavy mid length hair with an oily scalp and dry ends. Definitely would recommend using a moisturising mask on the ends of your hair after this scrub as it tends to dry the ends out a little bit.
    Overall I will definitely buy again as I love the squeaky clean feeling and helps maintain my psoriasis so I'm not itching my head all day!
  56. Deep cleans the scalp

    I used to have a build-up of residue on my scalp from overusing dry shampoo. It was so bad that it clogged my follicles and caused my hair to fall out. Traditional shampoos couldn't get rid of it. I started using this every time I washed my hair (I wash my hair 3 times a week) and follow with my regular shampoo. And now my hair has much more volume and my scalp feels so much cleaner.
  57. Nice product

    scalp does feel very fresh and it doesn't have strong perfume scent which is good. the only thing i don't like is packaging you have to use finger to scoop out the product which is not really hygienic
  58. Kills the dry shampoo residue

    I got this after developing a very itchy scalp whenever I used dry shampoo which was definitely down to residue on my scalp that a normal shampoo wasn't budging.
    I've used it once and my scalp and my hair felt squeaky clean - my hair perhaps was a bit dry after so the next time I use it I'm going to try it with a moisturising mask but it definitely got rid of the gross itchiness!
  59. Cholrine killer

    This kills the smell and coating of cholrine from the pool with out drying your hair. It feels unusual not like a regular shampoo but it goes really thick and creamy when you start to lather it in. I'll m not a blonde so I don't know if it will scrub that greenish cast out of you for those blonde girls who react badly to chlorine but iI'd be willing to say it's a good chance
  60. Super clean feeling!

    Worth every dollar! I was initially hesitant purchasing this product because of the price tag and was sceptical about it being in a ‘scrub’formula. Not only has it left my hair and scalp feeling super clean without drying it out but it has also added volume to my fine hair. My hair feels shiny, thick and volumised!
  61. Like a detox for your hair

    I have an oily scalp and in winter I get mild dandruff. After reading up about this product, I thought I'd give it a go and WOW.

    I love it, I use once a week (I don't have to but I love the smell and the sea salt exfoliating my scalp).

    No wonder it has won so many awards. Amazing product for oily hair that needs a reboot, a detox from all the hair products and elements.

    Highly recommend, worth the price tag.
  62. Best ever

    if you have an oily hair, this is the best friend ever. with sea salt in the shampoo, it will purify the hair and make the hair looks matte and clean for at least 3 days.

    after using it, I only need to wash my hair twice a week. my hair is very very long.

    I also find that AB sells a lower price than Sephora. So, highly recommend buying here.
  63. Outstanding

    This product is amazing. A little cautious at first due to the different consistency (paste) but now I'm hooked! It foams up so nicely and doesnt strip hair at all. I am addicted to this!
  64. YES!

    I was given this by a roommate who recommended I use it for my mild dandruff, and it is amazing! It smells so beautiful and worked a treat, I bought a pot and use every now and then when I get a little dandruff and it always kicks the problem.
  65. This is amazing

    I'm in my 60's. I received this as a free sample & I will definitely buy it. I have mild psorias in my hair which I colour every 4 weeks. My head itches a lot after that & I was using cortisone liquid to stop the itching. Now I use this for the next 2 shampoos after colouring & the results are amazing. No scratching like a dog! It leaves my hair squeaky clean so I use a heavy conditioner with it but I will definitely look at their other hair products. I am so glad not to have to use cortisone anymore!
  66. Noticeable difference :)

    I've got naturally curly, dry hair and up until now have had very visible dandruff, especially at the front of my scalp.
    I bought this because my scalp felt dry & itchy and i'm pleased to say i noticed a visible difference after using this product only a couple times. The product says it lasts about 20 washes but i have a feeling its going to last me longer because im already at 10 washes and not even halfway through the container (use it sparingly and ONLY on the scalp, you really dont need a lot). The product is fairly gritty so make sure you wash it out REALLY well otherwise you'll get out of the shower and mistakenly think it's dandruff (all i had to do was jump back in the shower and wash it out more thoroughly). I generally use this once a week, maybe once every fortnight or when i know i've got a lot of product buildup. It's a bit expensive but definitely worth it if your hair is dry/itchy/flaky
  67. OMG!

    I received a free little sample jar of this from Adore Beauty - I LOVE the free samples - I still have it after a couple of months and it blew my mind. After you use it your hair is like straw but my gosh, it cleans your hair and adds so much volume. Will eventually buy this when I run out. PS the fragrance is delish.
  68. Great

    This is a great product, which I bought after finding that my hair had become weighed down with cheap silicones from supermarket hair products. Yuck. It feels a bit like when you get sand in your hair after a swim in the ocean - not a bad feeling at all - and it is weirdly satisfying to be able to scrub your scalp clean!
  69. Actually works!

    I tried this based on reviews alone, and it definitely lives up to the hype. I use a lot of dry shampoo, so my scalp can get dry and irritated after a while. I find that this gets rid of any product build up, and leaves my scalp feeling calm and flake free.
    It lathers surprisingly well, and gives my long thick hair bounce and shine. Will continue to purchase!
  70. Brilliant Product

    Great product. I suffer from a flaky scalp & found that this product helped lift most of the flakes from my scalp.
    The only downside & this is all on me, is that my hair felt dry after using it (but I have been coloring it with bright fashion colors) Surprisingly enough it didn't strip the color from my hair & using a small amount of conditioner my hair was in tip top condition.
    A little bit goes a long way, so you only need to use a small amount.
  71. Something that actually makes my hair and scalp feel clean!

    I have always struggled with oily hair and dandruff however this product has been a game changer! Most hair care products weigh down my hair but not this one! A small amount goes a long way and my hair feels lightweight after using it. It's not too harsh on my scalp or hair either.
  72. For that squeaky clean feeling

    This is such a novel and unique product. While I like to nourish my hair with hydrating products generally, I'm obsessed with using this once a week to refresh my scalp and eradicate product build-up (mostly dry shampoo). It does take a bit of getting used to- almost like rubbing sand into your scalp. The result is an incredibly squeaky clean feeling, that really reduces the time between washes. As your hair is so squeaky afterwards, I would suggest pairing it with a hydrating hair and scalp mask for optimal results- I use it with the Christophe Robin Regenerating mask.
  73. Brilliant!

    I am constantly trying new scalp cleansing products, and this one is one of the best that I've tried. You don't need to use a large amount, so the tub goes a long way, and it works wonders! So happy with it overall.
  74. Wow - very impressed!

    My favourite shampoo brand recently changed their formula and my scalp has not been a fan. My hairdresser said it could have been a build up of keratin and gave me a few tips to try to help. They hadn’t worked and I was resigned to the fact that I would need to find a new shampoo and conditioner because the itching and flaking has been driving me crazy.. until I used this product. I received a free sample and had never even heard of a hair exfoliant. The formula felt great on my head and lathers with a bit of water. The itching was instantly gone after one wash and the flakiness of my scalp is no longer there. I have blonde coloured hair and it didn’t affect my colour at all. It felt a bit weird to use something so gritty on my head, and I was concerned about whether it would cause breakage or damage my hair, but my hair feels super soft. I will definitely be purchasing a full size tub in my next Adore order and plan on checking out some other products from the brand.
  75. Love it!

    I received this as a sample and it just sat in the cupboard for ages. Boy did I regret leaving it so long once I tried it! I loved it and added the full size product to my next order.

    I have shortish hair with encroaching grey, which I get coloured regularly. After exercise, and after having my hair coloured I would experience itchiness on my scalp. This product deals with all that beautifully, leaving my head itch free but my colour intact. I use it a couple of times a week after exercise, and after I've had my hair coloured. I follow with my normal conditioner. It leaves my scalp and hair feeling great.
  76. Life Changing

    I have such a dry scalp and this makes my hair and scalp feel SO clean and fresh.
  77. Super scalp cleansing

    I received this as a sample. Very happy with it and will soon be repurchasing. I felt it gave my scalp a really deep clean and removed any exisiting product build up. I also gave it to my partner to use who works outside. He often gets dirt etc in his hair. He was very happy and commented that his hair and scalp has never felt so clean.
  78. Marvellous, buy it

    I have thick, dark hair that is more prone to dry ends than anything else. I mostly wash my hair only 2-3 times a week, but I have been using more product lately, meaning I need to wash more regularly. That means itchy scalp etc. This is where the salt scrub is my new hero product. Smells good, easy to use, feels luxurious. For 20 uses, $66 is good value.
  79. Saviour Scrub!

    Once a month, I scrubbed my hair with bi-carb and shampoo to remove build up and it would strip my hair colour if I wasn't careful! This product does the same job and leaves my hair colour alone! Absolutely love it. Worth every cent!
  80. Amazing product!

    I have fine and highlighted hair that gets frizzy and dry, but oily on the roots the day after washing. I bought this product after seeing all the great reviews. I tried it today and what can I say? It is amazing! After blow drying my hair my hair felt soft bouncy - like my hair used to feel before I started colouring my hair. A little bit expensive, but definitely worth the money.
  81. Great for oily hair

    I have pin straight fine hair with oily roots and I really like how this product keeps my hair feeling lighter fresher and cleaner for longer. I received it as a free sample and have just purchased a full-size tub and I'm not disappointed. The price point is fine considering it's such a large tub. I feel like I get my hair really clean with this. I use it once a week and I have definitely noticed a difference in my hair overall as it seems to stay fresher and cleaner for longer and my styling products seem to work better, particularly as I try to get a bit more volume into my straight limp hair.
  82. Love love love

    I was totally skeptical of the need for a Hair exfoliant but I received a free sample and now I’m an avid fan and I’ve purchased a full sized one. I have curly, frizzy color treated hair but no scalp concerns, I thought the idea of removing product build up was a plus. I used once a week and followed with a treatment conditioner and I get the softest loveliest hair. It does lather if you add water. Super product!!
  83. My Saviour!

    Amazing! This has done wonders for my sensitive flakey scalp. I swear by it.
  84. New Holy Grail Hair Product

    I love what this does for my scalp and hair. Having struggled with Really oily hair all my life. This tackles the sebum build up on my scalp and helps stop flaking.
    Having received this as a sample I went madly hunting for it. For me this is a pricey purchase but so worth the results. Am starting to love my hair not just deal with it,. :D
  85. A little spa at home

    I usually get scalp treatments as I have a little bit of hair loss and my scalp is a little oily, but since moving states, I have not found a place to get scalp treatments on a regular basis. So this product gives me a little spa treatment at home which is nice. It does get pretty foamy when emulsified. I know my scalp is cleaner with this product because I can feel my minty scalp treatment which I spray on after.
  86. Squeaky clean scalp

    I received this product as a sample and decided to give it a try even though I never really felt like I had a build up on my scalp but now I think otherwise! After giving my head a light massage with this scrub my scalp came away squeaky clean; I felt like if I rubbed hard enough my scalp would make a sound similar to that of walking across sand! haha I found it really great around my hairline for exfoliation.
    A really enjoyable product, pleasant smell, the only downside is that it doesn't lather that well so for a full clean a fair amount of the product is needed,
  87. So cleansing

    I was intrigued by this scalp scrub as people seemed to love it, but I was worried it would irritate my sensitive scalp.
    I scooped out a walnut sized amount and applied it all over my scalp. Adding a little amount of water at a time I started massaging and this lathered and spread well all over my head.
    I could feel my hair and scalp getting cleaner. My hair was actually starting to feel squeaky. When I rinsed this out it washed out cleanly with no residue.
    And my hair felt so clean and so refreshed! It was not dried out at all, it felt and looked so smooth and soft.
    The smell is lovely, like a musky citrus.
    This is a brilliant hair and scalp cleanser, I highly recommend it!
  88. Amazing Product!

    Received this in a sample pack and I have never tried a hair scrub before. But once I tried it I was addicted. I have an oily scalp and this is the most effective product I have ever used! Makes my hair and scalp feel extra clean and smells beautiful. I will definitely be re-purchasing this.
  89. Just Get it!

    My hair was literally solidified on my head for a good few weeks, I tried a variety of products and 'home methods' to get the product build up out but nothing was working. I got a sample of this with my latest order, and it's the best thing ever. A hair cleansing scrub it the best way to describe it, but it has returned to my hair to its normal soft and gentle self. Love this product to bits.
  90. so glad I found this

    For the past year or so, I have been finding my usual hair products are leaving my scalp feeling heavy, oily and thick. Even 24 hours after an intense wash and condition, my hair never feels clean. This scrub has completely fixed that problem. It's a unique texture (kind of like an exfoliater) but it lathers up fabulously. Highly recommended if you're craving squeaky clean hair!
  91. Recommend Sea Salt Scrub and will continue to buy Christophe Robin’s hair products

    I only bought this product and used it twice and both times this scrub as left my scalp free of itching and ‘build up’ of other salon products I normally use. This hair scrub is what I have been looking for. Generally I go to the beach once and a while to scrub my hair in the ocean with the sand to rid the heavy build up and this scrub is twice as good. My hair is thick, and its good to feel that my hair is soft and looks healthy.
  92. Awesome product for sensitive scalp

    Loved how this product works like a traditional facial exfoliant for the scalp. My head gets itchy when the seasons change, and this helped relieve it hugely. Smell great, and loved the way the salt based formula feels and foams when mixed with water and applied. Only issue with it is that my husband seems to love it too ;)
  93. Review & Earn

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