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butter LONDON Melt Away Cuticle Eliminator by butter LONDON


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Out with the old, as they say... Melt Away your cuticles with this amazing Cuticle Eliminator from butter LONDON. It breaks down and softens dead skin cells for gentle cuticle removal, while also eliminating the need to nip. Youll be a dab hand at doing a DIY manicure!

By using butter LONDONs Melt Away Cuticle Eliminator weekly, you can literally train your cuticles to behave! Gentle cuticle exfoliation will gradually decrease cuticle size and hardness, until your pesky cuticles are constantly thin, soft, and easy to deal with. Voila!


Shake well before use. Apply to overgrown cuticles. Wait 2 minnutes, then gently push back cuticle and remove debris with a soft brush. Clean excess product from nails after use.

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Reviews (11)
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This really works! - 19-02-2018 by

This product does exactly what it's name says it will do. My cuticles tend to be rough, dry and grow super fast, but this product will melt away the rough skin literally in minutes! (No trimming necessary). A must-have product at home if you like to DIY your mani's and pedi's!

Good stuff - 05-08-2017 by

This stuff works. Put it on cuticles. Wait 3 minutes then push the cuticles back. The dead skin will start to come away easily. Leaves nails looking great! Will repurchase but won't need to for a long time as this stuff lasts ages.

Well named product - 03-08-2014 by

Butter London Melt-Away Cuticle Eliminator is really good. I have never used a cuticle eliminator before and the difference is amazing.

Previously I have spent ages soaking my hands in warm water and then gently pushing back my obstinate cuticles, usually causing some damage in the process. But no more - simply paint this liquid on, then a short time later remove it. The result - beautiful nails with white half moons showing. Thank you Adore Beauty for your wonderful emails alerting to me to such a good product!!

Does exactly what you want it to do - 26-10-2013 by

Yep, does exactly what you need it to do. Don't need a lot to do all your cuticles, so it should last quite some time.

definite repurchase!!! - 07-10-2013 by

I love this stuff. After using it few times, I am a fan for life.

really helps remove and push back cuticles, - 14-04-2011 by

I really like this product. It is thin when you first apply it then it thickens after a little while. It says leave it on 2 minutes but I don''t really take notice and I probably leave it on a bit longer. Then I push my cuticles back and quite a bit of gunk comes off, then I wash my hands and use a nail brush and gently go over the cuticles to remove any product or dead skin. I do this everytime I change my nail polish. It doesnt smell bad, it''s gentle and it really helps improve the appearance of cuticles. I have tried manicare''s cuticle remover but it didn''t work nearly as good as this. I also rub Burts Bees Cuticle Creme or Trilogy Everything Balm into my nails, cuticles and surrounding skin several times a day to keep them looking nice.

- 28-06-2010 by

If you have cuticles then you should have this unbelievably fantastically great stuff.

- 08-06-2010 by

A wonderful product. I do regular DIY manicures and pedicures and find this product makes them just that bit better - a professional looking finish. Works quickly to remove dry cuticles and hangnails, with no unpleasant 'toxic' smell. Highly recommended!

- 20-04-2010 by

This stuff is amazing! I am always fighting with my cuticles, they always look awful as I am never sure how to look after them properly. I applied some of this to my cuticles, left it for a few minutes as it said on the instructions, when I pushed back my cuticles they went without a fight and after washing it off and using a nailbrush to really make sure I had got all the cuticle, they looked fabulous! I could not believe how much better they looked and it was really quick and easy to do. This is going to be a staple in my nail care box!

- 03-01-2010 by

I had used some of the other butter LONDON products, and was so pleased with them that I was wishing they had a cuticle remover. Then, lo and behold, the very next time I looked on the adore beauty site - there it was - Melt Away! And that is exactly what it does. My toenails looked so gorgeous I couldn't stop looking at them! I cannot recommend this product too highly - try it for yourself, you won't be disappointed.

- 28-11-2009 by

This is excellent stuff! I bought this so I could do pedicures at home and I had only tried pharmacy branded cuticle removers before now or used cuticle oil instead - this wins. It works very quickly and cuticles really do melt away. I expected it to contain an AHA but it seems to have gentle ingredients. Another great product from Butter London!

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