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butter LONDON Horse Power Treatment

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butter LONDON Horse Power Treatment


Enriched with super strengthening Horsetail, this is your new all in one nail fertilizer, strengthener and hardener.

Horsetail is a herbal ingredient with incredible properties that assist in the strengthening and repair of nails. Fast-forward the growth of your nails with butter LONDONs Horse Power Treatment.

butter LONDON, a new concept in nail care, offering the most exclusive colours available in a non-toxic, long-lasting formula.

butter LONDON 3 free lacquers:
- NO formaldehyde
- NO toluene

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Well worth a try - 03-01-2013 by

As a beauty therapist, I don't normally recommend nail strengtheners to my clients, preferring a more natural approach for weak, splitting nails. However, the name of this product grabbed my interest and on impulse, I bought it. Both my mother and I have been trialling it, so far it really does seem to be making a difference, especially for my mum who has always had weak nails. The only negative point would be that it peels off the nail quite easily, which is odd, but that doesn't seem to adversely affect the nail.
- For context, I am only halfway through the recommended 4 week treatment time.

- 16-11-2009 by

I bought this treatment two and a half months ago and have used it as per the instructions, my nails have been very weak with a tendency to separate and peel and this has really helped in that department. It doesn't smell like a tube of chemicals either, which is a pleasant change and I also like that it's pale purple so it will help if your nails have yellowed due to a dodgy polish. It's not as effective at strenthening as the ever popular DrLewinn's though so I can't give it full stars but considering the company's philiosophy it does very, very well.

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