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Burt's Bees Micellar Cleansing Towelettes - 30 pack 30 wipes


4 instalments of $2.49


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4 instalments of $2.49


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Make removing your makeup easier than ever with Burt’s Bees Micellar Cleansing Towelettes. These soothing wipes remove makeup, cleanse and hydrate in just one step, leaving the skin feeling clean, soft and radiantly healthy.
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GREAT - 77% recommend

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  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
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77% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



This cleansing towel helps to remove my make up easily. Definitely love it.

Most Helpful Criticism

No no for sensitive skin


this just does not go with sensitive skin my skin personally did not like it at all had this stinging feel
  1. No no for sensitive skin


    this just does not go with sensitive skin my skin personally did not like it at all had this stinging feel
  2. Easy way to clean face while on the road


    I love these wipes, they're super easy to use for cleaning your face while on the road.
  3. Love


    This cleansing towel helps to remove my make up easily. Definitely love it.
  4. 2 in 1

    perfecting skin

    it has Micellar in it as well that is all pretty much that one need to take off the makeup. so it acts 2 in 1 for me. very easy to remove makeup with with minimal hassle.
  5. Great!


    So convenient and love how it cleans and leaves my skin soft.
  6. Ok


    Removed the makeup when I used them, probably wouldn’t buy again due to other things I like more
  7. Super soft and effective


    Some of the softest cleansing wipes I've ever tried, and great at removing all manner of make up. Highly recommend for sensitive skin!
  8. Nice facial wipe


    I really enjoy this facial wipe, it's made with natural staff, it's affordable. Great product !
  9. good remover


    These are great for step 1 of makeup removal. I still go in with another cleanser.
  10. love


    Very surprised at how soft my skin felt after! I love to use this before bed, especially when I’ve been outdoors all day!
  11. Not compatible with sensitive dry skin


    These did not suit my dry, sensitive skin.

    They stripped the oils from my skin, so they would suit oily skin.

    I'm trying to move away from make up wipes as they are really not good for the environment.
  12. Good


    These are good wipes. I love that it has micellar in it
  13. Travel


    I really love these for travelling, but continued use of wet wipes can make sensitive skin feel a little raw and you may need a little extra cleanser to get mascara off. Otherwise great product.
  14. not a fan


    thought these would work like any other makeup wipe but these broke me out, defs wouldnt recommend for sensitive skin
  15. Fave


    Favourite for cleansing my makeup when travelling - I find it works a treat at removing base makeup like foundation. May need to add extra micellar water for eye makeup
  16. Great


    This cleansing towel is refreshing and clean my skin very well. I usually bring it with me when I’m traveling. It is so convenient to use. Definitely repurchase.
  17. Great for oily skin


    I use these to wipe my oily skin throughout the day and they are so gentle and get all the grease off!
  18. Awful smell


    I really dislike the smell of these wipes, so much so that I almost couldn't get through the pack because I find the smell so off putting. I also felt like these were kind of stripping and my face would sting a little after using them. Not for me
  19. Not for dry skin


    I found these incompatible with my dry winter skin. Maybe when my skin is more hydrated I’ll use them again. They did work well for a first cleanse at getting my make-up off though..
  20. amazing


    Very well priced for such an effective product, will be repurchasing! These wipes are a winner, they don’t try out my skin!
  21. great


    I would recommend this to anyone! Great way to remove make up! I always take this with me when I’m travelling!
  22. good for light make up remover


    These are good for on the go and to keep in my bag, it doesn't remove long wear make up but it removes majority of it. I usually use 2 of these if im removing my make up or use it to wipe my hands if im out.
  23. Easy refresher


    I am a florist and use these as a quick all over wipe and is gentle on sensitive skin
  24. not great


    I tried this cleanser because I love Burts bees but I was very disappointed with this. When I put it on it left an extremely waxy residue. Also it did not take off my makeup at all (I only wear mascara). I love the smell but sadly will not be using this again
  25. Not for me


    Purchased these for travel, unfortunately I still need to at least rinse my face after or I get redness. I do have very sensitive skin though.
  26. Great makeup remover!


    Love the beets bees makeup wipes and they smell so good!
  27. quick and easy cleansing


    Sometimes ya just don't have time to do a full-on, double cleanse and these wipes are perfect for those days! Quick and easy, they remove stubborn makeup and sunscreen without irritation. I then just rinse off with water [not really necessary] and get on with the rest of my routine. Finally, I love that they're made with 99% natural ingredients!
  28. Gentle on skin.


    While I feel the wipes are a little too dry, they do take off all my makeup and mascara.
    I end up using both sides of the wipe for my face then the corners for my eye makeup, so I can get away with using one. 2+ would definitely be needed for a heavy full face however.
    I’m not a fan of the smell. But it doesn’t stick around after moisturising so no problems there.
    I’ve al...
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  29. Perfect for travelling


    I take these whenever I travel, they are really convenient and leave my skin feeling clean and soft. Really affordable too.
  30. Need to use too many wipes in one go :(


    I think that makeup wipes that have multiple purpose can be silly because you need to use so many to wipe off a days worth of make up. I would recommend using a cheap wipe first OR use this product in the morning to wake up your face and skin.
  31. Life-Saving Wipes


    These wipes are really good for taking off all my make-up at the end of the day. Even gets off waterproof mascara!
  32. not too sure


    i really do love this brand, however im not sure if i would ever repurchase. makes my skin feel tight
  33. Good value


    Keeps my face fresh, easily removes excess makeup and is gentle on my sensitive skin. 100% would buy again.
  34. Pretty good wipes


    I was pretty impressed with these cleansing towels. They are great for refreshing your face and taking the day off. They don't work on my waterproof mascara but they are good for everything else. Great packaging though and I love the brand


    the wipes are really good for taking off makeup, and I like the price. if y'all are having problems with the wipes being too dry just flip them, sometimes the liquid will sink to the bottom and you just need to help them out by flipping the package.
  36. hydrating


    These are definable cleansing, there not weak wipes so wont tear easily and good price point for quality. scent is nice
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