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Burt's Bees Pink Grapefruit Lip Balm 4.25g

4.3 of 91 reviews


4 instalments of $1.74

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4 instalments of $1.74

Or 4 instalments of $1.74 with LEARN MORE

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Give your lips a kiss with the Burt's Bees Pink Grapefruit Lip Balm. This juicy lip balm is made with nutritious, tropical Pink Grapefruit Seed Oil, bursting with powerful vitamins. Refresh your lips with a sweet hint of citrus.
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GREAT - 89% recommend

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Burt's Bees Pink Grapefruit Lip Balm Reviews

4.3 of 91 reviews

89% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

favourite lip balm


I love all of their lip balms, they're all so moisturising and smell so lovely. Love this particular flavour so much!!

Most Helpful Criticism

Need to try a different scent


nice and moisturising but the scent is so strong I can taste it when I wear it, not my favourite.
  1. favourite lip balm


    I love all of their lip balms, they're all so moisturising and smell so lovely. Love this particular flavour so much!!
  2. love it


    beat lip balm so hydrating and tastes great
  3. Average


    Was an okay product. Recommend to use Vaseline if you have really dry lips.
  4. fav lip balm


    super moisturising and well priced, i love all the flavours i have them all
  5. Favorite lip balm ever


    I've been using this lip balm for years, through every season and it keeps my lips soft and moisturized and tasting amazing. I've tried other flavors, but this is by far my favorite.
  6. smooth refreshing


    smooth to apply and is hydrating on the lips. i like this scent of grapefruit as i find it refreshing somehow, the smell is not too sweet for my own preference
  7. lovely scent


    the grapefruit scent is so refreshing. this tube lives in my bag and works well to hydrate my chapped lips.
  8. Lovely scent


    This is a great balm. Hydrating, lasts well, priced right. Always in my bag. Has a lovely grapefruit scent.
  9. Refreshing


    verified purchaser
    Long lasting lipbalm that hydrates my lips and leaves them feeling smooth and soft. The scent is super refreshing.
  10. My Favourite Lip Balm!


    Beautifully moisturising and smells absolutely divine! It provides long lasting hydration and will leave your lips so soft! My toddler likes to sneakily borrow my lip balm and I don't need to worry with this as it's all natural and doesn't have any nasties that might irritate her sensitive, eczema prone skin.
  11. Great Smell


    I really like this lip balm, it's very moisturising and the smell is great. Not my favourite Burt's Bees lip balm but not my least favourite either!
  12. A holiday lipbalm


    This lip balm has a lovely scent making me think of holidays and cocktails on the beach. It keeps my lips moist, isn't sticky so that I don't have to deal with hair getting stuck to my lips on windy days and doesn't go all mushy on hot days.
  13. Favourite flavour


    This is my favourite flavour/scent of all the Burt's Bees lip balms I think! They are very moisturising and not too waxy on the lips.
  14. Moisturising and hydrating


    Fantastic lip balm for all weather with a great scent - very moisturising. However, sometimes after it has dried, it may leave a layer on your lips.
  15. amazing!


    I love this, it moisturises my lips so well. without. being super heavy or waxy! It smells and tastes wonderful too.
  16. Refreshing and Hydrating


    I am obsessed with Burt's bees lip balms and have collected over 10+ different flavours, however this one is my favourite. I find myself reaching for this product every single day. The scent is extremely fresh and fruity and the lip balm is moisturising but not sticky or waxy. I would definitely recommend purchasing this lip balm. I have already gone through 3 tubes of pink grapefruit Burt's Bees ...
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  17. LOVE


    Have almost every "flavour" of the lip balm. Honestly the only lip balm I use.
  18. My favourite lip balm


    This is my all time favourite lip balm. It’s not the most hydrating as some of the others on the market. So if you’re looking for intense hydration this ain’t your gal. however it’s incredibly refreshing and for what a lip balm needs to do it does it. Adding a subtle shine and hydration to the lips whilst also smelling like a tropical holiday. What more could you want xx
  19. Bert’s bees


    This is a great hydrating and moisturizing lip balm that leaves the lips really soft and smooth. I wasn’t keen on the scent though and much prefer some of the other scents from this brand.
  20. Pretty good product


    This is my favourite lip balm. It really works well on my lip. I also enjoy the odour of it.
  21. Favourite flavour yet


    This has got to be my favourite Burts Bees flavour, even my husband likes it.
  22. Nice smell


    Strong grapefruit flavour! Super fresh!
  23. Need to try a different scent


    nice and moisturising but the scent is so strong I can taste it when I wear it, not my favourite.
  24. Burt's Bees Pink Grapefruit Lip Balm


    the formula of this product is amazing and it leaves my lips extremely soft, but the smell isn't great. Willing to put that aside though, as it does wonders for my lips!
  25. Burt's Bees Pink Grapefruit Lip Balm


    This felt more moisturizing than regular Burt's Bees, but I wasn't super into the smell and slight flavor to this.
  26. Good


    It's a good clear lip balm but the sourness in the smell is very prominent
  27. Amazing!


    So moisturising and beautiful
  28. What's not to love!


    Affordable. Moisturising. Smell nice. Feels nice. What's not to love! I have 5 flavours and always have one in my handbag.
  29. like it


    i apply it overnight before bedtime and is still got the moisturizing feeling in the morning
  30. Great lip balm


    This lip balm is delicious and very hydrating! Always keep on in my handbag.
  31. So good


    I love all the burts bees balms another fav :)
  32. Yummy


    Inexpensive and does the job. Also tastes yummy!
  33. Love the refreshing scent


    I love the grapefruit scent of this lip balm which is nice and refreshing. I have quite dry lips and this lip balm helps hydrating my lips without feeling too greasy. The lips won't look too shiny or greasy after applying this lip balm so it is alright to be used before putting on the lipstick.
  34. Fruity


    Love this flavour, fruity and delicious
  35. Smells amazing!


    Burt's Bees is one of my favourite brands for lip balm when I don't want to spend too much. It's super hydrating and rich, without being greasy. This flavour smells DIVINE, I can't get enough of it!
  36. Feels like a lip scrub


    I love Burt's Bees products and have been buying their products for years. I purchased this lip balm and was hoping to be just as happy with it as their other items. However, I'm not are whether the one I have has been heat effected but it feels like a lip scrub. Very gritty formula - it does tend to dissolve after a while but it's not something that's likeable in my opinion. One thing I like is t...
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  37. Gorgeous and smooth


    A lovely lip balm which is such excellent value. I love how it fits in my bag, is easy to wind up, stays on the lips well, smells beautiful and feels so good on the lips. It really does help your lips remain soft and smooth.
  38. Love this lip balm!


    You won't find a much better lip balm than Burt's Bees, and this grapefruit edition is really lovely when you feel like something with a citrus twist. Fresh and fruity, perfect for summer.
  39. Great


    These work fantastic and are so affordable. Repurchase for sure
  40. Love


    I really like Burt's Bees lip balms. They're hydrating without being sticky or oily and they last a long time. I love the grapefruit scent.
  41. alright


    I liked this at first but then it started to feel greasy
  42. Good


    This product smell nice and keeps my lips soft and hydrated all day.
  43. Great for the handbag (or car!)


    I keep one of these in my handbag for when my lips need a quick refresher. The pink grapefuit scent is divine!


    Great value for money, keeps my lips soft and smells great
  45. Fresh

    Kylie Q

    Fresh flavour- Such a great brand and such a great product. Really love how moisturising these are.
  46. Love the flavour and great formula


    Love the Burt Bees lip balms! The formula is super hydrating and softens my lips. The flavour is yummy and fresh and the packaging is great!
  47. Not moisturising enough


    For the price it’s not worth it as it’s not that moisturising.
  48. Fresh scent, cheap and moisturising


    A very fresh and fruity smelling lip balm with no nasties hidden in the ingredients. I sometimes need to reapply because it doesn't last as long as some of the other, thicker formulas but it's affordable so I don't mind. Great lip product, highly recommend!
  49. Fave


    Burts Bee's make one of my favourite lip balm formulas ever. This is a staple brand I always have in my handbag.
  50. My favourite lip balm


    This is my favourite lip balm because it makes my lips feel so soft even in winter and summer, I also really love the smell of this one. I would recommend this lip balm to someone who wants a nice soft glow on there lips without a tint.
  51. Love the flavour


    Not as moisturising as some of the other balms I’ve tried of Burt’s but still worth having (I have lip balms stashed all over my house Lol. The smell n taste of this one if a definite plus!
  52. Love the scent


    Fresh scent, but not as moisturising as others in the line.
  53. Best lip balm!


    This is one of my favourite lip balm. It’s smell so nice and very smooth on my lip.
    I just love it!
  54. WOW


    Not only does this product smell amazing, it keeps my lips from cracking! I always thought these products always did one of these or the other but this is a 2 in 1. I went back and bought all of the other scents after buying the original scent and this is definitely the best of the lot. I have bought one for all of my friends for their birthdays I love it so much and it is so affordable. I find th...
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  55. Good


    I bought this a couple of months ago and it has lasted well! It smells incredible and it always moisturises my lips when needed.
  56. Lovely!


    If you like grapefruit, you’ll love this lip balm. I’ve never had an issue with irritation from burts bees products, and my skin can be quite sensitive. Always leave my lips feeling soft and intensely moisturised, and it smells good enough to eat.
  57. Good stuff just not keen on the flavour!


    I have tried this and other flavours and this isn’t my favourite, might just be me. However it’s such a good alternative to a chapstick or balm bought from the supermarket and a really good price! Just try another flavour first !
  58. gave me a rash


    smells lovely, but broke my lips out in a rash. at first i thought it was because of the citrus but after trying the other scents they also did the same. wouldn't recommend for those with sensitive skin
  59. Grapefruit deliciousness


    Favourite flavour - this is my go to brand for soft supple lips
  60. love it


    it keeps my lips hydrated and soft
  61. Okay


    Love the smell but it is definitely a little bit grainy in texture and not as moisturising as some of the other lip balms in this collection. Still a great balm though!
  62. Nice and Fresh!


    I bought this on the whim since I quite like the smell of grapefruit. Although the scent of grapefruit is quite faint, you are still able to smell it. This lip balm works quite well during the day to keep ur lips moist, I wouldn't recommend relying on it at night especially if you tend to have very dry lips


    I love, love, love, love this product. I have probably gone through about 10 tubes of this stuff since I started using it. I highly recommend this lip balm to anyone who loves a great smelling product and smooth, shiny lips. Great product all around.
  64. Refreshment in a Tube


    So nice for summer! Not the most moisturising so wouldn't have this in winter but its perfect for summer months! I have lio balms everywhere and this is one of my favourites. Great fresh scent I want to eat!
  65. soft lips


    This balm is a little oily but gives the lips a beautiful nourished feels after a few minutes on. Not a great pre liquid lipstick balm as it is too oily and even the residue breaks a lot of matte lips down quickly.
  66. Hydrating and refreshing

    Lilian D.

    A basic lip balm with a twist. Burts bee does wonderful hydrating lip balms in an array of scents. I love the grapefruit the best as it is very light and refreshing.
  67. Great!


    A beautiful hydrating lip product, has a lovely fresh scent and easy to apply. Leaves lips soft. Basic packaging - but for the price point you cant complain.
  68. Not pleasant


    This leaves a super weird tangy, sour aftertaste. Like if you accidentally lick your lips or eat whilst having this on. Even after wiping this off, I can taste the sourness. Its very off-putting. Would not recommend if you are sensitive to scents in cosmetics/lip products. I found it less moisturising than the original too.
  69. Really nice lip balm


    Lovely lip balm! I love the scent and it's a really nice formula. Great value for the price. Would recommend
  70. Love


    bye bye chapped lips and the scent is amazing. just a bonus!!
  71. Love it


    I always tend to forget lip balms everywhere, so whenever i'm out and about and feel the need to moisturize I tend to simply buy a cheap one on the go. I picked up this one simply because the packaging was very cute, and I was interested in the smell. I tried it on, and since my first go with this product I have stuck with it. It's an amazing lip balm that both hydrates really well and smells amaz...
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  72. Lovely lip balm!


    Really love this lip balm! The grapefruit flavour is so yummy and I love the formula - it makes my lips so soft and lovely. Would definitely recommend
  73. Love this lip balm


    Burts bees make my fav lip balms! Tastes just like grapefruit and the formula makes my lips so soft and smooth. I love the natural ingredients they use and it's so cheap!
    Would definitely recommend
  74. Great lipbalm with nice scent


    Burt's Bees always creates beautiful lipbalms and this one is no exception. I also love the pink grapefruit scent
  75. The best

    Kylie Q

    My most favourite lip balms ever!
  76. Ok


    Overall, this provides good moisture and have a very faint fruity smell.
  77. amazing


    great smell, good moisturizer, bit pricey but would re-purchase
  78. Tastes good but i think thats it.


    Doesn't provide much moisture . I think its a good maintenance balm if your lips are in good nick already but its not going to save them if they are cracked and dry.
  79. Very moisturising, love the flavour


    Very fruity flavour (especially if you like grapefruit), and very moisturising too! My lips haven't been dry in ages after using this product.
  80. Zesty


    Love this flavour, nice for using under a lipstick to prevent it drying.
  81. Sweet


    The smell is so sweet and delicious but it's not enough for dry lips.
  82. Love the scent


    Of all the Burt's bees lip balms, this one is among my favourites. The scent is so nice and fresh, love it!
  83. Delicious


    Delicious smell and taste ! My lips are hydrated and plump. This is my favourite scent in the lip balm range
  84. Hydrates lips


    This Burt's bees pink grapefruit lip balm has a nice sweet scent and taste to it. I like using it to keep my lips hydrated. It's a staple in the handbag.
  85. Great Lip balm


    Burt’s bee lip balm leaves my lips so moist all the time. Great product
  86. Delicious scent but...


    Yum! A delicious scent good enough to eat, however the texture feels gritty unfortunately, unlike other Burts Bees balms I’ve tried.
  87. Love all things citrus-y


    I love the scent of all things citrus-y and this one smells so nice! It goes on clear and doesn't have SPF but I often use it as a daily lip balm or underneath my lip makeup.
  88. Zesty and fresh!


    I am a fan of Burts Bees lip balms as they contain natural ingredients. This is one of my favourite lip balms as it is zesty and fresh! It is clear in colour, however it would be even better if the lip balms contain SPF!!
  89. Yum


    The scent of this is sooo yum. Love that its so moisturising too and the smell is very nice.
  90. Hydration and freshness


    I love Burt's Bees lip products and the Pink Grapefruit Lip Balm has been a great addition to my lip collection. It is very hydrating on the lips and that smell of grapefruit is so fresh and invigorating! I love applying this lip balm first thing in the morning to give my lips a good boost of moisture to start the day.It is 100% natural which is something that is very important to me as well.
  91. Good Hydration and stays on


    I like this lip balm as it actually seems to add hydration rather than just trapping in whatever is already there. Stays on for a good amount of time and isn't sticky or shiny.
  92. Provides great hydration!


    I love the Burt's Bees lip balms. They provide instant moisture to your lips and the scents are really lovely.
  93. Great


    Love this. Smells nice, feels nice, works as intended.
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