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3.8 of 34 reviews


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      4 instalments of $3.50


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      Burt's Bees Lipstick takes the best of both worlds. Intense lip colour meets balmy, conditioning hours of hydration. With pigmented coverage, Burt's Bees Lipstick offers a fashion edit of wearable shades made with 100% naturally moisturising ingredients. Natural moringa and raspberry seed oils to help soften and condition your lips all day long.
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      GREAT - 74% recommend

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      3.8 of 34 reviews

      74% recommend this product

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      Most Helpful Positive

      Scarlet Soaked


      Best lipstick Ive ever used, scarlet soaked is the perfect red.

      Most Helpful Criticism

      Too soft


      I have really dry lips so I need a moisturizing lipstick but this one makes a bit of a mess, is so soft that I end up with lipstick everywhere in my face from melting since I live in a hot country. The color as well seemed completely different than it actually is.
      1. Transfer


        Moisturising and comfortable. Can tend to transfer very easily because of the creamy formula
      2. Scarlet Soaked


        Best lipstick Ive ever used, scarlet soaked is the perfect red.
      3. Love shades however colour doesn't last


        Unfortunately I wasn't a huge fan of the Burt's Bees Lipstick. The shade I got was Blush Basin, which is a perfect "my lips but better shade". The lipstick was smooth but quite soft to apply, and the colour was unfortunately not very pigmented. I applied a few layers to my lips but the colour pay off was not great, despite claiming that it delivers a "bold" colour. In addition I found that the colour stuck to the dry areas of my lips even though Burt's Bees states it is a moisturising formula. The colour didn't last very long, and not long I stopped bothering to use this lipstick. However I did find that the packaging was very cute, I love the bee-hive design of the lid!
      4. Went off quickly


        My lipstick expired quickly (it got textured bubbles throughout it) however it is possible that i received a faulty one. Otherwise a nice lipstick but my mind wasn't blown by it. Creamy but not the creamiest!


        Found this one to be a bit thick and clumpy for my liking. Prefer the lip crayon instead. Its more natural looking with the same lipstick look.
      6. great alternative to lipstick


        these are a great alternative to lipstick, these feel nice and hydrating like the Burt's bees lip balms but add a nice hint of colour and shimmer.
      7. Too soft


        I have really dry lips so I need a moisturizing lipstick but this one makes a bit of a mess, is so soft that I end up with lipstick everywhere in my face from melting since I live in a hot country. The color as well seemed completely different than it actually is.
      8. Shiny & Balm Like


        This is a great lipstick for those who don't want to commit to very pigmented, drying lipsticks. In saying that, I only own some darker shades (Scarlett Soaked is my favourite) and while they are pigmented, they are also still a little translucent (very balm like). If you apply too much product, they can go a little streaky, but patting the product into your lips with a finger usually does the trick! They are very shiny and hydrating!
      9. It’s natural which is a plus, the colour could be more saturated though


        I got the colour Blushing Basin which is a nude pink. I like the fact that it’s natural and non-drying, however, the colour payoff could be better and overall there’s nothing really outstanding about this lippie. It’s alright.
      10. super creamy


        A lovely moisturising lipstick that looks great and comes in a wide range of stunning colours
      11. Texture changed

        Gilda Anna

        I started off liking this product, its pretty creamy but nothing revolutionary, but then as I got into the bullet the texture became rough - perhaps I got a bad one.
      12. Ok


        This lipstick moisturises my lips and also gives it a nice nude pink colour .
      13. Great to carry in handbag


        Great to keep in your handbag if you've forgotten to do your lippy in the morning and need a quick fix. it is creamy and lightweight but it does dry out after a while leaving the lips quite crackly, you will have a re apply a few times throughout the day to keep up maintenance
      14. Nice formula

        Kylie Q

        I really like these lip products. They are a nice light wash of colour is a creamy texture. A tad drying on my lips but not as bad as other brands.
      15. natural


        applies smoothly, and is more moisturising than the lip crayon in the same range, I find. The staying power of the lipstick is not that long, as I am one to lick my lips regularly. However, with the colour, gaps aren't so noticeable. The scent is slightly sweet, but soft.

        Another note is the packaging. It is quite cute, a matte rectangular case with a pull-off lid.
      16. Like!


        I've always like Burt's bees lip products and their lipsticks are great! Not super long lasting, but very creamy
      17. Great!


        These lipsticks are great, my favourite is the Scarlet shade. They are moisturizing, pigmented and comfortable to wear
      18. Nice natural product


        I like these lipsticks as they aren’t as drying as some other brands. They are easy to apply, nice colours and don’t comment lately suck all the moisture out of your lips. They aren’t ridiculously long lasting but for the comfort I don’t mind. You will still get a decent few hours.
      19. Not very long lasting, but still nice


        I purchased this because of the color, and really enjoy the shine and the color is nude and natural, like the product. I wish the lipstick would stay on a bit longer before reapplication is needed, but it is what it is.
      20. Good colour but unusual texture


        I really liked the colour of this lipstick but the waxy texture was abit different to get use to.
      21. Lots of pigment


        This is insanely pigmented but it quite dewy so it can get messy applying, I recommend using a brush to apply and then powder over the top. Otherwise, its fantastic. I take a tiny bit and rub it in like a balm as pigment isnt great on me. The berry shades are really nice! Moisturising too.
      22. Hydrating


        I am a big fan of this lipstick! It is like lip balm because it is so hydrating. It is not long-lasting though, so I re-apply every hour if I'm out at night time. Perfect for winter when your lips tend to dry out.
      23. Very Moisturing


        I didn't think I would end up liking this very much at first but the product exceeded my expectations. I thought this would be another tinted moisture but the colour payoff was quite vibrant and pigmented. The formula itself is in between a crème and a satin lipstick and glides on quite easily on the lips. When first applied the lipstick does feel as if it doesn't really sit well on the lips but eventually it sort of 'melts' due to the warmth of the lips without bleeding so no need for lip liner but you are welcome to if that's how you like to wear your lipsticks. The colour I bought was Scarlet Soaked a beautiful red with a tinge of orange perfect for both warm skin tones but equally as pretty on those with cool undertones. I do have to say I don't really like the packaging of this product as it felt very lightweight and the tip of the lipstick sticks out even when the lipstick is turn all the way down meaning you would have to be careful when capping the lipstick after applying.
      24. Great lipstick-balm hybrid


        I use this lipstick daily as it come's in a great range of natural colours suitable for ever day. I love that it keeps my lips hydrated as well, unlike some lipsticks that can dry my lips out.
      25. Great colours, so natural


        There's some great colours and the product is really light. It gives a natural lip, even in the darker shades, and works just as easily with an everyday look as it does with a more glam, dressy look.
      26. Smooth and moisturising


        The lipstick is a really smooth formula and super hydrating. Has a lovely amount of pigment which makes these lipsticks really great.
      27. hydrating and gorgeous


        Tried this lipstick whilst looking for lip care. Kept my lips hydrated for ages. Definitely needs to be reapplied after eating or a few hours but feels like a thicker lip balm so it's not a hassle, the formula feels so nice! This is the only lipstick I love that is not long lasting.
      28. In love


        The lipstick itself feels almost like a lip balm on my lips but a little thicker. This glides on very smoothly and easily which I love.
      29. So hydrating


        I love wearing these because my lips feel so nourished and non dry. It's like wearing a lip stick and a balm.
      30. Moisturising


        These lipsticks are very mouisturising and hydrating. They leave a beautiful color on my lips that lasts a good few hours.

        The lipstick itself feels almost like a lip balm on my lips but a little thicker. This glides on very smoothly and easily which I love.
      31. Nice!


        Really creamy and pigmented lipsticks. I was impressed overall with the formula. Is not completely matte and has some slip to it so you have to reapply after meals or after a few hours. After it wears off your lips are left soft and supple. Doesn't sink into lip lines and makes your lips look youthful and healthy. Packaging is super cute! The shade range is gorgeous too, especially the nudes.
      32. Super hydrating


        This lipstick range is amazing! The colours are divine and they are SO hydrating. They are the only lipsticks I use!
      33. Intense lip hydration


        I tried these lipsticks last year and I was very impressed with the texture, and hydration of these. The colour range is great and it doesn't look drying on the lips, looks very healthy!
      34. BEEautiful

        Vanessa (Adore Beauty Staff)

        Love this lipstick range. I like going for lip products with natural ingredients, as I heard that lipstick wearers can consume up to 1 pound of lipstick a year. GROSS!

        That's why I love the burts bee range. I know that it won't cause me any harm, but will also help hydrate my lips and leave them feeling nourished.

        Also, the lipstick is really affordable with cute packaging.

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