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Burt's Bees Lip Balm Tube - Honey 4.25g

4.6 of 103 reviews


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4 instalments of $1.74


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Burt's Bees Lip Balm Tube - Honey is 100% natural, formulated to soothe, moisturises and protect.
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SUPERIOR - 92% recommend

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4.6 of 103 reviews

92% recommend this product

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Super moisturizing and a great texture, not too sticky or 'wet', beautiful sweet scent.

Most Helpful Criticism

Honey, it's intense


I have super dry skin and lips. So a day without lip balm results very quickly in cracked, bleeding lips. Tried this after my standard Nivea balm was discontinued. I liked that it was a matte balm. I just found the honey flavour was too intense, sort of sickly. And it was OK at moisturising (but nothing great). I didn't throw it out but wouldn't buy again.
  1. Nothing to like


    I really did not like anything about this product from packaging through smell to consistency and up to the effect. Does not last long, too soft consistency that wears off very quickly.
  2. 10/10


    Super moisturizing and a great texture, not too sticky or 'wet', beautiful sweet scent.
  3. Favourite lip balm


    This has become my favourite lip balm! The packaging is convenient to use and the formula is great! I love the honey flavour and would definitely recommend
  4. All Hail Honey!


    Finally! A cheap lip balm that actually does what it's supposed to do and moisturizes chapped lips. I have one in my purse at all times.

    If you can't afford Nuxe Reve De Miel honey lip balm, this is a close dupe with a thinner consistency. All Hail Honey!

    Actually moisturizes, no peppermint flavour!
  5. Honey goodness


    Love the smell of this balm, makes me feel like honey buttered crumpets. Leaves my lips feeling soft and smooth. Give it a try for yourself.
  6. Loving this brand


    I like the actual lip balm but the scent isn’t my thing. It’s alright, I love this brand so much!
  7. Best stick lip balm


    Better than any other stick lip balms. Honey and pomegranate are my favorite of the Burt’s Bees lip balms.
  8. Staple


    Burts Bee's make one of my favourite lip balm formulas ever. This is a ball brand I always have in my handbag. It's a staple. Vanilla is my fave flavour of the line.
  9. Honey, it's intense


    I have super dry skin and lips. So a day without lip balm results very quickly in cracked, bleeding lips. Tried this after my standard Nivea balm was discontinued. I liked that it was a matte balm. I just found the honey flavour was too intense, sort of sickly. And it was OK at moisturising (but nothing great). I didn't throw it out but wouldn't buy again.
  10. The best I have tried


    I have tried many lip balms, and I ALWAYS come back to this one, the honey one! I have tried the grapefruit which isn’t bad, then the honey which was great and then I tried the vanilla... and that made me realise to look at the ingredients. Because it ruined my lips, I then realised the one that worked the best which was the honey had the least and best ingredients and I am yet to find one that is as good. Sometimes I only apply this once or twice a day because it does it’s job. No need to keep reapplying. The honey is the best and I will stand by that until the day I find a great one. But, this is already great and I don’t think the day will come that I will find a better one!
  11. Yum


    A classic balm. Reliable, long wearing, tasty but not overpowering. Great price too!
  12. Lovely lip balm!


    Absolutely love this lip balm! The formula is great and it tastes like honey. Love that its in a tube so it's more hygienic than a pot. The price is great too! Definitely recommend
  13. Favourite lipbalm


    Super moisturising - my absolute favourite! I have extremely dry lips and this is one of the best I've ever used. Great price too.
  14. hydrates and plumps


    this lip balm does wonders for my dry and chapped lips, its so creamy, nourishing and hydrating, plumps my lips a little and love the smell too!! its affordable too what a bonus!!
  15. Mmm...Honey...


    I really like the honey fragrance in this lipbalm, but unfortunately I don't find it moisturising enough for my lips. I will still use it occasionally because I like the smell and I don't want to be wasteful.
  16. Perfect gentle hydration


    I buy these for my kids (6 and 8) because I'm happy with the ingredients and they hydrate well without being sticky or coloured. We always have a bunch throughout the house!
  17. good every day lipbalm


    This lip balm is probably an overall 6/10 it does the job but it's nothing out of this world. And for the price it lived up to its expectations, great to have in my handbag for emergency dry lips! Smells great too.
  18. Plumpness


    This is my go to lip balm. Super hydrating and long lasting
  19. excellent


    I bought this for my son because of the natural ingredients. He loves it and is very moisturising.
  20. Awesome


    love my lip balm and this really does the job. cheap too
  21. Good lip balm at a reasonable price


    There isn’t anything super amazing about this balm but it does what is says. It’s a good lip balm and the price is reasonable. I would repurchase this. I like that it leaves a reasonable layer of product on your lips without being overly heavy. It smells nice too.
  22. Does the job


    This is a fine lip balm, but nothing out of this world. I find it works well if your lips are already in good shape as it is quite light, but it is not an intense, restorative balm if you have very dry or cracked lips in need of repair. It is good for what it is, and I personally enjoy the scent.
  23. smells divine


    loved this lip balm, has a beautiful scent and is great throughout the day
  24. Keeps lips in good nic


    Smells lovely, feels good on, and gives lips a nice subtle sheen. I need to reapply a lot though, and this just doesn’t cut it if my lips are really dry or chapped. Great for keeping lips looking good when they’re already in good shape, not for intensive repair.
  25. The best


    This lip balm is very moisturising I take it everywhere with me!
  26. so yummy


    I'm obsessed with these - I'm about to buy another one even though I'm swimming in lip balms. I just love to have them in every room / car / bag, and these are my all time favourite. my lips are generally quite sensitive and easily irritated, theyre not often chapped but are dry. This has always been my favourite go-to
  27. Classic


    A true classic in my eyes - brings comfort and hydration to lips! No added nasties and smells delicious - like real honey!
  28. It's the bees knees


    I suffer from dry lips and I have to say this is one of my fav lip balms. I always make sure I have one in my handbag and one next to my bed. I put it on just before bed and wake up with nice soft lips. Definitely recommend this to people with dry lips it's amazing.
  29. very hydrating for dried out lips

    perfecting skin

    i experience dry lips during every weather change but this product helps me get through that. it instantly hydrates the lips leaving them soft and glowy
  30. Moisturising and good for under lipsticks.


    I use this lip balm as a moisturising base to put under my matte liquid lipsticks. It does the job and keeps my lips super moisturised throughout the day. It has a strong smell which I personally like and the formula itself is very good.
  31. Everyone needs a burtsbees!


    Everyone needs a Burt’s bees in there handbag! Always heals my dry lips and smells great
  32. Love it!


    I love everything about this. It lasts so long, smells delicious, and leaves my lips feeling softer. I would absolutely recommend.
  33. Love


    Like anything burts bees, this is a beautiful product. Always re purchasing. Live thia subtle honey flavour. Pear and vanilla and strawberry are also great. Actually does what it says without all the nasties.
  34. Classic Beauty Staple


    I really like the texture of this lip balm - heavy enough to feel super moisturising, but somehow lightweight too. It's not too glossy either, making it my go-to for a natural looking lip, particularly when my lips are in need of repair.
  35. Holy grail


    Okay, I have tried many many lip balms. I worked in very cold air-con to a very hot industrial kitchen and I must say I got so tired of buying and trying lip balms that just made me keep reapplying. But this! This is great, I use it twice a day in the morning and before bed. You must get the honey one! The ingredients are great. The smell might take a bit to get used to. My holy grail lip balm!
  36. Love it!


    I have two or three of these in rotation at any one time. I don’t think I’ll ever buy another brand again.
  37. Lovea


    Great hydrating lip balm with no nasties. What's not to love.
  38. Lovely


    I absolutely love this lip balm. It's so creamy and moisturising on the lips and the scent is so nice.
  39. Love it!


    This is a great basic lip balm and smells lovely, however don't expect it to moisturise as heavily as lip masks or treatments. I have dry lips and it keeps them at bay, but doesn't necessarily provide a huge amount of hydration after it's worn off.
  40. Perfect for on the go


    I love the subtle honey scent and how portable and easy this lip balm is. I use this daily and it protects and hydrates so well. Would recommend 100% for anyone to have in their purse.
  41. Burt's Bees Lip Balm Tube - Honey


    It is bland and very artificial tasting. it kinda didn't do much for my lips.
  42. The BEST!


    This honey flavour is simply the best- bought the pomegranate version of this to try something new and it simply didn’t hit the same mark- flavour and smell way too strong. This is a beautifully subtle flavour/smell which is a deal breaker for me (I hate overpowering scent/flavour). Also a very gentle product, my lips can be inflamed/irritated easily from lip balms and I have never had a problem with Burts. 10/10 will always buy.
  43. daily go-to lip balm


    great value and very pleasant scent. these lip balms come in a variety but i still prefer the classic beeswax lip balm as my daily moisturising lip balm - both on its own and under any lip makeup.
  44. Super hydrating and affordable


    This lip balm is crazy hydrating and you'll never have to worry about dry cracked lips again. A little goes a long way and for the price it's something I like to stock up on to make sure I never run out!
  45. Hydrating


    Lovely homey scent and super hydrating and nourishing! Love these lip balms! Must have for your handbag
  46. Nourishing to the lips


    I found this particular lip balm to be highly nourishing to the lips with an incredible scent, the best one out of the range for me personally.
  47. Does the trick


    Great if you like honey scents. The lip product has a lovely yummy scent and is easy to apply. Leaves lips soft. Basic packaging - but for the price point you cant complain. Very slight sheen.
  48. Best lip balm!


    I use this everyday and I love it, total beauty staple!! It smells great and is so moisturising. Easy 5 stars!
  49. Moisturising


    Love the Burt’s bees range. The honey lip balm smells nice and is moisturising on the lips. Would purchase again and wanna get all the flavours
  50. Great!


    Super affordable, moisturising and really locks in the moisture all day. I love this version of the product. Great value item.
  51. Lovely flavoured lip balm


    Favourite lip balm ever! I love the honey flavour and the formula works really well for me. Makes my lips really nice and soft. Would definitely recommend
  52. Good


    I've tried a boat-load of lip-balms that have just not really helped. But this one is just fantastic! It keeps my lips most hours and has improved their condition overtime. Absolutely worth the price and the smell! Oh my gosh I love the smell! Just like raw honey straight from the comb!
  53. Lovely ip balm


    Really love this lip balm! The honey flavour is so yummy and I love the formula - it makes my lips so soft and lovely. Would definitely recommend
  54. Love this lip balm


    Fav lip balm! Tastes just like honey and the formula makes my lips so soft and smooth. I love the natural ingredients they use and it's so cheap!
    Would definitely recommend
  55. The best lip balm


    This is the best lipbalm for me as I can't have any lipbalms with SPF so this is the only one that doesn't cause irritation for me. I love it and have bought so many of these
  56. All time, original classic flavour


    Honey is the all time, og classic flavour of Burt's lip balms in my view! I love how nourishing the formula is + its lightweight and made from natural ingredients! i never forget to reapply lip balm with burts bees, absolute hands down favourite!!
  57. Didn't do harm but didn't particularly help either


    - Quite light on the lips and sits well under lipsticks
    - Not too glossy or sticky

    - The scent is quite overpowering and, in my opinion, not good (it's a sort of waxy, plastic-y floral scent)
    - I can't say it really helped moisturise my lips but at least makes liquid lipsticks a bit more comfortable

    Overall, I wouldn't say it sucks but it's also not very good. Just a regular run-of-the-mill lip balm
  58. Affordable yet beautiful


    Amazing lip balm. Great for winter & Chapped lips.. Love the feeling and the scent. Bonus that its all natural too!
  59. Saved my chapped lips


    Burt's Bees lip balms are so nourishing but don't dry out your lips at all compared to some other brands.

    I had some serious trouble with super chapped lips after using too much lip balm that ultimately dried out my lips. I started using this and over time, my lips are back to normal!
  60. Definitely recommend


    I love honey so this was a no brainer. The smell is so nice and as usual, the Burt bee’s lip balm is nourishing. Love!
  61. So nourishing


    I love all of burt bee's lip balms. I have dry lips and this honey lip balm feels so nourishing and my lips feel hydrated straight away. It's a great price and I will continue to buy and use burt bee's lip balms.
  62. Soft and moisturizing


    LOVE the honey scent. Burt's bees lip balms are the absolute best. Makes my lip soft and moisturized
  63. My fav


    This one is my fav burts bee lip balm. So nourishing and I love love love this especially in winter.
  64. Absolutely love this product!


    Burt's Bees Lip Balm is easily my favourite lip product. For someone with extremely dry lips, this product is super helpful for me and made my lips so much softer. I no longer have to use lip exfoliants because by using it every day and every night, my lips are so, so soft.
  65. The best


    Burt’s bees make some of my favourite lip products. Their balms are among my favourites and I’m pretty sure I have one in every flavour. A must have staple for your handbag! The honey is so nourishing!
  66. Highly recommend


    If you're looking for a natural, healthy lip balm I highly recommend Burt's bees over any other drugstore balm. Super hydrating with a lovely non-offensive smell.
  67. Nice and cheap


    Honestly a lovely lip balm with a lovely little price tag. Great to throw in your bag and use whenever needed!
  68. Delicious and Hydrating


    LOVE these lip balms. Very affordable, works great and tastes delicious. The honey flavour is my fav. Would repurchase again.
  69. my favourite blush


    This is my favourite Burt's Bee product. I love the fact that it is in stick form making it clean and easy to apply. Also love how moisturising it is and the honey flavour.
  70. Staple


    This is a staple lip balm for me. Keeps my lips soft and smooth
  71. yum!


    I love burts bees lip balms, so nourishing and they contain great ingredients. The flavour of this one is lovely as well, a subtle honey scent.
  72. Not quite for me


    Unfortunately it stings my lips which has never happened to me before when using a lip balm! Lovely smell, and some friends love it and don't have the same issue, so I think I just lucked out!
  73. Go to


    Really great and hydrating! i have like 4 of these scattered around, at work, in my car, in my handbag and at home!
  74. The only thing that works!


    An absolute essential. I always have one with me. The smell is unoffensive and it actually hydrates the lips without the formula ultimately drying them out more.
  75. Quite nice but not a fav


    It's nice but not my favourite. Really good price though
  76. So good!


    Love the Burts bees Lip balms, I take them with me when I go out because they're easy to keep in my pocket and they do the job! no more chapped lips and they smell incredible! no greasy feeling either, just very moisturising
  77. Perfect


    This is the only lip balm I use on myself, and I also use it for clients. It layers perfectly under lipsticks and makes the lips so soft and perfect. Perfect lipstick application every time.
  78. HG Lip Balm!!


    I use a lot of liquid lipsticks and try to layer lib balms underneath to try and prevent/lessen the flaking off that happens when I wear matte shades.

    I've tried nearly every lip balm on the market and Burt's Bees is definitely the most effective! It comes on thin, so you're able to layer it as you please, and it also soaks right into the skin, leaving minimal residue which means the lipsticks don't slip around on top of the balm!

    Definitely nourishing and hydrating with the Vitamin E. Overall one of my favourite lip products and it smells AMAZING!
  79. Great lip balm


    Really good lip balm, makes my lips super soft and wayyyy cheaper than my old loccitane one
  80. my favourite


    This is my holy grail in the dry winter months. It is my favourite Burt's Bees product that stops my lips cracking and being dry it is so nourishing!

  81. Great for winter


    This is my saviour in the winter months, it stops my lips from drying up and cracking. It should be a staple in everyones handbag for the winter months. Highly recommend.
  82. Hydrating with a lightweight feel


    Love the smell - like real honey! Doesn't feel heavy or sticky after applying and I don't find myself needing to reapply as often. Burt's Bees products don't disappoint.
    I've also got this in the grapefruit flavor :)
  83. Love it!


    Love this lip balm, fixed my cracked lips overnight, have repurchased other flavours of the Burts bees balm now, I also love that it's not tested on animals :)
  84. So good!


    Such a good lip balm. It makes my lips very soft and has a lovely scent.
  85. Dry lips = fixed


    These are so good for dry lips. i just ran out of mine and wish I had some left...
  86. Smells so good


    I love this lip balm, it smells like real honey and I can feel the moisturising benefits of the honey in this balm, it stops my lips from becoming chapped and dry, definitely worth trying out
  87. smells nice and stops lips from drying out :)


    I love the Burts bees lip balms, they moisturise dry lips really well and don't leave any glossy finish which I don't really like in alot of other balms :) smells yummy too.
  88. Awesome


    This is always in my handbag and makes my lips feel super soft, I never get dry lips when I use this (:
  89. Moisturising


    This Burt's Bees Honey lip balm is nice and moisturising on the lips. I find it great it in winter when my lips are in need of some TLC as it hydrates them perfectly. This really a great all round lip balm as it leaves the lips feeling smooth and moisturised.
  90. Great


    I use this so often I think I have 3. Very hydrating and my lips are always soft from using this.
  91. Good lip balm


    A good, affordable lip balm, keeps my lips smooth and moisturized. I put it on every night before bed. Would repurchase
  92. Very Hydrating


    This is probably one of my top favourite lip balms. It is perfect for dry chapped lips and smells delicious of honey. The size and packaging are like most other lip balm and it pocket friendly. Highly recommend
  93. Hydrated Soft lips


    I am not a fan of most lip balms but this is one of my favorites.
    I am not a huge fan of its initial slight tingle once applied to lips but it fades within 30 seconds anyway so its no big deal.
    The main thing is it keeps my lips soft and hydrated and I dont need to reapply constantly like I do with most lip balms.
    Plus its all natural and so affordable! Nothing to not love with this fantastic product.
  94. Excellent


    This little gem is kept on my bedside table at all times. It's mildly honey scented, swipes on beautifully, and leaves my lips feeling gorgeously soft. I have the pomegranate one in my handbag too! A must-have.
  95. Leaves the lips tingly


    This product is moisturising, however leaves the lips feeling tingly. Personally, I don't like the sensation this product leaves on my lips, so will not use again.
  96. Staple product


    This is a staple in my room and every bag - super moisturising and easy to use on its own, under a matte lippie or over a lipstick that is beginning to feel a bit dry. It does have a mild honey scent, which I love, but I do know people who don't like it. If you don't like the honey scent the vanilla bean version is really good too. A must have for winter.
  97. Love


    This is really one of the best lip balms I've used. This balm is perfect for using under matte lipsticks that can be quite drying.

    This lip balm is clear so it's also perfect for applying throughout the day over lipstick if it becomes a little dry. I also love using this at night during winter.
  98. Love it!


    This trusty lip balm is always in my bag. It has a light honey waxy smell which is really pleasant. The feel is great and my lips have taken to it really well.
  99. Good product but smells TERRIBLE


    I was so disappointed having loved many of burt's bees lip balms but the scent was so overpowering and I was not a fan. The product itself is still nice but i can't get over the scent :/
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