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Burt's Bees Cucumber & Sage Facial Cleansing Towelettes 30 pc


4 instalments of $2.49

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4 instalments of $2.49

Or 4 instalments of $2.49 with LEARN MORE

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Burt's Bees Cucumber & Sage Facial Cleansing Towelettes are formulated to best suit normal to dry skin. With soothing cucumber and sage, these towelettes remove makeup, cleanse, and tone in one easy step, leaving skin naturally clean without the need for rinsing.
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GREAT - 85% recommend

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Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
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Burt's Bees Cucumber & Sage Facial Cleansing Towelettes Reviews

85% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



I like how this doesn't irritate my skin. It removes my make up.

Most Helpful Criticism

Not my fave


I only use cleansing towels on my neck to remove my foundation and sunscreen as I hate getting water there at the sink. These do an OK job but they stop smelling good after a while and develop this weird smell that I am not a fan of. I prefer the Simple wipes much more.
  1. Late Nights


    This makeup wipe removes makeup pretty well, however doesn't remove it as well as double cleansing does. I would definitely keep a pack of these handy as they are very useful when you need to quickly and efficiently remove makeup. I love this but wouldn't recommend using this every day as it can make your skin slightly dry.
  2. nice


    I like how this doesn't irritate my skin. It removes my make up.
  3. refreshing


    Love these at the end of the day to remove the last bits of makeup. It's cool and refreshing and doesn't irritate my skin
  4. lovely


    it does not irritate the skin, I have quite sensitive skin and even though it is not made specifically for sensitive skin I highly liked this cleaner :).
  5. Not a Big Fan of Makeup Wipes Overall

    Mia Nguyen

    Generally speaking I prefer not to use makeup wipes to take my makeup off, due to it being harsh on your skin and you cant fully take all your makeup off with one wipe.

    However I found this one to have a pleasant and refreshing smell with enough hydration, its okay for use when you are in bit of a pickle.
  6. Good in a pinch


    Used these to cleanse when in a pinch or can't be near a sink. Do the job, remove makeup. Wouldn't recommend using regularly given wastage of towelettes though
  7. Refreshing and cooling


    These wipes are really effective at removing all the grime and makeup off my face after a long day, and are also great for my sensitive and oily skin. They also stay nice and moist in the package for a while, which is a plus!
  8. Refreshing but could be more wet


    I like these wipes, the cucumber is refreshing but i'd prefer if they were more moist. I find if I use one a day by the time I get to the end the wipes have dried out a bit.
  9. cleansing


    This product works great at removing make up and dirt from my face. I really like the gentle cloth like feel of the wipes. Other wipes leave my face with a greasy feeling or my face becomes too dry. These wipes are effective and have enough moisture so I don't need facial lotion after using them.
  10. hmm


    not the best ! my face reacted to the wipes
  11. Not my fave


    I only use cleansing towels on my neck to remove my foundation and sunscreen as I hate getting water there at the sink. These do an OK job but they stop smelling good after a while and develop this weird smell that I am not a fan of. I prefer the Simple wipes much more.
  12. Not a fan,


    Found these wipes very dry, to the point where I had to add micellar water to the wipe to use it, which basically defeats the purpose of a product that is supposed to be convenient/quick/easy.
  13. Not a fan, too dry


    I found these wipes far too dry, to the point where I felt I needed to add micellar water to the wipe for it to be effective- which defeats the purpose of a product that is designed to be convenient/quick/easy.
  14. Refreshing


    Good to soothe irritation and refresh skin
  15. Smells amazing!


    Love these towelettes! My skin feels so soft and clean after I take my makeup off.
  16. Light and refreshing wipes


    Very nice in the hot weather, super refreshing. Great if you keep in the fridge too, and wipe over your face and neck. Light, and the cucumber is refreshing and cleansing.
  17. soothing and refreshing

    perfecting skin

    they are so refreshing on the skin and so cool as well. it removes the makeup so easily and relatively quickly. and is not too expensive too which is a bonus.
  18. Nice


    These work great for removing makeup in a hurry. Smell fantastic and aren’t too irritating to my eyes
  19. nice and easy


    Convenient and packed well enough to have in the car or office. Nice smell too
  20. A cool, calm cleanser on a hot day


    I love these cleansing wipes - especially on a hot day when i'm out and about in the city. The city smog can be really damaging to my skin, so I keep a pack of these in my bag at all times. It's lovely to take a few minutes break for self care - have some water and wipe my face to feel instantly refreshed. Cucumber and sage fragrance is a gentle and natural smell that is non-offensive for those ...
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  21. Smells great but can be irritating


    These wipes do what wipes should, cleansing skin quickly., but not necessary efficiently. They are not exactly moist, and are stripping on my dry skin. After use, I find my skin begins to prickle so I have opted against repurchasing.
  22. Great facial wipe


    I really enjoy this facial wipe, it's affordable, it really refreshing my skin well.
  23. Gentle on skin

    Does the job!

    Great wipes that do as they say without irritating skin.
  24. love this


    Been a favourite of mine for a while! The hydration with this is beyond insane!
  25. Great


    soothing with a light scent, great value too
  26. Soothing and cooling


    Super soothing and cooling when taking makeup off, especially near eye area
  27. Great


    All wipes will make your skin feel a little stripped afterwards but theses are the mostly gentle and effective I have found.
  28. Gentle


    Super gentle on dry skin, but a little pricey. Does its job though - removes makeup and dirt easily
  29. amazing


    I suffer from dry skin and this product keeps my skin very hydrated! Very well priced for such an effective product, will be repurchasing! I would recommend this to anyone!
  30. great


    I love using this during winter as it stops my skin from appearing flaky! Another great product from the line. I would recommend this to anyone!
  31. Smells horrible


    I am not a huge fan of towelettes generally but I thought these would be good as I trust the brand, but they smelt horrible and were quite harsh on my skin!
  32. Refreshing


    I use these after I've been out to make my face feel fresher. I just like the way they feel.
  33. Not for super sensitive


    Had to rinse my face so quickly after trying these - left my skin red and unhappy. Should note that i’m Super sensitive.
  34. Natural and gentle


    These wipes are very inconvenient between work and going to the gym / for a swim. Burts Bees are natural and gentle and I love the company ethos. I don't love the smell of these though, it's quite strong, but I would definitely recommend them anyway
  35. Great


    I understand other's reviews regarding burning. There is a sting with using these. For me it's tolerable and worth the difference I see in my skin. I looks younger and healthier. Very happy with this product and noticed a difference immediately.
  36. Love it


    This product is very gentle and good for sensitive skin. It didn’t break me out. I use it to remove my make up and also when I’m travelling and need to refresh my skin. Love it.
  37. love!


    I use these to take my make up off, I have red acne skin and these wipes don't cause any extra irritation. they are calming and cooling on my skin and the smell of cucumber is very natural it is not overpowering.
  38. Kthln


    very gentle face wipes good for sensitive skin! however sometimes i have noticed Burt's Bees makeup wipes dont really get waterproof mascara off that well! you need to use a few!
  39. Sensitive


    Soothing and gentle on sensitive skin. Affordable price. However, these would be better to refresh before makeup rather than removing makeup
  40. Gentle


    Gentle and soothing face wipes however don't do the best job at taking your makeup off IMO
  41. Burt's Bees Cucumber & Sage Facial Cleansing Towelettes


    I absolutely love these facial wipes, I will never purchase another brand again! Every single wipe I have used from multiple other brands either made my skin very sensitive, dried my skin out, or smelled terrible, These have such a nice scent and are very gentle on my sensitive skin. My skin is incredibly dry, but these do not dry my skin out and instead, leave my skin with a dewy glow and have se...
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  42. Cool


    The cucumber is very refreshing, great for on the go
  43. Love


    These are excellent face cleaning clothes. the scent is refreshing and takes of makeup well.
  44. Refreshing face wipes


    I have sensitive skin so these wipes are really great! they smell fresh and clean too! burts bees have a really nice range of products that comes with a great price!
  45. Pretty good


    Not the most amazing wipes I've ever used but they smell lovely and I really like the packaging. They don't sting my eyes like some other wipes do and they're handy to have just incase you need them. I love that they're made from natural ingredients
  46. What makeup


    Amazing job at removing makeup from my face. Not drying at all.
  47. Great makeup remover


    I use these towelettes to remove makeup and they are very effective. The cucumber and sage has such a lovely fresh and soothing scent as well
  48. Better wipes out there


    This product is a nice refreshing wipe but I'm not sure if I would recommend it to remove makeup with. It's good for an after work up refresh but when I try to remove makeup it really only takes off the top layer without really getting in and taking off all my mascara or foundation
  49. So fresh


    These wipes are so refreshing and perfect for removing makeup or cleansing the face after a long day. They are super wet and don't dry out. The texture can be a little harsher than some other face wipes, but your skin is definitely left feeling really clean and fresh after use. Love the smell too.
  50. Refreshing


    So refreshing and soft to use. Love the scent and it cleans my face well.
  51. Effective and beautifully scented


    Note: Be careful using them if you are EXTREMELY sensitive as I had a minor reaction, but my housemate who is also sensitive absolutely LOVES these! If you're concerned - use their sensitive wipes, they're PERFECT!

    The wipes are fantastic for removing makeup and sweat/debris! The towelettes are soft, but strong so you won't have any ripping in half while you're trying to scrub off you...
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