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Burt's Bees Coconut Foot Creme 123g

4.2 of 18 reviews


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4 instalments of $6.24


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This Creme smells and feels so wonderful that you may have people lining up to give you a foot rub.
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GOOD - 53% recommend

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4.2 of 18 reviews

53% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



I have been using this on my heels alongside the baby oil and its working a treat.

Most Helpful Criticism

It's not horrible


It's really not great for super dry heels (not for me, at least) but I like it for the ankle area.
  1. love this


    Another great product from the line. I found an improvement in my skin’s texture after regular use.
  2. Great


    I have been using this on my heels alongside the baby oil and its working a treat.
  3. very impressed


    Very well priced for such an effective product, will be repurchasing! I find this so hydrating, especially in winter!
  4. FANTASTIC! Works Overnight


    This foot cream is absolutely FABULOUS for dry heels, I put a generous amount of this just on the dry areas at night and sleep with socks on, by morning basically all dryness is gone! Also lasts forever, a little bit goes a long way.
  5. Soothing


    A must for dry heels - so soothing and makes dry skin feel better
  6. Great for dry heels


    Great for repairing dry heels or using all over feet after exfoliating
  7. It's not horrible


    It's really not great for super dry heels (not for me, at least) but I like it for the ankle area.
  8. Long lasting results


    I have dry heels especially worse in the winter and have used a number of different foot creams all with initial success. The reason I find Burt's Bees Coconut Foot Creme superior to the others is its long-lasting results.
  9. very slippery


    this is a very light weight foot cream so it is very slippery. I only use this just before im going to bed so I don't slide through the house. It smells great too so my feet always smell fresh in the morning when I wake up.
  10. Socks are a must!


    Positives - smooths and hydrates, combats rough patches and smells okay. Cons- leaves feet slippery so definitely an overnight with socks treatment!
  11. Super Oily!


    If you are particular about the texture of your foot cream, I would not recommend this one. It's great if you are going to bed and slip bed socks on but otherwise super slippery and uncomfortable as a foot lotion. Definitely prefer others!
  12. Oily but effective


    I have very dry heels which are cracked at the soles and up the back of my feet. I received this cream as part of the Tips & Toes pack and found it too be a lovely consistency to apply but it did leave an oily residue. Even an hour after application it was leaving oil marks on my tiles where I walked. The morning after I applied the cream my heels were softer to touch and felt more hydrated, so I will continue to use it. It has a pleasant coconut fragrance, too. I would recommend this as a bed-time foot treatment only, definitely not for day-time use. Wearing socks after application would be helpful.
  13. smells like a tropical holiday


    please, please do not use this then walk on tiled floors; this is THE MOST greasy lotion you can put on your feel. it never absorbs, you'll have to wash, blot your feet dry afterwards, negating the needed effect of softening the feet. can't buy again.
  14. Disappointing


    Although a very thick rich consistency this balm is way too light for the level of dryness on my heels. It has really achieved nothing after weeks of very generous nightly use. It would probably be better for people whos feet have not yet reached full lizard status
  15. nice


    If your skin is quite dry, this likely won't cut it because the level of hydration is light to moderate. My skin is normal so it's just right for me. I go to bed feeling soothed and hydrated and wake up feeling radiant.
  16. Too Oily!


    I absolutely adore the smell of this but it just doesnt work for me.
    The foot cream is so oily! I like to wear socks after applying foot products and it just left oily residue over them and didn't feel hydrating or comfortable on my feet at all.
    Usually a fan of Burts bees. This one is not for me though
  17. For Soft Feet


    I love the smell of this product- it smells like a rich coconut with a bit of peppermint-but it works together. The cream itself is a very thick consistency more like a balm. I apply it at night and put socks on and in the morning I wake up with soft smooth feet. I've been using it for a couple of months in combination with Burt's foot pumice stone and it has eliminated all my dry scaly skin, and made all the calluses decrease. When I first used it, I put it on every night as my feet were in bad shape (from summer shoes and winter dryness) and within a day my feet felt and looked so much better. Now my feet are in better condition I only need to use it a couple of times a week as an overnight treatment. It really works and coats your feet.
  18. Anonymous

    Wonderful wonderful foot cream. This stuff really works. I apply at night after my shower, slip on some cotton socks and when I wake in the morning I have beautiful soft feet. Since using it I have had no dry skin on my heels whatsoever!
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