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Burt's Bees Almond Milk Beeswax Hand Creme 57g

4.2 of 57 reviews


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4 instalments of $4.99


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Pure help for hard-working hands, thanks to Burt's Bees. Burt's Bees Almond Milk Beeswax Hand Creme is a super rich, all-natural hand cream is made with sweet almond oil and vitamin E to moisturise dry skin and beeswax to help seal and shield your hands from the elements. With such a sweet scent, you'll always be reminded to feed your skin with the nourishing care.

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4.2 of 57 reviews

85% recommend this product

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This hand cream helps to protect and hydrate my skin. Absolutely adore it.

Most Helpful Criticism

Great moisturiser but too thick and oily


Great moisturiser but too thick and oily. I bought it to leave on my desk in my office but it was way too oily and its texture was so thick that my skin could not absorb it.
I end it up to use at night for my feet.
  1. A classic, easy to carry around in bag


    I use this at least once a day to stop my hands from drying out. I like the packaging as it is compact and easy to carry around in my bag throughout the day.
  2. Rich hand cream for more than just your hands


    This cream has a nice delicate almond scent. It is quite a thick texture that needs to be warmed in the hand to help with applying. It’s not only good for hands though I also use it on my scaly legs and dry elbows. If you don’t like a greasy texture on your skin I’d suggest using this as a deep treatment at night, but it also gives a nice glow to the legs. I also mix it into a thinner consistency ...
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  3. Nice


    This hand cream helps to protect and hydrate my skin. Absolutely adore it.
  4. Silk hands!


    Love this product and everything from this brand! This cream is great! Me and my boyfriend use it daily and really helps to keep the skin soft .
  5. Good on toast


    Right, so this smells amazing. Imagine a light marzipan-esque scent and you've got it.
    This jar feels lovely and heavy and makes a nice addition to your nightstand.
    The cream itself rubs in quite well, but is very thick and heavy, so does leave a somewhat greasy film residue. Best for overnight as a treatment, so not great for at your desk.
    I reckon this would be a nice one for ...
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  6. Smells great!


    I love burts bees products and i love this hand creme! It smells so beautiful and really makes the skin on your hands so smooth!
  7. Good for dry skin


    I use this on my elbows because they get dry all the time. Works well.
  8. Lovely and creamy


    Awesome if your hands are truly dry. Best used at night though, as it is really rich, but if you have dry hands or have been doing a lot of cleaning, this cream will help replenish your dry skin
  9. Fantastic


    I really love this hand cream. It’s fabulous for making my hands feel better overnight, when they are dry and it makes them soft and hydrated again
  10. thick and nourishing


    verified purchaser
    I LOVE how this smells, it reminds me of sweet sugared almonds. A bed-side table essential, I always wake up with soft, nourished hands. I'm a it dubious about the milk solids though, seems a bit gross of an ingredient, but it work so I'll go with it :) Also, the little jar is cute, looks good on bed-side table, and would make a good gift.
  11. Very thick


    This cream is rather thick and smells very raw/natural, but is very moisturising and provides a nice barrier against dryness.
  12. Works a treat


    I bought this for my mum she has dry cracked and sometimes bleeding hands and has tried most hand creams out there. This really helped her, it sealed her hands to let them heal.
  13. so good


    I love using this during winter as it stops my skin from appearing flaky!
  14. Great heavy duty hand cream


    This is a heavy-duty hand cream. It salves dry, chapped irritated hands and leaves them soft and smooth.

    I enjoy the thick cream and it worked well for me. I would not recommend it for a desk hand cream as it does take a bit of time to absorb and just isn't suited to that purpose.

  15. Perfect hand cream


    I like this hand cream as it is very thick and moisturising for my dry cracked hands.
  16. Works


    Lovely scented hand cream, on the subtle side. It is really effective in hydrating my hands. I wake up in the morning with much softer hands. Only downside, the tub isn’t hygienic. Be better if it was in a pump bottle.
  17. Love this hand cream!


    While it is probably a bit thicker than a usual hand creme, it rubs in beautifully and leaves my hands feeling nourished and silky. I love the feel of it, and the delicate almond perfume is delicious. So much so that I rub this in to my hands when I go to bed, and just enjoy the feel and scent of it as drift off to sleep.. Will definitely purchase more!
  18. really good


    I love using this during winter as it stops my skin from appearing flaky! I suffer from dry skin and this product keeps my skin very hydrated!
  19. Great to have on beside table


    Works well. Not the most portable so I leave on on bedside table to use each night before bed.
  20. Love!


    I work outside with animals and frequently wash my hands which dries them out so I need a reliable easily absorbable cream and this one does the trick. I find the jar a little annoying for quick application but that’s the only downside.
  21. Great in Winter


    This product is quite thick so it is perfect for use before bed to wake up with beautifully soft hands in the morning. I would not use this product during the day.
  22. so nourishing


    I love this! Only downfall is it comes in a glass jar. Its very nourishing and you only need a tiny amount as it spreads very easily. It smells like almond but its a very natural scent so even if you don't like fragranced products you will still enjoy this. It doesn't leave my skin feeling oily either, and I see long term hydration when using this for a few days.
  23. Great


    I loved this hand cream. I have finished the jar I bought and I would definitely repurchase.
    I really liked the smell, rubs in quickly, is a bit oily so I agree with the other reviews it’s a good hand cream to put on at night before bed. Beautiful Packaging.
  24. Great moisturiser but too thick and oily


    Great moisturiser but too thick and oily. I bought it to leave on my desk in my office but it was way too oily and its texture was so thick that my skin could not absorb it.
    I end it up to use at night for my feet.
  25. Nice scent but not for me

    holly Grace

    Really love the packaging and the scent of this hand cream. Unfortunately the formula is a bit to thick and oily for me.
  26. Perfect for tired hands


    I use hand cream regularly as a potter and this does such a great job at hydrating and leaving hands feeling soft and protected
  27. very hydrating


    I love using this before bed! I suffer from dry skin and this product keeps my hands very hydrated! Another important factor is the amazing smell, I look so forward to using it everyday! Highly recommend for people with dry skin, otherwise it might be too oily
  28. great cream


    I love this cream, it is sooooo hydrating especially for my fingers and nails which get very dry and crackly especially in winter! only downfall is it comes in a big jar which is hard to carry around but other than that it is perfect. It has a light almond smell which is very natural and its not too aromatic. I use it at work when I serve customers all day so I want my hands to smell natural and w...
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  29. Very thick handcream


    this little beauty has lasted me for ages! it is very thick and there is so much of the product! worth the money!
  30. Great multi-purpose cream


    Extremely soft with a lovely scent. Instantly smooths and hydrates. Works really well with my dry and sensitive skin.
  31. Bye dry lips


    This lipbalm is amazing, Blistex is usually the only balm that revives my dry lips and the corners of my mouth are prone to getting dry and splitting during winter months, this is a life saver for me!
  32. Nice smell


    I’m a big fan of dr bronner’s Magic balm, but it doesn’t have a great (or any really) smell, so decided to try this instead. Definitely an overnight treatment. Smells delicious. Fab packaging. But, i’d hoped to be able to use this on dry patches on my face too, but my sensitive facial skin doesn’t agree with something in it. Still a great purchase though, best on feet with socks over the top - fee...
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  33. Delicious smelling but very thick


    I absolutely adore the strong almond scent of this hand cream. The scent also lingers for a while which I love. In terms of consistency, this hand cream is quite thick and waxy and takes a while to absorb. I think this would be perfect to apply at night and pop on some cotton gloves for an intense treatment.

    The other con is the packaging. As much as I love glass jars, they're not ve...
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  34. Lovely, but not for the daytime.


    The Burt’s Bees Almond Milk Beeswax Hand Creme comes packaged in a beautiful and fairly heavy glass jar (not only does it look good sitting on my desk, but it doubles as a handy paperweight). The cream itself is also quite heavy, and it takes quite a while to settle into the skin once it’s been rubbed into my hands. For this reason, I would suggest only using this cream when you have the time to l...
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  35. Thick & Protective


    Maybe the consistency is too thick and waxy for some (the beeswax in the product name should give it away....) BUT sometimes it's exactly what you need - before bed, or before doing heavy duty chores at home. My mum loves it and I use it before putting gloves on (when doing the dishes or gardening etc.) and it is perfect for this! It will also seriously soften any hard or cracked skin. The scent i...
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  36. Does the job but not suitable for the day


    This hand creme is very thick and has an oily/waxy consistency that doesn't absorb easily into the skin. It's got a very potent smell that I personally do not care for but the creme itself is very moisturising. I put it on at night before i go to bed as in the day time it is too smelly and transfers to things that I touch.
  37. Very moisturising


    This hand cream is extremely moisturising. However the smell is very strong which might not appeal to some people. It also doesn't absorbed quickly as it is very thick. I recommend applying at night or during a time when you will not be using your hands much.
  38. Almond heaven


    If you like the smell of almond biscuits you'll love the smell of this cream! It is also thick and easy to apply to hands and absorbs fast. It's also a great size and easy to fit into handbag!
  39. Thick at first but soaks in quickly


    The cream is very thick but it absorbs pretty quickly (2-5 minutes). Best used when you are watching TV or before bed. Leaves hands feeling smooth and soft.
  40. Depends on what you want out of a hand cream


    This hand cream is very thick and not easily absorbed. It leaves your hands feeling almost oily and tacky after applying. The smell is also very potent, which I personally did not find appealing. It was however, extremely moisturising. I would only recommend for those with very dry hands or to use as a night time hand cream. If you're looking for an everyday hand cream to apply when you're on the ...
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  41. Really dry hands


    This is thick and smells quite strong, so not suited for everyone. However if you have severely dry hands it might be good! Not the best for on the go since it can get a bit sticky, good for overnight hand treatments.
  42. lovely, but sticky


    a rich cream, works well combatting dry hands. unfortunate that your hands are sticky , then tacky for a long while afterwards.
  43. Heavy scent but excellent hand cream


    As some other reviewers have mentioned, the almond scent is quite heavy. At first i thought it was overwhelming, but after a while i get used to it and think it smells rather good, just like almond and milk.

    This is an excellent cream especially for people with VERY dry skin. I spend long hours practicing the cello everyday, so i need a hand cream which could keep my hands moisturised...
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  44. Not For Me


    I'm a sucker for packaging and that's what drew me into this product but this hand cream is definitely not for me. The scent is absolutely horrible but if you can get past that it's a pretty good product. It keeps the hands moisturised and hydrated but the fact that it's more like a balm and not a cream or lotion meant that my skin was suffocated and it made my sensitive skin break out in eczema. ...
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  45. Good Cream, Horrid Scent


    The hand cream itself is super moisturising and sinks into the skin without leaving a tacky feeling but the scent is so strong and doesn't smell pleasant at all. The scent doesn't last for too long but makes the entire hand cream very unappealing.
  46. lovely!


    I love this hand moisturiser! It is so moisturising and smells amazing
  47. In General, a good product


    I love the smell and feel of this hand creme. Due to my job I am exposed to chemicals and lots of hand washing, so my hands are super dry and sensitive. I find this hand creme is not exactly what I need during my work day, I need something more moisturizing. However I do use this hand creme at home after work hours but must apply it often.
  48. Perfect for Very Dry Hands


    This is a very thick, creamy and moisturising hand cream. It does feel kind of heavy and waxy so i use this before bed. Very good at curing dryness and making hands soft
  49. Pretty good


    I would recommend this product to people with really dry skin as its very thick and creamy. I also really like the smell and it stays on your hands all day!!
  50. Lovely handcream


    Great handcream that is very moisturising but a little goes a long way!
  51. Good for moisturising


    This is good for very dry hands and cuticles but the smell is overwhelming and really quite off putting!
  52. Sweet Smelling Soft Hands


    The Burts Bees hand cream comes in a nice sturdy glass jar with metal screw off lid.
    Its a thick,rich white cream that takes a little too absorb when your hands aren't ultra dehydrated.
    I actually love the scent of this hand cream myself! So sweet,rich and creamy.
    Definitely hydrating!
    I'd recommend this for those needing ultra TLC for their hands
  53. Great!


    This cream is very thick, but it helped the cracks around my cuticles very much. Great reparative cream!
  54. Very thick


    As a nurse I'm constantly washing my hand and need something strong to keep my hands healthy. The smell of this product is very strong, the product itself is very thick in consistency which I can't get over. I prefer something lighter that works as well. The product itself works fine, but it just sits on top of your skin and doesn't feel like its sicking in.
  55. Lovely product but a bit on the nose


    This product is brilliant for tired, dry hands, but I have to say the smell is quite over-whelming.
  56. Works well


    Works well but damn that smell is strong. I'm an almond fan but my goodness that marzipan stench kills an otherwise great product. I had to give this one away despite the goodness the thick hand cream does for your hands. I just couldn't get past the fragrance
  57. Love it!


    I cannot stop using this beautiful hand cream as it smells like marzipan, It's divine, and softens my hands which were looking pretty scaly and blotchy until I started looking after them with this cream. Love it!
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