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asap revitalising bodyscrub 200ml by asapasap revitalising bodyscrub 200ml by asap

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L'Occitane Almond Supple Skin Oil 100ml
L'Occitane Almond Supple Skin Oil 100ml

Moisture rich

Moisturising/hydrating rich oil. I wouldn’t say it’s the greatest but it definitely helped my akin and did what it intended to do.
Bioderma Atoderm Ultra-Nourishing Cream Tube 200ml
Bioderma Atoderm Ultra-Nourishing Cream Tube 200ml

Great for body!

I originally bought this as an affordable face moisturiser for my dry skin, but it left a very oily shiny film. It is however a great body moisturiser that left my skin and soft. Wonderful in winter. Having said that, I’m not sure I’d purchase again for that purpose as I feel as I can get similar quality body moisturiser for a cheaper price.
Lonvitalite Dermal Roller
Lonvitalite Dermal Roller

Enhance your skincare!

I was a little worried to use this tool myself at home, but was pleasantly surprised at how easy and safe it was. The needles are not as thick as you imagine and only slightly prick your skin. It works best if you roll up and down, and then the other direction, over the same area. I definitely noticed a difference in pigmentation and texture, as well as overall firmness and smoothness. If you are ...