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Say hello to our curated range of personal care products ranging from our top natural deodorants to our fabulous female intimate products. Do the best by your body (and the environment!) and give one of these carefully selected personal products a whirl.

Our Favourite Natural Deodorants: 

Switching to natural deodorant can be a liberating move, especially when you’ve made the full transition and are living aluminum-free.

For a luxurious spa-scented spritz we love the Aesop Deodorant, a natural deodorant body spray which combines Velvetier Root and Patchouli.

The Black Chicken Remedies Axilla Deodorant Paste comes in the form of a paste and is infused with antibacterial and antioxidant botanicals to neutralise odor.

Eco Tan Organic Coconut Deodorant is our top choice for beginners, containing soothing Lavender, Aloe and Coconut Oil to keep the underarm perfectly conditioned. 

Our Favourite Menstrual Cups:

Designed to make you feel comfortable and cared for, our range of high quality menstrual cups features some impressive ergonomic and reusable designs. 

The INTIMINA Ziggy Cup is an incredible reusable period cup designed specifically for use during sex. We also recommend the eco-friendly INTIMINA Lily Cup, which is easily rolled into a size that suits you! 

Our Favourite Intimate Care Products: 

Our intimate care range is ever expanding, as we think more about the products that benefit you, including intimate shave care and intimate body wash for women.

The INTIMINA Feminine Moisturizer is a multi-purpose pH balanced lubricant that contains soothing aloe to help you use other feminine products with ease. The INTIMINA Intimate Accessory Cleaner helps you keep all things personal clean and sanitised, whether its a vaginal cup or an intimate toy. 

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Aesop Anouk Oil Burner Blend
Aesop Anouk Oil Burner Blend

Barely noticeable aroma

I have somewhat mixed feelings about this. It smells wonderful when you have a direct sniff from the bottle, but once you add it to a diffuser the aroma is barely detectable. After experimenting with different volumes I tried adding more than the recommended maximum but still couldn't get much of an aroma happening. Compared to my other oil blends this is almost undetectable, which is very disap...
Aesop Isabelle Oil Burner Blend
Aesop Isabelle Oil Burner Blend

Minty day spa vibes

I love the uplifting minty aroma - it's not too overwhelming and makes your house smell like a day spa. It's great for relaxation purposes and really helps when you're battling a headache.
Black Chicken Remedies Axilla Deodorant Paste
Black Chicken Remedies
Black Chicken Remedies Axilla Deodorant Paste

best natural Deo

I had made the switch with this deodorant and couldn't have asked for a better one. It's cheap and does the job what more could ask for. It doesn't have a sweet fresh smell. I think it has a natural smell with a mix of the little coco cola bottles. However if I put it on after my shower and went to bed, I would have a lil rash it the fold in the armpit

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