Do I Really Need to Moisturise My Body Every Day?

Diligently applying moisturiser every day may fall at the bottom of your priority list. But five special situations call for daily moisturiser use if you want healthy, resilient, and youthful skin.

We get it: you're a busy lady, and you've been wondering whether you actually need to moisturise your whole body every day or whether you can skip it once in a while. Our ancient ancestors forwent this modern staple, so is all-over moisturiser really as vital as it seems?

The five situations when moisturising your body really is essential

You guessed it: moisturising your body daily isn't vital to having healthy skin ... in most situations.

There are, however, some situations when daily use of a trusted moisturiser is essential to maintaining that healthy glow. To save your skin from looking dry, dull, and old, be sure to apply daily moisturiser if you fall into any of these five categories.


Do I really need to moisturise my body every day?


1. You live in a hard-water area and shower daily.

Did you know water actually dehydrates your skin? Drink it, and you'll be hydrated. Bathe in it, and you'll be dehydrated.

The dehydrating effects of showering and bathing are amplified if you live in a hard-water area. You'll know if you do by the limescale build-up in your kettle. That same build-up can also be deposited on your skin. When it is, your skin will likely suffer from irritation and dryness.

Rescue your skin from dryness by diligently applying a body moisturiser every day.

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2. Your skin is exposed to the elements on a regular basis.

Has your skin ever gotten drunk on sunshine? Perhaps you've felt the burn after a windy morning run.

Whichever elements your skin may be exposed to, they all have one commonality. They love to borrow your skin's hydration for themselves.

Sun and wind both have the ability to compromise your skin's natural defences. Luckily, these defences can be replenished easily with the right choice of moisturiser.


Do I really need to moisturise my body every day?


3. You swim frequently.

Ever noticed how your skin looks like a prune after swimming? how it feels rough and dry as you get dressed in the swimming pool cubicles?

Swimming has the same effect as bathing. The water slowly eats away at your skin's barrier, resulting in visible dryness if ignored.

Swimming is very healthy for your body, but to make it healthy for your skin, moisturiser is an essential. Don't fall into this dry-skin trap. Instead, be consistent with your use of moisturiser.

4. You live in an arid climate.

If you do, your skin will tell you about it. Depending on where you live, you may even be affected seasonally. For example, you could have a hot, humid summer and a cold, drying winter.

When the air is dry, it robs moisture from other materials and substances. In this case, that'll be your skin.

You can stop and reverse this process by daily application of a moisturiser. When your skin is experiencing a drying atmosphere, a richly nourishing balm or oil is a perfect way to counteract dryness.

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5. You have a dry skin type.

Dry skin types are naturally deficient in protective nutrients that prevent your skin from losing its hydration. But you can easily avoid the sometimes itchy, flaky consequences of this skin type. The solution is as simple as applying moisturiser every day.

When your body experiences any one of these five situations, moisturiser becomes the saviour that protects against skin that looks dull, tired, and dry. By following a diligent daily moisturising routine, you'll be rewarded with a young, healthy glow that's strong, sustaining, and resilient.


Do I really need to moisturise my body every day?