Can I Use Baby Products on Myself?

Ever opened a jar of baby balm to wonder if its goodness could be just as loving to your skin? We reveal the secrets awaiting in your baby's skincare cupboard.

From the moment he or she is born, your little bundle of joy is showered with loving care. Choosing the best food, playgroups, and skincare products is a No. 1 priority worth lavishing hours of attention and whole days of research on.

At Adore Beauty, we think your own skin should benefit from that same care and attention too, which is why we created our mum and baby store.

If you've been wondering whether you can use baby care products to groom yourself, know that the answer to that question is most definitely yes. In fact, there are three strong reasons why you should absolutely use baby skincare and haircare.


Can I use baby products on myself?


1. To promote long-term skin health

Nothing is milder than a baby lotion or shampoo. The same care and consideration that's taken when creating formulas for sensitive skin types is also employed to create nourishing products for baby's skin health.

Nothing is sacrificed. No compromises are made. Ingredients are selected for their skin compatibility and their ability to nurture, protect, and condition.

We believe your skin also deserves that same care and respect, which is why we think you'll love our three-step routine:


Can I use baby products on myself?


2. To restore your mind and body

Let's face it: you've just been through one of the most taxing events of your life. There's little chance you'll go through anything else quite like it.

When baby is born, your limited time demands that your needs become a lower priority. But we believe you should do everything you can to treat yourself as well you treat your baby. Every child benefits from a healthy and happy mum!

Just after baby's born is the perfect time to use the exact same routine of skin and haircare products. Your body is most vulnerable at this time of your life, therefore making it the perfect time to use the most sensitive and caring of baby products.

Already following our three-step baby routine as outlined above? Add on a little Indulgence with a deeply nourishing balm or oil tonic, such as:

3. To take time for yourself

Motherhood is a 24-hour job in the early years. If you're ever lucky enough to find a spare moment, it's extremely unlikely that you'll take some me time. Instead, you'll probably try to get ahead of the game by sterilising bottles, tidying a play area, or making up another load of washing.

Just where do you find the time to wash your hair or moisturise your décolletage? By using the same skin and haircare products your baby enjoys, it's easy to treat yourself while you care for your little one.

Moisturising baby's skin after an evening bath? Take an extra dollop and indulge yourself.

Giving baby a soothing rub with massage oil? Then roll up your trouser legs and be sure to show your pins some care.

The bottom line: baby products are just as good for your skin as they are for your baby's. We believe your skin deserves the exact same love and attention, which is why you'll find tons of dual-purpose products in our mum and baby section.


Can I use baby products on myself?