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Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara - Black

4.5 of 112 reviews


4 instalments of $12.50

Or 4 instalments of $12.50 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $12.50

Or 4 instalments of $12.50 with LEARN MORE

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Get thicker, fuller, bolder lashes in a single super-saturated stroke. 

  • Sulphate Free

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GREAT - 86% recommend

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Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara - Black Reviews

4.5 of 112 reviews

86% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



super good mascara and not clumpy, little bit of product goes such a long way

Most Helpful Criticism

Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara


I love mascara but sadly this one doesn't really rate for me. The brush and product are okay but unremarkable. For my money Christian Dior mascaras are incredible and a comparable price.
  1. enjoy


    This mascara gives me length without the clumpiness. Really enjoy this product. Lost a star for price
  2. love


    super good mascara and not clumpy, little bit of product goes such a long way
  3. Recommend!


    Love that you can wear a little or layer it easily. Lasts all day and doesn't clump when applying it! The brush is super soft!
  4. volumises


    This is one of my favourites. It volumises my lashes so much and makes them thick and full.
  5. Great product.


    It goes on very welll, it separates my lashes really well and gives it that extra length! I am very happy with the product.
  6. Good mascara


    love this mascara but you can definitely get similar results from other cheaper brands
  7. nice


    verified purchaser
    One of my favourite mascaras but a bit pricey. You can certainly get similar results with a cheaper brand mascara.
  8. Good mascara!


    I really like this mascara, however it is way too expensive considering there are mascara's for way cheaper that are just as good
  9. My absolute favourite!


    verified purchaser
    I got this as a sample a few years ago and it’s now the only mascara I’ll use. Doesn’t clump or flake, lasts ages and looks amazing!! I recommend this to everyone!!
  10. Love this


    Got this as a sample and don’t think I’ll ever buy another mascara. It’s that good, clean and gives great volume while keeping the lashes defined.
  11. great mascara but leaves shadows


    I LOVE this mascara, the brush is perfect and the mascara glides on giving my lashes the volume and darkness they need, however I've noticed it leaves shadows under my eyes so I would love a waterproof version!!
  12. Great product


    Love this mascara it is lightweight but still gives you the volume and isn't clumpy
  13. Game changer


    A great mascara. Good for a natural suttle look.
  14. Great mascara formula


    I really enjoy this mascara. It is lengethening and not clumpy. I also love that it doesn't flake. LOVE IT!
  15. new BFF


    I have fine straight lashes with pale tips. This mascara miraculously defines, lengthens and curls them, so I suddenly have good lashes. Easy to apply, with a medium sized applicator, and lasts all day. Doesn't smudge or clump or flake on me. Comes off easily with regular cleanser. Love it!
  16. Great


    My eyelashes are thin so it is hard to volumise them, this is not too bad however it works great on clients as it's a slightly drier formula which means it builds very well and it's a nice black black!
  17. Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara


    I love mascara but sadly this one doesn't really rate for me. The brush and product are okay but unremarkable. For my money Christian Dior mascaras are incredible and a comparable price.
  18. Love it!


    The mascara goes on nicely and doesnt get clump up at all, it separates my lashes really well and gives it that extra length!
  19. Good but not great


    I love Bobbi brown however I can not rave about this mascar. It’s good but for the price it’s not great. Adds a bit of volume and fullness and doesn’t clump, but I’ve tried nicer mascaras that arnt as exspensive
  20. Wow effect!


    Great mascara that's super long-lasting and always clump free! Easy to apply and looks amazing
  21. smudgey


    I love the way this product applies and looks, gives a nice smokey touch to a smokey eye makeuo, but i found on my eyes it smudged so easily.
  22. nice


    This gives a thicker, fuller, bolder lashes. Pretty good mascara

  23. Love this!


    I started using this mascara after having lash extensions removed. Great lengthening and separates my lashes so well. Love it
  24. Love love love


    This mascara is so lovely to use and doesn’t irritate my very sensitive eyes. It lasts all day and really holds up well with no flaking!
  25. irritating


    I loved the look and feel of this mascara, however it is super irritating for my sensitive eyes.
  26. overated


    not the best mascara. Is okay if you want something dramatic but I wouldn't use this as an everyday mascara.
  27. The best


    It's so tiny & cute but does such a fantastic job. It is well worth the price because you can truly see the big difference with the normal mascaras and the bobby brown
  28. nice mascara


    really nice mascara and doesnt clump up!
  29. This is such a good mascara!


    I love Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara for every day wear. It's light and natural looking. It does an amazing job of separating my lashes . Easy to apply, easy to remove, but will last all day long!Highly recommend!!
  30. Nice and dark


    This is perfect on a night out as it is very dark. Lifts my eyelashes really well. Overall great mascara
  31. for thin eyelashes


    i got it as a sample with my purchase and so far i am loving it. i have very thin and short eyelashes but when i use this it makes my eyelashes look so long and thick. it is intense black mascara
  32. Great everyday option for those looking to boost their lash length and volume.

    Rachael McLean

    First things first: Bobbi Brown's Smokey Eye Mascara doesn't have anything to do with achieving a gorgeous smokey eye look. That comes from eyeshadow and eyeliner application, regardless of which mascara you use—mascara is the least important element in creating a classic smokey eye design. That said, this is a great everyday option for those looking to boost their lash length and volume.
    Read More
  33. Like not love


    I like this mascara but didn't love it. It doesn't go clumpy and looks good but other mascaras for half the price do the same job.
  34. great mascara


    an amazing mascara. creates dark smokey eyes. doesn't smudge
  35. Smokey Eye


    this mascara is ok, no fallout comes off easy in the shower
  36. Perfect


    Amazing mascara that add length and volume within the smudge. Last all day and is gentle to the eyes.
    I am very picky with mascaras and I have tried Armani, Dior and other brands and it is perfect.
    Definitely worth the cost for great results.
  37. Name doesn't lie


    This mascara is one of my favourites. It really is perfect for a smokey eye look. It's a beautiful, dark black colour and really lengthens and bolds your eyelashes.
  38. formula is perfect


    applying this mascara is so easy because the formula is stunning. it glides on perfectly without creating any lumps or clumps and makes the lashes look amazing! Definitely recommend!
  39. Almost Perfect


    For the most part I love this mascara. It goes on well, doesn't flake or clump, and provides a nice, natural lengthening and volumizing look.
  40. Okay for a dramatic look, but not my favourite


    This mascara definitely gives blackest black lashes, however is not a keeper for me for a few reasons. Firstly, the brush head is quite large which makes it difficult to apply. Second, the mascara unfortunately smudges under my eyes by the end of the day. I like a natural look so this mascara is not for me, but may suit someone who is looking for dramatic, black lashes.
  41. bobbi


    This is a great mascara - very black, really gives a wow look to the eyes. I found it smudged a little bit on the lower lashline but not very noticeably. It gives lashes a defined and lengthened look.
  42. Really good mascara


    This is a great mascara - very black, really gives a wow look to the eyes. I found it smudged a little bit on the lower lashline but not very noticeably. It gives lashes a defined and lengthened look.
  43. Good mascara


    Great balance of not too wet and not too dry, tube lasts well without drying out too much and without that initial week or two of being too wet. Nice and black with minimal flaking after a long day of wear.
  44. Favourite mascara.


    I received this mascara as a sample and wasted no time buying the full product. It is such a deep black, and it applies without clumping or giving 'spidery' lashes. I don't think it's particularly volumising, but it's certainly lengthening. The wand is great too: It coats my lashes well without being so big that it smudges. Totally worth the money!
  45. great!


    this mascara doesn’t clump or create spider lashes yet still produces great dark, thick lashes, totally recommend
  46. a great mascara


    Great mascara however can get similar results with some cheaper ones. I wonder if the formula has changed as I used to like this mascara better a few years ago....
  47. Quite underwhelming


    I am a mascara addict and know my mascaras. Usually I go for those that will give me tons of volume such as the BTS and the YSL Volume Effet ones. This one I found quite underwhelming. It did not separate, it did not give volume nor length. I found it a bit clumpy as well. I would not repurchase.
  48. Love Full Black Lashes


    Love Love Love Love!!!
    The brush gives a perfect amount of product on each strand of eyelash, its blackest of black and doesnt flake.
    Little tip I got was to brush eyelashes with some micro powder then curl with a wand then apply with the mascara! False lashes be gone!
    My new holy grail. I wont go anywhere else. I dont even want to try anything else.
  49. Disappointing and melty


    I was so keen for this mascara having used cheap products for a while and wanting to return to premium mascara.

    It does separate my lashes quite nicely when applied carefully, however I have found that nothing that I do can stop this stuff from smudging/melting under my eye.
    I don't ever apply to my lower lashes and I've tried not using moisturiser/oils around my eyes, making su...
    Read More
  50. Super lengthening


    This is one of my favourites, I always come back to using this! I find the mascara is super black and makes my eyelashes so long without becoming clumpy. This mascara is especially great for bottom lashes as the wand is the perfect size.
  51. Good Mascara


    When I first got it, I noticed it didn't hold up my lashes (have to curl my lashes because I have very straight lashes). I then forgot about it for a month or two and it became a little dryer and when applied then it held them up beautifully. It coats the lashes evenly without giving a huge dramatic/spider look - I find it quite naturally defined.
  52. awesome


    expensive, but incredible!
  53. great quality


    quality mascara that really helps lengthen and define lashes
  54. Love


    This definitely has thickening properties, worth the money.
  55. Great mascara!


    This is one of my all time favourites. Gives great length and volume. Doesn’t clump too much and last all day.
  56. Thickens so well!


    Love the brush on this mascara! It has thick long bristles, without being too big, which coat lashes so well. Thickens and separates each lash, makes such a big difference as I have very fair lashes. I use an eyelash curler too, before applying the mascara to maximise the effect. Also love that it doesnt flake or smudge during the day. Have repurchased this mascara several times, its just perfect!
  57. The Best Mascara Ever!!!


    The best mascara ever. Beats all other mascaras hands down. No clumping, no flaking no matter how many coats you apply. It’s lengthening without the spidery look. Lashes look natural yet so good. Its the perfect all rounder. Great for everyday makeup yet it’s awesome formula let’s you layer it on for more dramatic evening make up. Totally worth the price tag.
  58. Night out option


    Best for a night out as it gives you a thick coverage
  59. Nice splurge


    Love the results of using this mascara, even if it's a bit pricey. Worth using on special nights out.
  60. The best mascara I've used


    Yasssss - this mascara is unbelieveable! SO good to build up full, long lashes without any clumpiness! I just love it! Only drawback is the price - but heck, it's worth lashing out ;)
  61. good mascara, but expensive!


    good mascara, expensive!
  62. Perfect mascara


    I've been using this mascara for about 2 months now. it's fantastic! It doesn't go clumpy like others I've used and it glides onto my lashes easily, leaving them gorgeous and thick. Would definitely recommend
  63. Good product


    The big brush allows for smooth application without becoming clunky. I really loved using this mascara
  64. Nice mascara!

    Shannon (Adore Beauty Staff)

    This isn't too bad a mascara - it's not crunchy, it's super soft, the pigmentation is great. I'd recommend it for a daily look! Doesn't irritate my eyes either.


    love this so much!!! makes my lashes so long and curled, don't even need to use a eyelash curler! so nice and light on my lashes and gives them a full volume effect!
  66. Lengthens


    This mascara definitely helped to lengthen my lashes and make them look darker. Did not experience mascara transfer to under-eye area by the end of the day, and it removes easily with wipes.
  67. Have had so many compliments


    Makes my lashes look amazing!! Would definitely recommend
  68. best mascara on the market


    I’ve tried every mascara under the sun and this is hands down the best mascara on the market to give you the blackest smokiest eyelashes that a mascara alone can give. I’ve got short, fine lashes that are almost invisible so it is great when after using a coat or two of this mascara I’ve got thickens and elongated lashes that make my eyes pop and my whole look comes together.
  69. Amazing


    This is my new favourite mascara! It gives such great length and volume without clumping at all! It’s also been really good with my extremely sensitive eyes. Love it!
  70. Amazing!


    My favourite mascara. Bought several times and keep coming back to it. Worth the money.
  71. Holy grail mascara!


    My FAVOURITE mascara! It has a nice big brush that disperses product evenly making it a dream to use when its brand new and when it's coming to it's end. It makes lashes look naturally full and being a tubing formula, doesn't smudge throughout the day and is a breeze to wash off at night. Obsessed!
  72. Simply The Best


    The best mascara I have ever used, it doesn't clump in my lashes, each lash gets volume and length and it looks like I am wearing fake eye lashes!!
  73. Va va Volum


    Absolutely love love love this mascara, no clumping and definitely makes my lashes appear thicker and longer. I just wish it came in a waterproof option!
  74. Holy Grail


    The last 6 months I have found some holy grails ..
  75. Brilliant Mascara


    Such a brilliant Mascara, it goes on smoothly (no clumps) and comes off easily. It's on the expensive side, but it's always worth paying for a product that works well.
  76. Full thick lashes!


    I thought all mascaras were the some until I tried this one. It gives full fluffy lashes that are curled. It doesn’t clump at all but separates out the lashes and you look like you have had a lash lift.
  77. Great


    Such a great mascara doesn’t go clumpy and doesn’t transfer
  78. Makes your lashes look perfect but is really hard to get off


    I love this mascara and have used it for special occasions over the years. It has a nice lightweight texture and doesn't go on too thick like some mascaras. The only problem i've had with it is that it's really hard to get off, and leaves a smudge around eyes.
  79. Fantastic Mascara


    I have very short eyelashes. Extensions are too expensive and I have tried most mascaras which some were okay and others.... not! I have tried ones that promise to lengthen and volumize.... broken promises.

    The Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara has given me long lashes without clumping. I only have to put on a couple of coats and I am ready! I am very impressed with the product! Cleans...
    Read More
  80. Fab


    Absolutely love love love this mascara, no clumping and definitely makes my lashes appear thicker and longer. I just wish it came in a waterproof option!
  81. Sadly, no


    I love bobbi brown products, and rarely buy one that disappoints, unfortunately this did. It flakes terribly for me through the day. I have long lashes with an eye profile that makes them my lashes hit my brow bone - not sure if this is the reason it flaked for me.
  82. Nice enough but expensive


    For what you get I feel this is quite pricey. It does add volume and length, and lasts all day but it didn’t wow me. I think there are cheaper options, but the formula isn’t too heavy and dries quite quickly ie it doesn’t leave your lashes wet so that you have to wait before blinking etc in order to not get mascara on your eye lids. Would probably buy again if it were a bit cheaper.


    I have long fine eyelashes This mascara is great - makes my eyelashes look great and no clumping at all It’s pretty much the only beauty product that I actually always re-purchase
  84. I love this mascara


    I have long but very straight lashes, I have tried many different mascaras and this is my current favourite. Like it says, it gives a smoky appearance without being smudgy and makes my lashes look dark and full. Definitely recommend!
  85. Best Mascara I have ever used!


    The best mascara I have ever used, it doesn't clump in my lashes, each lash gets volume and length and it looks like I am wearing fake eye lashes!!
  86. Nice


    It’s a nice mascara and creates a nice natural look. Doesn’t smudge.
  87. ok


    This is a decent mascara. It makes my lashes look longer.
  88. Bold big curly lashes.


    I received a sample size in an order and it has quickly become my favorite. With one light coat it makes my lashes look so thick, luscious, long and curly. They have nailed the formula, as soon as my other mascaras on rotation get low I will be purchasing the full size asap!
  89. Pretty good


    I use this mascara as a second coat on my bottom lashes, but find it too 'crispy ' for my top ones.
  90. Amazing mascara!


    I have fine short lashes and this mascara gives me similar lashes to when I have eyelash extensions!
  91. Beauty Staple


    This mascara is one of my beauty staples and it's always in my makeup bag! Makes my lashes look longer and fuller
  92. Fantastic


    This mascara gives me full and amplified lashes. Fantastic and long wearing
  93. Builds lashes


    This mascara creates full and long lashes effortlessly without the clumping. I have gone through many tubes of this and will continue to re purchase. This mascara is also great for sensitive eyes and doesn’t cause irritation.
  94. Favourite Mascara


    This mascara is the only mascara I currently trust in using. I have quite sparse eye lashes and this mascara really thickens them up. The only con is it can be quite gluggy when you have a brand new mascara, however I'm pretty sure this is the case with all mascaras. I have re-purchased this mascara over ten times by now! Love it!
  95. Makes lashes beautiful


    Love this mascara! It has nothing to do with creating a smokey eye effect but as a mascara it does't clump or flake and stays on all day looking great. My lashes look long and voluminous.
  96. Bobbi Brown mascara A1 +


    BEST ever mascara. No glug. No smudge. Easy glide on. Perfect.
  97. Zero smudge


    I base all my mascara reviews on whether they smudge or not as it's a huge issue for me. This is one of the few mascaras I've used that doesn't smudge. I usually use a tubing mascara but they don't always deliver the volume I'm looking for. This mascara gives volume and length, without the panda eyes.
  98. The best


    This is my HG. No clumps or flakes, just long, black, voluminous lashes.
    Pricy but I find it's worth it. Just be careful about sealing it properly as I've had 2 tubes loose the little keeper than scrapes off excess product where it has dried around the top.
  99. Favourite mascara of all time


    A wonderful dark colour that stacks well, doesn’t clump and comes off cleanly. Did not irritate my eyes and didn’t smudge. Lengthened and added volume - there’s nothing this mascara can’t do! Love!
  100. AMAZING


    I normally get eyelash extensions because I have thin short lashes, I haven’t had them since I bought this mascara! It thickens and lengthens I love it! (First time I’ve ever reviewed a product I felt it was too good not to share!)
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