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Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream 15ml

4.3 of 67 reviews


4 instalments of $21.25

Or 4 instalments of $21.25 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $21.25

Or 4 instalments of $21.25 with LEARN MORE

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A quick-absorbing eye cream with moisturisers that melt onto the skin. This cult-favorite cream leaves the eye area soft, smooth, and refreshed.

  • Sulphate Free

What customers say

GREAT - 87% recommend

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  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Eye Concern:

  • Age Prevention
  • Dark Circles
  • Puffiness

Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Wrinkles and loss of firmness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry

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Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream Reviews

4.3 of 67 reviews

87% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

eye cream


I think this eye cream does really well under makeup, reduces creases and dry patches. Rich and thick cream.

Most Helpful Criticism



This isn't anything spectacular, other than moisturizing your eyes I haven't seen any other results from this, so I'm disappointed that it is this expensive.
  1. eye cream


    I think this eye cream does really well under makeup, reduces creases and dry patches. Rich and thick cream.
  2. ok


    This eye cream is light and moisturising. But so are many less expensive eye products. Nothing special.
  3. super moisturising


    love this product so good for my under eye circles
  4. Good


    soft and hydrated after using
  5. Great eye product


    This is my favourite day time under eye cream. It is extremely creamy and really hydrated my under eye area. It is also the best eye cream I have found that sits extremely well under makeup
  6. eye cream


    hydrates my eye area and makeup sits really well on top
  7. Great product.


    It works very well for my dry skin and wrinkled under eyes. After using it , feel so smooth. Love it.
  8. Expensive but worth it


    Even though its expensive its rich and hydrating I love it
  9. lightweight


    Nice and lightweight whilst being hydrating and non irritating, my makeup sits really well over it. I just don't know if it's worth the price
  10. Overpriced!!


    This isn't anything spectacular, other than moisturizing your eyes I haven't seen any other results from this, so I'm disappointed that it is this expensive.
  11. It's okay


    I received a sample of this product and used it for a few days in a row at night time. It's very thick and a lot goes a long way. It takes a while to settle into my skin and it is very moisturing. I honestly haven't noticed a difference since using it however perhaps with longer use it may show results. Bit on the pricier side though.
  12. yes for overnight


    This stuff is so good. It's lasted me ages - a little goes a long way. Super hydrating.

  13. Love love love


    This is the only eye cream I can use in winter that doesn’t cause milia but still nourishes and allows my concealer to go on smoothly. I have tried so many others but they aren’t moisturising enough or are too heavy and pull away.
  14. It’s ok


    I bought this with high hopes coz I love all bobby brown products. It stung my eyes and it wasn’t that hydrating. Gave it away - wasn’t right for me
  15. night eye cream


    i use it as my night eye cream and i have noticed that my eyes are not as puffy as they used to be in the morning. also the dryness under my eyes have subsided after i have started using this.
  16. Hydrating eye cream


    not worth the price! expensive for what it is!
  17. yes


    Goes on really smooth prior i apply my makeup and stays up all day. Really happy with this product.
  18. Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream


    Find this cream is a little too heavy and does not deal well with dry skin.
  19. Love, Love, Love


    I can't stress how much I love this eye cream for under makeup. It is so smooth. It keeps my eye makeup looking and feeling amazing all day. The price does break my heart and as a result, I don't buy it often as it just seems unreasonably priced. Sometimes I splurge but otherwise, I do think there are cheaper products that also do a great job.
  20. For aged under eyes


    it works so well with wrinkled under eyes. i have some wrinkles as well as dark under eyes and i apply this before doing my makeup and it makes the makeup application so smooth and makes under eye look so smooth
  21. Hydration rescue

    perfecting skin

    got it as a sample and i tried it on before applying my eye concealer and it hydrated my under eye so nicely. definitely recommended.
  22. Great for under concealer


    This is a beautiful, rich, emollient eye cream that is perfect to prep dry undereyes for under concealer. I wouldn't use this as my sole eye cream for day and night as it is simply for hydrating purposes but for someone quite young with minimal lines or for just during the day under makeup it is so lovely and really makes a difference. I will even pop this over my more active eye cream at night ti...
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  23. Sample


    Perfect eye cream under make up but personally I think it's a replaceable product for me.... Lovely eye cream but not worth the price tag
  24. Boujee


    I received a sample of this and am so happy I came across it. Totally in love with this eye cream. It's a very thick (almost a balm) consistency which basically melts into the skin leaving it very nourished and hydrating. It has a beautiful fresh fragrance aswell.
  25. Not worth the price


    It's a thin, fast-absorbing eye cream that's decently moisturising.... and.... that's about it. I don't think it's worth the price.
  26. BOBBI


    The Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream has a lovely thick consistency that melts upon application. It's easy to apply without adding too much pressure or motion around the eyes.
  27. Luxurious eyecream


    I am a big fan of BB skincare (especially their creams) and this eye cream is no exception! it's rich but lightweight enough not to cause any milia or creasing around the eyes. I really like the soft texture and the way it hydrates and plumps out my eye area! It is a must have for those in their 20s to prevent any fine lines!
  28. Best for makeup


    This is the best cream to prep for makeup. My skin under eye is so dry and after applying this cream, My makeup looks great. I use the concealer after this cream.
  29. Rich eye cream


    The Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream has a lovely thick consistency that melts upon application. It's easy to apply without adding too much pressure or motion around the eyes. Helps hydrate the area so that concealer applies better, however it can crease makeup on top if you don't pat it in enough.
  30. Favourite Hydrating Eye cream I've ever used

    My luxury skincare splurge

    I originally got this as a sample with another Adore order. I was running low on eye cream, tired this and was blown away. It melts into my under eye area beautifully and makes my eyes feel plump and hydrated. I was a bit put off by the price because there are no active ingredients, I don't like to spend a lot on eye creams as they are just moisturisers formulated slightly differently. Before comm...
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  31. Very hydrating


    I use this every morning before makeup and it’s is beautiful. It is so hydrating and nourishing. It makes my concealer look flawless
  32. An absolute must have


    Perfect cream for under eye area during the day. Makes my concealer sit and look beautiful
  33. Nicely hydrating


    I like this eye cream very much. It’s fairly basic - essentially just hydrating for the area around the eye, but when that’s really all you need, there’s no harm in that. It’s a great way to prep skin before makeup application. Used the full pot and would definitely repurchase.
  34. Crease-less Under-eyes

    Caitlin (Adore Beauty Staff)

    This eye cream is great for before makeup but I'm not sure if I'd use it as my only eye cream in my skincare routine. It is perfect for hydrating the under eyes before applying your concealer and makes the under look hydrated and creaseless. The packaging is nice and heavy, and the product doesn't smell bad at all.
  35. Worth the price


    I really recommend this if you get dry eyes and makeup doesnt apply well around your dry eyes. This is a game changer.
  36. No bang for your buck


    Expensive eye cream that left my eyes congested in the morning. Gave it a break for a few weeks before trying it again - same result. No - I didn’t apply it too close to the eye area. In the bin it is going.
  37. Expensive but it works


    I have very oily skin with dry undereyes and I find my concealer starts to look crepey after a few hours. Since I started using this, my undereyes look a lot fresher through the day and my makeup doesn't crease, making me look old. I have tried several eye creams but this is one of the rare ones that actually make a visible difference.
  38. Not as good others out there!


    I only got this as a sample, but wouldn't buy. Was nice and softening, but think there are more hydrating products out there.
  39. Sight for dry eyes.


    Did I really pay $80 ? Yes and I got what I paid for. The cream absorbs easily under the eyes which is so important due to the delicate areas. DON'T use too much otherwise your eyes may burn !! Otherwise, the cream has excellent moisturising qualities that last all day. I use the cream before applying Bobby Brown Honey concealer as the moisture prevents those UGLY, HIDEOUS, TERRIFYING wrinkly/crea...
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  40. light and absorbs well


    this eye cream is light and absorbs well. My perfect eye cream!
  41. good hydrating under eye cream


    i do like this cream and it comes in a cute little jar!
  42. So glad I have this


    So hydrating and oh my god. I’m so glad I have this a go and I’m loving it a lot!! Helps with my wrinkles a lot.
  43. Hydrating


    Super hydrating and a very rich formula, definitely think there is cheaper options out there.. but still a good purchase!
  44. Great


    I have tried many eye creams - mostly costly ! I got a sample of this ( a good size ) and fell in love ! My eyes are brighter - soft and if I use conceler it goes on so nice / I would recommend this to anyone at any age - Bobbie brown has been around a long time and knows her stuff !
  45. Hydrates but won’t help those with a dry under eye area


    This works for me as a hydrating eye cream, however, in winter when my skin is drier, I find this isn’t enough. It’s very light, absorbs quickly and works well under makeup.
  46. one of the best so far


    I do love BB products (into my 4th jar now). I probably used and tried all skin care ranges. This is the eye cream for everyday use. It suits me. It pumps and makes the wrinkles around the eye area not that noticeable but if you have very dry skin, maybe this is not hydrating enough and BB extra repare eye cream would be better which I use for winter only.
  47. Lovely for use under the eyes before makeup


    this product is beautiful and very luxurious! I love the little component it comes in. due to the high price, I only use this eye cream on special occasions but when i do, It makes my eye area flawless! A small amount goes a small way and I find my concealer creases a lot less when I use it and reduces the appearance of my dark circles!
  48. Great under concealer


    This light hydrating eye cream is excellent for applying a few minutes before primer and concealer. It really helps to stop concealer settling into creases, definitely makes a big difference.
  49. Good hydrator


    I stupidly bought this thinking it would do more than hydrate my eyes, while it does that job, I think there are other more accomplished products out there that do more in the eye cream department.
  50. Great’


    Was in need a of a moisturizing eye cream, this does a great job! Happy with purchase!
  51. Super hydrating


    I love this eye cream! It is a little bit on the expensive side, however you only need to use a really small amount so it lasts ages. It is really hydrating and works really well as a makeup base around your eye area as well. Will definitely purchase again
  52. Hydrating


    This eye cream is very hydrating and helps to ensure my concealer doesn't crease/ separate as badly
  53. So nice! Creamy and hydrating!!


    I received this as a sample with my last order. It is so so nice! The cream is thick and creamy and a little goes a long way so it would last for ever.. I found it so nice and moisturiserising and really smoothed out my dry skin around my eyes and was just what they needed!!! I was
  54. A little goes a long way!


    Great product for under eye area, it may be a little on the priceier side but a little really does go a long way!
  55. Dry Eyes No More


    This is so amazing! I absolutely love this eye cream, its such a treat at night or great to wear before under eye concelaer during the day
  56. Lovely eye cream


    Considering the price I don't think this is essential although it is a nice rich cream.
  57. Gentle and Hydrating


    I received a sample of this eye cream it’s nice and hydrating. Simple, no frills, but really effective at keeping the under eye area plump and firm.
  58. Great eye cream


    This is expensive but it works. I have tried countless eye cream over the years and have not seen results from any of them on my fine lines. I received this as a sample and wore it for a couple of weeks and was blown away by the results. My undereye area looked smooth and although my lines did not go away, they looked so much better and my makeup did not crease there. I will definitely recommend t...
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  59. Lovely eye cream!


    I received a sample of this and it's a lovely hydrating eye cream - it's very nourishing and will likely purchase :)
  60. amazing and hydrating


    Amazing and hydrating

    Tried the sample i was sent. I have noticed a difference, the dehydration lines under my eyes have reduced. I will order a jar.
  61. Nice


    I received a sample of this eye cream it’s nice and hydrating
  62. Nice but not a miracle worker


    This cream is quite nice and hydrating but it's not a miracle worker, other than hydration, it doesn't do much else
  63. Nice, but...


    This is nice but nothing unique or amazing. Just seems like a standard eye cream from a quality brand - it does hydrate and it makes me feel good when I apply it but I don't feel like it's turning back the clock or anything. I probably wouldn't repurchase.
  64. Great


    I received a sample of this in my adore beauty package and I have to say I love it. It feels like silk when it goes on and a little bit goes a long way. Think I’ll be buying it!
  65. Great for me


    This eye cream is rich and hydrating yet sinks into the skin pretty quickly and allows makeup to sit beautifully on top and doesn’t cause it to make the concealer move or anything like that. Beautiful product. I love it, but if you have sensitive skin I would recommend you try to get a sample first before buying it as my sister has sensitive skin and when she tried it her undereyes became dry, fla...
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  66. Not for sensitive skin


    on first application i thought this product was very hydrating and perfect for under makeup. After about 3 days i noticed that my under eye area became really dry and my skin was flaking off. I have sensitive skin so this may have just been a result of that. Its nice and hydrating but i would steer clear if youre sensitive like me!
  67. Benefiticical for dry eye areas


    This product is great to use if you want to conceal and hide dark eye tired eyes and give yourself a brighter look. This product smooths the skin and and rejuvenates your eyes like you would not believe! I have very sensitive skin and this product has worked beautifully for me! I highly recommend this product
  68. Exactly as the name states - very hydrating!


    I recently received a sample of this product in one of my Adore Beauty purchases and I was so excited to try it, after reading alot of great reviews about it online. After applying and seeing the results, I am very happy. It has made my eye area very hydrated, while smoothing the whole area and nourishing it, leaving it super soft. I defnitely reccommend this product!
  69. Long lasting moisture!!!


    I absolutely love this eye cream and have been re-purchasing this for a couple of years now. I've tried other eye creams (estee lauder, etc) but they seem to dry out in a couple of hours. But this eye cream keeps my eye area feeling so hydrated all day.
    Very soft and smooth. I highly recommend this product!
  70. Amazing!!!


    Bought this after seeing several you tubers use this product. I have super dry under eyes and nothing ever seemed to work and my makeup would always look terrible, so I decided to give this a try and OMG in 3 days I have noticed a massive difference. I no longer get dry creases under my eyes, my makeup goes on beautiful. The jar is tiny but you only have to use the tiniest amount.
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