BLONDPRO was created as a professional salon treatment for coloured and damaged hair, and now with BLONDPRO C you can help to treat and repair hair at home. Ideal to use as either a standalone treatment or as regular maintenance after a professional BLONDPRO salon treatment. 


Although it was initially created for blonde hair to treat damage caused by repeat chemical processing, BLONDPRO can be used by anyone. By repairing the hair from inside the shaft, hair is left stronger and healthier, and colour lasts longer. 


Treatments such as bleaching, colouring and keratin smoothing all have an effect on the disulphide bonds within the hair, weakening and breaking them. BLONDPRO works by helping to reform the bonds between hair proteins that form the shape and strength of hair. With regular use of BLONDPRO, your hair may be up to 7 times stronger.


What are the Key Features of BLONDPRO?

  • Helps repair damaged hair
  • Treats internal structure of the hair
  • Can be used on coloured and bleached hair
  • Suitable for hair that has had a keratin smoothing treatment
  • Colour lasts longer
  • Hair is left stronger and healthier

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Being a bottle blonde I used this once a week in place of olaplex and my... read more >>

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