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bliss fatgirlsscrub


Boost circuluation and buff your skin to perfection with bliss fatgirlscrub!


bliss fatgirlsscrub polishes with 60% Himalayan Pink Salt to remove dead skin cells and leave smoother than ever before finish. 


Key Ingredients:

- Himalayan Pink Salts: to exfoliate the skins surface and enhance smoothness whilst promoting penetration of other products. 

- Red Algae: to increase circulation and help diminish the appearance of excess fluid retention, which is a key contributor to cellulite. 

-Grapefruit Extract: to provide antioxidant protection.  

-Peppermint Extract: to refresh and invigorate the skin. 


Use bliss fatgirlsscrub before bliss fatgirlslim and/or fatgirlsleep to increase penetration and boost efficiency!

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