Ultimate Guide to Blackheads

Treating blackheads and keeping new ones at bay is a challenge. Read on to find out what causes blackheads so you can remove and prevent them effectively.

What are black heads?

Blackheads are common blemishes that occur due to a build up of congestion in your pores. Our pores naturally secrete sebum, which is an oil our body produces to protect our skin from bacteria and the environment. When too much of this oil is produced it can become trapped in the pore and cause the development of a small black spot. Because a blackhead is open to oxygen the oil oxidises which is what gives a blackhead its black colour. Blackheads can happen to anyone but there are some factors that increase your chance of developing them. For instance, they can form due to using a product that is too rich and oily or not exfoliating your skin. Unfortunately, some skin types are just more prone to blackheads due to higher levels of testosterone. By using products for oily and congested skin, you can keep sebum production under control and lessen the likelihood of developing blackheads.

What is the cause of blackheads on the nose?

Blackheads occur due to a buildup of oil and dead skin within your pores. As the nose is an area of the face that gets particularly oily on most people, it can be prone to an increased number of blackheads. The excess sebum secreted on your nose can cause congestion if it becomes trapped within your pores due to not exfoliating regularly enough. Using oil-free or noncomedogenic products can help to reduce levels of excess oil on the skin and reduce the chances of blackheads forming on the nose. You should also look for a chemical exfoliant, which will target skin congestion for a smoother, more blemish free complexion. A great choice is Alpha-H Liquid Gold, a product that will brighten and clear your skin after just one application.

How do you get blackheads out of your nose?

Although it is tempting to squeeze pesky blackheads on your nose, this only increases the chance of bacteria entering the skin and risks scarring or damage to the skin. Instead, turn to products that are particularly formulated with blackhead reduction in mind. Look for a product that contains Salicylic Acid or AHAs/BHAs which will target congestion and treat blackheads effectively. The Aspect Exfoliating Clay Mask is a great choice as it decongests and exfoliates the skin at the same time. Your skin will be clearer thanks to the key ingredient of Salicylic Acid and soothed by the nourishing ingredients and antioxidants. Alpha-H Liquid Gold is also a popular product for targeting blackheads. This chemical exfoliant contains glycolic acid to increase cell turnover without the harsh texture of other exfoliants. Blackhead strips might seem like a good idea, but they are a short term fix and will not address the underlying skin issues that are causing your blackheads.


Banish those stubborn blackheads! It's awful to wake up to realise you've got a blackhead forming, so what's the best way to prevent and treat them? These products are what we'd recommend to you if your skin needs a bit of help getting rid of blackheads.



Ultimate guide to blackheads