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Black Chicken Remedies Axilla Deodorant Paste Mini 15g

4.2 of 68 reviews


4 instalments of $1.24

Or 4 instalments of $1.24 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $1.24

Or 4 instalments of $1.24 with LEARN MORE

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Our bodies work hard to naturally detoxify itself. Why choose to stand in the way? Black Chicken Remedies Axilla Deodorant Paste is a high-performance natural product that effectively neutralises unwanted odour without the potential hazards of aluminium compounds.

  • Australian Made
  • Certified Organic
  • Cruelty Free
  • Artificial Fragrance Free
  • Sulphate Free
  • Vegan

What customers say

GREAT - 76% recommend

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  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
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Black Chicken Remedies Axilla Deodorant Paste Mini Reviews

4.2 of 68 reviews

76% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Works well


I purchased this for my partner who would generally use a roll on deodorant so I wasn't sure he'd like this texture. Good news, he does and it works really well. He's still able to to sweat without me smelling him as soon as we see each other after work. He'll be repurchasing to the larger size once this is finished.

Most Helpful Criticism

Effective but pricey


I bought this for my partner and it’s certainly combatted his body odour, but one use wasn’t enough for his hard-working armpits so I can’t see this being a cost effective deodorant.
  1. Lasts well


    This is the only natural deodorant I've found works for me! Neutral enough smell and easy to apply, plus the tub lasts for ages! Unfortunately this one irritates my skin but the barrier booster version works an absolute treat, even immediately after shaving.
  2. works well


    this works pretty well and lasts pretty much all day and this is a great trial size
  3. Pretty Good


    OK if you don't play a lot of sport or move around a lot. Great texture for application although I don't really like the scent. Good mini size for trying it out though!
  4. Works well


    verified purchaser
    I purchased this for my partner who would generally use a roll on deodorant so I wasn't sure he'd like this texture. Good news, he does and it works really well. He's still able to to sweat without me smelling him as soon as we see each other after work. He'll be repurchasing to the larger size once this is finished.
  5. love it


    this makes me feel fresh and the oils give it a great smell
  6. A great natural option


    I really like this deodorant alternative, it can be a bit messy to apply but I love that there are no harsh chemicals!
  7. prefer this natural option


    This smells lovely and i am a big fan of the fact that this doesn't have aluminium
  8. Such a bad reaction!


    verified purchaser
    I was really excited to try this after using a sample over the course of a week. Unfortunately, once I bought the product and started using, I broke out in a sore itchy rash under my arms within days! I stopped use and my underarms recovered, tried the deoderant again and still broke out in a rash straight away. I was really dissapointed, especially given the sample didn't cause any issues even af...
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    Received this as a sample with my last Adore box of goodies and I was stoked! Have been wanting to change to a natural, aluminium free deodorant for ages and haven't found one that I was happy to stick with until now. As all natural deodorant conversion go, it takes a few days/weeks for your body to adjust to it, which I hateddd with others (felt smelly or wet very soon after application) but this...
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  10. Best deodorant!


    I will always use this deodorant; it is scentless, it keeps me dry, it seems healthier and most of all, it works!
  11. Smells good


    This is a great natural deodorant, however for the amount you get i find it a bit expensive
  12. Still trying it


    I’ve found this a little hard to adapt to. The fragrance is quite strong and reminds me of Denco rub. It is nice to put on after you shower at night to keep you feeling fresh.
  13. Effective but pricey


    I bought this for my partner and it’s certainly combatted his body odour, but one use wasn’t enough for his hard-working armpits so I can’t see this being a cost effective deodorant.
  14. love these deodorant


    love this deodorant and this size is great to have in your hand bag, travel or to try it out. leaves me feeling fresh
  15. Loving it so far


    I received this as a gift with purchase from adore. I have used it for a week now and I’m enjoying it. The smell is so lovely and calming, not over powering at all. It has kept bo at bay. A bit of a hassle to apply, it’s quite grainy too but I’m getting used to it. Haven’t tried it in hot weather or strenuous exercise so can’t comment on sweating, but I sweat with normal deodorants anyway so I won...
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  16. One of the best smelling deodorant


    Love this, but you need to be aware that it doesn't stop you from sweating. It takes some time to get used to switching from normal to natural deodorant.
  17. Great to try before you buy


    Very small container size, but it's good to be able to try the Paste formula without committing to full size. The application takes a little while to get used to, but it works just as well as roll on deodorants
  18. Great


    These are amazing and work really well! I am converted and won’t use anything else now
  19. Gave me rashes


    I used many natural deodorant but this one gave me rashes. It might be the bicarb. Love the scent. It's fresh although it doesn't last long. I don't like the fact that you need to use your finger to apply the product.
  20. Black Chicken Remedies Axilla Deodorant Paste


    great travel product, perfect size with great performance under tough tropical conditions
  21. Natural and nice


    This actually works. And smells nice. But but wierd at first. Rubbing it into ur underarms.
  22. Great nature deodorant

    I Custom

    I purchased the larger tub for home. This mini tub is great to pop in hand bag.. will continue to use.
  23. Awesome


    Great way to trial the product, it's working well for me. I can sweat and still smell fresh as a daisy. Ditch the aluminium deodorants and give this a go.
  24. Great product and size


    This is a great product and a perfect little travel size, particularly for top ups. Unfortunately for me, I can't use it on a really hot summer day (I personally sweat a little too much), but it's great for me in winter. It really depends on your body, but it's a great product, smells good, is natural and it's great that it is cruelty free (as opposed to many other deodarants!)
  25. travel size


    this really is mini but is good when you need to reapply at work or the gym. I have sensitive skin and this paste works fine for me
  26. Mini


    I tried this paste as a newbie to paste deodorant. I found it didn't flake or transfer but gave a pleasant scent. Didn't personally stop sweating on me
  27. Takes some time to get used to


    The deodorant has a thick paste like texture and comes in an adorable easy to carry small box. Applying the paste was awkward at first, but I soon got used to it. It was occationally harder to apply the paste on dry skin, I got the best results when I applied it directly after a shower. I do sweat alot, but I was really shy to re-apply it in public so I just suffered through the sweat. It was defi...
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  28. It works


    I thought I would not be a huge fan of the paste format but it actually works really fine and I dont even notice it when I shower at night! I love the smell too, so clean!
  29. Pretty good


    I quite like this as a natural deodorant. I feel like it works well for me. I'm not a huge fan of the paste format (I would prefer a spray or rollerball) but can see that this would be good for travelling.
  30. Very nice, but drying


    I ordered a sample size, and I was impressed with the scent and the ease of application. I felt like I was sweating less than with other natural deodorants, and I noticed that it stopped any odour throughout the day.

    However, I found that after using consistently 3-4 days applying in the morning, my armpits would dry out - I would get some bumps and a red rash. I have tempered the us...
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  31. Effective natural deodorant


    I ordered this in the mini size and am really impressed. Has a lovely scent that is not overpowering and its deodorising power is fairly good compared to other natural products. The real test will come in summer when Im sweating more!
  32. Amazing for sweat


    I have tried so many natural deodorants and struggled to find one that worked. Ordered this one in the mini to try and love it. First use I didn’t smell at all and it’s lasted all day. I usually prefer sprays because they aren’t as messy but happy with this one so can get past the fact it’s a paste. Amazing!
  33. stops sweating!


    I sweat a lot and no deodorant has completely helped, none until i tried this one. The deodorant stops sweating all together, it lasts all day and smells amazing! i would definitely recommend!
  34. Container is awkward to use


    I enjoy the smell and how the paste works. The container is kind of awkward to use especially with fake nails on. Will purchase the larger size once it is finished.
  35. Small size


    Very small container size, but it's good to be able to try the Paste formula without committing to full size. The application takes a little while to get used to, but it works just as well as roll on deodorants
  36. Best Buy!


    I am very picky when it comes to underarm products. But this has amazed me! Smells good and I don't perspire at all!
  37. I'm convinced.


    Since starting breastfeeding I've struggled with body odour. Even with exfoliation, cleansing and anti-bacterial soaps I felt I always smelt myself slightly, which wasn't great for confidence.

    I tried this on a whim, liking the idea of a healthier deodorant and I'm so glad i did. Personally there was no adjusting period for me, from the first use I noticed that I could no longer smel...
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  38. Love the product.. not the size


    This is too tiny to even fit my fingers in.. don't love it
  39. Love the Scent


    I love the scent, but find out that my skin doesn't agree with it after 3 days of use. I started getting pimples. I suggest that you ask for a sample first before trying. I have been using Aesop natural deodorant, without any issues.
  40. Marks clothes


    I’ve had quite a few samples of this product as gift with purchase. I don’t like it. It might work at masking smell but it also leaves black marks all over my clothes. They washed out but my clothes looked dirty all day. Tried a few times but I won’t use it any more.
  41. Good travel size


    I have this for my handbag for top ups at work, it's probably not as convenient as traditional roll on but worth it
  42. love this for travelling


    i use my mini whenever i go away for a weekend or just somewhere even for the day if i know i am going to be on my feet all day and might be quite active. perfect to carry in your handbag
  43. recommend


    this mini size is great to take with you! i like how this is a more natural version and better for you and it is effective!
  44. great!


    great natural deodorant paste that really works. i keep the mini in my travel/gym bag and it's so handy
  45. Nice deodorant, pong factor 4/5


    Nice deodorant, nice smell, nice texture although sometimes a little grainy, easy to use, didn't find it irritating.
    Not the most effective deodorant I've used - can get a little smelly by the end of the day but not bad.
  46. smells grosss


    I'm vegan and it smells like chicken and i'm offended
  47. Not suitable for sensitive skin


    - whilst it does work as a deodorant, it’s very strong and not suitable for sensitive skin.
    - won’t try again.
  48. Okay for Winter, Bad News for Summer


    On days and seasons where you sweat a lot all over your body, this doesn't do much at all. Wintertime this is so nice though. It's moisturising and nourishing and does keep smells at bay, but since it doesn't supress sweat it's almost horrifying in Summer hahaha. I don't sweat excessively but it's just not enough for hot, humid, Australian summers.
  49. Won't use again


    I bought the mini to trial and I'm glad I did!
    I didn't like this product, I didn't like the smell and the application of it.

    Not the best aluminium free deo out there.
  50. Actually Works!!!

    Isla Chai-La

    I have scepticism about deodorant pastes but I thought I should give it a try.
    I have to say that I LOVE this: it smells nice, its a little strong but i don't mind. It doesn't leave chunks of paste or residue. I wore it on 30-35 degree days and it worked great. I will buy this again and again.
  51. Okay


    I had high hopes for this natural deodorant as i've become more aware of what i'm putting on my body. This deodorant does nothing on those really hot 30+ days. I only use it on days when it's low 20's and when humidity levels are low. Definitely would not purchase again, not for me unfortunately.
  52. Good, but not the best, natural deodorant


    This deodorant smells nice and is non-irritating. I like using it on days where it's not too hot and I know I'm not going to have to run around too much, as it is gentle and doesn't feel like I'm interfering with my body's natural processes by using it.

    However, I have ended up a bit damp and self conscious a few times where I've used this deodorant and the day has been busier or warm...
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  53. Excellent deodorant


    I was sceptical before trying but now that I have, I adore this deodorant!! It is all natural and really does keep me smelling fresh all day - even on hot days! It doesn’t block your pores so allows you to sweat like nature intended. Best of all has no bad chemicals. I’ve already purchased this twice and will again.
  54. Good natural alternative deodorant


    Has a nice scent and will now be purchasing the bigger version! Good size to try it before committing to the larger version.
  55. Great natural deodorant


    In the past I'd tried another natural deodorant that didn't really work which made me wary to try others (they're not cheap!) but after reading the reviews I decided to give this one a go - and I love it! I'm obsessed with the botanical fragrance, can't get enough. It does what its supposed to, whilst still letting my armpits breath which is great. I don't love having to rub it in with my hands bu...
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  56. Bit of a rash


    I really wanted to love this deodorant. What's more useful than a tiny little pot of natural deodorant that you can take anywhere?
    Unfortunately, this one gave me a little bit of a rash. I tried it out a couple of separate times because I wanted to be sure, but alas! Other reviewers have noted that the sensitive version works fine, so I'm going to try that next.
    I don't usually have s...
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  57. Must try for natural aluminium free deodorant + it works!


    I really struggle to find deodorants that actually work, but so far so good with this one! After a morning shower I put this on and it lasts me all day, with no need to reapply. The compact size is great for travelling also and doesn't take up much room in my toiletries bag. Definitely would recommend giving it a shot if you are after a natural deodorant that actually works!
  58. Great handy balm


    I like the mini size. It's easy to store and chuck in your gym bag. The balm doesn't have a heavy scent but it does work and spreads/absorbs easily
  59. obsessed


    so so so good!! love this so much and have bought the large size straight away. I pop on after a shower in the morning and it lasts all day. living in Australia it obviously gets super hot but this keeps you fresh and smelling good all day.
  60. Caused a rash


    I liked the texture and smell and was really hoping this would be my new go to deodorant but I broke out in a red, bumpy, itchy rash after a few days.
  61. Caution on sensitive skin...


    Unfortunately I had disastrous results with this. After trying to make the switch to a natural deodorant, I tried just about every option out there. Like some other products, this gave me an awful, bumpy red itchy/sore rash after a few days of use. After it healed I switched to Black Chicken's sensitive version, and didn't have a reaction to the ingredients in that version.
  62. Hooked!


    I'd never tried a paste deodorant before, but heard all the good reviews about this product and decided to try it as I'm switching all my products over to cruelty free brands. Easy to use (so long as you have a short nail on each of your hands) and it quickly melts into the skin. No strong odours, just keeps you fresh all day. Recently ordered the full size one!
  63. Amazing!


    I wanted to try a paste deodorant as I don't like the sticky feeling of most other deodorants. This works really well for me and provides an all day wear without being able to be felt.
  64. Great introduction to natural deoderant!


    I love this mini sized option. I have been looking into changing to natural, aluminuim free deoderant however I was overwhlemed with choices and the prices. For the price and how much the product you get, I was firstly really surprised and dissappointed however a LITTLE goes a long way. I would probably get this again.
  65. A natural alternative


    Much better than using regular deodorants containing aluminium, I really like this one more than.i thought I would.
  66. Great if you’re fine with baking soda


    I liked the herbal smell and texture but unfortunately the baking soda made my underarm skin itchy. So I gave it to my husband and it became his favourite deodorant! And I am using Axilla sensitive, which is great.
  67. Great Natural Deodorant


    I never tried a deodorant paste before this, but it works great! I have sensitive skin and haven't had any issues with it. I find that you don't need too much and the paste absorbs easily into the skin. It's lightly scented which is also nice. The mini version is quite a handy size that you can put in a bag and take with you to the gym etc.
  68. Works like a dream!


    Rating it 5 stars because it works perfectly.

    Only con for me is that I don't like the scent, which is fine because it's subtle. I'm just used to using unscented ones.

    It's a deoderant paste, so you need to manually rub the paste into your skin (generally warming it up on your fingers first). You need to wash your hands with soap and water to get it off your fingers after...
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  69. Changed my life!


    I have been using aluminum-free deodorant for a while but I would stink by the end of the day. With this product I have sweat a lot and no odour what so ever!
  70. Love it!


    I've been looking for a natural deodorant and I was wary about using a paste, however this stuff works really well and smells great! I haven't noticed any body odour when using this yet, however I have yet to truly test it in the hot Queensland summer. I'll be buying the full size!
  71. First intro into natural deodorant


    Hmm... I'm not sure if I like this or not or if my skin is simply getting used to the product but I have had some BO from wearing it.
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