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Black Chicken Remedies Axilla Deodorant Barrier Booster - For Sensitive Skin 75g

4.3 of 79 reviews


4 instalments of $4.88

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4 instalments of $4.88

Or 4 instalments of $4.88 with LEARN MORE

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Black Chicken’s popular natural deodorant just keep getting better with their latest addition, the Axilla Barrier Booster for sensitive skin!

  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Australian Made

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GREAT - 86% recommend

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Black Chicken Remedies Axilla Deodorant Barrier Booster - For Sensitive Skin Reviews

4.3 of 79 reviews

86% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Works a treat


This is the only natural deodorant I've found works for me! Neutral enough smell and easy to apply, plus the tub lasts for ages!

Most Helpful Criticism

not the most effective


not the most effective deodorant, I like that it is all natural but I am not sure if it does the best job.
  1. Works a treat


    This is the only natural deodorant I've found works for me! Neutral enough smell and easy to apply, plus the tub lasts for ages!
  2. natural


    This deodorant leaves me feeling fresh. No toxic ingredients
  3. Never looking back


    I have been using this deodorant for months now and I am so glad I've found it! I never smell and even when I haven't applied it yet I feel like my natural BO is much less offensive. It's scent is not overly strong and the tub lasts me months.
  4. Great effective deodorant


    I have psoriasis on my underarms and struggle with an effective deodorant. This one works well and is easy to apply
  5. Perfect


    Ever since I have quit using conventional deodorants, this is what I have been using and will continue to use. It smells good and the product lasts a long time
  6. great product


    verified purchaser
    I have tried a few other brands of natural deodorant but this is the only one that hasn't aggravated my skin. It works all day and smells great, nice and natural nor heavily perfumed. don't leave anywhere it will get hot it does melt!!!1
  7. the BEST natural deodorant


    verified purchaser
    I have tried a bunch of different natural deodorants but they've always left me with uncomfortable sweatiness, stains on my clothes, rashes and frankly bulk B.O. But not with this one - I have been using this for YEARS and recommend it to everyone I meet! It masks B.O and doesn't stain clothes, doesn't cause any skin irritations and is made nice and clean so you can feel good about what you're put...
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  8. Everyone needs to know about this product


    verified purchaser
    A friend recommended this to me, as i get quite paranoid about sweat-stank. Its AWESOME.

    A little goes a long way, the slight fragrance is lovely, and it really does keep body odour at bay.

    I can go from walking to and from work, to roller derby training, to the gym in one day and still get home with zero armpit smell. I literally couldn't believe it.

    I've tr...
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  9. A great natural deodorant


    I have been using this product for over a year now with no complaints. It has served me well through all seasons which is the test of a good deodorant. Its not an anti perspirant so do expect to sweat a little but I have had no issues with odour, that being said I haven't tested it with a lot of high impact exercise so I cant speak to that. The product also goes a long way which is great.
  10. Best natural deodorant


    The consistency is amazing and smells great too
  11. Works


    This works but not as well as the original! I like to use this on the weeks that I get sensitivity from the original
  12. Not for me


    I really wanted to like this after all the rave reviews, but it wasn’t for me. I was previously using a bicarb based natural deodorant, which was very effective. Unfortunately, using this one I just stank. Bad. And in winter when I am hardly sweating. I did give this a good go for 8 weeks to see if I would start smelling better, but no dice!
  13. So smelly!


    I can't do bicarb soda (the irritation is so bad!), but I really wanted to find a natural deodorant that worked for me. I knew the Axilla paste was supposed to be really good, so I thought I'd try the sensitive version. Unfortunately, this made me smell awful. You know when you can smell your stench without sticking your nose in your pits that it must be bad. Points for not irritating the underarm...
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  14. Only using this now!


    A friend of mine let me borrow theirs for a week to give it a real test run because they’ve sworn by it for years, and oh boy is it good! Zero smells day to day, and no smells even after a sweaty gym session. I got my own now and only use this, threw away my old anti-persprints because the chemicals and heavy metals in them are horrible.
  15. Natural deodorant that works


    I have to say that I was impressed with this deodorant , it works really good even in the warmer days. And the scent is pleasant. Not a big fan of applying it with my fingers , still have to wait to get into the skin before putting the top on.
  16. Good, but not a amazing


    I have to use the bi carb free deodorant as the normal black chicken paste gave me red welts due to an allergic reaction. This deodorant works well and is so natural, but can be hard to scrape out the pot in winter. the size of this pot goes a long way, so well worth the price. Good, but not a amazing.
  17. The best


    It’s my holly grail deodorant. I have tried the original version but gave me reaction and even gave me some BO during summer. This one is the best I have used so far. I’d love to have a stick version of it one day though.
  18. Perfect


    I love that it's bicarb free- that's been really hard to find with any organic deodorant. A little bit goes a long way and it's a pleasant smell that lasts the whole day. The texture is good and it doesn't clump or leave any marks.
  19. Nasty free Deodorant


    I got to try a sample of this as part of a giveaway and it worked perfect. When i moved on to buy the real product,it sadly didnt do such a great job for me in the long run.

    However I would say that for now its the best organic deodorant that I have tried.
  20. Amazing


    Smells really good and didn't cause me to break out or get a rash!
  21. Gentle on skin


    Best natural deodorant I’ve tried so far. The sensitive skin version is gentle on skin and has a much nicer smell compared to No Pong. Not perfect because it’s not sweat proof.
  22. First deodorant for my son


    I bought this for my very active son as his first deodorant, as I'd rather not have him exposed to the usual chemicals in deodorant at such a young age. He popped the tiniest smear on after his shower last night and still smells fresh today. Hopefully it holds up to some more serious physical activity too. I also tried it - feels a little different to a cream or liquid variety but wasn't sticky or...
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  23. Black chicken deodorant


    Love the natural smell of this deodorant. Easy to use, works with heat by rubbing on your fingertips. Glides on well and keeps me feeling fresh. Handy sized tub to carry in your handbag if you want to reapply throughout the day. Happy to buy this product again.
  24. Black Chicken remedies


    Gotta love this one!! Minimal ingredients you know its clean beauty at your finger tips.Combined with heat created by rubbing fingers together makes this product glide on easy. Great smell which lasts a good length of time. Can reapply throughout the day if you feel it necessary. Good size tub to carry with you. Love this one!! Worth every cent
  25. Love this!

    Laura w

    I love this, I have finally found a deodorant that works and doesn't break me out/give me a rash on my armpits! The texture feels nice and its easy to put on and it smells great.. Thanks black chicken! you have won me over.
  26. not the most effective


    not the most effective deodorant, I like that it is all natural but I am not sure if it does the best job.
  27. strong natural scent


    has a strong natural scent but it is not bad and doesn't make me smell bad either
  28. Natural Deodorant that works


    The natural deodorant that keeps you from smelling, I've worn this through the whole day and gym classes before without smelling horrendous. You'll still sweat in it but you won't smell.

    The only downside is having to apply with your fingertips and it's sometimes a bit stiff in winter.

    My first tub lasted ages and I'm repurchasing this now.
  29. Great


    Really love this stuff. I don't use any other deodorant brand now
  30. Not effective


    I am a huge fan of the regular paste (been using for two years)!and accidentally ordered this one, it didn’t neutralise odours very well and I felt wet, never had this problem with regular Axilla deodorant paste
  31. Fantastic!


    I've been thinking of trying Black Chicken for a while and I am so glad that I purchased the minis to try. They are great. I prefer the sensitive skin, and the large tub is great. I love the fragrance and am hooked.
  32. Non irritating and works well


    Works well and doesn’t irritate my skin that cannot tolerate any other deodorant. It does melt in summer but I found keeping it in the fridge helps to keep it a much more useable balm.
  33. Black Chicken Remedies Axilla Deodorant Barrier Booster - For Sensitive Skin


    I recently purchased the barrier booster and I am very satisfied with the product. My skin has shown no signs of drying out, which was the issue and the natural scent is lovely also.
  34. Effective, wish it was in a stick


    I found this to be highly effective for a natural deodorant and the cream sinks in to the skin easily. I switched to the sensitive version after finding the original to be irritating to my skin and it was a good choice.
    I liked the low scent and felt confident wearing this deodorant; however, would prefer a stick applicator as the tub doesn't come with any spatula and i found it got a bit st...
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  35. My preferred everyday just don’t expect clinical strength


    This is an effective natural deodorant option. How it works is it neutralises the odour causing bacteria, so expect that you may still sweat, and if you’re having a particularly sweaty day that could mean some of the paste will wear off. Still as a natural option it is one of the more effective options available. This one doesn’t make my skin itchy unlike the one with baking powder.
  36. Nothing else comes close!


    This is by far the best natural deodorant I’ve tried so many. I’ve also tried the same deodorant in the non sensitive version which wasn’t as good for me as I do have eczema near my underarms so sensitive is the way to go!
  37. Best natural deodorant


    Tried the pink tub one, it was amazing! Does what it claims to do every step of the way. Would recommend.
  38. Excellent natural deodorant


    I have sensitive skin and this deodorant is awesome. It works! Only bad thing is having to apply with fingertips.
  39. good for sensitive skin


    I have sensitive skin and this deodorant paste worked for me, it's mild but still effective.
  40. Not very effective for me


    After using this deodorant I found that I still smelt at the end of the day. I generally don't smell that much (though I am quite sensitive to smell) so it was almost as if I hadn't put on anything at all.
    It's also tricky to apply, gouging it out of the tub and smearing it on.
    The hunt for a natural deodorant continues!
  41. neutralises odor


    Best natural deodorant without bi carb I have found and I've tried many. No body odor, love the smell of the product. Don't love that I have to apply with my finger but the product is worth it.
  42. My fav natural deodorant


    I prefer this one to the original as i have sensitive skin. I still have not found another natural deodorant that i like more than this one. its smooth to put on and doesn't transfer onto my clothes. I can also trust that this one will do the trick all day and don't have to keep checking my under arms to see if i smell half way through the day
  43. One of the best


    Easily one of the best natural deodorants I've tried .I found it didn't irritate my underarms like other ones have. I loved the scent of this and I found it to be super moisturising. It was easy to apply as well. I wish it were a little more longer lasting though.
  44. Best Natural deodorant


    I like this a lot better than the original. Works really well but can stain your clothes!
  45. Best Deo Ever!


    So I have had a rash on my underarms for a few months and i thought it was my razor and or shaving cream. After changing p those items nothing improved. My skin was so red and incredibly itchy. I wondered if it was the deodorant. I changed up the type of deodorant from one anti-white stain brand to the other. Then I saw black chicken and decided to give it a go. I threw out my old spray deo and ex...
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  46. Best natural deodorant


    A natural deodorant that works. It works best when applied on damp skin and I warm it a bit before applying. It doesn’t itch and the low sent is good for sensitive skin. Lasts a long time. This is my second purchase.
  47. It works!


    This is one of the only natural deodorants I trust to work, and I've tried a lot! Especially good because it doesn't irritate ya pits like some others with bicarb.
  48. IT works


    I love the original and this version is even better as it caters to sensitive skin
  49. It's amazing!


    It's literally the most amazing type of deodorant out there. Not only is it vegan and animal cruelty free but it works much better than normal products.
  50. So-So


    I’ve tried a number of natural deodorants, and am not sure that I’m overly impressed with this one. It’s hard to get out of the tub, hard to spread and I feel like I do smell at the end of the day. I’ll keep persisting with this product and hope that I come around.
  51. It actually works!


    This is my second pot of black chicken and my introduction to natural deodorant. It smells beautiful and actually works, I am really impressed. You get over the paste texture pretty quickly, it works better than spray ant-perspirants. I am converted
  52. Great!


    I like this a lot better than the original. Works really well but can stain your clothes!
  53. G


    I like this a lot better than the original. Works really well but can stain your clothes!
  54. A beautiful alternative


    I wanted to find a natural deodorant alternative that worked. This stuff delivers. It’s just beautiful. Plus my armpits aren’t irritated for the first time in my life! A pea sized amount smoothed across each armpit is all you need to banish the pong. It should not be used as an antiperspirant. If you sweat a lot I suggest using a powder then applying this product. That seems to work for me on thos...
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  55. Great!


    i have sensitive skin and this paste works really well for me. it's effective and easy to use
  56. Great deodorant


    I am quite an active guy and get sweaty easily, this deodorant helps keep the smells at bay and it suits sensitive skin. As it's a paste I find I need to trim my armpit hair so it's easier to apply but otherwise it's a great product free from nasty ingredients.
  57. Fresh all day!


    I was sceptical! I put off purchasing for so long, and then I finally gave in after always feeling smelly halfway though the day with a standard deodorant.
    Now I LOVE IT. I recommend this product to everyone - even if they don’t ask!
  58. great for sensitive skin


    i tried the original paste first which has bicarb soda, this one works just as well and i do find it more gentle
  59. Number One Non-Toxic Deodorant


    This is the number one non-toxic deodorant on the market. Even my husband uses it with no complaints!
  60. Good for sensitive skin types


    I've tried but the deodorant pastes and they work both just as well. If you have sensitive skin and can't use bicarb soda then I'd recommend this one
  61. No Pong and No Nasties


    Works a treat, the reviews dont lie!
  62. Works great


    I received a sample of this recently and was really put off by the potent smell, but I'm really glad I tried it. I've been through so many natural (and mainstream) deodorant products and this is probably the only one that works well. I used it all day in the 40 degree heat and I did not smell one bit! Once on your skin the perfume isn't too strong and it keep my underarms dry all day. I also have ...
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  63. Amazing natural deodorant


    I was recommended this by friends and family to help eliminate aluminum from my deodorant. I am so glad I did!! I have to say i was skeptical as to how good it would work. I have been on it for a year now and not looking back!! It does take a while for your body to get used to it if you have been on aluminum deos for a while, but stick with it, so worth it.
  64. Finally found a good natural deodorant


    I’ve been on the hunt for a natural deodorant that actually works! I’ve tried over 5 and I was never satisfied, but this stuff is soooo good! It smells really nice and i don’t smell at all! Does the job really well!


    My skin is sensitive but with this product-no rash and it is very effective. All products in the range are fabulous and smell great too!
  66. Good product


    I tried this deodorant and found it great but a bit less effective than Regular Black Chicken Remedies Axilla Deodorant Paste. It works but you will need to reapply it during the day.
  67. The only deodorant that works and that my sensitive skin can handle


    Great for sensitive skin and it works!!!
  68. Good Alternative


    I was looking for a natural deodorant and this product seemed to do the trick. I've noticed that when I stopped using it during the first few days of use I'd sweat more than usual. I don't recommend this if you sweat a lot. However, its still a good alt. to the chemical-packed store bought deodorants.
  69. Good


    The balm does work and spreads/absorbs easily. It's not as long lasting as the original I find
  70. Stains clothes


    I like the feel of the paste once it's applied and the scent is lovely. It keeps odours away, however I stopped using it because of the greasy residue it leaves on the under arm area of my clothes and bras which is difficult to remove in the wash.
  71. Great value


    I have very sensitive skin, and I am happy with this deodorant. It takes a while to absorb and and can leave stains if you don't allow it to dry fully. But once it is dry, it keeps me dry for hours! Highly recommend it if you have sensitive skin
  72. Better than the original


    A while ago I tried to switch to a natural deodorant and tried just about every option out there. I had awful results with the original black chicken formula, so tried this instead. Unlike the original, the actual formulation of the sensitive version didn't give me rash. I liked the smell or the actual product, found it easy to use and found that it controlled odour. However, i still sweated profu...
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  73. Disappointing


    This product didnt work for me in the slightest!! I actually hate it. I have used the regular formula for well over a year now so thought I would give this sensitive one a go. It worked at stopping odour... For all of 3 hours! Thats before I did anything strenuous. I have had to order the original formula again because after nearly a week of hoping it would start to work, it didn't. The only thing...
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  74. Great Product


    I am very happy with this deodorant, it absorbs well into my skin and keeps my underarms dry. However take some precaution with wearing white clothes as it has left some yellowing stains in the underarms of my clothing
  75. Works like magic


    This really does the job in preventing odour. I've also tried the 'regular' Axilla but found I break out in a red rash under my arms. I don't, however react to the 'sensitive' formulation. Having worked through the small pot I'm now on the bigger jar. Love the scent too!
  76. Good alternative

    happy customer

    This product I must say is a great alternative for your normal deo. I am one of those people that would perspire a lot esp in my underarms, hands and feet. Pretty gross because we know that bacterias like to live in warm and moist places hence I have the potential to smell when I exert too much energy or sometimes just the weather. I've started using this in winter so I havent tried how good it wo...
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  77. Never going back to spray deodorants!


    When I first made the change from your regular supermarket deodorants, I tried I few different natural ones, and Black Chicken is by far superior. The original Axilla Deodorant is lovely, but I found the barrier booster was much more suited to my skin, and prevented any rashes that I would get from the previous one.

    The smell is clean and fresh, and I never have to reapply throughout...
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  78. No sweat, no stink, no marks


    I bought the smaller pot to try out thinking this product was quite expensive. Wrong. I have been using it consistently for about 2 months and still have a month worth left. That brings it in line or cheaper than my supermarket deo's. I have not noticed any marks on any of my clothes, and my underarms love it! I am quite sensitive, and the only thing I have noticed is that this area is now soft an...
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  79. The best natural deodorant so far


    And I have tried many! It’s working absolutely perfectly for the most of the year, just during very hot days I noticed a bit of musty smell at the end of a day. What I did was to spray some conventional antiperspirant over it which fixed the problem.
  80. Good


    Good for sensitive skin, doesn’t make me break out like some other deodorant pastes. Not a fan of the smell though so won’t be repurchasing.
  81. Finally - a natural deodorant that works!


    After receiving a sample from Adore Beauty of this paste and trialling it for 2 days, I was convinced I had to buy it.

    I've tried other organic deodorants before (in sprays, cakes and pastes) and found that they needed reapplying post-lunchtime. I work on my feet in a healthcare environment so good deodorant is necessary, but I find most commercial deodorants risky and to exacerbate ...
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  82. Lovely product!


    I work in an extremely humid environment and with other deodorants have found that I've had to re-apply halfway through the day. Not so with this! Goes on very lightly and keeps going all day. Will buy again.
  83. Lovely product!


    I work in an extremely humid environment and with other deodorants have found that I've had to re-apply halfway through the day. Not so with this! Goes on very lightly and keeps going all day. Will buy again.
  84. Love This Deodourant


    I ordered a sample first and I am so happy I did. I wanted a deodourant that was cruelty free and worked! I wasn’t disappointed. One application lasts all day. No need for top ups. It doesn’t sting after shaving and it really keeps the bacteria at bay. Love it. Very Happy!
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