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Bioxidea Authentic

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Combining powerful, natural bio-active ingredients with the latest in advanced anti-ageing technology, Bioxidea is a Parisian brand that takes inspiration from Eastern skincare traditions.
Bioxidea is a luxurious skincare range that specialises in both the face and body, with patented products that deliver long-lasting effects. Bioxidea breaks the boundaries of science and innovation.

So many masks focus just on the face. And while we do love a beautiful visage, what about the rest of us? This Paris-founded brand has us covered from top to toe!

- Specialist hand and body treatments
- Patented anti-ageing technology helps deliver lasting results
- Free from sulfates, parabens, artificial colours and fragrances, mineral oils and alcohol
- Packaging is recyclable and biodegradable
- Luxurious yet gentle formulations

Some of Bioxidea's most popular products include:
Bioxidea Cosmetics Outline Saver – Anti-Wrinkle Serum
Zap away those pesky lines, while sending shadows and puffiness packing, with this handy Shiatsu ball pen. The massaging applicator releases active ingredients and stimulates circulation for younger-looking eyes and lips. Use morning and night, or any time you need a pick-me-up.

Bioxidea Miracle48 Excellence Diamond Face & Body Mask
Shine bright like the star you are with this pampering treatment. Apply the cloth over your face to rejuvenate the cheeks, forehead, nose and chin, then dissolve it into a warm bath and let the rest of your body soak up the hydrating, illuminating and lifting effects!

Bioxidea Miracle24 Hand Mask
Our mitts show tell-tale signs of our real age, so keep them looking youthful with this specialist beautifier. Marine collagen helps plump, aloe vera helps heal and amino acid complexes smooth and soften. They (literally!) fit like a glove.

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All of Bioxidea's products are 100% free from parabens and sulfates

All materials used in Bioxidea's packaging and products are recyclable and biodegradable
Bioxidea is recommended by beauty and skincare experts, stylists and celebrities around the globe for their luxurious face and body products

The brand's philosophy is centred around mixing potent, natural bio-active ingredients with advanced anti-ageing technology.
Bioxidea breaks the boundaries of innovation and science due to the long-lasting effects of its patented products.

Did you know that the brand was founded in France almost 10 years ago, with a passion for revolutionising skincare by combining the best of nature and science? To this day, Bioxidea continues its goal of developing natural anti-ageing products that brighten, tighten, plump and lift while catering to each individual customer's beauty needs. It has won over style lovers everywhere, and here are just a few things that the world's top glossies have to say about Bioxidea:

"Beauty hunter favourite" - Vogue magazine
"Bioxidea banishes wrinkles" - allure magazine (The Beauty Expert)
"Paraben and sulfate free, anti-ageing perfection" - ELLE magazine

To get the most out of the masks, Bioxidea recommends ensuring that make-up is fully removed before application, by using a gentle massaging action with your cleanser. This circular, upward motion helps stimulate circulation, calming and clarifying the skin.

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