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Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution 500ml 500ml

4.8 of 197 reviews


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$7.50 x 4

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  • Sensitivity and redness

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Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution 500ml

Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution 500ml

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4.8 of 197 reviews

94% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

This is the best micellar water on the market. It actually removes makeup and cleans the skin, unlike other micellar solutions I have used. As it effectively works, you don't need to tug or pull at the skin to remove stubborn makeup. A great step before cleansing, or if you want to be lazy and quickly remove your makeup.

Most Helpful Criticism

Look, there’s nothing WRONG with it really, but for the hype surrounding this product I guess I just expected more! I use it after I have used a makeup remover wipe and I do find it removes more makeup when I thought my face was already clean. Nice big bottle so will last for ages.
  1. Best!

    This is the best micellar water on the market. It actually removes makeup and cleans the skin, unlike other micellar solutions I have used. As it effectively works, you don't need to tug or pull at the skin to remove stubborn makeup. A great step before cleansing, or if you want to be lazy and quickly remove your makeup.
  2. Favourite!

    This is my favourite micelle solution to use everyday! It is so gentle on my super sensitive skin and it does the perfect job at removing my makeup, and toning and cleansing my skin. Cannot recommend this more highly!
  3. Best cleanser I've used

    I've been using the Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution morning and night to cleanse my face, and it is wonderful. I bought the product at the end of autumn because my skin wasn't coping with my mattifying cleanser and the cold weather. I have oily skin and because the cleanser is so gentle, my skin doesn't overproduce oil throughout the day - my oil is controlled and I no longer have a greasy forehead by 4pm. I don't wear a lot of makeup and this product cleans it all away easily at the end of the day. I love this product and would absolutely recommend to others.
  4. Cult favourite

    I now understand why this is a cult favourite. It's simple, gentle and effective at removing makeup or even to use as a cleanser. Definitely worth the hype.
  5. You will not regret this purchase!

    I started using this miceller water after making the switch from makeup wipes which were drying my skin out so bad. I have extremely dry/sensitive skin and this product is perfect for combatting both of those skin concerns. It is very gentle yet very effective!
  6. Gentle and effective

    This is my go-to product to take off stubborn makeup. It is gentle on my skin, which is dry and sometimes sensitive, but is excellent at removing everything. Will continue to repurchase!
  7. A staple in my routine!

    This product is just fantastic, and is an everyday staple for me. The formula is very gentle yet super effective at removing all traces of makeup, especially stubborn remnants of mascara and eyeliner. The formula itself honestly just feels like water, it is unscented and your skin isn't left feeling "stripped" or dry afterwards. Personally I still like to rinse with water or gentle toner afterwards however this is not necessary. The formula also doesn't make me break out and I will repurchase it forever and ever!
  8. Best Ever Eye Makeup Remover!

    I love a double cleanse, and Bioderma Sensibio is superb at removing all traces of the most stubborn makeup without tugging at the skin.

    At 43 I don’t want to age my skin any faster than needs be, and this product makes removing makeup a far more gentle procedure than other methods.

    Love the price, too.
  9. It's a cult favourite for a reason...

    This is an absolute staple in my beauty regime and a product I can't go without. I use this on a cotton pad every morning and night to remove all traces of dirt and makeup after I cleanse in the shower. It's super gentle on the skin and around the eye area. It's amazing at getting those last traces of makeup and removing waterproof mascara.
  10. Love this for everyday

    This is the only product that will remove all of my mascara without irritating my eyes (i don't even wear that much). Use it everyday and obsessed with how clean my face is after i use it.

    I've used other micellar waters that are a better price point but always come back to this, not changing anymore as this consistently cleans and doesn't irritate my skin.
  11. Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution 500ml

    Love it! I use this product every night to remove my make up. It probably takes about 2 soaked cotton pads to remove everything but it works well. Not as great to off liquid eyeliner/mascara but is still gentle so I don't mind rubbing a few times to remove. I've also tried a few of Bioderma's Micelle Solution options but this is definitely the best!
  12. Not worth the hype

    Overall I'm a big fan of micellar water and think they are excellent for removing makeup, especially eye makeup. I was expecting big things from this brand due to its cult status but I honestly prefer the Garnier one a lot better. I found this one to be really drying and don't think it does anything more than cheaper ones on the market to warrant the extra price.
  13. Great facial make up remover

    It removed facial make up well and felt great on my sensitive skin. It wasn't as great with removing eyeliner / mascara and I found myself wiping harder than I used to so I switched back to my eye makeup remover for that and use this for the rest of my face.
  14. The only makeup remover I will use!

    This is the absolute best makeup remover I have used, I've yet to find anything else that compares to it. I have quite sensitive skin and this is so gentle and doesn't upset my skin.
  15. Lasts forever

    Best makeup remover!!!!
  16. The ultimate make-up remover

    This is the ultimate make-up remover. So gentle on the skin but so effective. Have been using for years and nothing else compares. Love it! Best-seller in Europe for very good reason! I often use this prior to using a different cleanser in the shower as it is the perfect first-step to remove make-up prior to a thorough cleanse.
  17. The best cleanser ever!

    For me, this is the best cleanser invented so far! I’ve used this since 2009! I don’t feel the guilt of putting harsh on my skin when I use this. The best part is it removes your make up gently and effectively! This is a must product for me!
  18. the best.

    this is by far the best micellar water you can buy. yes it's a little pricey but it lasts for quite a long time and is definitely worth the cost compared to others I've used that were cheaper.
  19. No residue!

    I love the feel of this product and how easily it removes grime and makeup. Does not leave a slimy or sticky layer like other micellar waters do. Would definitely recommend.
  20. Good

    Best make up remover
    Without question the best make up remover on the market! Great for sensitive skin
  21. Amazing

    I discovered this product one year ago and cannot turn back. Everytime I run out of it and use something else for a few days I realise a difference in my skin. It is definitely worth the price!!
  22. Tough on makeup - soft on skin

    Amazing results on removing makeup without harming the skin.
  23. Travel essential

    Fantastic when travelling , only micellar worth using
  24. Cult product for a reason

    Certainly not the cheapest micellar on the market but a cult product for a reason. I had this in the bathroom at the same time as a drug store brand and I could definitely tell a difference between the two.

    A little pricey but I find it lasts AGES. It takes all my makeup off without a worry - although I don't wear much most days.
  25. cleans makeup very well

    it removes makeup very quickly and easily. i use it everyday to remove my makeup and it has never disappointed me. i have oily skin.
  26. The best makeup remover!

    This is an iconic beauty product for a reason - it removes makeup fantastically and never irritates my skin. That being said it's pretty pricy and I probably won't repurchase because now that the bar has been set there's cheaper micellar waters that work just as well. This is the OG though and I will be forever grateful.
  27. Amazing!

    Yes yes yes! Definitely get this, cleans the makeup and pores. Super refreshing as well.
  28. Best micellar water out

    This is my favourite micellar water, it leaves the skin feeling completely fresh unlike other micellar waters I have tried, which have left a residue like feeling. I can fall asleep just using this and no other cleansing and my skin is clear in the morning
  29. Great product

    Love using this, no smell, does not irritate the skin, removes makeup really well, lasts a long time. Will always repurchase!
  30. Great Value

    I have eczematic skin which tends to breakout over the slightest things. With most of the micellar water ive used previously, my skin kind of tingles a bit however I find that this particular product does not react with my skin at all and does a very good job at removing my makeup. If you plan on purchasing this product I recommend you opt for the 500ml which is ~30$ since the 250ml bottle is already ~22$ :))
  31. Great Product

    I find this product is so great at removing make up. I use it before cleansing and find that my skin is always really clean afterwards. It is quite expensive compared to other micellar products on the market however I feel that this is nice and gentle for my sensitive combination skin.
  32. Best Micellar Water

    The best micellar water I’ve used. Its a definitely a best choice so far for me. I would recommend this to my friends.
  33. Great cleanser

    I use this after cleansing with a gentle cream cleanser to remove the rest of my make up - nice and gentle on my sensitive and rosacea prone skin, removes eye makeup like a dream. Highly recommend.
  34. Love this!

    Had used this a while ago but started using ago and forgot how great it is. I have really sensitive skin and I find this removes all my makeup at the end of the day which reduces breakouts, would recommend!
  35. HG Micellar Water

    I received a mini size Micellar water as a gift with purchase and loved it! I have tried so many different brands, whichever was on special when I needed to buy some, but now I won’t use any other. It cleans all makeup off gently and thoroughly and leaves me skin feeling soft. Also amazing at removing eye makeup. Love this!
  36. #1 Micellar Water!

    Love this Micellar water! It gently removes my makeup and leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh! Highly recommend :)
  37. Good

    This cleans my face well, without irritating my eczema prone skin!
  38. OG and Holy Grail Micelle Water

    THE best micelle water!
    I use this twice daily as a refresher in the morning and a make up remover at night. It never irritates and is perfect for sensitive skin as it is so gentle.
    My absolute favourite!
  39. My favourite

    This is by far the best micellar water I've used. Very gentle on my sensitive combination skin, and is great for make up removal or just cleansing for that fresh feeling.
  40. Great for sensitive skin

    Removes makeup wonderfully and skin doesn’t feel irritated. Received this as a sample and will purchase in future.
  41. The best

    Removes all make up - great on the eyes too as it is gentle and doesn’t sting. I have been using this morning & night and use a mild foaming cleanser afterwards and my skin looks so much clearer and any breakouts have vanished! Highly recommend this product
  42. Good to remove dirt and makeup

    This is a great formula to remove makeup, however prefer the pump bottle.
  43. My daily go-to!

    This product is heaven in a bottle! I always used to remove my make up with those Kmart make up remover wipes and would constantly just put up with the painful stinging sensation around my eyes when removing mascara etc. Someone then suggested for me to try this product and I am now eternally grateful! This product is so wonderful for sensitive skin and I use it everyday, if not twice a day, as it just makes me feel so clean and clear. Highly recommend!!
  44. Best cleanser i've ever used

    I have extra sensitive skin, and this cleanser does an absolute WONDERFUL job at cleansing! It feels like actual water. Can't recommend this one enough.
  45. Good makeup remover, I still use oil to remove mascara though

    I use this as a makeup remover before I wash my face with my regular cleanser. It’s nice and gentle, effectively removes makeup, no fragrance and non-irritating. It doesn’t take off my mascara and eye makeup completely though so I use a cleansing oil to remove those, especially if I’m using waterproof mascara.
  46. The perfect make up remover (especially for sensitive skin)

    My skin is particularly sensitive and I find Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution to be the best make up remover for my skin. It's super light, removing makeup in a single wipe without drying out the skin, it's truly the perfect formula.
  47. Beautiful on the skin

    I originally received this product through Adore Beauty when I won a competition. I had used some Bioderma products previously and they were really lovely to use on my skin. The micelle solution was the same experience! This has no perfume added, which is a big plus for me as I can never understand why you need to add anything with perfume to product you put on your face. Even though I have mature skin and Bioderma do make another micelle solution that would be suitable, I decided to stick with this one for sensitive skin. I was using another brand of micellar water in-between purchases of the Bioderma but they left a residue and I couldn't wait for my Bioderma to arrive. It takes off the make-up so effortlessly. This is another product I use every day. You won't be disappointed with this.
  48. Such a good cleanser Highly Recommend!

    It's very gentle, very effective, doesn't dry your skin, removes makeup really well and doesn't irritate the skin, also great for my clients who has sensitive skin. It's definitely my go to cleanser and it's so quick and easy especially when i need to remove eye shadow fall outs under the eye area when I'm doing my client's makeup.
  49. Best makeup remover for my skin

    This is so good and evens out the pH of my skin and it wipes off all the makeup and dirt. It easily takes off my heavy eye makeup which I previously used two to three products to take off. There is no burning sensation. This product makes me excited to take my makeup off at the end of the night and I totally recommend it.
  50. One of the originals & best

    There's a good reason why I always go back to Bioderma's Micelle Solution - it really is one of the best. Does what it promises, keeps skin soft and healthy looking and doesn't dry out my skin after use as some others do. It's a bit more expensive than others I have used but at the end of the day, this is my favourite and worth it.
  51. Lives up to the hype

    You have no doubt heard about this as the HG of cleansing waters. It does live up to the hype. It's gentle, effective and doesn't dry out my skin or make me break out. I find that it is not too great on some of my more water resistant mascaras, however, remember to leave it soaking on the lashes for a bit longer than you think to allow it time to break the bonds there.
  52. Best makeup remover

    I held off on purchasing this for a while as I thought I didn’t need it but I finally caved and I’m sooo glad I did. I feel like this truly ensures your face is throroughly cleaned so there’s no remnants of makeup or sunscreen left over. I use it after using the pink gel and this is a great second step. I’ve noticed my skin has been clearer since I started using it. I have normal / combo skin.
  53. Fantastic

    If you want to remove even the most stubborn make up this is the one .It just works even on waterproof mascara a real pain to remove .
  54. The best make up remover

    I love this product, I put a bit in a travel size spray bottle and douse cotton buds and apply to face.

    Gets all my eye make up off and doesn't leave my face feeling striped and dry.
  55. #1

    I've used countless micellar waters in the past for removing eye make up and every single one burned my eyes - except this one. The formula is so gentle and the product lasts a very long time even with daily use. Will definitely buy again.
  56. The original and best micellar water

    Gentle and effective, this product removes everything without irritating the skin. Even good for stubborn waterproof mascara. I also use it in place of a cleanser in the mornings
  57. The original and best

    I was a religious user of the Garnier Micellar water, but i thought I would give this one a try. I love the Garnier one, but it does leave a bit of a soapy residue on my skin.

    The bioderma formula is exceptionally gentle and does not leave a residue or scent on my skin. Even with a freshly washed face, I still manage to pick up dirt and leftover makeup when I use this.
  58. Best micellar on the market!

    Seriously I know garnier is cheaper and you can buy cheaper brands, but don't waste your time! My skin cleared up immensely after using this before my cleanser! I now can't live without it! It's so gentle on my skin! Take the plunge, you won't be disappointed!
  59. Very gentle

    I was first introduced to bioderma through their sebium range. And till I went to a Bioderma event I never even thought of trying the rest of the range cause i figured I have oily skin so I should just stick to the one range. However after speaking to the people there and have them take the time to talk to us about it, I realised a lot of the consultants mix and match between the pink, green and blue range. I also found out that the Sebium H20 isn't suitable for the eyes so it's good to use either the Sensibio or Hydrabio H20 for the eyes. I use mine in the evening when I have a heavier face of makeup after cleansing just to make sure I have all the gunk off. It's very gentle and does not sting one bit.
  60. Best Makeup Remover - no sting!

    I bought this bottle a few months ago and after using it religiously, my skin has been great! It doesn't sting and it actually removes all my mascara and makeup with ease. It's been a real game changer and can't wait for you all to try this. No more makeup wipes!!
  61. Very low irritation, gets the job done

    I don't wear makeup, but my T-zone gets a little oily sometimes, so I use this to freshen up. I also use it to remove sunscreen before cleansing.

    What I like is that it does what I expect well, but I do suspect there is very, very mild irritation still. I have read that people with sensitive skin should rinse off micellar water, but honestly, who has the time for that?

    I've also tried cleansing with just this micellar water, but my blackheads decided to rear up their little black heads after a while.
  62. Pricey

    Good, but overpriced compared to other micellar waters when it basically works the same way.
  63. This product is the best

    I just recover from psoriasis and rash , reaction from using product from Aspect brand (from facial place). After stopping using this product, I use this Bioderma micellar solution, and then the outcome is very great. It clean my skin really well.. Now, I just use this cleanser and put on QV moisturiser right afterwards. Amazing, Bioderma!
  64. Lovely

    I use this as my cleanser and it’s so lovely and gentle. I’ve found other micellar waters can make me feel a bit tight, but this is really sooothing.
  65. Quick, hydrating and gentle

    I use this in the morning instead of cleansing, by soaking a cotton pad and wiping it over my face. Its quick and easy, and visibly removes any residual build up on the skin. I have quite dry skin and my face does not feel tight after using it (like it does with most cleansers), so it is also surprisingly hydrating. I use a generous amount each time and the bottle is lasting a long time!
  66. A fixture in my routine!

    Bioderma micellar waters can do no wrong... this one has a nice smell to it, but can get everything off my face. I recommend using two cleanses with it, just to get off the extra makeup/dirt that may linger!
  67. Great

    Removes makeup well without irritating skin
  68. Overhyped

    Look, there’s nothing WRONG with it really, but for the hype surrounding this product I guess I just expected more! I use it after I have used a makeup remover wipe and I do find it removes more makeup when I thought my face was already clean. Nice big bottle so will last for ages.
  69. No sting!

    I have sensitive skin and most micellar waters make my skin sting.This is great and gives a fresh feeling after using!
  70. Good micellar water for sensitive skin

    Good quality micellar water. Use it anytime my face feels it needs a cleanse - does not leave any residue, nor does it dry out my skin.
  71. Routine staple

    Gone are the days of applying loads of cleanser to my poor old tired, sensitive, eyes to get my waterproof mascara off! Just pop this product on a pad, hold it on your eyelashes for a few seconds and the waterproof mascara magically comes off with no aggravation to
    my skin!
  72. Effective Micellar Water

    This is a good quality micellar water which removes all of my makeup and eye makeup, doesn't leave a residue or dry out skin. I didn't find this irritated my eyes.
  73. Fantastic

    I have very oily, sensitive skin and this is the only micellar water that cleans off waterproof makeup and doesn't burn my eyes or irritate my skin. I always pack the travel size of this for long haul flights. Well worth the price!!
  74. Amazing

    Totally understand why this has so many good reviews. Takes off makeup really easily, including waterproof mascara and leaves my skin feeling fresh but not dried out.

    Have heard that this is a good product to use in place of a toner but did not find that worked very well in my regime.
  75. Effective

    Removes all make up gently
  76. Wonderful!

    Removes makeup like nothing else! Get's rid of every trace, even heavy makeup, and waterproof mascara.
  77. Great product

    A brilliant product as it is gentle but removes all traces of makeup and leaves skin feeling fresh and ultra clean.
  78. Worth the price

    This is the best micellar water I have used. It removes every bit of makeup. I've repurchased several times, will totally recommend.
  79. Amazing!

    I absolutely love this micellar water - it is one of my most gentlest make up removers that I have ever used. It removes my make up effortlessly and gently removes make up from my delicate eye area, while leaving my face looking and feeling fresh!
  80. My Favourite

    This is by far the best micellar water i have ever used! It removes makeup so well and easily without irritating my sensitive skin. It is also quite affordable and doesn't have any harsh or harmful ingredients which is great. Highly Recommend and this size is also great value for money.
  81. great

    if your willing to spend this much it is absolutely worth it, gets rid of all the dirt and makeup. feeling refreshed
  82. Fav

    My all time favourite make up remover
  83. Holy Grail

    This is my holy grail make-up remover! I have incredibly sensitive skin and this doesn't irritate it at all. I use this to ensure all traces of my make-up has been removed and I also use this to kind of "wash" my face when I haven't used make-up especially when travelling in countries with unreliable water supplies. Have re-purchased many times and have also gotten countless friends onto it.
  84. The best!

    This has been my go to for years now. I have combination skin and this does not strip my oils or irritate my cheeks, like some cheaper brands have in the past. I use this every morning, and when I’m feeling lazy at night. The bottle lasts a long time as you don’t need to use much, and is more affordable now that Adore Beauty have dropped the price. Win!
  85. An excellent micelle water

    Bioderma produces the best micelle water I have ever tried so far. It is very gentle on skin (no stinging) and will not dry my skin. I prefer rinsing my face with water after wiping it with micelle water and I would recommend this to anyone with dry or sensitive skin as well. Overall speaking, not a cheap micelle water, but certainly the best.
  86. Cleanses perfectly

    Excellent at removing every last trace of makeup
  87. So good

    Everyone loves this for a reason. It's really amazing. It's so fast and gentle, you dont need to rub at all.
  88. The best

    This is the best micellar water on the market! It works so well for removing all makeup and leave skin feeling soft. It last for ages. It used to be much more pricey and so I went for cheaper options however I will be ordering again now that the price has come down!
  89. The best

    Hands down the best, not comparison at all. So easy gentle to use but does the job.
  90. Best Micelle solution

    This is hands down the best make-up remover I've come across. The texture is exactly like water - but unlike water it takes my makeup off so easily. All I do is soak a cotton pad with the Crealine H2O and then wipe it all over my face. Voila! All my makeup has come off with one swipe of the area. The only makeup item that can be tricky to take off is mascara, but I find holding the pad to my lashs for about 10 seconds soaks off the mascara and it comes right off.

    This cleanser is so amazing not only because it takes off my makeup like magic, but because it doesn't irritate my skin at all. My skin is quite sensitive and a lot of products irritate my skin, making it flush and causing acne
  91. Favourite

    Used this as my first cleansing step. Removes all traces of make up even waterproof mascara! Non-stripping and doesn't dry out my skin which is a bonus plus. I usually will double or triple cleanse (depends on how heavy my make up is) so this will be the first step and works beautifully.
  92. Love this

    One of my all time favourite skincare products. Removes makeup easily and doesn't sting my eyes. I know that it can seem a bit pricy, but the giant size and how long it lasts makes it worth it, imo.

  93. Probably great for most people...

    I was really eager to try this because of the impressive ingredients - particularly the inclusion of fructooligosaccharides, which is rare in such a basic product. However, while it does an impressive job of removing makeup, I found that my very sensitive skin would feel uncomfortable and sting a bit whenever I used this. I should note that I have truly reactive skin though (I swapped to using la roche posay's sensitive micellar instead and it has been great). So, this is probably a great option for most people, but if you are sensitive try the smaller bottle first.
  94. Great for sensitive skin

    Bioderma Sensibio H20 was the product that started all the hype with micellar cleansing products- with good reason! By using micelles, the Sensibio H20 is able to dissolve makeup and debris on the face and removing it effectively. To remove my eye makeup, I soak a cotton pad with the Sensibio H20, apply it to my eye and hold it there for a few seconds before wiping. It is very gentle and perfect for removing eye makeup as it doesn't irritate the eyes- and is quite effective! The Bioderma Sensibio H20 is also great for those with sensitive skin. It is fragrance free and feels cooling to the skin. The only downside is that there is a slight residue on the skin after using it, I tend to rinse my face after using it. Love how Bioderma have also dropped their prices on their Sensibio H20 range, and the small 100mL is perfect for travel too!
  95. Amazing

    This is amazing. Nothing at all compared to this. Gets rid of everything so quick.
  96. Best make up remover!!

    This on a cotton pad can remove even the most stubborn waterproof makeup!
  97. Gone through so many bottles of this

    I have gone through so many bottles of this micellar water! With the new price changes (permanent) as well, the larger bottle makes it more worth your money. This is a gentle cleanser that gets rid of the most dramatic eye looks, and is still very hydrating. I would recommend not forgetting to cleanse your skin afterwards though!
  98. Great for sensitive skin

    This is my favourite make up remover. I have tried a number of micellar water cleansers over the years, but this is the only one that doesn’t make my eyelids sting with regular use.
    While Bioderma does remove makeup slightly better than cheaper micellar water cleansers, I think if you’re on a budget and have tried cheaper options before and they haven’t dried out your skin or made your face sting with regular use, I would go for cheaper option.
  99. MUA must have

    You can find this in every makeup artists kit as its the best cleanser on the market, it’s gentle yet effective. However, micellar waters that mimic this have become incredibly popular recently for a fraction of the price.
  100. great for sensitive skin

    really gentle and removes makeup really well
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