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Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution 500ml 500ml

4.7 of 473 reviews


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4 instalments of $7.50

Or 4 instalments of $7.50 with LEARN MORE

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Bioderma Sensibio H2O Solution Micellaire Cleanser available for a limited time in a 500ml professional size! Bioderma Sensibio H2O Solution Micellaire Cleanser is a very gentle fragrance-free micellaire solution that cleanses impurities and removes make-up while respecting the skin's natural balance.

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SUPERIOR - 96% recommend

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Skin Concern:

  • Sensitivity and redness

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Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution 500ml Reviews

4.7 of 473 reviews

96% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Smooth and hydrating


Really gentle micellar water that removes makeup and dirt well, doesn't dry my skin or cause irritation.

Most Helpful Criticism

works well


Love a product that's made for sensitive skin to remove traces of make up, works well.
  1. Smooth and hydrating


    Really gentle micellar water that removes makeup and dirt well, doesn't dry my skin or cause irritation.
  2. I'll never love another


    This is the best micellar water you can get, so gentle even when your sensitive skin is screaming.
  3. micellar water


    my favourite brand of micellar water, effortlessly removes makeup and keeps my skin clear and fresh.
  4. bioderma


    so effective and cleanses my skin well without making it feel dry
  5. Amazing


    So good and removes makeup so easily
  6. an absolute favourite


    sensibio Bioderma is my go to micellar water. It's gentle and good for my sensitive skin. I use it for tough mascara and eyeliner and it works a treat.
  7. Best micellar water


    I dont think you'll find a better Micellar water than this. It's gentle and effective at removing makeup and as a first cleanser. I always follow this up with a regular cleanser for a thorough cleanse.
  8. amazing


    I love using micelle water to remove my makeup. The bioderma one is very gentle on the skin and doesn't have any fragrance to it.
  9. One and only


    I know there are so many micellar waters on the market, but I always go back to this one. I no longer even try any other ones, I just stick to this one. I like to use this even on days I wear heavier makeup, but I always follow it up with a cleanser.
  10. Great for removing makeup


    I keep coming back to this product because it is so fantastic for removing makeup and is really gentle on the skin. I love the large bottle size. However, it is pricey, especially if you're someone that wears a lot of makeup and uses micellar water really regularly. But if you're prepared to spend a bit more, then this is a great option.
  11. Perfect for sensitive skin!


    This is the perfect toner for sensitive skin. It cleans the skin well of any dirt and leftover makeup and hydrates it at the same time. I love the fact that it has no fragrance and is safe to use on my eyes. No irritation or stinging whatsoever. Highly recommend!
  12. Very Efficient


    Works very effectively as either a makeup remover or a quick morning or post gym cleanse. Doesn't irritate my skin.
  13. Love this product


    Have used other makeup removers before, but my skin has always broken out. This is a very gentle formula and works wonders for my skin
  14. Very gentle


    This product removes makeup very gently and cleanly. Perfect for sensitive skin
  15. Great makeup remover


    I have been using bioderma for years. It's gentle and doesn't cause any irritation. I use this as my first step and follow with a gel cleanser.
  16. Great makeup remover


    Love this when removing my makeup. Perfect for sensitive skin - no bad reactions whatsoever. Be careful not to get into your eyes though, can sting quite a bit.
  17. good smell


    The remover is very clean, not tight, not dry, and smells good.
  18. Simple and Effective


    I adore this micelle water. It cleans off make up so well, leaving you fresh to cleanse. It’s non-drying and has never caused any issues with my sensitive skin. For the price-point it really is a staple product.
  19. It just works


    I liked the way the product felt on my skin and the effect that it produced. My skin can be quite sensitive and it didn't react at all. Smells good too.
  20. Go-to cleanser


    This has been my go-to cleanser for a long time. It's incredibly gentle on the skin yet effective at getting all traces of make-up off your face. I even like using this in the morning as it's cool and helps me to wake up. Couldn't live without this!
  21. Sensitive solution


    I feel that the moisturiser was not very easily spread by itself it needed to be used directly after you use the make up remover while your face was slightly wet. However once on it made your face silky smooth. It’s definitely not an oily moisturiser. The make up remover was amazing.
  22. Simple and gentle


    The make up remover worked well on my non waterproof makeup but I wear colourstay lipstick and waterproof mascara that it could not remove. It was gentle on my skin and didn’t cause any irritation. This is a good general makeup remover.
  23. Soft and cleansing

    Tired mum

    I liked the look of the packaging and feel of the product on my fingers and face. I felt I was using a credible product and my skin indeed does reflect this impression. I really liked it and feel like it has helped my skin. It feels softer on my face than another brand I have tried.
  24. Great product


    My face has never felt cleaner
  25. Very effective


    The quality of this micellar water is really up there, it's a fantastic option for a make-up remover. I feel that is is better quality and more effective than some other micellar water alternatives. It feels gentle on my skin and does not irritate my skin. I like to go over my face again with a cleanser and after this process my face is completely clean! Great product and lasts ages
  26. Bioderma H20 Micellar cleansing water makeup remover

    With Love Iris

    I’ve really enjoyed trying Bioderma Sensibio H20 Micellar water cleansing makeup remover. It didn’t irritate my skin which was super important to me and when removing my makeup especially the mascara it came off with ease and what I especially loved about this product ( apart from the packaging ) was how my face felt fresh after using it.
  27. Nourishing and super light


    I like how light it feels on my skin and refreshing it is. Felt like it nourished my akin really well and I would purchase.
  28. Bioderma


    The bioderma micellar water is amazing for cleansing my face. Makes my face feels so much less oily. But the bioderma cream i didn't find as good. I felt it made my face more oily.
  29. Surprising in the best way!


    Absolutely love the moisturiser! Super light, no overwhelming scent and feels gorgeous on my sensitive skin. The micelle solution is also fabulous! I was shocked at how much came off of my skin after using it!
  30. Great for sensitive skin!


    When I received my pack to trial i thought it had a nice crisp clean packaging . I really loved the Micellar water! It definantly got rid of all the dirt and makeup off my face, much better than my previous cleanser did. I liked the moisturiser but felt it could've been a bit heavier and moisturizing for my dry skin. Overall it was a very good skincare brand to use and I would use it again!
  31. Gentile effective convenient


    Love it to be good for sensitive skin and it’s effective
  32. Gentle and effective


    I think this is slightly less irritating than the similar product from Garnier. It is quite expensive but would definitely be worth it if you have sensitive skin. I found it really effective at removing mascara and foundation.
  33. Gentle and Refreshing


    Both the Bioderma Cleanser and Soothing Cream were lovely to use. They were refreshing for my skin and great for sensitive skin. They applied well to my face and didn’t cause any irritations. I found the lid of the Cleanser to be quite hard to initially break the plastic seal and I would have preferred for the Soothing Cream to have a flip lid, however it didn’t effect the great refreshing, cooli...
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  34. Fresh face


    Great for makeup removal especially eyeshadow and mascara. Left my skin feeling clean and fresh.
  35. Amazingly fresh


    I use this as a makeup removal and cleanser and it is fabulous...helps keep my skin moisturised and fresh.
  36. One of the best micellars


    Absolutely love this Michelle water. I have tried so many in the past but this one is by far one of the best. I love that not only were all makeup traces removed but my skin was left feeling refreshed and really smooth.
  37. Clean as a whistle


    When I received my pack to trial i thought it had a nice crisp clean packaging . I really loved the Micellar water! It definantly got rid of all the dirt and makeup off my face, much better than my previous cleanser did. I liked the moisturiser but felt it could've been a bit heavier and moisturizing for my dry skin. Overall it was a very good skincare brand to use and I would use it again!
  38. Sensitive skin friendly


    Leaves skin feeling fresh and invigorated without any irritations.
  39. Soothes tired skin


    Great for dry and sensitive skin. Leaves zero residue.
  40. Perfect for my sensitive skin. Leaves my skin feeling invigorated and refreshed.rated


    Impressed by the fresh skin feel with no irritation or rash reaction.
  41. Light and sensitive


    This was a great cleanser that didn’t irritate my skin at all. It left my skin feeling clean and moisturised.
  42. Surprising!


    I was impressed at first looking at the product. It felt high-end, like something you'd get at a fancy department store. The actual product was really lovely! Gentle on my skin, feels great. Overall quite impressed
  43. Best micellar water


    I've used other micellar waters before but this has changed the game. The bottle is clearly labelled so makes it easier to check for information and ingredients. The micellar water is light and doesn't make your skin greasy after usage.
  44. Great make up remover


    I normally wear very light make up and I have sensitive skin, this product is perfect me as it removes all the make up without irritates my skin
  45. Great product


    Works great to remove my makeup and does not irritate my skin. Would definitely recommend.
  46. Love this micelle water for light make up on sensitive skins


    Love this micelle water for light make up on sensitive skins
  47. Great for sensitive skin


    I have quite sensitive skin and both the micelle solution and moisturiser are so gentle but effective on my skin. Highly recommend.
  48. Perfect duo for sensitive skin


    I’ve tried both the sensibio micellar water cleaner and the soothing cream and both have been fantastic for my sensitive skin. I tend to use the micellar water as a second cleanse in the evening and it’s amazing how much cleaner my skin feels after it. I have been using for just over a week now and no issues at all so far. The soothing cream is a fantastic base for make up but I wish it had an ...
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  49. Perfect for sensitive skin


    I consider myself a convert to Bioderma since trialling these products. I’ve been using them every day and I’ve had no issues at all. And that is rare. The micellar cleansing water is gentle and the day creme is so light you barely feel it on your skin.
  50. Lovely product


    I love the way they made my skin feel and the micellar water was great
  51. efficient, sooth


    Feel super clean and smooth after using this micelle water. Efficiently remove sunscreen and makeups. Plus very friendly to sensitive skin
  52. Every day awesome!


    Absolutely love the feeling of my skin after using this product. No panda eyes!
  53. Gentle on skin


    The micelle solution was ok. Didn’t remove some makeup, especially eyeliners and mascara.
  54. Gentle clean


    The micelle solution was ok. Didn’t remove some makeup, especially eyeliners and mascara.
  55. Must have beauty routine


    My skin feels absolutely amazing after using the micelle solution and smoothing cream. There was no residue or stickiness on the skin. I absorbed so well and quickly with only a minimal amount of product.
  56. Sensitive skin must have


    Fantastic for sensitive skin, & removes makeup easy.
  57. Work on sensitive skin


    I used this micelle water when my skin feel sensitive , It removes my foundation quickly, but not good for water proof makeup.
  58. Classic for a reason.


    This product works well for my sensitive skin as a first cleanse to remove most makeup and sunscreen.
  59. great


    a great micelle solution, works well and is pretty affordable
  60. Love it


    Was given a tester of this and am really enjoying the change in brand and quality of product.
  61. Amazing


    I use this everyday to take off makeup before the shower. Easily gets rid of long wearing makeup and eye liner without the feeling of scratching off the face. Has no scent and does not sting the eyes like other brands. Have repurchased this many times!
  62. Perfect for sensitive skin


    I have used this product for 10 years and it is perfect for sensitive skin!
  63. Cult Classic


    This product is really gentle but effective at removing makeup on sensitive skin. I would usually go in with second cleanse just to ensure all traces of makeup and sunscreen are off.
  64. never understood the hype til i tried it


    I always wondered why people rave about micellar waters when you can just cleanse your face instead until i tried this. It's like holy water for your face, so smooth, so gentle and so effective. Run, don't walk!
  65. It's a cult favourite for a reason


    I've used this on and off for years. Occasionally I try other brands, but I always come back to Bioderma. Micelles act like a magnet for oil and dirt, and micellar water can remove much more than you'd expect. Try using another method to remove makeup, then use this - you'll see how even though your skin may look and feel cleansed, there's still a lot of makeup and oil left behind.

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  66. Water


    It really is just water, i dont know how people can remove stubborn make up with this. I have to use actual make up remover to get it off, and then use this only to wipe off excess
  67. fav


    This is my fav make up remover love it
  68. Amazing


    This product removes makeup so easily and actually takes it all off. I have very sensitive skin and it doesn't affect me at all.
  69. Nice micellar water


    Pretty good overall micellar water, I received a free deluxe sample size of this from Adore which I am still going on. Won't be replacing my double cleanse routine however but not a bad alternative when you're tired at night and have eye make up to remove!
  70. Old Faithful


    I have used this product for years and it’s absolutely perfect for sensitive skin. Anything harsh and my skin flares up like the 4th of July but this has NEVER even caused a hint of pink or caused dryness. I find it cleanses better than other drugstore comparisons and the large size is economic where I can fill small bottles for travels.
  71. Fantastic Cleanser!


    This product is amazing! It removes makeup and works as a great cleanser too!
  72. good for face except eyes area


    i got it as a sample. some of my friends have been recommending me this product cuz it is considered a go-to choice for sensitive skin - which my skin type is quiet sensitive. I've tried it twice to remove my sunscreen, i apply it directing without using cotton pads. it does remove my sunscreen but my eyes got irritated when i used it.
    overall, i wont consider purchase full size unless i fi...
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  73. Good for try


    I received a sample and used it to remove make up. It is very gentle on the face but cannot really get away the heavy eye make ups. But it is very light so my oil skin feels good after using it
  74. Gentle and effective


    I usually wear very light, sheer makeup and light eyeshadows. This solution is gentle but effective in removing my makeup, including my eye makeup.
  75. Lives Up To The Hype


    If you haven't tried this BIODERMA product, it will be your next favourite! Melts off makeup and gunk and leaves your skin fresh and clean! Definitely has an edge over other micellar waters, absolutely worth the price!
  76. works wonders


    this micellar water. is really nice. does an awesome job of easily cleaning my makeup off and doesn’t dry out my skin
  77. Number me


    It’s worth getting the big bottle for value for money, this does an excellent job at gently removing makeup even mascara
  78. Number me


    It’s worth getting the big bottle for value for money, this does an excellent job at gently removing makeup even mascara
  79. Number me


    It’s worth getting the big bottle for value for money, this does an excellent job at gently removing makeup even mascara
  80. Number me


    It’s worth getting the big bottle for value for money, this does an excellent job at gently removing makeup even mascara
  81. Just alright


    it works fine but do not expect anything more than that
  82. As a 2nd remover


    I dont think i can use this alone to remove makeup. But it is good to use to remove the stubborn makeup like eyes and lip before using an actual makeup remover cleanser.
  83. Can't imagine life without it


    Honestly this is one of the few absolute staples I couldn't be without - year after year. It just works. Quickly, gently and completely removes every trace of makeup, with no scent or fussy packaging.
  84. Best liquid makeup remover


    I have used other makeup removers throughout the years and this one has always been my favourite!!!
  85. Love it


    Great micellar water for sensitive skin and this big bottle lasts for ages
  86. Amazing product


    This is amazing to remove eye makeup as a pre cleanse! Super gentle on the skin and wayyy better for the environment than using makeup wipes. Lasts ages as well
  87. Great cleanser


    This is the nicest micellar water, not too greasy but still removes every trace of makeup (even stubborn mascara)

    I bought this size and has lasted 12 months and I still have half a bottle.

  88. Holy Grail


    I love this product, it's a cult favourite for a reason. It takes off my make up beautifully.
  89. love love love


    this is my go to makeup remover it is amazing and so so gentle but very effective couldn't love this more.
  90. Favourite Micellar Water


    I love using this solution to remove my makeup! It is more effective than other makeup removers by drug store brands and does not irritate my sensitive and acne-prone skin. A little goes a long way with this product, so it is also good value for money (particularly in this size). However, it is still important to use a toner afterwards to ensure all the makeup has been taken off your skin.
  91. Lasts ages and works great


    The big bottle is great value and the makeup remover is gentle on my skin
  92. recommend


    It doesn't sting the eyes like the others, and after a big night out when I don't have the energy to wash my face, I wipe my face clean with micellar water and it leaves my skin feeling super clean with no drying effect. It has no weird sticky residue like the others, it actually makes my skin feel even smoother!
  93. really good


    This is a classic makeup remover that has been used for years and is easy to remove without overcleaning the skin
  94. Good job


    This removes my foundation gently and does such a good job. Recommend
  95. Needs cleansing afterwards


    Does what it is supposed to - removed all dirt and makeup, doesn't irritate my skin or eyes. I like to cleanse or gently wipe my face afterwards as it leaves a slight residue.
  96. Gentle makeup remover


    Effectively removes makeup however this micellar water didn't agree with my skin, unfortunately. It was moisturizing enough for my dry skin and did not cause instant irritation, however after a month of use I noticed clogged pores and small pimples forming, which cleared up once I stopped using this.
  97. Make up remover and cleaner!


    This is such a gentle way to get rid of make up! It does a thorough job without any irrational or rubbing. I also find it really great for "post mask" activities where I want to make sure the bacteria is not sitting on my skin but don't want to wash my face 100 times a day!
  98. Good micellar water


    This is a good product that is gentle yet effective at removing makeup. I also use this micellar water to wipe my makeup brushes (in between weekly washes).
  99. Worthy of the hype.


    I was late to the party in trying H2O Micelle solutions for make up removal but after reading all the rave reviews and now having used Bioderma for a few weeks, I'm here to stay! It works exceptionally well in removing all traces of make up (face, have not used it to remove eye make up). It is very gentle on my skin and leaves it feeling clean and soft. Oh and it's also very convenient, no water, ...
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  100. For all the girls with sensitive skin


    This is my top choice for micellar water. It does not leave my skin feeling dry or stripped and does an awesome job at removing even waterproof mascara and eyeliner
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