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Bikini Saver Ingrown Hair Treatment Cream by Bikini Saver

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Eliminate and prevent ingrown hairs, shaving bumps and waxing rashes with Bikini Saver Ingrown Hair Treatment Cream in just 14 days - guaranteed! Bikini Saver Ingrown Hair Treatment Cream can be used on face, neck, underarms, bikini line, legs - in fact, anywhere you need it. Resorcinol gently exfoliates the dead skin that blocks the hair growth; Vitamin A opens the follicle for Resorcinol to work on a cellular level, enabling weakened hair to grow straight out like normal hair; and Bromelain, a food enzyme derived from pineapple, will soothe and restore traumatised and damaged skin back to baby-smoothness. Tea Tree Oil also acts as a natural antiseptic, helping to control inflammation by reducing bacterial contamination on the skin.

Helps prevent the number of infected ingrown hairs. Read reviews for ingrown gold below.


Active ingredients: resorcinol, bromelain, vitamin A. Other ingredients: water, stearic acid, propylene glycol, glyceryl stearate, isopropyl myristate, cetyl alcohol, mineral oil, TEA, lanolin alcohol, carbomer 934, chlorhexidine gluconate, tea tree oil.


Apply a very small amount of Bikini Saver Ingrown Hair Treatment Cream in a thin layer on exact area. To treat ingrown hairs, apply morning and night for two weeks. Once the ingrowns have been treated, use once a day as a preventative. A jar of Bikini Saver should last for up to 2 months. Avoid contact with sensitive membranes and eyes.

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Fantastic Product - 19-12-2012 by

I am an avid user of this cream. I swear by it. It is really effective and starts working quickly.

buy it! - 28-10-2012 by

I've been brazilian waxing every four weeks for the last three years.
This product is the best i've tried. I've seen a huge improvement in the number of ingrowns...barely any at all. No problems at all for sensitive areas, I highly recommend it.

Would purchase again - 03-09-2012 by

I purchased this product, I must admit, with low expectations. I used on my bikini area. The only place I really experience significant ingrown hairs despite my best efforts. Well I am happy to say this actually worked. There were a few small bumps but compared to normal this was a really good result. This just became staple for me.

Bikini Saviour - 11-12-2011 by

I used to get the worst ingrown hairs on my bikini line. I tried so many different products to get rid of them, supermarket brands, pharmacy brands, homemade concoctions but nothing worked..... until I found this. Now I don't get ingrowns any more. I will continue to buy this product forever.

Excellent product! Highly recommend. - 19-07-2011 by

I have been battling with ingrown hairs on my bikini line for years and my beautician put me onto this stuff. I thought it was another product that she was trying to flog but it actually works! My ingrowns have not completely gone but they have improved remarkably. I have also used on my underarm with great success as well.

- 07-07-2008 by

I get a few ingrowns and they annoy me like you wouldn't believe. I would say that Bikini Saver improved matter slightly, but I have used other products that woorked waaaaay better. Not worth the money IMO.

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