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Hovan's Bikini Saver Ingrown Hair Treatment can be used on the bikini line, underarms, legs, head, face, neck and abdomen to prevent and treat ingrown hairs, wax rash, razor burn or any other sort of hair removal-related irritation.

It works by targetting hairs that are curled and have either entered, or will re-enter, the skin. This causes bumps, redness and soreness.
After about two weeks of applying Hovan's Bikini Saver Ingrown Hair Treatment, the formula will expose and weaken the hair, so that it can be removed easily, without risk of growing inwards again.


Start using the cream the day you purchase it, applying a thin layer only on the exact area affected. Do not rinse off. Use for two weeks straight, or until results appear.
For severe conditions, apply morning and night. After two weeks, pare back use to once a day.


What customers are saying
"I am an avid user of this cream. I swear by it. It is really effective and starts working quickly." - brightasabutton


"I used to get the worst ingrown hairs on my bikini line. I tried so many different products to get rid of them, supermarket brands, pharmacy brands, home-made concoctions but nothing worked..... until I found this. Now I don't get ingrowns any more. I will continue to buy this product forever." - Leesh


"I've been Brazilian waxing every four weeks for the last three years. This product is the best i've tried. I've seen a huge improvement in the number of ingrowns...barely any at all. No problems at all for sensitive areas, I highly recommend it." - Natasha


"I have been battling with ingrown hairs on my bikini line for years and my beautician put me onto this stuff. I thought it was another product that she was trying to flog but it actually works! My ingrowns have not completely gone but they have improved remarkably. I have also used on my underarm with great success as well." - Mando05

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