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Want to spice up your look with some alluring eyeliner? Start with a base of cream eye shadow then apply your favourite kohl - benefit cosmetics shows us how!


Stamp benefit They’re Real Push-up Liner into the lash line of the eye. By holding the accuflex tip flat against the lash line, pointed tip toward the inner eye, you will create short and thin dashes across the eyelid. Continue to stamp across the eyelid until all gaps are filled. Finish the slim and natural line with a point by turning the accuflex tip so that the pointed tip is facing the outer eye. Stamp a point in the end and pull toward the inner eye.


Start by making a slim and natural line. Thicken the liner across the lash line from the middle of the eye to the outer eye. Use the accuflex tip to measure and determine the wing. Stamp in the wing. Connect and fill to smooth in to the lash line.


Start by doing the ‘Winged Out Wow’ look above. With point of the pen facing the outer eye, draw a line under the lashes, but close to the lower lash line of the eye. This line should connect with wing and finish 1cm-1.5cm from the inside corner of the lower lash line. Smudge and soften the line using an angled brush or a cotton tip.


Start by doing the ‘Winged Out Wow’ look above. Take a benefit High Brow pencil and draw a thin line (1-2mm) under the wing. This line should be sharp and neat, blending the outer edge of this line into the skin. Using the They’re Real Push Up Liner, start your line on the lower eyelid, 1.5 cm from the inner corner of the eye. Continue to line towards the outer eye and pull up to wing, leaving the 1-2mm gap between the two wings.

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