How to Apply Benefit Hoola Bronzer For Glowing Skin

There’s no faster way to look healthy, youthful and positively glowing than a splash of bronzer.

There’s no faster way to look healthy, youthful and positively glowing than a splash of bronzer. It instantly brings out the colour of your irises, contours your face and hides any tonal issues – not to mention makes you look like you’ve just returned from Hawaii! (Hey, if we can’t actually go on holiday, the holiday can come to us)

Benefit Hoola Bronzing Powder


Now, not all bronzers are created equal. For that perfect, radiant complexion, we can’t get enough of benefit Hoola Bronzing Powder – and here’s why!


What does Benefit Hoola Bronzer do?


First things first: it’s not orange. Yay!! This powder perfectly adjusts to your skin, with soft, bronze undertones and mattifying powers. It won’t dry out your skin, or add glitter and sheen, like some bronzers and is easily blendable.


Benefit Bronzing Powder is easily blendable 


How do I use Benefit Hoola Bronzer?


The trick to bronzer is knowing how to correctly put it on. Our preferred technique is the ‘backwards three’ – it provides gentle contouring by highlighting the face’s most delicate features and there’s no way you can mess it up!

  1. Beginning in the middle of your forehead, swipe the powder across (outwards), then under the cheekbones and along the jawline.
  2. Repeat on the other side of your face.

Swipe Benefit Bronzing Powder outwards

Benefit Hoola Bronzer Reviews


“I adore this bronzer! I came across it while I lived in America and 3 years later have not looked back. It’s so easy to contour and leaves you with the most amazing glow ever! My all time favorite go-to beauty treatment. It always makes me feel a million bucks! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!” – VonHenry

“I’ve tried the majority of the high end bronzers and this is by FAR the BEST! No artificial sparkles here, only a natural sun kissed look…even on my pale skin! Try it, It lasts forever and it is the best, most natural colour you will find!!! “ – Elizabeth

“This product is amazing! Perfect matte colour for contouring and the small flat edged brush allows for precise shading. Great packaging and ideal size to throw in your bag for touch-ups on a night out!” – LucyBee

Expert Tip: Tilt Brush Sideways


Turn the benefit Hoola Bronzing Powder brush on its side, for a sharper application. This will help to define your cheekbones and sculpt your face.


Tilt brush sideways to sculpt cheekbones

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