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Benefit They're Real! Tinted Eyelash Primer

4.7 of 57 reviews


4 instalments of $11.00

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4 instalments of $11.00

Or 4 instalments of $11.00 with LEARN MORE

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Benefit's best selling mascara They're Real now primes, defines & tints!

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SUPERIOR - 95% recommend

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Benefit They're Real! Tinted Eyelash Primer Reviews

4.7 of 57 reviews

95% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

highly recommend!


i love this mascara primer!! i wear it on its own for light/no make up days or layer it with a waterproof mascara for a more dramatic look. i don't have very long or dark lashes so i like putting this on to make my lashes visible :)) the brush is pretty good and prevents that clumping spidery look which i don't like!

Most Helpful Criticism



I rarely ever use this. It is easy to apply and helps tint the lashes but it's time consuming and unnecessary.
  1. Amaze!


    The great silicone brush for a voluminous look didn’t even realise this was a primer it works great as a mascara has enough colour and buildable coverage to make your lashes look longer and fuller
  2. highly recommend!


    i love this mascara primer!! i wear it on its own for light/no make up days or layer it with a waterproof mascara for a more dramatic look. i don't have very long or dark lashes so i like putting this on to make my lashes visible :)) the brush is pretty good and prevents that clumping spidery look which i don't like!
  3. good


    a good product. does the job but i find it a bit unnecessary if you’re going to use mascara anyway. I love this for no makeup days
  4. Loveeee this


    Absolutely adore this for minimal makeup days. When I’m just trying to achieve a super natural look, this is always my go to for the eyes! I love the wand and it lasts ages!
  5. Salon style


    This is a great product to use to tint your lashes, just like at the salon.
  6. Good


    It separates lashes and coats them to appear thick. A good product.
  7. Best brown mascara!

    I buy too much makeup

    verified purchaser
    This stuff is underrated being called a primer. I use it as mascara and it's better than any other brown mascara I have been able to find.
    After switching to brown mascara years ago I can't go back to using black. It just looks unnatural.
    This gives the best of both worlds - it's the darkest brown and it lifts and lengthens lashes for drama without using an unflattering cold black.
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  8. Good primer


    I definitely think this helps a lot. I have always had transfer issues with mascara and this definitely stopped it!
  9. So underrated!! So good if you have blonde eyelashes and want to feel more put together but not as intense as black mascara!


    verified purchaser
    Used this for a few years now and still adore this product and use almost every day I reckon. Particuarly love this for the gym as I feel so weird without something on my lashes and this gives me that little confidence that my eyes look awake but not so BAM in your face like some black mascaras can look when you're going for that no-makeup look. Spreads evenly with your lashes and never ever ever ...
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  10. Beautiful supplement to the mascara...


    verified purchaser
    I use this with the They're Real mascara and get beautiful results. It also could work on its own as a more natural look since the primer is tinted and gives just enough volume to make the eyes pop. Only downside for me is undereye smudging...
  11. alternative to mascara


    I actually use this is my daily mascara when I'm not doing full glam. The thing I love is that it defines my lashes enough that my eyes look brighter, but it washes off so easily on the shower that I don't have panda eyes every day! I even use it to brush through my brows when I'm really in a rush.
  12. Just love it


    I just love this primer as I use it mostly as a mascara, for day to day use I find it’s all my lashes need
  13. Amazing


    This is probably one of the only things worth the money at Benefit. Great at separating and lengthening lashes which is perfect for a base. Soft brown colour is a great option to use as a mascara as well not just a primer
  14. A beautiful addition


    I really like this primer! I love that I can use it on its own for a natural look but looks even better with another mascara on top for a more bold look. Would definitely repurchase!
  15. Wouldn’t be without it


    I love this mascara so so much! I know its meant to be a primer, but i wear it alone and just layer (its super buildable without being at all cakey or spider-y) if i want a more dramatic look. The brown is so dark it’s practically black, but still looks so natural. Ive worn it every day and its still going after 5 months, i have my second bottle ready to go though, i’ll not go a day without it.
  16. My absolute favourite


    This is my new favourite! I wear it for everyday use without mascara, gives a beautiful just tinted look.
    Amazing product
  17. Best Mascara ever


    I have been using this mascara for years and I absolutely love it! It makes my lashes so long and fluffy and doesn’t smudge. I have also got my mum and sister onto it, and they agree!
  18. Carly

    I've bought many of these I love it so much
  19. So impressed!


    This stuff is amazing...so happy I bought it. I’m almost 50. My eyelashes have been getting really thin and sparse but I didn’t want the upkeep of having false lashes so after a lot of reading reviews on the net (and despite some anxiety about the weird the hairy bit on the end of the wand and a reluctance to spend more than my usual $20 for a standard brand) I decided to try this one. It’s ama...
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  20. The product I didn't know I needed so bad


    I bought this thinking it was a mascara, it works as a mascara and I wear it most days for a nice natural effect and then I had mascara when I want to glam it up and my lashes look awesome!
  21. great


    Great primer, adds volume to my lashes but is a bit hard to wash off
  22. Love this for no makeup days!


    I love this tinted primer. I feel it works for well and helps lengthen your lashes. But my favourite use of this is putting it on on its own for no makeup makeup days. It just adds a beautiful length and volume to your lashes without looking like you have mascara on.
  23. Amazing


    I must be on about my 5th of these now, I don't think I'll ever not have this! It not only primes my lashes perfectly for the long, lifted and separated look I love, but it also is amazing on it's own for when I can't be bothered putting on any other make up but don't want to look like I haven't slept for days! I've converted 2 of my friends already.
  24. Average


    I rarely ever use this. It is easy to apply and helps tint the lashes but it's time consuming and unnecessary.
  25. Great!


    I love this products. Unlike other mascaras it is actually very light and it doesnt clump at all but adds a natural volume at the same time. would recommend!
  26. Love this so much


    I think this is the best eyelash primer out there. It's just like the "They're Real" mascara, which I also love, but the colour is brown and technically it's a primer. I use this on its own for really beautiful everyday lashes, because you can't even tell that the colour is brown and not black, and I also use it as a primer underneath proper mascara if I'm going for a big eyelash look. It's not cl...
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  27. pretty good


    Not an essential element to your makeup but I love the way it coats all my finer lashes before mascara. Not completely sold that it prevents my under eyelashes from smudging though
  28. Favourite of all time


    I use this as a mascara on its own rather than a first layering step. It's perfect if you have fair hair colouring and you find black and even normal brown mascaras are too much on you.
    Also, you can cry in it without it going everywhere!
  29. I love it


    This mascara is insane and looks fabulous. Really happy with it!
  30. Great


    Adds volume, thickens and adds length to my eyelashes, I can’t recommend enough
  31. The best eyelash primer on the market


    All I can say this is the best eyelash primer ever! Finally a primer which is not white but tinted dark brown so it can be used on its own. The lashes are visibly thicker and longer. One coat of mascara on top and all of sudden my friends are asking me did I have eyelash extensions or fake eyelashes. Will definitely buy more
  32. Nice but not really worth an extra step in my makeup routine


    I found that using this product wasn't really worth the extra step in my makeup routine before using a mascara on top. I liked that it was tinted brown which allowed me to use this product alone on no makeup days however, I just dont think this product is worth the price or extra time in my makeup routine
  33. a great mascara


    i don't use this as primer, but just normal mascara. i love this for everyday mascara as it doesn't smudge on me like the they're real mascara, but it gives amazing length and tint on my lashes.
  34. A Must Have for my Lashes!


    I've always known how important it is to wear primer to make your foundation look flawless - and it's the same for an eyelash primer! This is an amazing product which adds amazing length to my lashes, as if I'm wearing falsies! It preps the lashes for mascara to stay put all day long! Love it :)
  35. You won’t believe the results!


    I’ve tried numerous lash primers from ultra high end down to drugstore brands and this one I won’t be without. People have really asked me if I had eyelash extensions on, it’s amazing, I binned all my false lashes, that was truly liberating! This works very well with most mascaras, I prefer to combo it with Benefit ‘s Baad Gal and it’s epic. I’ve found that with some waterproof mascaras it’s a no ...
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  36. first for everything


    i had never heard of eyelash primer, but i thought from all the raving reviews that i would give it a go! and boy am i glad i did! my eyelashes have never looked better a few girls from worked even asked me if i had gotten a last lift they looked that amazing!!
  37. Looks like im wearing false eyelashes

    Coz (Adore Beauty Staff)

    Do yourselves a favour and get this primer
    I will never be without it now that ive found it.
    Really makes a difference when i applied my mascara over the top it looked like i was wearing false eyelashes (never knew my eyelashes were so long).
  38. Fabulous


    OMG You cannot go without using a primer before your mascara ! They look really good as a finishing touch to the rest of your make up! They look long and if you apply your mascara twice after the primer they can look quite volumous as well. I never go out now without using the two.. So much cheaper than extensions which can fall out plus being expensive. Sooo good
  39. Good


    I use this for natural looking days. Works well however it does smudge and transfer a little when worn by itself for long periods. Still a fantastic product though. Would definitely repurchase.
  40. AMAZING!!


    Holy hell this is amazing!! I have bought it before a year ago and loved it but forgot to repurchase untill recently. It has made my lashes 100x more longer and just beautiful!! I like to use it by itself for when I do a natural make up look and use it under the real masacara for when I want some more va va voom! It's an item you definitely need, it's just too good to be true!
  41. The perfect mascara


    Like every woman I go through the phase of trying new beauty products, After trying all the new and old mascaras over and over again from all the big brands and small brands, I always end up back purchasing Benefits They're real! mascara. It is extremely diverse, you can use it for a delicate day time look and then build on it for dramatic after the sun goes down eyelashes. The packaging is fun an...
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  42. Great for a natural look or to boost your lashes up


    I love wearing this primer mascara alone for a natural look or under my everyday mascara as a "base" to lift my lashes up and get them ready for mascara.

    It makes a great difference and the product lasts for ages!
  43. O M G I get asked this question for real! “ are they real “‘


    I recently have purchased the benefit “ they”re real “ and I can definitely recommend this product for EVERY length of lash and volume you have because I find it brings out my lashes 10x more then they actually are, I have had eyelash perms, eyelash extensions and have lost my lashes but now having them grow back I can say that this mascara is worth having natural lashes and having them look so na...
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  44. Beautiful multipurpose mascara


    Don't think I can stop using this one. On its own it gives a lovely lengthened, slightly thickened look to the lashes that's natural but gives a lot of definition and makes lashes look great - great for minimal or no make up looks.

    I also need it for going out! It separates and lengthens the lashes and improves every other more dramatic mascara I'd wear for slightly more make-upy even...
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  45. Love it !


    This mascara is so worth the hype! I purchased this after all my mascaras transferring to under my eyes because of my eye shape, however, this works so so so well for me! It gives a stunning lash lift and extension all in this little tube! This mascara does everything it says and more, definitely recommend to all.
  46. Love it


    Love combining this with the Roller Mascara by benefit. Just gives the lashes a little extra oomph. I have also worn this alone when having a reasonably make up free day but wanted to darken the lashes a little.
  47. Perfect "Natural" Look


    Ideal for those with fair colouring who think black mascara is too extreme. It is less clumpy than all other brown mascaras I have tried and can be built for evenings or worn for a natural look.
  48. Better than others


    In general I find that eyelash primers don't do much for me, especially when they are white because they counteract the darkness of the mascara, but this one is definitely better than other (white ones). Overall though I think eyelash primers aren't that helpful and you are better off investing in a good mascara, of which benefit has lots!
  49. subtle mascara


    I don't use this as a primer, but rather as a mascara on days when I don't feel like I need a glamorous black lash look. It gives some more subtle colour to my lashes and lifts them without clumping making my eyes look brighter but not too dramatic. Because it's a tinted primer rather than a mascara, it also washes off super easily in the shower and I'm not left with panda eyes!
  50. Great product


    I bought this a couple months ago now and it's so long lasting! It's thick but not clumpy, and lengthens your lashes to a good extent!
  51. Awesome


    Have bought the mini version, but will now be purchasing the full size! Keeps my lashes curled
  52. Can even use on brows!


    I got this as a sample and absolutely love it - I don't like the heavy mascara look as I (fortunately) have long lashes. I use this as a day mascara and then can actually sweep it through my brows for hold and alittle colour!
  53. Converted skeptic


    Initially I wondered what the point of an eyelash primer was. Since when is mascara insufficient? After using a freebie sample of the Benefit Eyelash Primer, I am a complete convert. The primer makes my lashes SOOOO long, longer than I ever thought they could be. I usually put the primer on, wait a couple of minutes then apply mascara over the top. The primer, if used without mascara, doesn't last...
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  54. Just what I need for a quick natural look.


    This is my go-to product for days where I just can't be bothered to apply a full face of makeup. This tinted mascara makes your lashes look so amazing yet natural. It doesn’t dry out and clump like others, I would recommmed purchasing the mini size first though, to trial it out first.
  55. Good for a natural look


    I have used this in the past when I wanted a more natural look for my work. It’s subtle but enough to make your lashes look longer
  56. Great 'no mascara mascara'


    I love using this on days where I'm not wearing makeup but don't want my eyes to disappear. A little sweep gives a super nice little touch of definition and colour without looking like you've got makeup on
  57. Great on its own


    I really like how great this looks just on its own without mascara. I have quite fair lashes but they’re long, I don’t like a lot of mascara and this primer gives my lashes a natural looking brown colour with beautiful separation of my lashes. It looks like they’ve just been tinted! Perfect for a natural look.

    I’ll be buying the mini to pop in my travel bag as well.
  58. Fabulous Lashes!


    Wow! This stuff really works! I'm a big fan of They're Real mascara and have used it for a few years now, but in combination with this They're Real Tinted Eyelash Primer it's pure eyelash MAGIC!
    Lovely brush, gets right to the edges, non clumping... Just let it dry and add a coat of They're Real Mascara for instant va va voom lashes!

    I'm even using the primer to add a little...
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  59. Looks like im wearing false eyelashes


    Do yourselves a favour and get this primer
    I will never be without it now that ive found it.
    Really makes a difference when i applied my mascara over the top it looked like i was wearing false eyelashes (never knew my eyelashes were so long).
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