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Benefit They're Real Push-Up Liner Mini

3.3 of 35 reviews


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4 instalments of $5.00

Or 4 instalments of $5.00 with LEARN MORE

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This matte black gel formula is waterproof and won't smudge, budge or dry out for 24 hours*. 

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OK - 35% recommend

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Benefit They're Real Push-Up Liner Mini Reviews

3.3 of 35 reviews

35% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

I like it


This is definitely unique... I think it’s easy to use once you get the hang of it. It lasts for so long and I think it looks really beautiful too.

Most Helpful Criticism



Mini liner? what's the point! it's so much harder to apply and I don't really ever seen when you would need a mini version. stick to the full size ladies!
  1. Doesn't work for me


    I have hooded eyes and it doesn't work for me. Also the product comes out unevenly.


    I personally found this hard to apply. Sometimes big bits of product would come off when lining my eye. I also found the product dried up in it's packaging.
  3. pretty nice


    love the applicator but the product is a bit stiff
  4. Won’t buy again


    I was really disappointed with this product. It is described as a gel so I was expecting a texture or water like product but is is more like one of those wind up eye pencils with the clumpy crayon sort of thing.

    I also find it hard to remove and it did smudge throughout the day. All up not a fan.
  5. I like it


    This is definitely unique... I think it’s easy to use once you get the hang of it. It lasts for so long and I think it looks really beautiful too.
  6. Liner


    found it a bit dry and hard to put on, especially towards the end of its life. A decent matte black colour though
  7. Great!


    Great liner! Super unique shape, took me a while to get used to it but it is super easy to draw a nice long lasting line with this.
  8. average


    Mini liner? what's the point! it's so much harder to apply and I don't really ever seen when you would need a mini version. stick to the full size ladies!
  9. Pretty Average


    I love the idea of this eyeliner because I want something long lasting and am too lazy for my gel eyeliner pot every day. Unfortunately I found it a bit dry and hard to put on, especially towards the end. It's also hard to get that really black solid line.
  10. is wicked but use up pretty quick


    I like it how it is design, but maybe my ey lid is oily...it doesn't usually stay for a whole day. and maybe that's why I used up pretty quick
  11. I found this every hard to use


    I just can't get the hang of this eyeliner.

    I have tried so many times but I either get no product out of the tube or it oozes out.
    It also dried up really quickly,

    I found the tip of the product impossible to get a sharp or straight line, even on the back of my hand.

    The Roller liner by Benefit is great!
  12. Great in theory


    But not great product. Super liquid but great to just put your flick on.
  13. Bad


    Very poor eyeliner, the tip is not firm and the eyeliner leaks unevenly. It doesn't created a strong clear line of eyeliner and is unreliable for precise application. It also runs out very quickly
  14. Good concept


    For those who are beginners at makeup I think this concept is a really cool idea, the applicator makes drawing a wing super easy. However I do think this needs more improvement since on some days the liner works fine and on others, the ink will just stop mid way through application. This is most frustrating on days when I am running low on time and having to fix my eyeliner just adds onto my stre...
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  15. Not too bad


    I find that I get good results with this and that its quite easy to use, but I did find it dried out quite quickly, I don't use eyeliner everyday so maybe its better to use on a regular basis
  16. Easy to use


    I love how effortlessly I can create flicks on myself. I normally have trouble finding a liner that works with my hooded eyes this makes life a whole lot easier. I do find that it dries out quickly though so will continue to purchase the mini version..
  17. The worst eyeliner


    I bought this years ago when I wanted to try something different and only used once or twice before I put it in the bin. It does not go on smoothly and looks horrible. The design is really annoying I much prefer a brush with a pot of liquid as opposed to the wind up as you just feel like you are wasting so much product.
  18. Best eyeliner I have tried so far


    I say this is the best eyeliner I have tried so far because I
    can get precision around the waterline,etc. However it does
    not yet last all day for me, perhaps if I invest in the eye primer
    I may have exactly what I am looking for. It lasts the longest
    that I have tried for eyeliner so far, about three hours until it
    gives way to my oily eyelids. I would recommend it
  19. Did not work


    I remember the hype around the launch of this and I ran out to get one although I had no eyeliner skills back then. I still managed to get decent results with it, the gel is quite pigmented and the tip helps with the application but it dried out so fast that I did not feel I got enough use for what I paid.
  20. Don’t get on with it


    The mini is better than the full size as it doesn’t dry out as quick but I find this liner difficult to use
  21. Worst eyeliner I have ever used


    This eyeliner was dry right out of the pack and dragged on my skin. I could barely get any product on without using force, and it would break off in chunks. Not sure if mine was a dud but it was just too solid to be workable. The most disappointing product I've ever tried from Benefit, for sure.
  22. Cute mini


    Mini is great for travel, if you have eye wrinkles it’s hard to apply
  23. Nice


    got it for the intention of trying and for travel. ended up liking and loving it so much. perfect to create the perfect liner and good for travelling as it is small and portable. those who are interested to try on a new eyeliner, would recommend this to try out first then proceed to buy a full sized.
  24. Difficult to apply smoothly


    Found this liner really hard to apply, it didn’t glide on well and dried out quickly so went on crumbly.
  25. Pretty good


    Great product. Easiest to use. The only negative is that sometimes the packaging needs to be primed more than expected. Start priming it the day before you need to use it. This will give it time for the product to rise without it bulging out next time you open it.
  26. Great while it lasts


    Initially, this product was great. Made it really easy to apply liner. However once I had it for a while, it started to dry out this made it crumble and almost impossible to apply smoothly
  27. its ok...


    it's an ok product for the price, but there are plenty of better products out there for the same price or less... i found it quite hard to apply but it does last well!
  28. Dry


    This liner dried out so quickly, and broke when I tried applying it. You can't even warm it up on your hand without it breaking. I got about 1mm of product on my eye and that's it. Total waste of money.
  29. Not right for me


    So usually I love benefit products this one not as much. It's not horrible but just doesn't live up to the benefit name.. dries out and isnt easy to apply
  30. A bit awkward


    The applicator is very awkward to use and it is difficult to get out the right amount of product. The liner also dried up very quickly and started tugging at lashline
  31. Good eyeliner


    I think this is a good eyeliner however you do need to also buy the Benefift "they're real" eye makeup remover to remove it as it doesn't really come out with normal makeup remover (I'm not sure why!). I find that the tip is precise enough to allow me to do a cat eye and it is long-lasting.
  32. not good


    This was one of the first eyeliners I used, and whilst I enjoyed it at the time, there are just much better liners out there! The texture is kind of like a thick cream which doesn't allow for the most precise application and the liner doesn't have great lasting power. Additionally, the tip can dispense too much product making the liner hard to control!
  33. Great compact size however dries out very quickly!


    This product is as pigmented colour and formula wise as its 'big sister'. The size also makes it so compact and portable! I also love the shape an angle of this liner as I use it for both eye-lid lining and waterline lining. The thickness also of the tip makes it very comfortable to work with. And the flexibility of the rubber allows my hand to not feel so cramped to make sure the wing is perfect!...
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