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Benefit POREfessional Pearl Primer Mini 7.5ml 7.5ml

4.1 of 95 reviews


4 instalments of $6.25

Or 4 instalments of $6.25 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $6.25

Or 4 instalments of $6.25 with LEARN MORE

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Target PORES and defeat DULLNESS! The power of the POREfessional...PLUS brightening! This soft, brightening face primer instantly minimises the look of pores, locks on makeup and helps skin look bright, boosted & awake. It's the same oil-free, lightweight, silky-smooth texture as the original the POREfessional: Pore Primer PLUS a hint of soft pearly pink. Pores and dullness don't stand a chance!

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GREAT - 73% recommend

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Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • Oiliness and shine

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Benefit POREfessional Pearl Primer Mini 7.5ml Reviews

4.1 of 95 reviews

73% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Received as promotion


I got this as promotion ages ago, only tried it recently.
It’s great, smooths skinand corrects my to yellow foundation.
Foundation looks great , soft satin.

Most Helpful Criticism

Wasn't my vibe


If you like pore clogging primers then it would be OK for you... BUT If you have acne prone skin (like me) then I would not recommend it... I think it made my skin worse and it made my skin feel heavy and unable to breathe.
  1. smoothing


    Smoothing primer if thats what you're looking for. Honestly I can't really tell the difference between this and the original. This has a small amount of micro glitter but its barely noticeable.
  2. Received as promotion


    I got this as promotion ages ago, only tried it recently.
    It’s great, smooths skinand corrects my to yellow foundation.
    Foundation looks great , soft satin.
  3. Amazing!


    I received a sample of this with my order, and I absolutely love it! It makes my face looks flawless! I love the matt finish and how well it minimises my pores. It really reduces any redness as well. I will definitely be purchasing this! Love love love!
  4. Great Primer!


    This is a great primer, it really does make you look pore-less. Lovely smell and a slight highlighting effect. Mattifies without drying. Will be purchasing again!
  5. Love it


    At first I wasnt so sure about it, but I tried it again & it really does smooth our your skin making it look really clear and smooth, i havent tried it under make up but i can tell it would work well also. Will be purchasing in the future.
  6. Saving my 'glazed donut' skin daily!


    Having oily skin that resembles a glazed donut by 3pm every day, this product brightens my skin, gives it a matt finish perfect for makeup, and minimises the look of pores. I received it initially as a sample and purchased the full size version immediately! I LOVE IT!
  7. Natural radiance


    Amazing under make-up, but it is my go to over my moisturiser for silky smooth skin all day. No fines lines.
  8. Really Great Primer


    I really love this primer! Even on it's own with no foundation, it smooths out my skin and gives me a healthy glow. I don't think it quite fills my pores like it suggests, but it definitely makes my skin look more even.
  9. Fabulous!


    This is a great primer and it makes my makeup stay on all day. It makes my dry skin appear glowy and minimises my pores.
  10. Blurs pores minimally.


    The POREfessional Pore Minimizing Makeup has an ultra-lightweight formula that promises to control excess oil for up to eight hours and blur pores at the same time. We sure wish it did just that, but unfortunately there are some significant issues that hold this product back.

    We first have to point out that Benefit calls this "face makeup" to "target problem areas" rather than referri...
    Read More
  11. Doesn’t work :(


    This didn’t work well for me. I found that it kept balling up when I would try to apply products on top even after waiting a while for it to settle into my skin
  12. Wasn't my vibe


    If you like pore clogging primers then it would be OK for you... BUT If you have acne prone skin (like me) then I would not recommend it... I think it made my skin worse and it made my skin feel heavy and unable to breathe.
  13. Not as good as I thought it would be


    I didn’t hate this primer but also didn’t like it either. It’s VERY thick and the bottle isn’t very big so I felt like I spent a couple minutes just rubbing it into my face.
  14. Amazing


    This gives me a dewy finish and makes my foundation look great
  15. Great!


    I have large and noticeable pores on my cheeks and they were minimized instantly. Works great and adds a dewy glow too. Great product from benefit again.
  16. Amazing


    I do love this primer, it helps fill in my pores to give a smooth look, but i don't think its worth the price, there are other cheaper primers out there that do the same thing.
  17. Great primer for oily skin when you still want some light


    I love this primer. I have very oily skin so need a mattifying primer, but I still like my skin to look bright. This does exactly that and I particuarly like it for summertime. Most other primers for oily skin make my skin look dull, whereas this mattifies and leave a nice highlight.
  18. Not as good as then original


    I have used the original benefit primer for years, such a great product. For some reason I did not find the pearl as effective. I found my skin became oiler sooner and it did not blur my poor as well. Still a good product but I will stick to the other.
  19. amazing


    I love the benefit porefessional primer it's my ride or die. So I decided to try this one out as well. This one gives that glowy dewy look and also minimises my pores.
  20. Good enough to even wear without makeup


    Sits great under liquid foundation, with a slightly dewy finish. I have even worn it just on it's own and it still makes my skin look fab!
  21. Not that good


    I am not a fan of Benefit primers and this is no exception. This leaves a white cast and doesn't exactly seep into my skin and makes the foundation also not sit well. Maybe because I have combination skin or what but this just doesn't work for me.
  22. Nice Touch


    This is a great alternative to the original Porefessional.

    Adds a hint of pearlecent shine to you skin which can come through your foundation, giving off a slight glow.

    May not be suitable with those with oily skin but it does not exaggerate those with slight shine or larger pores.
  23. Pearl primer


    It is the same as the original POREfessional primer but with a little bit shine that reduces dullness.
  24. Didn’t think it would of worked!


    I have massive pores on my nose and this totally blurred out everything! Worth the hype!
  25. Not much difference


    As a primer it's fine, I haven't noticed a difference with my pores though
  26. You NEED To Try This


    If you’re like me and have huge pores, you NEED to try this. It blurs your pores to a point that you have a completely flat base to work with. Seriously, you should see the difference in my nose. That speaks for itself.
  27. Love


    This primer is amazing. I received it as a sample and have already purchased an actual product size I love it so much. It really minimised my pores while leaving my skin pearly. And most importantly my makeup lasts all day without looking greasy.


    I got this primer as a gift with a purchase , and now Im buying the bigger version because it is the best primer I have ever had , it so SOFT its not OILY it dry's straight away and ur face feels hydrated. it has an AMAZING smell. im going to keep purchasing this primer . I love it.
  29. Looks beautiful – not great for my skin


    I LOVE how this looks under foundation, so creamy and beautiful. However, almost every primer seems to block my pores no matter what I do. I had more luck with this product than most, but still some issues. Would consider repurchasing, but not completely sold.
  30. It;s Okay..


    Received a sample of this, goes on smooth and seam-free but didn't help at all with makeup sticking to my nose, it slid off. The rest of my face was ok where I'd used this, but wasn't particularly impressed.
  31. Not a fan


    I received a sample of this and I didn't like it. It doesn't go smoothly over my skin rather becomes gritty and it definitely didn't make my skin smooth. Won't recommend for dry skin.
  32. not the best


    i tried to like this primer but whenever i put makeup over it, it crumbles. i don't know why it does that but i used moisturiser and then the primer then makeup and it crumbles. so it is a miss for me.
  33. okay


    the primer itself is good, very silky and brightening but the 7.5ml only lasted me a week!
  34. Amazing!


    I have large and noticeable pores both on my nose and chin and they were minimized instantly. Works just like the original but adds a dewy glow. Great for travelling and this is just soo beautiful. Works really well for me!!
  35. not sure


    i couldn't really see much of difference in my pores I prefer other brands for primer :)
  36. silky smooth


    I got a 3ml sample of this as a gift with purchase and I love it. Such a great little size for travel and a really nice silky smooth primer. I'm pretty unimpressed with the primer I currently have a full size of so I have been trying to use it up while looking for the next one to upgrade to. This is a definitely contender and I LOVE that it comes in two different size options.
  37. Didn't do anything for my pores


    This primer has so much hype around it but it really didn't impress me. Adore Beauty thankfully gave me a deluxe sample for free to try so at least I didn't pay for it but it didn't cover my pores or do anything to help prep my skin for make up.
  38. nice


    I love the benefit porefessional primer it's my ride or die. So I decided to try this one out as well. This one gives that glowy dewy look and also minimises my pores.
  39. Disappointed


    I was so disappointed when I received this primer. The size of it is a joke. I think I got three days (3 makeup applications) out of it for $24. By far the worst purchase I have made in 2019. It was so Incredibly small I thought it was a mistake and must have been a free sample with my order. Wouldn’t waste my money again just buy the full size...
  40. makes makeup look flawless


    this primer is by far the best out there! is fills in all your pores and makes the makeup go on flawlessly. It makes the finished look look 100000000 times better and makes the makeup last for way longer! Definitely recommend!
  41. illumination?


    I have large and noticeable pores both on my nose and chin and they were minimized instantly. didn't notice the pearl effect
  42. Not impressed at all


    I had been wanting to try this primer as I had heard rave reviews but when I received a sample of this, I was not impressed at all. This kept on going flaky on me. I have used it few different time with different moisturizers but it just doesn't work for me.
  43. Amazing!!


    I received a sample of this with my Adore order and I was amazed at the immediate results. I have large and noticeable pores both on my nose and chin and they were minimized instantly. Works just like the original but adds a dewy glow. Love the mini size for travel.
  44. So cute


    Love taking this little cutie with me while I’m travelling. Primes skin well
  45. Wonderful primer


    Smooths out the skin, easily absorbed just like the original primer. However there's not much difference between this and the original, because once you apply foundation over, you can barely see the shimmer/radiance.
  46. Lovely primer


    This primer makes my skin look luminous and matte at the same time. It blends and absorbs easily into my skin, and you only need the tiniest bit to do your face. I like to wear this on its own with some concealer and setting powder for my no makeup natural look. My pores are diminished and my foundation stays put all day long.
  47. Benefit The POREfessional Pearl Primer Mini


    This is my favorite primer. It minimizes oil throughout the day and it gives a matte appearance before you apply your favorite foundation. It smells nice too.
  48. Decent


    Pore filling primer with a pink undertone that I think looks a little funny on my tan skin. I don't see any visible pearl effect, but this product is prone to pilling if you rub too much.
  49. Benefit Primers are amazing and this is no exception


    I usually use the normal Porefessional (blue packaging), but I like to use this pearl one during summer when I don't want to wear much makeup. This makes me feel smooth and sun-kissed when I have a tan.
  50. A nice primer that hides my pores


    I use it on trouble areas after using the hydration primer. And it works well. After applying my foundation, my pores are hidden completely.
  51. I use for eyeshadows


    I use this before using eyeshadows and highlighter. I always get that extra POP of shimmer! I love it!
  52. Pearl Primer!


    expensive for the size of the bottle! i do like benefit primers! they do last!
  53. Underwhelmed


    Nice primer sits nicely on skin but a let down with lack of lustre once foundation was on. Was hoping for more illumination
  54. Great


    Definitely smooths pores and feels luxurious on the skin! I can’t say I’ve tried a tonne of pore smoothing primers, I usually go for hydrating/ glowing ones but for my first one, I’m impressed! Recommend 100%
  55. Great primer


    Great primer, not much "pearl" i use this over hourglass primer to fill in larger pores on my nose, dont over do it as its prone to pilling or balling under foundation!
  56. great primer before applying foundation


    benefit primer is great before applying foundation! it helps keep your makeup on all day!
  57. Average primer


    I have combination skin, in terms of a primer it fils in the pore nicely and on its own, my skin radiates with shine, but I didn't find it made a difference post application of foundation an illuminating effect.
  58. Amazing


    This product works amazing. It is very smooth and blur out my pores. It also make my face looks more radiant. Definitely recommend.
  59. I loved the feel of it


    The product glided on so smoothly and sits well on the skin
  60. Disappointing


    I was quite disappointed with this as it didn't provide as much of a glow as I wanted, however it was a good primer.
  61. Beautiful


    This stuff is really pretty! Makes my skin look bright and really smooths out pores and lines. Fantastic would repurchase.
  62. Balls up


    This fills in pores nicely however doesn't have much of an illuminating effect. I also found that the product balled up when I rubbed it in, hence patting it in firmly may be better.
  63. New favourite primer


    I've really enjoyed this primer. It blurs my pores and brings out a healthy glow for my face. These minis are great when trying out new products so I'm more willing to purchase a full size because I know that i'll get my moneys worth
  64. For a gorgeous glow


    I find this primer to be very smooth & a little goes a long way.. the gorgeous glow U get from it is amazing.. I'm 44 & I guess I'm very lucky I don't have many wrinkles.. & my whole life I have never washed my face with chemical's as my eyes are so sensitive to everything.. even makeup so I don't wear any as my eyes water for 2-3 days after.. UNTIL now I have found anything benefit has just been ...
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  65. Love


    I absolutely love this primer on its own! Just gives such a healthy glow to the skin! And really love it under Estée Lauder double wear as well!
  66. for a glow from within

    perfecting skin

    i got a sample size of it and used it a couple of times and it is great to use underneath your foundation because it gives a sheer glow and a smooth makeup application
  67. Perfect alone, not so great at priming


    This review only gives 1 star short of a perfect rating simply because this primer, well, it doesn't actually *prime* all that brilliantly, in my experience.

    Worn *alone* over my nose, it blends sufficiently well into my Winter-toned skin that it just makes my nose look naturally poreless, smoothly-complected and generally like I have perfect skin, there. I have a lot ...
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  68. Good


    Gives a lovely glow but I prefer the normal one
  69. Does a good job


    I rate this product as good value for money. I don’t do heavy faces of makeup so enjoy the somewhat light feeling of this primer.
  70. Good primer


    The texture of this primer is amazing it literally feels like silk and really does shrink my pores! However the pearlescent glow really didn’t work on me at all if anything I felt it made my foundation look more matte..
    I think it would definitely be a good primer for some people but I wouldn’t buy again
  71. Pretty but not sure it primes that well!


    This gives the face a lovely sheen and does feel amazing on so its great just to use with some bb cream etc but under thick makeup it doesn't work as well as I expected in comparison to competitor brands.
  72. Small pores, healthy glow


    I prefer the original product as it’s my favourite ever primer, but this is good too. As it’s pearly I prefer it to use it only in the spots you would highlight, and my pores are larger in the places you want matte such as nose and chin. The texture is so smooth makeup glides on amazing!
  73. The original + glow


    I have used the original POREfessional for years. This is just as good as the original at smoothing out pores and priming my face for foundation application. The illuminating part of this primer is quite subtle, this gives my skin a healthy glow from within look. Very happy with this product as a primer.
  74. Clogs pores and doesn't illuminate


    Overpriced, clogged my pores and didn't illuminate my skin whatsoever.
    This is basically a slightly pink tinted version of the original Porefessional (which clogged my pores also).
    Not impressed at all. Also Benefit is no longer Cruelty Free, so disappointed in this brand.

    Far too over hyped and overpriced. There are much better quality, cruelty free and cheaper brands ou...
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  75. Lit from within glow


    I’ve been using Porefessional for years now so when I saw there was a new one in a pearl shade, I knew I had to try it. It covers up my pores just like the original porefessional but it leaves my skin with a glow from within! I absolutely love it and has been my go-to since I purchased it :)
  76. 1 star less than real rating as benefit is not cruelty free :(


    I don't really believe that this primer makes your foundation look dewy after application, it's a VERY subtle pearlescent sheen that does not dilute the matte of foundation at all. It is a great primer though.

    If you want dewy foundation, use a normal primer with liquid illuminator instead. Heaps more effective
  77. Great for dry skin


    I have dry skin and sometimes have eczema patches on my face which can make my makeup go flaky. This primer disguised them completely and had my makeup looking fresh all day. Love it wish the tube was bigger.
  78. Glowing Review


    I am a huge fan of the normal porefessional so thought I'd give this one a go. It is lovely. I got so many compliments about my skin glowing... even through my makeup and this was the only different product i used. It hid the pores around my cheeks amazingly and didn't sink in. Definitely worth a try if you love the origina
  79. Good


    I love the normal porefessional primer and this one is just as good, but with an added glow! If you are going for a dewy look this is perfect for you, and you can even put it under your foundation just on the bits you put highlighter on normally for an extra highlight base. I really like this and I think it gives extra value for the money you spend on the normal porefessional.
  80. A good primer


    I purchased the sample size as I love the original POREfessional so wanted to compare... I didn't notice much difference. Which isn't a bad thing because I love the POREfessional product.

    It's great at reducing the pores and works as an amazing primer but I didn't experience much else as far as the pear effect goes.

    I would purchase again but it would only be replacing t...
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  81. So good!


    I've been looking for a good primer for a while now so I purchased the mini version of this pearl primer. I have oily/combo skin. I loved it. Went on so easy and gave me a glowy finish. I'm just about to buy the full size :)
  82. Disappointing as predicted


    I really don’t know what the hype is about...FOR ME it’s a total disappointment.
    Didn’t do anything it’s meant to.
    After applying my face looked as usual, I do have good fair skin with a bit of redness in cheeks and I got this primer due to its high rating which I find surprising after using it and to give my skin a bit of a boost ...

    It made my pores more visible for the ...
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  83. Great product for a healthy glow


    I was a huge fan of the Porefessional Primer, so I had to give this new one a go. It still does a great job of filling in my pores, although doesn't hold up as well on my oily skin type. This is a good alternative for someone who is looking for a primer that gives hydration and glow.
  84. New favourite


    My foundation has never set as smooth, or looked as flawless as it has since using this primer.
  85. My new favourite


    I was a lover of the porefessional however once I tried this one I can’t go back! It smooths my skin and gives a nice healthy looking glow. Keeps my foundation looking perfect all day.
  86. A good primer


    I have super oily skin, and the original Porefessional primer is one of the only primers that helps me control oil. I really dislike a matte finish, so I was super excited to try this out!

    The smell isn't as strong in this primer as it is in the original Porefessional, which is a huge win for me! It doesn't feel as heavy on my skin, either. It blurs pores exactly the same as the Pore...
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  87. Love!


    This stuff is amazing! As I was applying I could literally see my pores disappearing, made my make up look flawless.
  88. Love this primer


    This is fantastic even to use when usin no make up to make your skin glow ! Received as a sample but will be going on my Wishlist !
  89. GURLL.....


    Do you remember 2011, when the attempted remake of mean girls was released? Yeah, I want to forget that too, because remakes never are as good as the original. Well, That's what I thought, and I didn't purchase this one straight away for that very reason. The POREfessional isn't broke, so why fix it? BOY was I wrong. After trialling this one originally as a sample, I went and bought the full-size ...
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    Always been a lover of Pore-fessional but have been feeling a little too matte and flat! This product is honestly the bomb. Blurred pores and oil control but still a luminous glow? Fabulous.
  91. Amazing & Super stylish!


    I believe Benefit Cosmetics want to achieve a standout product range that defines perfection and delivers what it sets out to achieve. I am extremely happy with product and after years of using another 'Big Name' brand primer, I have found a new one! Thanks Benefit Cosmetics!
  92. Holy Grail Primer!


    Obsessed with benefit products and this is no different! The one problem with my skin is huge pores and this product almost completely diminishes them, i usually use the regular porefessional which i love but was starting to think my makeup looks a little flat/dull which is when i decided to try this! this product is fantastic its matiffying but also gives your skin a soft luminous glow. Highly re...
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  93. I’ve finally found what I’ve been searching for


    This primer is the best primer I’ve ever used! I have oily skin and large pores and this primer mattifies my skin and reduces the look of my pores. It makes my face have a subtle, pinkish, youthful glow, and often I’ll just wear the primer when I don’t feel like putting on makeup. It feels so silky smooth and makes my makeup stay put all day! I feel so confident wearing it because I’m quite consci...
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  94. Crazy good


    I AM SHOOK! The original Pore fessional didn’t really speak to but when Benefit came out with this pearl primer, I needed it. I’m all about that glow from within look and that’s exactly what I was able to achieve with this primer. It leaves your skin feeling super smooth which helps your foundation glid on like magic.
    I see you Benefit!
  95. Great to use on its own!


    Makes me look so nice and dewy! I love to use this on its own as it doesn't seem to work that well as primer, not as matte as I would like. I like how smooth it applies and the luminous glow it gives - definitely an easy product for days I'm lazy to wear foundation or prefer to not. I think the original works better as a primer.
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