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Benefit Precisely, My Brow Pencil Mini

4.6 of 285 reviews


4 instalments of $6.00

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4 instalments of $6.00

Or 4 instalments of $6.00 with LEARN MORE

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Oh my WOW…precise & defined brows! Benefit Precisely, My Brow Pencil Mini - Shade 03 is the ultimate brow defining pencil, now in a handy mini size! Perfect for travel or on-the-go touch-ups. The ultra-fine tip draws incredibly natural-looking hair-like strokes while the textured, custom-control grip gives extra control.

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SUPERIOR - 95% recommend

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Benefit Precisely, My Brow Pencil Mini Reviews

4.6 of 285 reviews

95% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

My fav product by farmers

Ms Z

My favourite product by far I always repurchase this brow pencil haven’t found one quite like this.

Most Helpful Criticism

Either i got a dud or have crazy high expectations


Normally i love benefit products but this just didnt deliver. The pencil had a white cast and would not even draw at first, then the tip snapped while i was trying to get some pigment to show up and a large amount of product fell down my sink. It works ok now but its not great. I got a goofproof mini at the same time in the same shade and have zero issues with that. Its heavier than i like though and i really wanted this precisely one to use for a more natural look. Im thinking i might try another brand since i cant justify spending all that money on something that breaks and causes me to lose most of the product and then barely works.
  1. My fav product by farmers

    Ms Z

    My favourite product by far I always repurchase this brow pencil haven’t found one quite like this.
  2. A little disappointing


    I bought the mini wanting to test it out and love it, unfortunately it didn’t quite work for me. I like a really sharp brow and I found the pencil didn’t give me the edge I wanted, always fading out and not defining. I’m sure it would be so great for some, and maybe if I was more skilled I could get it right!! Just not for me
  3. Either i got a dud or have crazy high expectations


    Normally i love benefit products but this just didnt deliver. The pencil had a white cast and would not even draw at first, then the tip snapped while i was trying to get some pigment to show up and a large amount of product fell down my sink. It works ok now but its not great. I got a goofproof mini at the same time in the same shade and have zero issues with that. Its heavier than i like though ...
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  4. Best eyebrows ever!


    For a long time I've been using the Goof Proof Pen from Benefit and I thought that did wonders for my brows until I tried this one and its even better! My brows take under 2 mins to draw now because of the fine tip and I cannot be more thankful. I have hardly any brows but this gives me the most natural looking brows ever! Highly recommend!!!
  5. Great product


    Great product. Beginner friendly. Great choice of shades.
  6. favourite brow product


    best pencil to get natural looking brows, highly recommend!
  7. Best eyebrow pencil


    I've been on a quest for the best eyebrow products over the last year and I keep coming back to this brow pencil paired with the Gimme Brow. The product is really easy to use, as it has a smooth consistency. The only issue I had is that it seemed to run out quite fast but at this price, I'm happy to buy it again when it runs out.
  8. Great but delicate


    Love the colour but it can snap if you apply too much pressure
  9. benefit


    amazing for creating those natural brows with super fine and precise strokes. Love this! The brow pencil is so fine and easy to create nice strokes with
  10. Enjoyed


    I really loved the small tip on this brow pencil, it make it very easy to draw realistic brow hairs where I wanted them to be filled in. My only complaint would be the pencil drying out after a while, but I did own my pencil for a few years so that might just be me.
  11. So nice


    The fine point is precise and natural-looking, I find the formula smooth but not too soft, and it does not smudge during the day! The spoolie is good quality too
  12. Works but worth the price?


    The Benefit brow pencil works well in shaping and defining your eyebrows and I got it after visiting a benefit store for a brow wax session.

    The only thing I would say is the pencil works like any other brow pencil and I think the brush attachment is why there is so much hype around the product.

    Lasts me a while but unsure if I will repurchase for the price.
  13. Decent


    This is a great general eyebrow pencil i just think that there may be some better alternatives in both the lower and same price ranges.

    Allows you to draw very natural looking, thin strokes.

    Comes with a spoolie which is really handy.
  14. Nothing special


    I don't really like this product, and the spoolie doesn't brush that well through the brows as well. The product is too soft and easily transfers so what's the point of drawing "hair-like strokes" if the definition just gets rubbed easily? Needs to be a bit firmer and more long wearing, this does not create natural looking brows
  15. Great, but not worth the price!


    I really like this brow pencil, however I've found much cheaper alternatives that do the same job!
  16. Disapointed for the money


    I have tried a few pencils and was hoping this would be the one BUT i have a eye brow pencil I bought 3 for $10 on special at Chemist Warehouse that honestly gives the same affect, I wouldn't buy this one again, I don't see that it has any huge benefit over others.
  17. Convenient


    I have naturally full and thick dark brows that I like to feather and keep natural. This helps me fill the sparse bits quickly and flawlessly. Not sure if the tip would be precise or fine enough to feather very fine eyebrows but would easily create a sculpted, bold brow.
  18. Favourite brow product


    I was introduced to this brow pencil when I got my brows waxed at the Benefit counter in Myer. At this point, I've gone through at least 3 of these and would highly recommend it. My mum converted to this brow pencil as well after she experiences how easy it is to use. What's great about this is how natural your brows look once you've brushed it through.
  19. nice small tip


    I do like it and so many colour options but not sure its worth the price tag, when AB brow wiz is cheaper.
  20. Allows you to draw precise strokes

    Bridget L

    This is the best eyebrow pencil I've used for precision. My eyebrows only really grow to the arch and I have to almost completely draw on the tails. With some setting agent on top it stays put all day.
  21. My all time favourite!


    So beautifully pigmented with such a fine tip for easy and precise application. Perfect for that fluffy brow look. My all time favourite brow pencil!
  22. Love it


    I don't think I have met a brow product better than this. It is super easy to use, looks natural and it is smudge proof. Benefit cosmetics does the best brow and lashes product in my opinion.
  23. Brow staple


    I've been using this for years - after initially using ABH. Stays on well and always a fine point allowing me to mimic natural hairstrokes
  24. Subtle and effective


    I am impressed by the colour of this pencil - I have light eyebrows and it's hard to find a match. It glides on easily and the brush is very handy. High price point but definitely one of the best I've come across.
  25. Favourite brow pencil


    This pencil is very thin so you can easily create microblade style lines with it. Creates a really natural brow look.
  26. Amazing brow pencil


    Love this brow pencil and the fact that they have a big range of shades with some warm or neutral colour options. I prefer a neutral colour as I have dark brown hair that is relatively neutral. Don't think a very warm brown is particularly flattering on most people, but each to their own! I use shade 4.5 and it suits me perfectly! It's very easy to use, perfect balance between soft and waxy and re...
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  27. very natural


    give you very natural looking brows, but not good if you want a more structured powder brow
  28. Good product


    A bit expensive for the product - although it works really well with blending your eyebrows and drawing on eyebrows. It lasts a while as well - on oily skin too.
  29. Favourite brow pencil


    This is my favourite brow pencil. it lasts so long on the brows and looks absolutely gorgeous. I love the extended shade range. It is expensive but well worth the price!
  30. Great brows!


    This is my second purchase of this brow pencil. The tip is Fine and the soft. The colour transfers nicely, and long lasting.
  31. Natural & Bold


    I loveeeeee this brow product, I can create a natural brow and/ or a bold brow depending on the pressure I use when applying it. Defs recommend. I use shade 4 medium and have black hair.
  32. Best brow product


    This product is the best brow product. It saves me from carrying a spoolie and I can draw natural looking hair strokes with it. Highly recommend.
  33. Best Brow Pencil


    I absolutely love this eyebrow pencil the shade is perfect, the look it gives is amazing and it actually lasts longer than expected. Couldn’t recommend more.
  34. The best eyebrow pencil


    I have been purchasing this product for years, by far the best on the market. Easy to achieve natural looking brows and good lasting power. Always complimented on my eyebrows and my secret is this!
  35. Great product


    Applys so smoothly
  36. Good!


    Good alternative to the one i normally use (ABH) but not as thin lined
  37. Natural brows


    This product is good for creating natural looking brows. I personally prefer the look of powder in my brows so I don't reach for this as often. In my opinion it also takes way longer to fill in my brows with this than it would if I were using a powder, so that's why I don't rate it as highly. It is really nice though if you're someone who enjoys a pencil and has more patience than me!
  38. Daily use for perfect brows


    I found this retractable brown pencil perfect for every day use. Didn’t look too OTT and the fact that I don’t have to sharpen it to keep the tip fine enough to fill in my brow gaps (thanks 90s!) is such a win. Recommend!
  39. Best brow pencil there is.


    Definitely the best brow pencil there is in my opinion. Not too hard or too crumbly, and it has the perfect amount of pigment.
  40. NIce and precise


    I like this product a lot, because it doesn't chunk on a heavy line, it really helps sculpt your brow
  41. precisely


    brow hairs look soft and fluffy and natural with this brow product. love how it looks.
  42. it is good


    precisely for sure. easy for using , no matter you are a master or the first learn, you need it !!!
  43. My favourite brow product

    Lisa c

    I’ve repurchased this so many times! It’s got such a precise tip and glides on so easily when outlining my brows.
    The only downside is that it runs out a bit too fast.
  44. Perfect brows!


    The precisely my brow honestly gives you the most perfect brows. The small tip allows you to be extremely precise and make your brows look feathery. I also love that benefit extended their shade range so that there is a shade for everyone
  45. Great product


    Really amazing and keeps my brows looking really fresh and on fleek. Loving it!
  46. Natural looking brows


    The Benefit brow pencil makes your eyebrows look so natural and gives them shape, especially for blondes. It is easy to apply and you can build on the colour of your brows. Different tones to match with your skin/hair colour. Awesome brow product.
  47. very pigmented


    These brow pencils are easy to use and are very soft, but i find the shades too warm and wish there were more cool shades.
  48. Lasts


    I actually find it easier to use pomade to get my brows done fast but if I have the time and want them to last I use this as it has better staying power
  49. perfect

    Chele Pagno

    The shade 03 matches perfectly with my eyebrows - one of the first ever perfect match I have found. The pencil is so precise and easy to manipulate, you can get your brows done quickly or take your time to perfect them.
  50. Best eyebrow pencil


    Absolutely love this brow crayon like pencil, nice and easy to use and produces the strokes I need to fill in brows. I’ve had microblading in the past but haven’t gone back but this is doing the job just fine!
  51. Love love love

    Happy customer

    I expected thin strokes that weren’t noticeable but this is so much better! The benefit brow team at myer helped me decide what colour and since then, I’ve never stopped buying it!
  52. Not too heavy


    The fine point makes it so easy to use and with so many colour options, I found a perfect colour match which looks natural. I will be repurchasing.
  53. Easy to apply


    I use a few brow products together from Benefit on my brows. I have very thin brows due to all the plucking we did in the 90s! This helps shape and define and add to my brows and stays put all day. I highly recommend!
  54. Really good


    It is a good product, stays on all day and is smudge proof.
  55. Pigmented and thin


    Pigmented and draws thin! Works just as well as the ABH Brow Wiz!
  56. best brows product


    This was one of the first expensive or high-end product I brought. I had seen so many reviews and beauty gurus use it. so I brought as well and I've got to say it one of the best products out there I've tried other ones but this is the one I always come back to.
  57. The perfect brow pencil!!!!!


    I love this thing - I have really thin brows and it lets my fill them in as much as I want without looking freakily fake. You can pencil your brows in really precisely or feather it and blur (with the spoolie) so that you get a more natural look. Definitely give it a go!! :))
  58. Great for the lazy and time-poor


    As I've said in some of my other reviews, I don't often wear makeup at all as my work hours and long and I really don't care!. My go-to look is Clarins Flash Beauty balm, brows, mascara and some tinted lip balm (Bobbi Brown). This is my favourite brow pencil as, despite not having a spoolie or brush for a quick sculpt, it has good staying power and blends well. I simply use a cheap old brow brush,...
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  59. Great eyebrow pencil

    Cindy C

    This is a great eyebrow pencil, love the shape of the pencil and the colour pay off. Makes it super easy for me to do my brows in the morning. The colour holds pretty well throughout the day, even with my oily skin. Took 1 star off because of the price!
  60. the best


    This is the best eyebrow pencil in the market for me. The color is so ashy and pretty. I love it. I will buy again and again. Looks very natural
  61. Took time to like


    At first use it had a grey film over the pencil. It was only once I warmed it up and rubbed it on the back of my hand for a while that the film wore away and the pigment came through. I was scared to brake it while trying to wear away the film. After that it was good to go.
  62. Full size wins


    Great product but this runs out really fast and it’s a shame it doesn’t come with the spoolie so may as well just invest in the full size
  63. naturally bulks up your brown


    makes fine hairs look thick and can be used to give an amazing shape
  64. Good


    The formula of this is very good, once you put it on it truly lasts all day. The full size is more worth it though and comes with a spoolie to tame hairs
  65. Neat and precise


    This is a great eyebrow pencil as it applies well and is well suited to my shade however i have found that the stick is slightly fragile.
  66. the best one out there


    make very fine hair strokes to have more of a natural look. the finest brow pencil ever
  67. Love this stuff


    My ride or die. I make very fine hair strokes to have more of a natural look. This pencil is very easy to use and there so many colours, so you gonna find the matches for your brow hairs well.
  68. Great


    It's great for filling in sparse areas. Great product that stays on all day
  69. amazing brow product


    I love this pencil. it so easy to use and gives you that natural defined eyebrow look. best part is the spoolie at the end. it also has a good amount of colours.
  70. Great Product


    I love this product, it fills in my brows and looks more natural than some of the other products I've tried. It would be five stars but it's pretty expensive for the amount of product you get...
  71. Touch ups


    Perfect size for touch ups and you can get a much more precision line with the mini size
  72. Best of the best


    This is my favourite brow pencil - the packaging is everything! I have dyed blonde hair (my natural colour is light brown) and I use shade 4. On my skin tone (fair with olive undertones) it comes up as a cooler undertone when compared to the other shades and if I fill my brows in lightly it makes them look fluffy and natural. I love that it’s retractable and has a spoolie on the other side.
  73. Good product but not greatest value.


    The very fine tip allows for more control over your application.
    Offers decent shades for blondes. Smooth and easy to apply.
    I would say the size of the pencil exterior is a little deceptive though, yes it's a mini but you will definitely go through this product quickly with regular use, there's not much there.
  74. Easy to Use


    Great product, a very thin pencil so I find it's much better for creating hair strokes than filling in large gaps (which I have!)
  75. Not bad


    It's a nice mini product before trying the full product, however I feel like i need to press hard. Im not sure whether i got a dud or if it is the product itself. Other than that, the staying power is awesome
  76. My favourite brow pencil


    I love this product, you can be well.. precise. I have very sparse brows so I use it everyday and it’s creamy and easy to apply. I do have to set it in with a brow gel to keep it on all day and the only negative is the price - the mini doesn’t last very long.
  77. A bit pricey

    Maria Elisabeth Diane

    Great color and glides easily, price is a bit much for not much of a product
  78. Great


    I love benefit products and this brow pencil glides on so smoothly to create natural or defined brows!
  79. Works well


    This works well for me, does everything I need it to. Can create fine feathered brow hairs and the colour matches me well.
  80. Not the best


    Although I love Benefit brow products, I have to say this one let me down. The pencil is very fragile, broke easily and it's hard to work with. I won't be buying this again.
  81. Loved


    This product is the best thing ever. Best thing about it is how small the crayon is so it's super simple to create thin hair like lines for my brows. I literally have no hair on my brows so this is awesome for me. I have dark brown hair and the 4.5 was perfect for me
  82. Super easy to use and very precise


    I love using this brow pencil on days I need more definition and precision. The precise allows for easy control and the product goes on effortlessly. The range of colours are fantastic and I find that this lasts a long time throughout the day without fading even if its hot or humid outside.
  83. New holy grail


    This pencil is not too soft but perfect for those precise brow strokes. The colour is perfect and blending is a dream. Highly highly recommend
  84. Good


    I love this pencil, it is so fine and easy to use that I can literally do my eyebrows in less than 5 mins. I love that it doesn't smudge and stays put throughout the entire day, I have lost count of how many I have bought and always like to make sure I have backups !
  85. Easy to use


    Easy to use and great to use in between getting my eyebrows done or to fill in any little gaps. Doesn't budge and looks natural!
  86. Fill in Only


    I could not achieve the desired fuller brow look with this product. It was easy to apply but not working for me. I ended up giving it to my mum.
  87. Good but expensive


    Very thin and many color options. Quite expensive as you can find similar products but cheaper.
  88. Great for unruly brows


    I have thick brows and add a few strokes of this which makes my brows fuller and very natural looking. The product does not smudge and lasts all day.
  89. great product for all brow types!


    i have very fair eyebrows and this product works incredibly well for creating natural hair like strokes. its the perfect texture to work with, its not too creamy where it wont stay in place and its also not too dry where you wont get colour pay off, its right in the middle, so easy to work with and the spooley brush makes it so easy to blend. I've repurchased this over and over again to the point ...
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  90. Great for thick brows!


    I’ve used Precisely, My Brow pencil for over a year and it gives my thick brows really nice definition when they’re a bit on the messy side. The formula is nice and smooth, but can snap if extended too long during use.
  91. Amazing


    Great for filling in sparse areas after I’ve gotten my eyebrows done the tint comes away after a few days. Love the formula of all benefit eyebrow pencils. List in my favourite and easy to control where the product goes
  92. Nice brow pencil, doesn't last long


    This was a nice product and good packaging too. Unfortunately, it ran out really quickly and I'm not sure if this is just a faulty product or if its meant to be like that. I rarely used it over the few months I had it because it's so expensive. There were about 15-20 uses in there which is crazy considering it was $45. My other eyebrow pencil has lasted 5 times as long with daily wear and still ha...
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  93. Good eyebrow pencil


    I was after an eyebrow pencil similar in usability and texture to Kevin Aucoin as I do love his products.

    I find this eyebrow pencil easy to use and the product stays on all day and into the night if I so choose.

    Additionally, I do not need a lot or to press hard with the pencil. A lot goes a long way,

    I am dark with an olive complexion and use the tone 'de...
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  94. Great for over-tweezed patches


    Great for creating hair strokes towards the front of the brow however I find it a bit small and shapeless for trying to fill in the entire brow. Also great for small over-tweezed patches in the brow. I wouldn't buy the brow pencil alone, would definitely combine with the goof proof.
  95. Not the best, not the worst


    Looked good and lasted all day, however I found it drier than other formulas and it often snapped during use.
  96. Natural


    I have thick brows and add a few strokes of this which makes my brows fuller and very natural looking. The product does not smudge and lasts all day.
  97. Amazing


    Best eyebrow pencil out! Benefit nail the brow products every time! Great smooth formula that lasts all day and is super easy to apply
  98. Holy Grail Eyebrow Pencil


    This pencil is my go to product! It's incredibly easy to use and creates the finest lines. I am quite fair light caramel blonde hair and number 2 suits me perfectly. I have re-purchased this product so many times and every time I try a different pencil, I instantly regret it!
  99. So easy.


    Benefit is a go to for brow products. Quick and easy to use great formular. Definately recommend although a little pricey for the amount of product.
  100. so easy to use


    This pencil is so quick and easy to use. I love how thin the pencil is as it makes filing in the front of the brows so simple. Also love that it is retractable so you don't ever have to rummage through your makeup for a sharpener!
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