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Benefit Precisely, My Brow Pencil Mini

4.6 of 224 reviews


4 instalments of $6.00


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4 instalments of $6.00


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Oh my WOW…precise & defined brows! Benefit Precisely, My Brow Pencil Mini - Shade 03 is the ultimate brow defining pencil, now in a handy mini size! Perfect for travel or on-the-go touch-ups. The ultra-fine tip draws incredibly natural-looking hair-like strokes while the textured, custom-control grip gives extra control.

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SUPERIOR - 98% recommend

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4.6 of 224 reviews

98% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Love this stuff


My ride or die. I make very fine hair strokes to have more of a natural look. This pencil is very easy to use and there so many colours, so you gonna find the matches for your brow hairs well.

Most Helpful Criticism

Not the best


Although I love Benefit brow products, I have to say this one let me down. The pencil is very fragile, broke easily and it's hard to work with. I won't be buying this again.
  1. Neat and precise


    This is a great eyebrow pencil as it applies well and is well suited to my shade however i have found that the stick is slightly fragile.
  2. the best one out there


    make very fine hair strokes to have more of a natural look. the finest brow pencil ever
  3. Love this stuff


    My ride or die. I make very fine hair strokes to have more of a natural look. This pencil is very easy to use and there so many colours, so you gonna find the matches for your brow hairs well.
  4. Great


    It's great for filling in sparse areas. Great product that stays on all day
  5. amazing brow product


    I love this pencil. it so easy to use and gives you that natural defined eyebrow look. best part is the spoolie at the end. it also has a good amount of colours.
  6. Great Product


    I love this product, it fills in my brows and looks more natural than some of the other products I've tried. It would be five stars but it's pretty expensive for the amount of product you get...
  7. Touch ups


    Perfect size for touch ups and you can get a much more precision line with the mini size
  8. Best of the best


    This is my favourite brow pencil - the packaging is everything! I have dyed blonde hair (my natural colour is light brown) and I use shade 4. On my skin tone (fair with olive undertones) it comes up as a cooler undertone when compared to the other shades and if I fill my brows in lightly it makes them look fluffy and natural. I love that it’s retractable and has a spoolie on the other side.
  9. Good product but not greatest value.


    The very fine tip allows for more control over your application.
    Offers decent shades for blondes. Smooth and easy to apply.
    I would say the size of the pencil exterior is a little deceptive though, yes it's a mini but you will definitely go through this product quickly with regular use, there's not much there.
  10. Easy to Use


    Great product, a very thin pencil so I find it's much better for creating hair strokes than filling in large gaps (which I have!)
  11. Not bad


    It's a nice mini product before trying the full product, however I feel like i need to press hard. Im not sure whether i got a dud or if it is the product itself. Other than that, the staying power is awesome
  12. My favourite brow pencil


    I love this product, you can be well.. precise. I have very sparse brows so I use it everyday and it’s creamy and easy to apply. I do have to set it in with a brow gel to keep it on all day and the only negative is the price - the mini doesn’t last very long.
  13. A bit pricey

    Maria Elisabeth Diane

    Great color and glides easily, price is a bit much for not much of a product
  14. Great


    I love benefit products and this brow pencil glides on so smoothly to create natural or defined brows!
  15. Works well


    This works well for me, does everything I need it to. Can create fine feathered brow hairs and the colour matches me well.
  16. Not the best


    Although I love Benefit brow products, I have to say this one let me down. The pencil is very fragile, broke easily and it's hard to work with. I won't be buying this again.
  17. Loved


    This product is the best thing ever. Best thing about it is how small the crayon is so it's super simple to create thin hair like lines for my brows. I literally have no hair on my brows so this is awesome for me. I have dark brown hair and the 4.5 was perfect for me
  18. Super easy to use and very precise


    I love using this brow pencil on days I need more definition and precision. The precise allows for easy control and the product goes on effortlessly. The range of colours are fantastic and I find that this lasts a long time throughout the day without fading even if its hot or humid outside.
  19. New holy grail


    This pencil is not too soft but perfect for those precise brow strokes. The colour is perfect and blending is a dream. Highly highly recommend
  20. Good


    I love this pencil, it is so fine and easy to use that I can literally do my eyebrows in less than 5 mins. I love that it doesn't smudge and stays put throughout the entire day, I have lost count of how many I have bought and always like to make sure I have backups !
  21. Easy to use


    Easy to use and great to use in between getting my eyebrows done or to fill in any little gaps. Doesn't budge and looks natural!
  22. Fill in Only


    I could not achieve the desired fuller brow look with this product. It was easy to apply but not working for me. I ended up giving it to my mum.
  23. Good but expensive


    Very thin and many color options. Quite expensive as you can find similar products but cheaper.
  24. Great for unruly brows


    I have thick brows and add a few strokes of this which makes my brows fuller and very natural looking. The product does not smudge and lasts all day.
  25. great product for all brow types!


    i have very fair eyebrows and this product works incredibly well for creating natural hair like strokes. its the perfect texture to work with, its not too creamy where it wont stay in place and its also not too dry where you wont get colour pay off, its right in the middle, so easy to work with and the spooley brush makes it so easy to blend. I've repurchased this over and over again to the point ...
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  26. Great for thick brows!


    I’ve used Precisely, My Brow pencil for over a year and it gives my thick brows really nice definition when they’re a bit on the messy side. The formula is nice and smooth, but can snap if extended too long during use.
  27. Amazing


    Great for filling in sparse areas after I’ve gotten my eyebrows done the tint comes away after a few days. Love the formula of all benefit eyebrow pencils. List in my favourite and easy to control where the product goes
  28. Nice brow pencil, doesn't last long


    This was a nice product and good packaging too. Unfortunately, it ran out really quickly and I'm not sure if this is just a faulty product or if its meant to be like that. I rarely used it over the few months I had it because it's so expensive. There were about 15-20 uses in there which is crazy considering it was $45. My other eyebrow pencil has lasted 5 times as long with daily wear and still ha...
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  29. Good eyebrow pencil


    I was after an eyebrow pencil similar in usability and texture to Kevin Aucoin as I do love his products.

    I find this eyebrow pencil easy to use and the product stays on all day and into the night if I so choose.

    Additionally, I do not need a lot or to press hard with the pencil. A lot goes a long way,

    I am dark with an olive complexion and use the tone 'de...
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  30. Great for over-tweezed patches


    Great for creating hair strokes towards the front of the brow however I find it a bit small and shapeless for trying to fill in the entire brow. Also great for small over-tweezed patches in the brow. I wouldn't buy the brow pencil alone, would definitely combine with the goof proof.
  31. Not the best, not the worst


    Looked good and lasted all day, however I found it drier than other formulas and it often snapped during use.
  32. Natural


    I have thick brows and add a few strokes of this which makes my brows fuller and very natural looking. The product does not smudge and lasts all day.
  33. Amazing


    Best eyebrow pencil out! Benefit nail the brow products every time! Great smooth formula that lasts all day and is super easy to apply
  34. Holy Grail Eyebrow Pencil


    This pencil is my go to product! It's incredibly easy to use and creates the finest lines. I am quite fair light caramel blonde hair and number 2 suits me perfectly. I have re-purchased this product so many times and every time I try a different pencil, I instantly regret it!
  35. So easy.


    Benefit is a go to for brow products. Quick and easy to use great formular. Definately recommend although a little pricey for the amount of product.
  36. so easy to use


    This pencil is so quick and easy to use. I love how thin the pencil is as it makes filing in the front of the brows so simple. Also love that it is retractable so you don't ever have to rummage through your makeup for a sharpener!
  37. Easy to use


    Perfect for defining and filling gaps in brows. Super easy to use and as its a winding pencil you don't need a sharpener.
  38. Good for a range of brows


    I have really dark hair and like that there’s a black shade that’s not super red/warm toned, but a good cool/neutral tone that’s doesn’t look grey. It’s pigmented and allows precise strokes for feathery and natural eyebrows. That being said, I don’t think it’s phenomenal or anything and is a little over priced for what it is.
  39. Love it


    This brow pencil is easy to use and very convenient. It is very pigmented and gives a very natural look. I love the colour as well. Highly recommend
  40. Amazing


    Bought this for my kit! Super easy to use! Precise strokes. Great for beginners!! Recommend 100%
  41. Best I've used!


    I have a fair complexion, blue eyes and blondish eyebrows! I had just about given up on ever finding a great eyebrow pencil; the right shade and one that didn't leave me looking like I had tyre marks across my forehead. I even had the sales girls/guys in Armani, Chanel and Dior do my brows which to be honest made me despair even more. I really dislike the tatooed look - too dark, too heavy and so ...
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  42. So good !


    I got this pencil because I have gaps in my eyebrows and it did a great job. My eyebrows look so nice now and everyone is commenting how beautiful they are. I would definitely recommend this product.
  43. So easy to use!


    I love how easy this is to use with my unruly brows! Product goes on easily and lasts all day. However the pencil can break easily and it is a little on the pricey end - so just take care to not press too hard!
  44. good but not long lasting for oily skin


    This pencil has so much pigmentation and creates natural hair like strokes! So easy to fill in sparse brows quickly. I have really oily skin so I did notice this wear off towards the end of the day (when I wore the pencil alone with no foundation underneath). Otherwise a really good product!
  45. Amazing brow pencil


    Love this brow pencil! Its so easy to apply, not overly waxy and has a easy to use wind up mechanism which makes it easy to fill in your brows. I find it to be long lasting especially on my oily skin type & great value for money. Definately a favourite for me and would highly reccommend this brow pencil to anyone.
  46. Great for beginnings in the brow filling game


    Easy to use and easy to find your colour match! Great value for money to with the price as it does last a fair while too! :)
  47. it was alright


    this product has me very conflicted, i did love the way it applied and how creamy and easy it was to use however i found that i went through the product really really quickly, i found the stick always snapped off on me even if i had only a time bit out at a time, i will buy and try again in sample to see if it was my application or the product, will review when i do that :)
  48. Highly Recommend!


    this is by far one of my fave eyebrow product. the thinness of the tip helps in creating very precise hair-like strokes which are perfect for a natural everyday look. the colour i chose makes it look so natural. make sure to get a shade or 2 darker than your hair colour. definitely, recommend to those who are looking for something that will give them precision and even those who tried ABH brow wiz...
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  49. The OG


    I’ve tried so many different brow pencils, pens and pomades and for me, nothing beats this one. The colour is perfect and it’s so fine it allows you to do tiny, hair like strokes so your brows never look drawn on. It’s nice and firm so it doesn’t smudge into the skin when you apply and doesn’t move around or rub off easily once applied. The only thing that lost a star is the price, it’s not a lot ...
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  50. Great but not the best


    This is a great eyebrow pencil but to be honest I don’t think there’s a massive difference between this eyebrow pencil and a cheaper brand - except the cost.
    I think an eyebrow pencil is an eyebrow pencil so in future i would buy a cheaper brand.
    The positive to these pencils are they stock a bigger variety of colours.
    I love the comb on the end to brush the product into my eyebr...
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  51. perfect colour match


    I am blonde with ashy roots, shade 3 matches my eyebrows perfectly, sometimes I have issues with eyebrow products looking orange in my brows but this is the perfect shade to match my roots. such good formula and stays in place
  52. Amazing pencil - doesn't last long


    As far as micro pencils go - this is one of the better ones i've used. Firm tip but soft on the brows, and the shade range is great. However for the price, it really doesn't last long (that's a micro pencil thing, because the product is micro, it also fits less product) so for how similar it is to its competitors i haven't/wouldn't buy it a second time, but if you have the money to splash, this wo...
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  53. Easy for Brow Novices


    I got this in the Chloe's Brow Wardrobe set that was for sale recently.

    The pencil is very thin so it's easy to create nice strokes. The thinness of it ensures it stays sharp enough. I'm not very good at doing my brows but this paired with the Precisely my Brow brow mascara means that I can fool people a bit. And I'm getting better at them. I'm able to fill out the sparse portions an...
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  54. Love it!


    I love this brow pencil however it is quite pricey. It does last for quite a bit though.
  55. Great for hairstrokes


    Really enjoy the formula of this brow pencil - not too waxy but not too soft. The tiny tip also makes it super easy to line your brows and create hair-like strokes on the brow. It is a bit pricey though and you don't get much in it. Won't be repurchasing as
    I believe there are some good drugstore alternatives. Does the job though!
  56. Good


    This is a really good brow product. Really good for lining the brows
  57. Super thin and precise!


    This eyebrow pencil is hands down the best pencil for outlining brows and getting that perfect hair like stroke. It's very user friendly and the colour range is fantastic. 10/10 would purchase again.
  58. my brows are immaculate


    I bought this pencil after reading the reviews from fellow Adore Beauty shoppers. I am so glad I did. It is the best eyebrow pencil I have used and I now won't use any other. I have very thick dark brows so this product is perfect for me, I use it on its own. The thin pencil means you can draw individual strokes that mean you can target fine areas without going over board. I have very dark brown h...
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  59. quick and easy


    perfect for on the go, comes with a spoolie too
  60. Great precision, good shade range


    This pencil is perfect for a natural look. Takes slightly longer to apply however the result is more precise and the colour range is great. I am a shade 3 and I find that it is not too orange or dark for my fair skin despite having relatively dark brows. Definitely recommend.
  61. Best eyebrow pencil


    This pencil is great! Perfect for my brows which don’t hold much shape, so it was super easy to define and shape my brows because of how precise the pencil is.
  62. Great thin pencil for outlining brows


    This brow pencil is fantastic for creating an outline of the brows, that I then colour in with the Benefit Goof Proof Eyebrow Pencil in a darker colour for the ends and then a slightly lighter colour for the insides. Would definitely buy again.
  63. Best Brow Pencil Ever!


    Love this pencil! I think the packaging is super fun and love that you get a spoolie end as well. This pencil gives the most realistic hair strokes due to its super fine tip. I have naturally light brown ashy hair dyed blonde and medium 3 is my perfect match. Five stars!
  64. Amazing


    Precise and easy to use your brow will thank you for this amazing pencil
  65. Perfect!


    So easy to use and the fine tip helps to create brow like strokes which is perfect for creating natural feathery brows. Definitely recommend this product!
  66. My Go-To Brow Product


    A great, quality product! You can't go wrong with this Benefit brow pencil - it's easy to use, lasts all day and looks really natural. I usually draw my brows in and finish off with a brow gel to lock everything in place. The spoolie and packaging are of a really high quality as well!
  67. One of the best in the market


    One of the best in the eyebrow products market. Works well, great colours, good overall value!
  68. A good brow pencil


    I’d used ABH brow definer for years but after changing my hair colour I decided to try benefits brow products instead. I really like the fine tip on this pencil, I use it to fill in sparse parts and then I use the goof proof brow gel. They work really well together for full but natural looking brows.
  69. Love it


    Love this product. I recommend getting a shade lighter than your brow because it looks more natural by making your brows seem naturally and subtly fuller without being able to see actual product in your brows
  70. As the name says, PRECISION BROWS!


    After changing brow products to the benefit precisely. I enjoy this product because the color match is perfect, lasts all day. This product as named precisely distributes the product. It allows little hair strokes to be created that aren't blurry and don't look drawn on. I find it keeps its shape without going blunt as well.

    This product lasts a significant amount of time for daily u...
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  71. I have been looking for this product


    Love it. Easy to use, does the job really well.
  72. Better than Anastasia


    I used the Anastasia for years until I realised it was a rip-off because it would only last me less than 3 months and the cap would always break off at one point. Switched to the benefit brow pencil and I've never looked back! Secure design and very long-lasting. Love it!
  73. Another great brow product by benefit


    Benefit will always be the masters at brow products! This product is so easy to use, colour range is great and applies on the skin with ease!
  74. Okay


    The first couple of times I used this, I loved it. However, after using it a few times, the end wore down and wasn't as precise, so I ended up with a much more pigmented, thicker look than I wanted. My eyebrows are VERY sparse, however, so it's easy for them to look unnatural when coloured in. But again, it was amazing at first. Definitely do your eyebrows before anything else, because if there's ...
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    I love this! The tip is so tiny and you can really get those hair like strokes! I highly recommend.
  76. It all started with a free sample...


    I received a free sample months back of this pencil, it was life changing. Super fine to really sculpt and fill out my brows. Benefit are hands down the brow specialists.


    This is the holy grail of eyebrow pencils. The formula is so easy to apply and it looks so natural and full without looking over the top. I can't recommend this product enough. I am in love <3
  78. No1 brow brand for a reason


    This is my holy grail eyebrow pencil! Its smooth, natural, easy to use and perfect colour. Spoolie on the end is an added bonus for perfect brows every time
  79. The best on the market


    This pencil has a very tiny point that makes it very easy to fill brows in precisely. It is also very pigmented so a little goes a long way and a light hand is necessary.
  80. Fabulous


    I just need to fill in some thinner areas of my brows and not fill them in entirely and this product is great. Super fine pencil, lasts all day and great packaging and I can mimic the hairs easily. Would definitely recommend!!
  81. Worth it!


    This pencil is the holy grail of eyebrow pencils, with the added spooly it is the perfect tool for perfect brows! Lasts all day too.
  82. natural looking brows


    its so easy to have nice shaped brows with this product. my only issue is it doesnt last long at all
  83. Good but Hard

    Beauty Bee

    A lovely pencil that comes in a great range of shades (especially for blonde hair!). I do find that the pencil is a little hard though but it lasts all day on my brows which is a bonus.
  84. Love


    This is a HG for my eyebrow. Shade 5 matches me perfectly and it’s so easy to use. I love it
  85. Easy to use


    This brow pencil is very small so it's easy to fill in the gaps between hairs. The pigment is also very concentrated so be sure to use a light hand. There's also enough shades to find something suitable for everyone. Definitely one of the best brow pencils on the market.
  86. Easy to use


    Because it’s so small, it’s easy to fill in gaps. Don’t be too heavy handed though, as it’s easy to go too intense.

    My brows are relatively thick and defined so I don’t need too much maintenance. It’s perfect for me but I don’t know how this would go on someone with thin brows wanting a fuller look.
  87. My favourite eyebrow product


    Long lasting and sweat proof! It's my all-time favourite. I wear it for school and work, it lasts all day long!
  88. Jury is still out


    I have been using the Hourglass Brow Pencil, which is expensive but worth it and it works. However I wanted a break from that product, so did a bit of research and went with this. I only like a light brow, so went with this product over the Goo brush. The actual pencil colour is good, I have (dyed) blonde hair and natural light brown brows, so went with medium number three, which seems suitable. I...
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  89. So cool!


    Can we take a second to appreciate how pretty this product is!? I love it, it looks cool and works so well! It feels so soft and smooth as you apply and the little spoolie on the end is so cute!
  90. Beautiful natural brows


    This is a great brow product - it's creates a beautiful natural brow for work or weekends when out and about during the day. The pencil can be built up for more definition or works well with a pomade - using the pencil at the beginning of the brows and my AB pomade towards the last 2/3rds for more definition. Sets (with soap pre application or clear gel following) and stays all day. Highly recomme...
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  91. Truly Amazing


    I carry this little gadget with me everywhere incase I need a touch up. It truly is amazing and my friends love me for it
  92. Nice


    Soft, creamy pencil that works and added bonus of a spoolie


    WOW! The only way to explain the beauty of this pencidl, is just hold it in your hand and it basically does all the work from there. With eyebrows that have a mind of their own and hair gaps in my outer corners, this pencil make my brows look perfectly arched, full and so natural. I can go months without getting my eyebrows threaded and this pencil makes them look fresh every day!
  94. 04 Perfecf brow pencil


    I won’t use any other brow pencil! This is perfect for the bushy look I love to achieve! I have a great brow shape but my brow colour is so fair so this is perfect! Easy to use and I love the brush on the end!
  95. THE BEST


    This pencil is my best makeup discovery for ages. I've now tried both #2 and #3, and both work well with my sparse blonde brows. It is SO easy to fill in gaps in a natural looking way, and unlike many other pencils does not come off if you are a face toucher like me!
  96. You need this!


    One of my top brow products, highly pigmented and easy application
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