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benefit cosmetics

Benefit Posietint

Benefit Cosmetics Authentic
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Benefit Posietint

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*Winner of Best Lip Stain in the 2009 Australian Beauty Awards!*

Benefit Posietint is the cheekiest flush you can get from a bottle. The petal-pink stain plants a kiss of see-through tint on cheeks & lips. Developed as an alternative to the cult Benetint, for those who prefer a pinky look as opposed to red, the Benefit Posietint offers hours of smudge-proof, just-picked perfection. You'll be the prettiest bloom in the bunch!


Brush three strokes of Benefit Posietint on the apple of your cheek and blend quickly with fingertips. Do the same on your other cheek. Dot on lips & blend with fingertip. For a deeper "pop" of colour, repeat.

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- 11-10-2010 by

There is a new gal in town - she is fun, fruity and a little bit alluring. So Hooked on Carmella is the perfect fragrance to wear by day. I wear Carmella to work, on weekends, and as a pick-me-up because it is a really uplifting, feel-good fragrance. I seem to receive compliments regularly when wearing Carmella because the scent is so unusual - rhubarb is rarely used for fragrances and its infusion makes So Hooked on Carmella smell sweet yet fruity with a hint of caramel. And how cute is the packaging - a rainbow of colours strewn across this pretty bottle with a fancy gold lid encased in a cardboard box with some of Carmella's favourite things. I think the whole concept of Crescent Row's fragrance collection is so cute - check them out in store because Benefit boutiques and counters have special dollhouse-type displays where each fragrance has their own room...I love it.

- 16-12-2008 by

Long-lasting lip colour is always welcome in Maddie World. A lipstick that will nourish, last the distance and provide great colour can come into my world, sit down and stay for tea. And, my Adorable Beauties, Posie Tint is most certainly welcome to sit down and stay for tea. However, it may not get a scone because the nourishment-side of this lip-paint (it comes as fluid in a pot, with a lid/brush and sets on your lips after a few minutes) is questionable. Yet if you combine Posie Tint with your favourite lip balm or gloss, you will attain the stay-for-tea-and-scones effect you desire. The colour is bright, and long lasting. Ring-a-ring-a-rosie... is your pocket full of Posie?

Acnemaster! - 12-07-2011 by

I reacted to this product so badly!! I got pimples and bumps all over my cheeks and it looked like i had severe acne! I would never EVER buy this product again!

- 20-07-2008 by

You just cannot beat Benefit's gorgeous packaging. I'm not ashamed to say I've bought more than one product from the range because of this, but luckily most have paid off in spades. Have been excited about the launch of Posietint as the original, Benetint, didn't really work for me. Posietint is a pretty ballerina pink and I find it much easier to blend than Benetint. Can be used on lips but don't think it'd show up as well as it does on cheeks. A little exxy but am sure the bottle will last for a while.

- 03-07-2010 by

L.O.V.E. It works so well, i like it much better than the darker product. I need a couple of coats for my lips, but it works brilliantly on my cheeks. Winner!!

- 20-11-2008 by

I am so inlove with this little bottle of pink greatness. Presented in a stylish little bottle reminicent of a nail polish bottle this lip and cheek stain is perfect for all occasions. The colour is a beautiful bubblegum pink colour but is very understated when applied. The colour is quite light and sheer but can be built upon for a more dramatic look. This product looks great on days when I just want a touch of colour on my otherwise makeup free face. Just a little added to my cheeks and lips lifts my look from drab to fresh in a few seconds. It also provides a fantastic lip and cheek base for you to build upon when wanting a more dramatic look. It has amazing staying power also. Once you put it on it won't come off until you remove it. I would recommend this product to anyone who loves a touch of Pretty pink girliness and also to anyone who loves a stain on their cheeks and lips.

Lip Stain & Blush in one Bottle - 12-02-2013 by

This product may appear pricey but it lasts a very long time as you only need a very small amount. I feel the brush could be a bit firmer as it's very difficult to get the amount right on your lips or checks before it starts to set. Once set, the colour stays on all day and I rarely have to do any touch ups. If your not too heavy handed, this product looks very natural on but you may have to practice to get it right.

Posie Tint - 16-11-2013 by

This is such a cute product....Benefit has 2 similar products; Benetint (a red liquid) and Posietint (a pinkinsh liquid). So depending what look and effect you're after will decide what product you choose. I chose Posietint as I have fair skin and don't like reds much. This is a very runny liquid consistency and only a few little dabs are needed to get pretty flushed cheeks. Once applied you need to blend quickly as it dries....but it is also buildable so you can achieve your desired look.
It has a lovely smell - as all of benefit's products.....and this product is a multi-tasker as I also apply this to my lips now and then. Just place a couple of dabs on lips and blend gently, it gives a lovely rosy lips (how you picture Snow White's lips) and then just pop some gloss over top and you have a natural, yet adorable splash of colour. It works like a stain too, so it won't fade from your lips as quick as lippie.

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