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Benefit High Brow Glow 2.8g

4.3 of 29 reviews


4 instalments of $9.50


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4 instalments of $9.50


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Instantly illuminate eyes with high brow glow! Stroke this creamy formula under brow arch & blend to create the effect of lifted brows. Available in a luminous champagne shade that complements every skin tone.

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4.3 of 29 reviews

90% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Best Brow highlight


i am so glad i came across this product. it is so creamy and applies so smoothly under my eyebrows and define them so nicely. i am so glad that benefit came up with this i will definitely repurchase it when i am finished with my current one.

Most Helpful Criticism



Not a bad product. It does give this shiny glow but it's not my fav. Can do without it but good for travel and all.
  1. Nice way to highlight the brow bone


    This is a nice pencil to highlight the brow bone. It looks very pretty!
  2. Alright


    Not a bad product. It does give this shiny glow but it's not my fav. Can do without it but good for travel and all.
  3. Best Brow highlight


    i am so glad i came across this product. it is so creamy and applies so smoothly under my eyebrows and define them so nicely. i am so glad that benefit came up with this i will definitely repurchase it when i am finished with my current one.
  4. Love this!


    I got this in a gift pack from Benefit and it is a lovely and easy way to highlight under the brows. It blends easily and is the perfect shade for my skin. It's a product I don't think I would have bought but now that I have been using it a while I am completely hooked at how easy it is to apply for such a lovely effect. Highly recommend!
  5. nice


    This is an easy, very quick and great product for under the eyebrow. When used is gives a smooth application. I love using these because there easy to get into small arounds.
  6. Great!


    I really love this brow highlighter. It glides so easily and blends effortlessly. I can also apply this to my lower water line and it’s a good finish to my eye makeup.
  7. Great eyebrow highlighter


    This is great for highlighting under the eyebrow, very quick and easy and the pencil gives a smooth application. I also use it to highlight the cupid's bow. You can use any other highlighter to do the same thing I suppose, but this pencil is easy to grab and gives a nice natural-looking highlight every time. It should last a while given that you use so little of it each time.
  8. Love this highlighter


    verified purchaser
    I love this brow highlighter. It isn't too much and not too thick. It's just enough to define the brow line. I love the feel of it and it will be good value for money because of it's size. Definitely recommend this product.
  9. Love this pencil


    I Am in love with this product. It applies very smoothly. I just draw it under my eyebrows and the smudge it with my brush and it creates a light subtle glow under my eyebrows. Little goes long way too.
  10. love


    Love this product! it is kind of unnecessary if you have a highlighter- but still a fun addition!
  11. Not only for eyebrows


    This is a great highlighter, not only for the eyebrows, but for highlighting the nose and cheekbones. It easily glides on to the skin and is easy to rub in.
  12. Beautiful colour and lovely application


    I really like it but I find it can be a bit too big for what I like for my brow bone highlight.
  13. Great highlighter


    I love this brow highlight its beautiful to define your brows and I sometimes use it above my lips, tip of my nose and my cheekbones as its a beautiful highlighter with a nice shimmer and not a glittery look which I personally don't like. Its handy to have in your bag to add some highlight to your face during the day to.
  14. Glowing brows!


    this is a great highlight for the brows really makes them stand out! great highlight color!

    perfecting skin

    Amazing results and little goes a long way. i just applied a little under my eye brows and it defined them like nothing else. also i used it as a base shadow and it stayed on the entire day and looked gorgeous.
  16. Use this every day


    I use this to 'finish' my eyebrows every day. It is so easy to apply and blend into other makeup for the desired look.
  17. Natural highlight


    A super fast, easy way to give a natural highlight to your brow bone - love it!
  18. Yesss


    I actually received this in a gift box of Benefit products and I must admit I hadn't heard of this before. I am in love with it! Benefit never cease to amaze me with the amazing products they make. I am still learning to perfect the art of using this and making sure it is blended and looks natural as possible. It's making my eyebrows pop! I highly recommend it
  19. Glow brow


    This gives off a beautiful glow when applied under the eyebrow really pretty shimmer!
  20. Love it


    My eyes are so sensitive to anything.. I have never been able to wear makeup & feel comfortable till now.. as soon as I put ANYTHING on within 5 min my eyes start to water & that continues for 2 days after I take makeup off... 1 of my girlfriends recommend trying the brand Benefit.. I was like " whatever" nothing works on my face... Well I'm in love & have gone crazy buying everything Benefit has....
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  21. Nice but too shiny


    A good product for defining the brow, but too shiny for everyday makeup IMO
  22. Decent highlighter


    This is great product for highlighting the eyebrow brow. It’s very natural and works really well to tidy up any mistakes. What I most like is that it looks so natural but has the right amount of glow (not too shimmery) to make the eye pop. It’s long lasting and very easy to carry around.
  23. Great


    This product is great for adding that highlighted brow bone look. lifts eyebrow nicely and cleans up any mistakes make with brow product. Smooth and bendable and product lasts a long time as only a small amount is required
  24. More natural than shimmery highlighters


    This is a great tool to make your brows stand out. I prefer this over a shimmery highlighter which I think can look too dramatic. This is more natural and you can tone the highlighting down by smudging which makes it great for both day and night wear.
  25. Great brow bone highlight!


    Love this so far- gives a very natural and subtle highlight to the brow bone, and I am sure you could build it up a bit more but that's not really my style. Blends out very easily with just my finger. The color is perfect, and the formula is very creamy and glides on smooth.
  26. Works Well but a bit pointless


    I get the idea of this, but don't think it is worth the money when you could easily use a normal highlighter to lighten the brown bone and concealer to carve out the brows. The product is quite creamy and easy to use but I don't think it gives the most amazing glow or lift to your eyebrows, especially when a normal highlighter could easily be used to get the same effect.
  27. Overrated


    This product is nothing special. The highlight is very subtle and doesn't work for 'carving' out the brow. I disagree with the other comment below as I found it quite a creamy product, but expensive for a look that you could achieve with eyeshadow.
  28. Not impressed

    Fiona Lucy

    This brow highlight pencil promised great things but it didn't deliver, in my opinion. It's very dry and drags across my skin. I didn't really like the colour either. It wasn't very good at highlighting underneath the brow bone. Both those factors make it a 'no' from me. I ended up throwing it away because I was never going to use it and couldn't give it away! I'd go for something creamy next time...
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