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Benefit High Beam

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Benefit High Beam is the celebrity makeup artist's secret... it is a satiny pink highlighter that creates a young, radiant, fresh complexion on all skin tones. You can use it as a spot highlighter or blend it all over your complexion. This soft-focus sheen is enticing and sexy!

# Voted "best luminising lotion/cream" by In Style magazine
# Voted "best face illuminator" by Women's Health & Fitness magazine

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Lovely highlighter - 21-08-2016 by

I loved this product, it is a subtle highlight and not too glittery. Very easy to apply and really gives a lovely glow. Especially liked using it to highlight the Cupid's bow

High Beam - 21-06-2015 by

High Beam is my favourite highlighter, I especially love using it on the inside part of my eye to open my eyes in the morning.

High Beam - 16-11-2013 by

I use this product every day I apply makeup. It is my last step - to add some highlighting and illumination on my cheek bones, brow bone, down sides of nose and on my cupids bow. A few dabs of this in these particular areas changes the appearance of my face in an instant, making it glow in a subtle way. I love it!!!!
It is packaged like a nail polish and has an applicator brush exactly like a nail polish brush, which you dip into the liquid and apply dots to the areas on the face where you want it. Then just blend gently. It has a lovely scent.
I wish it wasn't so expensive - but in saying that, a bottle will last me for a year at least, because only a little is needed every application.

not bad - 26-05-2011 by

its ok, but I don''t think it went very well with my skin tone. I think it was a bit light for my medium skin tone. Also found it a bit runny, would be better and easier to apply if it was slightly thicker. But it would give the right effect on the right skin tone.

- 16-04-2010 by

I love this. It looks quite an icy pink in the bottle but on my fair skin it looked subtle and gave a lovely pale pink sheen. I have been wearing it thinly layered over blush for extra oomph or on its own for a pale and pretty look. Subtle but really does highlight. Wonderful product.

- 15-04-2010 by

This is my new favourite product and a definite staple in my makeup bag. I wore Benefit High Beam out on the town, and when I got home (after a big night of partying) I still had a beautiful shimmer on the apples of my cheeks. I really love this product. You only need a tiny amount to create a beautiful highlighting effect on cheeks. Great value for money!

- 14-09-2009 by

This is a really nice highlighter. I didn't find it too silvery. It gives me a nice natural glow.

- 24-11-2008 by

I really like this highlighter. I agree that is is quite silvery but it really perks up my complexion.I love a bit of frosty shine!

- 21-10-2008 by

I like this, but with reservations: I find it a little TOO sparkly and silvery for daytime wear, or at least on its own. Particularly if I'm going for a dewy/summery/bronzey look - the colour is just too silver. However I've taken to mixing a drop of High Beam with a tinted moisturiser (e.g. BECCA Luminous Skin Colour or Invisible Zinc Tinted Daywear) or even just a plain moisturiser - the results are rather fabulous, more of a glowy radiance than super-sparkly.

- 20-10-2008 by

Great highlighter. Bottle is like a nail polish bottle, so i just dot 3 dots of the illuminator on my upper cheeks, and pat them in gently and quickly for a fabulous finish.

- 26-08-2008 by

I LOVE High Beam! It looks amazing in photos, feels light and airy on the skin and gives the skin a natural glow. As a make-up artist, I recommend to all.

- 21-07-2008 by

A big call, but I think this is my Holy Grail of Highlighters. My HGoH. High Beam is a lovely pearly pink, which looks very girly in the bottle but adds just a hint to the face. Has such a nice texture and you only need a tiny bit to bring your face to life. I dot it on cheeks, browbone and on the cupid's bow. So sweet.

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