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Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil

4.5 of 267 reviews


4 instalments of $11.25

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4 instalments of $11.25

Or 4 instalments of $11.25 with LEARN MORE

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Presto… fast, full & natural-looking brows! Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil is an easy glide-on brow pencil formula. Leaving soft color and a goof-proof tip, this the easiest brow filling & shaping pencil.

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SUPERIOR - 90% recommend

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Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil Reviews

4.5 of 267 reviews

90% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Great product


This is such a lovely product! I love the pretty design of the pen as well as enjoy using it. I have the mini also but the full side is so much easier to hold, and with the brush end you can brush out and soften the intensity of the colour should you accidentally apply too much product.

Most Helpful Criticism

Nothing Special


It's an easy to use, soft pencil. However, I prefer something not too soft for brows as it glides on a little too easily which means it's easier to make mistakes and also gives strong colour which makes the brows look unnatural
  1. Great product


    This is such a lovely product! I love the pretty design of the pen as well as enjoy using it. I have the mini also but the full side is so much easier to hold, and with the brush end you can brush out and soften the intensity of the colour should you accidentally apply too much product.
  2. good but


    Benefit makes some great brow products, but this one is one of my least favorites. Like other Benefit products, I find it to be pretty pricey for the amount of product you get. But, unlike my preferred Benefit brow pencil (Precisely, my Brow, pictured here for comparison), the formula is waxier and it’s tougher to deposit color.
  3. not such good as excepetation


    buy it because the influencer recommendation but not such good as the say, also may because my terrible makeup technique
  4. Great product


    This is very long lasting, I have always hated the orange tone in eyebrows and number 2.5 is very natural with gray undertone. I sometimes apply a bit of face oil on the tip and leave it overnight to make it even smoother.
  5. Worth trying


    This is a good eye brow pencil. It does the job without any fuss.
  6. amazing


    verified purchaser
    my staple. my go to brow product and i use it everyday. so creamy and easy to apply cannot recommend enough


    My absolute favorite! Looks natural and last all day
  8. WOW


    This brow product let's you get such a good angle for your brows and allows you to be very precise. Perfect as I get ready for uni at 5am and my brows are still looking incredible at 5pm!
  9. Best brow pencil


    I love this goof proof brow pencil! After running out of this I tried a few different brands but nothing else compared so I cam running back to my handy goof proof! It's so easy to use and has great pigment.
  10. Brow Essential


    When it comes to creating a sleek, natural brow, this product has been a godsend. The fine tip makes it easy to draw faint or deeper strokes. Can't go past it!
  11. Best brows


    This is the ultimate brow product! I have tried many brands and this is the best one. Applies easily and looks super natural.
  12. good pencil


    benefit's brow products have been some of the best that i've tried. this pencil looks kinda hard, but draws easily and makes good soft lines. the only thing i wish is that benefit made brow products in grey-ish tones as they look more natural. most of their tones are 'gingery' and make brows stand out a bit more than i'd like. this is in line with the fashion though so i guess that's sort of ok!
  13. Essentially in my make up bag


    I have used many eyebrow pencils and I always come back to this one. Gives me full precise brows so quickly. It truly is goof proof! Great for when I’m in a rush as it literally takes a minute to apply.
  14. Not great for very thin browns


    I don't mind this product, I just don't think I would repurchase it for this price point given how it performs. I have brows that taper away quite a lot at the ends, and because of the thick slanted shape of this pen, it doesn't really give the fine hair strokes I need to make my brows look natural. May be good for people who already have a good shape to their brow and don't need to 'create' lengt...
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  15. Great eyebrow product!


    Very good product, have re-purchased multiple times. Much prefer this over a dip brow or traditional brow pencil. Only thing is they tend to become blunt and hard to be precise. Overall an amazing product that I would reccommend.
  16. So easy to use


    This brow pencil is so easy to use and the nib is a good size.
  17. Prefer Hourglass brow pencil


    Easy to use but I prefer the Hourglass Archbrow Sculpting pencil... I love to have the spooly on the end which the larger version of this has. I just don't like the formula of this product as much as Hourglass. The texture is more waxy like a Crayon compared to Hourglass which is just about perfect IMO.
  18. the best


    This is the best eyebrow pencil in the market for me. The color is so ashy and pretty. I love it. I will buy again and again. Looks very natural
  19. Fave eyebrow brand


    Best brand for eyebrow anything! This is no exception. I think I prefer the other benefit pencil with a sharper tip as my eyebrow hairs are long and I feel like I can more specifically draw lines, but this is the same formula and still love it!
  20. good


    This makes my brows look fuller and I get a natural look with light strokes
  21. amazing


    This is perfect for creating full fluffy brows. If you want a natural or bold effect. its super easy to use for a beginner! It's super convenient that it comes with a spoolie
  22. Best eyebrow pencil


    Best eyebrow pencil I have ever used. Glides on easily and really helps to make brows appear fuller
  23. benefit


    goof proof is good if you have sparser brows or like a more dramatic/ filled in brow. I like this because it's so quick and easy to do my brows because of the size of the pencil.
  24. Nothing Special


    It's an easy to use, soft pencil. However, I prefer something not too soft for brows as it glides on a little too easily which means it's easier to make mistakes and also gives strong colour which makes the brows look unnatural
  25. legendary


    This is the best eyebrow pencil in the market for me. The color is so ashy and pretty. I love it. I will buy again and again. Looks very natural
  26. Easy to use natural brows


    This is a really great product - consistent and extensive colour range. Spooly works a treat and you can achieve natural hair like strokes. I would recommend for an everyday look.
  27. A must have!


    It’s so easy to use and the it glides so easy onto the brow. I like the shade selection, and there’s been times where I had forgotten to add brow gel and the product has still lasted throughout the day!
  28. Great easy pencil

    Good Proof

    This is a lovely creamy formula that truly is good proof. This is one of the first ones I got when venturing into brows and I think I will need try the precisely my brow or the pomade. I highly recommend this for beginners and overall I think benefit are master's at brow products
  29. Best brow pencil in the business


    A+ 5 star i will sing this eyebrow pencils name from the rooftop its seriously that good and so easy to use. Easy for beginners and easy to make a serious arch or even blend. Love it. And the brush on the end is good quality fibre as well.
  30. Fabulous for any look


    The texture is very nice and works for any brow look whether you like it more defined or natural.
  31. Gives a natural look


    Easy to use and easy to carry. Gives a natural look that stays on all day. I use no 3 and it looks beautiful!
  32. Great colors, lasts long


    This is my go to for filling in my non existent brows. This plus Precisely My Brow is a great duo as you get a nice fine point with PMB, which this is more of a filler, BUT this product lasts much longer.
  33. Amazing


    Gives a natural yet amazing finish and it is smudge proof and stays on all day.
  34. Natural brow


    I like using this when I am in a rush because it fills in my brows quickly. Also gives a very natural look
  35. Great colour!


    Love the colour of this, not too thick but with that you really need to press hard to get it going!
  36. Love this pencil!


    The angled pencil makes it very easy to fill in my brows. So fast, especially in the mornings when you're rushed. The one star taken off is because the other Benefit brow pencil has two different shaped lids which makes it easier when putting them back on. This pencil has two very similar lids, which most mornings, I have to put back on twice because I'm always getting them wrong!
  37. This is amazing


    This lives up to the name...great product, blends well and makes it so easy...love this product.
  38. Perfect for everyday


    The wider tip makes filling in my brows something I do in 2 minutes. I'm looking for more density in my brows and this achieves that
  39. Love this product


    Super easy to use and looks great!
  40. goof proof


    love the triangle tip, makes it quicker to fill in. more product than in precisely my brow
  41. Great


    This is really good for filling in my sparse brows and it makes them have a great shape
  42. Love this for an everyday brow


    i love using the goof proof for everyday quick brows as the shape is bigger than the precisely my brow so you can get your brows done faster. Also so glad they have 12 shades now!!!!
  43. Egh


    Don't get me wrong I think the colour and durability of the product is great But I think the wind up top made it really fragile and it kept snapping. It also snapped more easily than some other wind up top brown products by brands like ABH and Hourglass. Because I kept losing product, I went through through this pencil really quickly. If you decide to buy use a very light hand and don't wind it u...
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  44. Perfect!


    The good proof brow pencil is really easy to use and the colours they offer can match any brow shade! I love how big the pencil is, it is perfect for a quick brow. It can't give you fine hairs like the precisely my brow can though.
  45. Will buy again!


    Exactly what I was after. Perfect shade for my brows.
  46. Easy to apply


    Easy to apply, natural looking finish.
  47. Natural, easy to apply brows!


    This Benefit brow pencil is so easy to apply and makes your brows look very natural. As a blonde, I find it hard to find a brow pencil that isn't too dark, and number 2 is perfect, allowing you to add depth to your brows if you like also. Best brow product I've tried!
  48. Great brow product


    This is a great brow pencil that is super easy to apply and creates a fuller brow quickly. However, there are similar brow pencils on the market that DO have a spoolie. The fact that this pencil doesn’t contain a brush is super inconvenient.
  49. Best everyday brow pencil


    Best everyday brow product! Applies easily, doesn't smudge and lasts all day. Good range of colours available so you can actually get a colour to match.
  50. Amazing


    Does not smudge, works really good at filling in my brows which are thinning as I am aging. Looks natural.
  51. Staying power


    I use this along with the Ka brow and my eyebrows look natural and stay that way till I get home and take it off. It lasts in hot weather and doesn't melt off your face! Easy to apply and very precise. I love Benefit products! Highly recommend!
  52. Best Choice for Brow Beginners


    This is the first brow product I've used and I've only used Benefit brow products since. Sharper tip and longer/flat edge allows the one product to have multiple purposes.
  53. Perfect brows!

    Trish S

    Love this product and the Benefit setting gel.

    Easy to apply, long lasting - I wear this to work and it lasts til I cleanse my face at night. Spoolie on the end is helpful to style brow but I also use a brow brush to properly blend in.

    Matches really well to my hair colour and I always get complimented on my brow when using this product.
  54. Easy and Amazing

    Minty Tea

    Look I'm no brow guru, but this pencil makes my eyebrows look on point in a minimal amount of time. 10/10, would buy again.
  55. Good


    This is such a good pencil and it makes my brows very defined
  56. Nice colour


    I live the colour of this (med) but you do have to press quite hard
  57. The best!!!


    This product has such a creamy texture which makes it go on so easily and the bouns is the spoolie at the end. It has such a good color range.
  58. Great for creating shape!


    I accidentally purchased this instead of the Benefit my brow pencil. I love the light shade for my blonde brows but found the pencil too wide for fine brush strokes. However it is great for shaping the brow.
  59. On the natural end


    Good for a natural, every day brow look, I use for work and it gives me the perfect finished touch.
  60. Great product


    I recently had my brows feathered but love this product to fill them in a little more and make them look a little more polished. So quick and easy, my routine literally takes 2 minutes- brush with one end, fill with the other, brush over again- done!! Price point is the reason I’ve marked it down, it costs a lot for what it is but it does last a long time.
  61. The best


    This is the absolute best eyebrow pencil I have ever used, I have pretty thick brows so I don't need a lot of help but this is such an easy to use product that blends so naturally that it wouldn't matter how little or how much you need that it would work in both situations. I have repurchased time and time again and will continue to do so.
  62. Very natural brows


    I love this pencil, doesn't smudge during the day and helps fill in sparse eyebrows and they still look quite natural!
  63. 'Go to' brow pencil!


    I love this brow pencil! Easy to use, doesn't dry up, great colour matching. I wish it was a little cheaper but otherwise love it!
  64. amazing brow products


    I use all of the benefit eyebrow product because they are best but I've got to say this one has changed my life. Ive been using almost everyday of the past year. Theres so many shades and mine is 4.5. It gives me that neural defined brows.
  65. Love it!

    Tay Tay

    This is the only eyebrow pencil I use, along with the eyebrow gel in the same brand. It lasts all day and doesn’t smudge as well as it’s easy to work with with the angle tip.
  66. amazing


    If you dread doing your eyebrows you need this product! Its fool-proof!
  67. easy to use


    I love this pencil. it so easy to use and gives you that natural defined eyebrow look. best part is the spoolie at the end. it also has a good amount of colours.
  68. Best eyebrow product


    This is like the best eyebrow pencil out. It last me all day long. When I need my brows to look natural and full I use this. Basically you can create any type of brow look with this. Bold, natural anything. Nice shade range as well.
  69. perfect for the brows!


    I love all benefit brow products and this is no exception! I find this product works best for brows which need more filling in than small amounts. This is best for brows that are nearly non-existant, as i find you use less product with this rather than the goof proof.
    Great colour range and long lasting! highly recommend and worth the hype!
  70. Good for big brows


    I really like the tip of this brow pencil, good for filling in your brows if they are a bit bigger. The colour is really nice, the pencil is very pigmented so a little goes a long way. I also love the packaging and the spoolie on the end.
  71. Great!


    This is such a great brow pencil. Fills in sparse spots of my dark thick brows and easy to do light strokes to look very natural.
  72. Not Bad


    This is a great, soft brow pencil. The only trouble I have had is both of them I have ordered have dried up after a week or so making it difficult to apply. For the price it's not the best quality.
  73. Brow pencil


    Super easy to use and so convenient with the brush on the end !
  74. Love the natural brow look


    This definitely fills in my sparse areas very nicely, and helps me achieve that feathery brow look. A favourite of my brow stash
  75. The best!


    This literally is goof proof! It is impossible to have bad brows with this and trust me...I am very familar with bad brows! I am hopeless at filling in my brows and always struggle to get a good shapes.This product made every day a good brow day...even when my brows were in terrible shape!
  76. A good product but there are better ones


    It's a good brow pencil that is highly pigmented and lasts a long time. However, I find it a bit awkward to use in comparison to the Hourglass brow pencil I had prior to this. I probably wouldn't repurchase.
  77. Everlasting


    So easy and lasts so long! Love it.
  78. Good


    This is good to shade and fill in your brows, it doesn’t give you a sharp brow but more of a natural brow. It’s handy to have!
  79. WOW


    This pencil is so nice to fill in thick brows ! super quick and easy
  80. Easy & Quick Option


    Great brow product as always from Benefit, I especially love Goof Proof if you're just after a very quick application and don't have too much time to be perfecting your brows or are just doing a very minimal natural look.
  81. Great pencil


    Easy to use and looks super natural.
  82. Brows on fleek


    I love anything from Benefit brows because they apply so easily. They also have a wide variety of colours so you can find a match easily for your skin and eyebrow tone. The goof brow pencil makes my eyebrows look natural, as long as you go in with a light hand. You can also use it in conjunction with the Gimme brow gel for a more intense fuller looking eyebrow. The packaging is so cute as well whi...
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  83. Wouldn't look at a different brow pencil again


    I've been using this brow pencil for 2-3 years now after being recommended it, and now I feel everyone I know uses it! it last for ages too. I started off using the precise (skinny) version, which is also good, but I feel like this one last longer, and the angled pencil shape helps with shaping.
  84. Super easy


    Love this pencil, makes putting on the brows a breeze, I’m a natural blonde so my brows are white :( I use the light number 1 and its perfect! Also use it with benefits eyebrow gel, great combo
  85. Travel size costs less


    Great value. Such a good size for my travel bag.

    I don’t buy full size anything anymore. Costs half the price to buy the mini and by the time the formula needs replacing, if you buy full size, you have more than half left so it’s wasteful.

    This pencil is so easy to use and I can fill in my brows in minutes after a gym session.
  86. goof


    benefit is on top of the game when it comes to brow products, the goof proof is so simple to use and amazing for a natural looking brow
  87. Easiest brow product


    I love this brow product. It’s so easy to use with the spoolie on the other end and is very blendable. The shape of the tip is perfect for filling in the brow.
  88. Lasts for ages!


    I have had this eyebrow pencil for almost 3 years and it is still going strong! The waxy texture and angled end make it super easy to apply and the spoolie end makes it really easy to blend and fix any mistakes. Easily the best eyebrow pencil I've ever used, and while it isn't cheap it does last absolutely ages!
  89. My go-to brow pencil


    I have tried pretty much all of Benefit's brow products, but I keep coming back to the Good Proof Brow Pencil as my favourite. The triangle-shaped tip allows for both precision application and wide strokes depending on which way you turn the pencil. Keep a light hand and it creates a really nice, natural-looking brow. Shade #3 matches my medium dark brown brows perfectly.
  90. Really is goof proof


    I am a make up newbie and have tried so many eyebrow products that leave me looking like I have sharpie brows. This blends well for a natural defined look. Great especially if you dont have much time for make up as it glides on and blends effortlessly
  91. Awesome


    not my fav but defintely up there, if i hadnt had my brows done in a while this is the product to use to give my eyebrows a creamy beautiful new look
  92. THE BEST


    This is the best eyebrow pencil I have ever used, and I have used my fair share of eyebrow products. It glides on so easily and gives an amazing natural look. This is one that's hard to beat, I will be using this for a long time!
  93. Great


    Always a big fan of minis! This pen glides easily and fits in your travel bag effortlessly. It stays on for a good 3-5 hours before you would need to touch up again.
  94. Thick & thin strokes


    I love this pencil and how the end is designed to create both thin hairlike strokes and thicker bolder strokes to fill in the brows. I use colour 3 for my light brown hair and it looks so natural. Staying power is next level too!
  95. Love


    So easy to apply and blends well
  96. one of the best


    this brow pencil is very creamy, and does not look harsh as some others can. i like how natural it looks, the only downside is how expensive it is
  97. Best brow product


    This purchase was to replace my last Benefit Goof Proof pencil which had run out. I wouldn’t be without it and wouldn’t use anything else now. I even gave the packaging to a work colleague who is going to purchase one too. I have light and relatively sparse brows and I can achieve a beautiful full well shaped brow with this pencil every time. (Note the smaller less expensive pencil doesn’t come wi...
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  98. Best Eye brow Pencil


    I’ve tried so many eye brow pencils, but the Benefit Goof Proof is by far the best and so easy to use!
  99. Easy


    Really easy to just pencil in brows with this. I have used a lot of brow pencils and this one is really easy to use. Easily winds up instead of having to sharpen.
  100. No spoolie


    Love this to fill in sparse brows. The triangle tip makes it really quick. Wish it came with a spoolie
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