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Benefit Gimme Brow + Volumizing Gel 3g

4.7 of 504 reviews


4 instalments of $11.25

Or 4 instalments of $11.25 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $11.25

Or 4 instalments of $11.25 with LEARN MORE

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Full Brows...NOW! Back and better than ever! Benefit Gimme Brow+ is a tinted eyebrow gel that contains tiny microfibers that adhere to skin and hair. Create natural-looking fullness and definition, while the tiny, tapered brush makes application easy and mess-proof! Poof...fuller-looking brows magically appear!

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SUPERIOR - 93% recommend

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Benefit Gimme Brow + Volumizing Gel

Benefit Gimme Brow + Volumizing Gel

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Benefit Gimme Brow + Volumizing Gel Reviews

4.7 of 504 reviews

93% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

So easy for perfect brows everyday


I like to keep my routine as quick as possjble on weekdays and this gel guarantees my brows look filled in, tidy and groomed all within under a minute. Holy grail product

Most Helpful Criticism



Too wet to get a precise look. Hard to control amount that comes out.
  1. So easy for perfect brows everyday


    I like to keep my routine as quick as possjble on weekdays and this gel guarantees my brows look filled in, tidy and groomed all within under a minute. Holy grail product
  2. Easy to apply


    I bought the mini size before committing to the full size (and glad I did because the shade I chose wasn’t right!).
    Super easy to use and it grooms your brows well whilst adding colour, shape and some thickness.
    Quick and simple, highly recommend
  3. I don’t get the hype...


    This was really, really underwhelming. This brand is famous for this product, aren’t they? And my Rimmel product is better. The applicator for the sample is microscopic, and the “fibre” portion of the formula is messy. Especially considering the price, would definitely not purchase.
  4. Overhyped


    Too wet to get a precise look. Hard to control amount that comes out.
  5. Pretty good


    This brow gel is fantastic. It is simple to use and can be applied really quickly. The only negative is the price, but I would say that it is worth it because it lasts long.
  6. Reliable


    Really enjoy this brow gel, easy to use, the small brush is super nice. The mini is enough to lasts a couple months and I enjoy the brow look I get every time.
  7. love


    love this for no makeup days. i find i don’t have many fibres stick to my brows because i have very thin eyebrows but i love how it makes eyebrows so easy.
  8. Shades


    Would like to see more shades - but if you can find one in the range that suits you then this is a good choice of product.
  9. Love


    This product makes my eyebrows look DECENT! I can’t do my eyebrows with a pencil so this just helps give me a fuller, more natural look.
  10. Good between brow tints


    I like this product for when my brow tint has faded a bit. I prefer to tint my brows and just brush them up with a clear brow gel but this tinted gel from Benefit works great if I haven't been able to get to the salon for a tint. You do have to be a little more careful with a tinted brow gel or it can get a little messy. I also like to remove a little product from the spoolie before I apply or it ...
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  11. Don’t rate it


    I didn’t find this had much hold and the finished look was often muddy looking because you can’t get precision.
    Colour is a good taupe shade.
  12. Love it


    I bought the mini size for myself and the other day when my mum saw it & tried it on, she fell in love with it instantly, so here I am ordered this full size as a gift to her. She is so happy.
  13. Love it


    One step, lazy way of doing your brows. two thumbs up!
  14. Lazy girl's brow bestie


    This has been my go-to for years. Perfect for keeping brows tidy, adding a little colour and volume without needing to be highly skilled at makeup application. For a natural look its great alone, and for when I am putting in the extra effort for a fully done look, she layers over other brow products to add definition. LOVE!!
  15. hold could be better


    I tend to use brow gels with brow pencils to give some extra hold and fluff. The hold on this product could be better but it's not bad. Does add some extra fluffiness after i've drawn my brows on. Nothing mind blowing but does the job
  16. Not for me.


    I received this product as a deluxe sample and I should say from the outset that this is not my preferred type of brow product (my HG was a discontinued Clinique pencil from the late 2000s, the look was a very light feathering/fill in, I now use Clairns powder).

    Despite seeming simple, I found this product difficult to control and also difficult to remove if 'mistakes' were made. I t...
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  17. loveee


    makes my eyebrows look fuller and stay in place all day
  18. My favourite brow gel


    Subtle colour that helps me to create cute fluffy brows.
  19. Good


    It keeps hair in place and adds a little color as well. When I am in a rush, this is the product that I use.
  20. Brow beauty


    If you have full brows, this is the best product to tame them! Makes them fluffy and natural.
  21. life saver


    what would i do without this product omg. my eyebrows would not exist without this. its super easy to use and i have been using it everyday for years now. no one product compares
  22. Impressive brow gel


    I was hesitant to purchase however its really impressed me. Easy application and can build up to your desired thickness. Managed to colour match really well too. My brows struggle to stay up and this product really helps.
  23. Works really well


    This product will improve your look in 5 seconds. It's super easy to use (and I'm not good at makeup) and will make a noticable difference to the fullness of your brows.

    I tint my eyebrows for a more permanent solution, but when the tint is fading this is my go to product.

    I tried a cheaper drugstore brand but it wasn't as good so now will always go back to this one... ...
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  24. Does what it says

    I buy too much makeup

    Until recently I've used a cheaper L'Oreal dupe for this product, but I'm glad I switched as benefit has much more natural shades. The product does what it says - thickens and holds.
  25. I love


    Perfect in between brow tint jobs, looks really natural. Worth the money as it lasts forever. I remove some product off brush before applying for a more subtle look.
  26. Great


    Love this product! Such a quick and easy way to apply my brows of a morning!
  27. wow brows


    I've used this for a few years now and it is so easy to apply and makes your brows look amazing for the whole day.
    Theres a colour to match everyone
  28. So easy to use


    received this as a free sample it was very easy to use but the colour was too light for me. It did hold my eyebrows in place though.
  29. Perfect shade!


    I have fair skin and light-med brown hair
    The Deep Cool Brown is perfect and gives just enough drama to my brows without being over the top and still looking natural
    Great applicator brush as well
  30. New fave thing


    I saw a review that said “just get this” so I did and I am so pleased with it! Sometimes its all I wear for makeup during the day. I never was a brow person until I saw what a difference it made to my face. It doesnt smudge yet is easy to clean off when I get some on my skin by accident. Idk how it works but its gooood
  31. Easy to use, give quick thick eyebrow


    Love it, very easy to use.
    Im asian, using #3 colour.
  32. Long lasting


    Great little tool to create subtle definition on your brows. Also lasts for quite a while, but might feel like its not doing enough for some people without other product on your brows.
  33. Best brow gel


    It really shapes and holds the eyebrows! It also makes it look darker and shapes my face better
  34. good eyebrow definition


    Lovely and subtle brow shape definition and colour. Makes the eyebrows look well groomed and natural
  35. Goes on unevenly, not a great colour match


    Not a very natural look IMO. I purchased the same colour I use in the Goof Proof pencil and it looks quite orangey on me in this product. It goes on quite patchy so there are gaps between the strokes. Not my fav brow product, not very impressed TBH.
  36. Very natural looking


    Really liked this, the finish is very natural
  37. eye brow helper

    Miss T

    I have very thin fine brows - so this product works but with other products i couldnt find a way to get it looking good on its own. I do think this is because of my sparse brows though - i think those kinds of brows need more than one kind of product to look natural


    I have blonde sparse eyebrows and this gives them a real lift while looking natural. Its easy to apply as well.
  39. Couldn't live without!


    A brow staple - so easy to swipe on and go! Love how it volumises and styles my brows lasting all day. Will forever stay in my make up bag.
  40. Perfect for eyebrows


    Good to make your eyebrow looks stands up It looks fuller but in a natural way Love to use this to finish a sleek and clean look for the makeup Will continue to purchase :)
  41. A quick and easy brow touch up!


    I love this product. Ive used it for such a long time now. It's so easy to use and makes a huge difference to your eyebrows. It has the effects of a pencil and a brush in one.
  42. Love it - end of story


    This was amazing. Was a little scared to get a tinted eyebrow mascara (always uses a clear gel prior). Don’t think I’ll go back!
  43. Good shape and colour


    Wasn't so great for me as I got the wrong shade, but my sister eagerly adopted it! It's worked really well for her. Easy to comb through.
  44. Addicted to it!


    Can not go out without it! Love it so much.
  45. Gimme Brows


    This is the perfect finish to my tattooed brows, in one or two swipes it leaves a gorgeous natural finish to my brows. So simple and easy! Lasts all day too!
  46. nice colour


    This product made my brows look so good really quickly. This was also really easy to apply on and made my brows look a lot fuller. The packaging was amazing and the price is decent. I definitely would recommend.
  47. So cute


    This is so perfect, its a great way to test out the product and it works super well for me. Makes my eyebrows look naturally thicker without making them to pencilled in.
  48. Loved it


    Nice to use for naturally full eyebrows that you want to look more defined.
  49. Great brow product


    I like that this brands version doesnt leave eyebrow hairs feeling stuck down to the skin like a cheaper one does!
    Lasts all day and gives a great natural look.
  50. Best brow product


    Such an easy product to use, such a staple of any makeup routine. I love how it can be applied with no effort but with huge impact.
  51. Best eyebrow product


    I love the smoothness and buildable nature of this formula; it can be applied for a casual "no makeup" look or be built up for a more 'glam' look. I particularly like how long the product lasts and how it doesn't fall off in specks throughout the day.
  52. Good coverage


    This is the first time i bought this brand, as my brows are thinning and not a vibrant colour anymore. This worked well it holds a natural colour and isn't "gluggy" or make the eyebrows stiff, like some i have used.
  53. Unsure


    It’s taken multiple uses to get this gel to a place where I’m liking it... when it was brand new it was a bit gloopy and there was too much excess gel on the brush that would clump in my brows and leave them looking messy- it had me wishing for my old clear brow gel! Yet once the gel became less intense, I liked it, but I’m not sure if I’ll get it again. I do think this gel would be great if you h...
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  54. amazing


    Amazing product to set really course brow hairs. Doesn’t coat the brows and make the hair look grubby
  55. Easy to use


    This is so easy to use,ni just apply straight on no spills or mess, then go ver with a spoodle.
  56. So easy


    This is the best product when you can't be bothered or are in a hurry and creates a fluffy filled-in brow in seconds. Love it!
  57. Good for no make up days


    I have very blonde brows, so I love this product. It is so natural and great to just whip through my brows when I don't want to wear make up! (also super cheap!)
  58. This brow mascara has all the wow-factor you'd expect from a BEST-rated product!

    Rachael McLean

    This brow mascara has all the wow-factor you'd expect from a BEST-rated product! The small brush easily grooms brows into your desired shape, and the tinted brow gel that the brush deposits works in two different ways to fill in sparse areas. The gel formula is thickening, so it clings to the existing brow hairs and builds volume without becoming clumpy or hard.

    Subtly building on wha...
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  59. Effortless


    Quick and easy to use for those minimal makeup days.
  60. Easiest and quickest way to do my brows


    If I’m doing my full makeup routine I’ll use this as a brow set because without it my eyebrows just never look complete. On days where I’m wearing less makeup I can just quickly put this on them and it really makes all the difference. I haven’t tried many products like this by other brands but at such a low price you can’t really go wrong.
  61. Stays all day


    Love this product as it keeps my brows in place all day, however it is quite expensive.
  62. average


    i dont think theres anything special about this product. it lasts all day but it doesnt give a natural finish, perhaps i purchased the wrong shade
  63. Effective product (bit pricey)


    This gel works quite well at keeping my eyebrows in shape and adding some colour. I just think it's a bit pricey for what it is so I might stick to my drug-store brand gels.
  64. Really good!


    I love love love this product! For people who can’t be bothered to do their brows, this is for you! Easy application, and great formula. Will be purchasing again!
  65. Best so far


    I've been searching for the best eyebrow gel for some time now. Most products don't seem to hold my brows in place for long enough. I've had friends ship products over from the US (Glossier boy brow etc.) and I genuinely think this is just as good, if not better. Highly recommend.
  66. The best!!!


    I brought the small or travel-sized first then this one. I had seen so many reviews and beauty gurus use it. Fills in my brows and I use it on a daily basis because I'm more of a natural brow girl. it keeps them in place all day.
  67. Beautiful, Natural, Full Brows!


    I had never (and probs would never) have tried this product until Adore Beauty gave me a mini version as a sample/gift thing. Thank you Adore Beauty! Holy moly this thing is incredible! I had tried some 'drugstore' brow mascara things but they are NOTHING in comparison to Benefit Gimme Brow.

    Why it's so good:
    1. The brush is the perfect size. So many many other brands I tried h...
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  68. So easy to use


    Great and easy to use probably best to try the smaller size until you find the correct colour. It controlled my eyebrows very well.
  69. Quick, easy & pretty

    Maria G

    I needed something quick in the mornings for work and didn't want to spend time pencilling my brows. This is so so quick and easy to apply! I wear it everyday and it STAYS on even when I've gone for a major walk! Makes my life that bit easier. Also the colour is really nice and natural
  70. Favourite brow product


    My favourite brow product as I have thick brows and don’t like to fill them in too much.
    Light all over colour and set in place for the whole day, perfect!
  71. Short on time? This is for you


    Great tool for when you dont have the time, easy to apply and does everything. Be mindful it can dry out so don't leave unscrewed.
  72. Game Changer!


    How did I live my life without this product! I have been using pencil and matte eye shadows for years to little effect, and then I was considering microblading but bought this on a whim and because I saw over 400 people had reviewed it, it is INCREDIBLE! Just buy it, don't worry about the price it is WORTH IT! It reveals brows that were invisible, builds them up and doesn't smear smudge or flake o...
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  73. Rich colour and texture


    I bought this to replace Glossier Boy Brow. This delivers a rich colour which can be built up with multiple passes. The brush helps to define texture on my brows. My only dislike is that too much product sometimes sticks to the brush, creating smears if your hand slips.
  74. A solid product


    This product does what it says. It holds your brows in place and gives definition. You do need a light hand so the product doesn’t build up or smear.
  75. love this product


    i love how this brow brush subtly colours and shapes brows at the same time. I use it in my daily makeup routine.
  76. Nothing Compare To You


    I've repurchased this so many times I've lost count.

    I've tried so many lower and higher priced alternatives but nothing has come close to Gimme Brow.

    It gives your eyebrows a natural look, fills in sparse areas without the need for an eyebrow pencil and provides additional hold.

  77. Love, love, love it!


    I first tried this product when given a sample through Adore. Loved this brown gel that I purchased the full size product. My brows have really thinned out and are a little patchy, this gel fills them in perfectly. Can't go a day without it now.
  78. Makes eyebrows easy


    I’ve been loving this during iso and on weekends when you can’t be bothered doing a full face of make up. It takes me 20 seconds to quickly brush up my brows and make them look full.
  79. Great!


    I received this originally as a sample and loved it so have just purchased the full size. I was expecting it to be about the size of a mascara but the container is much smaller....although the sample has lasted me ages so am guessing this will too. Great for everyday wear, especially when I’m in between eyebrow tints.
  80. Got the sample, then had to buy the full size!


    Excellent applicator makes this product really work well. Pricey but worth it!
  81. Average


    I’m not sure why everyone’s so obsessed with this. It’s average at best, whilst it is great at volumising I find the brush doesn’t get every hair of mine and I don’t like the colours 5 or 6 which were allegedly great for black hair. I can use it up but wouldn’t repurchase or recommend it. I’d recommend the Bobbi Brown Natural Brow Shaper, better range of colours that are actually hair colour and n...
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  82. Can't find better!


    This is the best out there for a brow gel- I've tried other brands and always come back to this one- it's that good!
  83. Foolproof


    I have fairly dark auburn hair and pale complexion - colour 3 suits me well. I find I still need a pencil to fill in sparse areas but with this over the top my brows look full and groomed. The product can build up at the bottom of the brush which is a little annoying, but other than that great product.
  84. Good product


    I received a tester of this and I haven't stopped using it since. Its a great gel to put through your brows on a no makeup day, or right after doing your brows with a full face of makeup. Highly recommend!
  85. Fav item in my makeup bag!


    I love this product. I use it even on no make up days, it makes my brows look amazing all day.
    It’s well worth the cost, it lasts ages.
  86. Quick and easy eyebrows


    Keeps my eyebrows in place all day and is so easy to use. I hate spending ages doing my eyebrows like I would with other products but this makes them look great in minimal time
  87. Staple makeup product


    The benefit gimme brow is one of my staple must-have products. Can be used very lightly for a natural look or built up to create really thick, bushy brows. The colour range is great and usually means you can find the perfect match. It doesn't hold my brows in place as strongly as i'd like so I also use the benefit 24 hour brow setter for that.
  88. My number 1 product in my makeup bag


    Gimme Brow has been my number 1 makeup staple for almost 4 years now and I’ve only gone through 4-5 tubes in that time, using it every single day. It gives volume and definition to your brows without having to draw them in, just by brushing the fibres through your brows. This will 100% be your new staple by far.
  89. Brow saver!


    I first received this product as a free sample and haven’t looked back ever since! I no longer need to fill in my brows as this keeps them bold, bushy and groomed. It’s a little pricey for the amount you get but lasts for ages and is well worth it considering I’ve gone from using two brow products down to one!
  90. Impressed


    I choose colour 3 as I’m fair, 1 coat is subtle but can build colour with another application. Thickens the hair nicely and lasts all day even with a workout. Will definitely purchase again.
  91. Amazing


    Keeps brows in place all day. Looks natural and yet gives a good definition to the brows. I can't fault it.
  92. Must have


    I have been using the gimme brow for years and I love it so much. It sets the brows so nicely and adds a bit of colour and definition. LOVE IT!
  93. Great brow product!


    This is such an awesome product, quick and easy. Adds just enough colour, adds fullness and sets brow hairs into place. This is my go to for quick easy brows. The shade range is great too.
  94. Really natural look


    I like that this gives a very natural look, great for looking fresh faced but not overly done. Only complaint is the brush applicator tends to build up globs at the base. They can be wiped off, but for the price and small tube size, it means a lot more product wasted.
  95. Loving it!


    Got this as a sample from a previous order, and have absolutely loved it so much, that I'm going to purchase a full-sized bottle (once I finish my hourglass eyebrow gel). Officially converted!
  96. Love Love Love


    This product is amazing! I'm a natural Blonde and when I say natural I mean my eyebrows are literally so translucent in photos they don't show up in pictures. This product gives me eyebrows that are the perfect shade so that people aren't like "wow why your'e eyebrows so dark". which ALWAYS happens if i get them tinted. I swear by this product and for all my other nonexistent brow babes out there...
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  97. Best brows


    I love this product. It takes my brows and makes them look thicker. My brows stay in shape all day with this.
  98. Nice natural brows!

    Kristina B

    Received this as part of a promotional pack and just love it!. It gives me fuller, darker brows that still look natural. will definitely be purchasing when I run out of the sample. Also find that the gel blends easily and is very forgiving if you accidentally put too much on!
  99. All in one brow product


    I love this brow gel! It's all I use on my brows. It defines the hairs whilst colouring them in, giving a really natural look. Just be careful to scrape the brush off a bit before applying so you don't get a big glob of colour (even if you do you can just brush it through).
  100. Quick and easy


    I have used various different brow pencils, pomades, crayons over the years and love this! Received a mini sample and fell in love with it so bought the full size. Really easy to use and fills and thickens my brows without looking too drawn on and fake

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