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benefit cosmetics

Benefit Erase Paste brightening camouflage

Benefit Cosmetics Authentic
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Benefit Erase Paste brightening camouflage by Benefit Cosmetics

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*Winner of Best Concealer in the 2009 Australian Beauty Awards!*

Signs of stress & fatigue are a thing of the past with this innovative formula. Benefit Erase Paste brightening camouflage is a concentrated, creamy, blendable concealer that instantly brightens & camouflages all-in-one. The three brightening neutral shades give every gal correction perfection. Includes a step-by-step concealing & brightening lesson and a handy little spatula.

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Really torn about this product! - 07-07-2012 by

I've been using this product for a fortnight now and I'm just really torn on this product. On the one hand, it looks great after I put it on. It covers my under-eye dark circles and gets rid of the redness at the corner of my nostrils and helps cover up my acne scars. The texture is really creamy and it goes on without any troubles. BUT, I've tried to use this product with three different primers and unfortunately I can't get it to stay. It slips off my face and settles into the little lines under my eyes. I don't really have a problem with under-eye lines/wrinkles but this product really makes it look like I do. You also HAVE to use a setting powder for this product because it looks too shiny and sticky under your eyes if you don't. I'm going to keep using this product until I finish it, but I don't think I'll re-purchase unless I find a primer that can keep it in place.

- 02-06-2009 by

As someone that has always had under eye circles i've searched high and low for a concealer that 1. reduces the darkness, 2. stays put for a reasonable period of time, 3. is not drying or cakey. Gladly i can tell you that Benefit Erase Paste col 2, is just right for me. It's much more pink than any concealer i've ever tried so i was skeptical at first but pleasantly suprised. It is quite thick and not too creamy but applied with a brush it goes on nicely and has some real staying power. I do find it can gather in fine lines a little but it's nothing a quick dab doesn't fix. It comes in a cute little pot but is quite a generous size. The only thing i'd like is a flip lid instead of a screw on lid. In all this is the most effective concealer i've tried, i would definately buy it again.

- 01-04-2009 by

I love this concealer. It glides on smoothly, and provides excellent under eye coverage (where I need it most). The container is small, but I can tell already that it will last a long time. Also comes with handy instructions for covering different sorts of problem areas.

Best concealer for dark circles under eyes - 02-02-2012 by

I have very dark circles under my eyes, and this is the best concealer (No. 2) I have used. It may seem expensive initially, but a little goes a long way, so the jar lasts a long time.
Love it!

- 25-08-2010 by

This stuff is amazing!!! Like YSL Touche Eclat in a jar...but better. I was in two minds about trying this out...due to the very limited colour section....but i'm so glad I did. ...the #3 is perfect for dark skinned gals like me...and gives a nice luminous glow ....while concealing. A little goes a long way...and it takes a little bit of time to 'roll' and 'pat' this till its invisible...but its defentily worth the effort.

- 12-02-2010 by

This is a pot of miracles. The Fair (01) shade is perfect for me and really peps up dark undereye circles I get if I am a bit tired! It has tiny little light reflecting particles in it, so it really brightens the area. It is a creamy paste but you can apply it very thinly so it never looks cakey. Occasionally in the afternoon I need to blend it under my eyes a little bit, as it can show up fine dehydration lines a bit, but it is not a big problem for me. This is a staple product for me!

- 17-01-2010 by

This has got to be the BEST concealer I have ever tried! I am seriously considerinf stocking this in my makeup kit to use on my clients because it covers & hides flaws in nanoseconds! I will admit that I was hesitant to invest in this for my next concealer because I wanted to try another brand out there but the girls at adorebeauty.com.au highly recommended this one and so I took their advice - GLAD I DID! It is a lovely creamy formula that blends right into the skin, the light shade matches my skintone perfectly and the product lasts all day, keeping my under-eye area free of dark circles and hiding signs of fatigue. I use this to cover my pimples or distinct red marks & it never seems to disappoint. The packaging is cute, and it is easy to use but the spatula is more of a hindrance than help because it catches the product in its little scooper spoon & I need to dig my nails in to get it out. Overall, I am extremely happy with its overall performance.

- 29-06-2009 by

This concealer did nothing, wait it did do something - make my skin dry out and flake. The areas that I used this became red and swollen. Maybe this would suit the mannequin that represents Benefit...chemical crap is what I'd call this! My skin is a horrible mess! So disappointed :( I sent the other products back as I didn't want to risk my skin looking like a red chilli pepper with puss. You can read my other review on "Dr Feelgood...feels so bad"!

- 01-05-2009 by

A HG Concealer for sure! Perfect shade for me, not pinky at all. Does not crease, even at the end of the day this still looks perfect. I tiny bit goes a long way and the little jar is super cute!

- 28-10-2008 by

Possibly my HG under-eye concealer. Good coverage, doesn't crease (much - I think only Botox could prevent creasing completely!), and the brightening effect really makes you look wide awake and perky. I don't bother with the spatula though, I just use a brush to apply and then blend with a fingertip or sponge. Sometimes I also set it with a teeensy dabbing of BECCA loose powder. I use the #1 Light shade.

Love this product! - 02-12-2011 by

I absolutely love this product. I've tried so many concealers over the years, but this one has to be one of the best. I'm quite pale, and 01 fair works really well concealing tired eyes and the occasional blemish. The colour is great, not too pink or yellow. It also blends really well using just a ring finger. I definitely recommend this product!

A miracle - 30-10-2012 by

This product is truly amazing.
My dark circles, which are extremely obvious in the mirror in my bathroom, both with and without glasses, with overhead sunlight from a sky light, are invisible to me now in the same type of light conditions, with and without my glasses.
I only need a tiny amount, so the price is reasonable - this will last me an age+ - and it does the job beautifully.
I don't mind if I look my age - I'm 54 - but I do mind if I look many years older to myself because of something I've inherited and makes me almost look like I'm wearing dark glasses! For the first time, ever I think, I've smiled at my reflection in the mirror.
Thank you Sarah from Adore Beauty who recommended this product and shade to me - I've never worn face makeup before and had no idea what to choose between so many concealer products. It's even beautifully covered an age spot on my cheek! I wasn't expecting that.

Great for Under Eyes - 14-08-2012 by

This is such a beautiful creamy camouflage that I use mainly for day. It doesn't dry out your eye area, nor does it disappear into any creases you may have around your eyes. I found I need a bit more coverage at night time. Its quite good value for money as it lasts a lot longer than some of the other camouflage products I use.

- 25-10-2008 by

Fantastic concealer! I love it sooo much! So soft and creamy and really covers dark circles. It really brightens the under eye area and gives a youthful glow. I love the packaging too, the spatula is the perfect idea!

The search is over!! - 07-02-2017 by

I have been looking for a concealer that doesn't cake up and settle into my fine lines and I think I have found it! So far nothing has worked in my favour until this little beauty came alone and it has changed my life.
I have super dry skin and this just keeps my under eye so hydrated without looking sticky and slippery.. My skin is light in the winter and olive/medium in the summer I picked #02 medium and it works a treat for me!

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