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Benefit Dr. Feelgood mattifying balm

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Benefit Dr. Feelgood mattifying balm by Benefit Cosmetics


Benefit Dr. Feelgood mattifying balm is a new idea for smooth, silky, matte skin. It is a complexion miracle worker! This colourless, weightless balm goes on bare skin or glides over makeup to reduce the appearance of fine lines and pores while soaking up excess oil.

Enriched with Vitamins A, C and E, the Benefit Dr. Feelgood mattifying balm is just what the doctor ordered for beautiful, healthy skin!

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Great mattifier over makeup - 28-10-2014 by

Love this, minimises my pores and controls oil when pressed into my skin over makeup. The key is to press it in rather than wipe/spread it on your face. I don't understand the bad reviews, I think this is fantastic for my oily skin and I am on my second tin.

- 02-07-2010 by

I love to keep this in my handbg for touch ups. I simply apply to my oily spots and then touch up my make up over the top. Works a treat. Soak up any oil and smoothes over pores.

- 20-03-2010 by

Love the look of all benefit cosmetics. I found this to be rather greasy and my foundation seemed to slide off with my foundation brush. maybe i needed to use a little less. only used it twice.

- 05-12-2009 by

This would have to be the worse primer I have ever used. I applied this over the op of my make-up and all it did was just smudge my make-up off. Dried out my skin, made my pores look bigger (don't think primers should be doing this?) and actually made my skin and make-up, feel and look greasy. The packaging is cute (as with all Benefit products), but I won't be buying this product again.

- 29-06-2009 by

I have a combination/oily skin type and thought this is exactly what I need. I was so excited to receive my products from Benefit as I heard good things from girlfriends. As I applied this product (it said over make-up?) it took my foundation off big time! So I had to "patch" it up (more time wasted) My skin looked a little red as soon as the sponge touched my skin. I thought it was because I felt a little hot. One of my children interrupted me as I was applying to the left side and chin area. I forgot to do the right side. It felt VERY greasy, just like cooking lard, and didn't "feel to good", still though, I gave it the BENEFIT of the doubt. Hubby and I went out to dinner and he asked me if I was feeling all right? I looked a little red through my foundation. I thought it may of been because I was sitting next to a warm fire as we were dining. Came home and cleansed my whole face, went to bed. In the middle of the night I woke up and thought I was drooling as the side of my mouth felt "wet". I wiped it away and soon enough it happened again for several times (I don't drool in my sleep) and thought it was weird. So I took a look in the bathroom light, as the "wet patch" kept appearing, so annoying! It was weeping and my complexion was bright red and very angry looking! The skin felt tight with a burning feeling. This morning hives broke out! Not happy Benefit! It smells like furniture polish too, what a waste of money it left me feeling and looking like s*** I'm very angry with this product can't you tell? How can they ever put this on the market? My skin is still burning 24hrs later...will my complexion ever be the same again?

- 22-04-2009 by

I first experienced this product at the trial for my bridal makeup. I loved the feel and smell of it - my skin felt like silk and it really does make your skin look 'flawless'. Come the wedding day, my makeup looked immaculate, lasted all day and my skin looked and felt beautiful! -Moist, soft, smooth and it kept the base in place all day and night! I think this is one little luxury any girl should have, and I bought it purely because of my wearing it last saturday (18th April 2009) for my wedding... a gorgeous product and the tin is so cute! Will look great in your makeup bag too! Best of all, being colourless, regardless of your skin colour anyone can use it. I am very fair and don't like to wear tinted products too much because foundation with a green tint added is what I use to make my skin look porcelain like. I think the colourless factor here is one of its strong points. Works for everyone and doesnt compete with your foundation at all. It nourishes your skin too..great if you are a little dry or foundation can end up a bit cakey as the day wears on. Go girls!

- 19-11-2008 by

Benefit's Dr Feelgood Balm is one of my Holy Grail products. I have combination skin which tends to get quite oily in the t-zone in the summer time. Dr Feelgood is a great way for me to avoid that dreaded face shine. It has a velevety texture and can be applied on its own, under or over makeup. I use it all three ways. The tin in which Dr Feelgood comes is absolutely gorgeous!

- 25-10-2008 by

Dr.Feelgood is a great little really helps giving your make up that flawless look. A little goes a very long way.

- 19-10-2008 by

I don't think I'll ever need to buy this again, as there is so much product in the tin! A great mattifier, perfect to keep in your handbag for touching up during the day when needed. Looks divine in the handbag, too!

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