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Benefit Big Easy Complexion Perfector

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Benefit Big Easy Complexion Perfector is BIGGER than BB Cream, why? Where do we start!

First of all, this multi-balancing complexion perfector balances moisture and controls oil and second. the luxurious liquid to powder formula melts in like a cream yet finishes with a beautiful velvety, lightweight finish. Genius!

Skintone is evened out in a cinch with this light to medium coverage foundation which conceals imperfections like a pro. Boasting an oil-free SPF 25 formulation filled with anti-oxidants to fight free radicals and ingredients to soothe the skin, the Benefit Big Easy Complexion Perfector is the ultimate beauty balancing act!

Benefit Big Easy Complexion Perfector - BIG results!
90% said it visibly smoothed & evened out skin texture*
97% said it balanced moisture & oil*
100% said it had a lightweight finish*
93% said it visibly improved skin’s appearance*
*Results observed in a consumer panel survey


Apply to moisturized face with fingertips, blending for an even, natural finish. Pat on more wherever you want to build coverage.

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Reviews (6)
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Good but... - 04-10-2014 by

This is great for oily skin as a base in summer underneath mineral powder for that light, less fuss look. Ive got oily skin and this doesn't result in shine throughout the day, which is great, but coverage isn't good and it can make you look a bit pale and powdery. I have pretty light skin and bought light/medium 03 and it's really pale.

surely a keeper! - 04-10-2014 by

I looooved this bb/cc foundation!! It was recommended to me and I'm glad I took the jump. Compared to other brands it is a little expensive, but so worth every penny. The packaging felt a little outdated to me as pastel colours aren't exactly my cuppa tea. But I got over that with my free Tim Tam ( thanks Adore Beauty!! :-)). This foundation will definitely be a permanent item in my makeup bag. Perfect for daily use.

Amazing for oily skin - 14-09-2014 by

As a doting fan of Benefit (all my make up is benefit!) I have been eyeing off this product since it was released. I finally bought it over the weekend. In the past two days since using it instead of foundation I haven't had to reapply powder to hide the excess oil on my face and it doesn't feel like I have anything on at all. I only have to apply a small amount and it spreads smoothly and evenly. I will definitely be recommending this product to my friends and family, well, anyone who asks!

2.5 stars out of 5 - 50% like, 50% would not re-purchase - 26-05-2014 by


- It really does go from liquid to powder. Forget other brands that claim any kind of baby-soft, cashmere finish - Benefit Big Easy DELIVERS. When someone mentioned they couldn't stop touching their face after applying this I thought she was a few threads short of a sweater ... then I tried it. WOW. This stuff is baby-kitten-soft.

- Lightweight in an effortless, easy-to-apply way. Doesn't feel like it's clogging your pores or setting you up for breakouts.

- Built in SPF30. Great for the Australian hole-in-ozone problem.

- Not great coverage. Fine if your skin is in pristine condition, with perhaps a little redness around the nose.

- Not a fan of the packaging. Seriously, Benefit, what are you thinking?! Box & tube look cheap n' nasty in an Avon circa 1993 kinda way. It is actually off-putting.
Usually I don't *really* care about aesthetics as long as the product works, but Benefit is THE leader in wasteful -and in this case, disgraceful- packaging. Evidence: Box has fake bottom (to make product look bigger than it is) and an additional cardboard insertion for no apparent reason. It's a little [read: LOT] ridiculous.

It's a 50/50 for me.

Makes your mornings easy that's for sure! - 25-05-2014 by

I'm a fan of anything that can make my skin look perfected in a few seconds flat, and this definitely wins!

I really like the texture, it's velvety without adding any weight. The coverage is light and gives an almost matte (but not flat) finish, so my normal-dry skin doesn't need to powder once I'm done. It's oil-free

You get an SPF of 30 (!!!!) making this super ideal for the weekend (or days where it's all just too hard haha) and you hardly need any.

I've actually used this as a base for makeup before and I think it doubles as a really good primer.

PALE SKINNED LADIES: yes, 01 Fair is actually quite fair! If you usually have trouble finding something pale and neutral enough for your skin, this will actually do it for you! This is the first time in my excessive-makeup-buying-life that I've actually ever had a perfect match so I'm stoked! :D

This is a lovely product but not for even slightly dry skin. - 12-05-2014 by

This is a gorgeous liquid to powder almost foundation type product. I'm a little torn about whether I like it or not though. The sunscreen content is not oily in any way shape or form which is great.

If my skin is in perfect condition it makes my face look soft and flawless, HOWEVER, if I have ANY dry flakes this highlights them a lot AND I generally have to wear a moisturiser or primer underneath.

I find it great under my eyes providing I have an eye cream on and hides dark circles quite well without creasing. It runs much lighter than the rest of the Benefit range, so be sure to order a shade darker than you usually would. All that said, when my skin is in great condition it is lovely, soft and velvety with medium coverage that is build-able!

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