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Benefit Benetint Mini Cheek and Lip Stain 4ml

4.3 of 123 reviews


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4 instalments of $5.25

Or 4 instalments of $5.25 with LEARN MORE

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Super cute, and travel friendly too! Available for a limited time, Benefit Benetint is the original and still the best just-kissed rose-colored cheek and lip tint. Kiss-proof and water-proof, the indelibly sheer Benefit Benetint gives you an innocent yet provocative glow.

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GREAT - 87% recommend

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Benefit Benetint Mini Cheek and Lip Stain Reviews

4.3 of 123 reviews

87% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Pretty glow!


I love the simplicity in the application of this product. The bottle fits perfectly in a small makeup bag that I always carry with me. I use on both my lips and cheeks and the colour looks really great on both! I’m not a big lipstick wearer but I love the subtle natural colour it gives my lips. Blusher is another product I’m fussy with , this tint provides a long lasting beautiful glow, Love! Love! Love! I am certainly going to stick with this amazing multi-tasker! Xx

Most Helpful Criticism

Just average


The colour is quite intense and the consistency isn’t suited for lasting longer periods, definitely better lip/cheek products out there
  1. Excellent for travel


    Perfect travel companion!! An absolute classic that leaves a beautiful sheer pink that gives you a beautiful flushes look. I always come back to this one.
  2. Just average


    The colour is quite intense and the consistency isn’t suited for lasting longer periods, definitely better lip/cheek products out there
  3. Great size!


    verified purchaser
    This was the first lip tint I have ever purchased and I love that I was able to try it in a mini size! It is super easy to apply and the color is a nice rosy red. I think the best way to use it is just apply it once. I have tried to make it darker by adding a couple more layers but the product goes a little funny on the inside of my lips.
  4. Pretty glow!


    verified purchaser
    I love the simplicity in the application of this product. The bottle fits perfectly in a small makeup bag that I always carry with me. I use on both my lips and cheeks and the colour looks really great on both! I’m not a big lipstick wearer but I love the subtle natural colour it gives my lips. Blusher is another product I’m fussy with , this tint provides a long lasting beautiful glow, Love! Love...
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  5. Light tint


    I like the cute factor of this product and the tint it initially provides, but I find that the tint fades fairly quickly. I wish it was more longer lasting.
  6. Benefit Benetint Mini Cheek and Lip Stain


    gives u a natural blush and nice natural lips without the need of a lipstick. just put this and add on lip balm on top. cheeks is nice and natural looking too.
  7. Love it as a cheek tint!


    I use this on my cheeks to give it a natural flush to my cheeks. The result is very subtle and natural and lasts all day. The applicator is also easy to apply. Highly recommended!
  8. Must have!


    I always go back to repurchasing this tint. It adds the most natural and beautiful flush of colour to cheeks and makes lips look gorgeously pink and luscious. The tint is heavily pigmented - and you don't need much of it at all, but it is so buildable! So great for days when you want a beautiful deep red lip.
  9. Bottle lasts for a long time if you use sparingly, which I recommend!


    If you don't want to spend much on this, the smaller version is good as they last for ever anyway! I dab the brunch on my finger tips and dot/smooth out across the apple of my cheeks. You don't need much so use little bits at a time.
  10. perfect for the lips


    super flattering on the lips, however isnt suited towards those with oily skin as it does get oily and smudges throughout the day
  11. Versatile


    I always achieve either a natural flush look or an extra rosy look with this product, I love it!
  12. One of my OG faves.

    Emma C

    I've used this product for years - in fact it was the first Benefit product I ever purchased more than 12 years ago! I find it wears off quickly as a lip tint on me, but I LOVE it as a cheek tint/blush. My hot tip is to apply it before you apply foundation - I layer it on after primer but before foundation/concealer/tinted moisturiser. Not only is it more forgiving if you overdo it, but it also ma...
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  13. My favourite product!


    I LOVE this tint! I use it everyday as my lipstick and blush and never allow myself to rub out. It is absolutely amazing and lasts all day long. I recommend this product to everyone wanting a long lasting tint for lips and cheeks!
  14. A favorite!


    I love benefit's tints they are so versatile and great staples especially for summer, I use for both lips and cheeks and sometimes on the eyes too, easy to build up to the amount you would like and used with just your fingers. I always have one in my bag for on the go touch-ups and love for a day at the beach or a no-makeup look. A must-have!
  15. Water very weak colour it any at all it just dry of in the skin


    No color at all very weak it’s like putting water I regret buy it the last time I will buy
  16. Good


    On his cheek he lasts and pigments a lot longer, his mouth looks beautiful, but I use two layers and I feel his durability could be longer!
  17. My go to cheek stain/blush


    I’ve been using benetint for a while now and it has become my staple blush. I also dab a little bit on my lips before applying some lip balm and it gives them a nice rosy glow. A mini bottle seems to last for at least 6 months, so it is excellent value too. I imagine that this would work on a variety of skin tones, but if you have fair skin like myself, it looks very natural and rosy.
  18. Natural looking lip stain


    I adore this lip stain! It does stay put but if you eat or drink you may need to reapply. This shade is gorgeous and gives a healthy-looking colour to the lips. It has a little brush like applicator (like a nail polish) and I find it easy to apply. A bottle lasts ages too so great value for money
  19. lightweight and stay for long


    I bought it from duty free shop. It's cheap but it isquite nice. Very light texture but easy to show its color, and stay really long on lips.
  20. Cheek tint


    I brought this product because I wanted a more fresh looking face and I thought it might add a 'pop' of colour to my face.
    I was a little hesitant as it appears quiet red, and I didn't want to look like a clown.
    However, it is wonderful - just what I was after. It does not appear bright red once patted gently into the cheeks. Perfect for what I wanted.


    I have been searching for something like this for SOOOOOO LONG!!!!

    I am not really into wearing lipstick but love a little hint of colour on my lips to liven them up a little. This is so natural but gives you that extra pop!!

    The colour is so beautiful! I used on my cheeks which was nice also but much prefer how it looks on the lips.

    I brought the mini and...
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  22. Love this!!


    I Love this little product! Definitely recommend getting the mini size as all you need on application is 1-2 drops so will still last a very long time. Yet to find a foundation that works well with this product though
  23. Nice lip and Cheek Stain


    Quite like this product. And I like this small size which is good for travelling. Only reason I didn't give it a 5/5 is because I think I prefer the Tarte Cheek Stain, but since it's been discontinued this does the trick.
  24. Gives a rosy look


    Gives such a cute, rosy look to my lips and cheeks! I love it for winter time!
  25. Flawlessly lightweight


    One of my top travel products for how versatile it is. It doesn’t feel like you’re wearing anything at all and it can be sheered out for a my lips but better look. Flawless as a lippie and as a blush
  26. Great staying power


    I have been using this FOREVER and it's just a great product to have on hand. It lasts and lasts on cheeks and lips, so ideal for things like skiing, hiking, where you don't want proper makeup but want to add a quick easy bit of colour. It's very liquid so watch you don't spill it!
  27. Use everyday


    I use this everyday usually I apply in the car on my way out and then mid-way through the day. It's such a natural way to add colour to your lips and make you look alive. This mini size lasts me at least 6 months and it fits perfectly in my wallet.
  28. Beautiful Lips


    I have yet to venture into trying this on my cheeks, but I have been using this on my lips and it is stunning. Like just bitten lips, it gives a red flush that lasts a few hours of drinking from my water bottle at work. It looks like your lips are naturally flushed. I intend to buy a full size and keep the mini in my handbag.
  29. A touch of red


    I use this religiously on my lips and other times on my cheeks. Gives that pop of natural color under clear lip gloss. Use it also on cheeks to add some natural blush.
    i ADORE this product!
  30. Lovely on lips


    I like it on my lips but it's not great on my cheeks. Subtle red on my lips as i have fair skin.Bit streaky and blotchy looking when on the cheeks.
  31. Looks beautiful... usually


    I do really enjoy this stain, the colour is red/pink/berry tone and looks like a natural flush of colour on the cheeks and lips. My only issue is that the only time I can use this stain is when my skin is perfectly clear, without any acne, scarring, or texture of any kind on my cheeks. When place over any of these skin “issues”, the product sort of clings to it and accentuates it, even over founda...
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  32. Love on lips


    I love this as a lip tint, I do however find the sent of rose a little overpowering
  33. Nice red


    Very nice red tone has a pinkish berry red colour, I apply to my lips then cover with clear gloss, haven’t tried it as a blush just as a lip stain
  34. Absolutely love this


    Fantastic! Looks so beautiful on the skin, I use it after my skincare when I want a carefree no makeup day! So beautiful and always makes me look like I have a youthful glow!
  35. I freaking love this tint!


    I love that this tint can be applied lightly or boldly for intensity. It is a great lip stain and many people find they do not have to keep applying...except me! I eat, drink and before I know it, it needs a touch-up. This being said - it's only a minor fix. I have a small hand mirror in my bag so I literally do it at my desk (when I hope nobody is watching, (hahaha) I also put lip gloss over the ...
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  36. Natural flush


    I was late to come to the party but I really like this product and liquid blushes in general. Easy to apply, they leave a natural flush on lips and cheeks. Works well on my combination skin when sometimes powder blushes can cling to my dry patches. Lasts well throughout the day and this mini bottle lasts a very long while. Highly recommended.
  37. natural flushed lips


    I have flaky lips that seem to hate lipsticks, gloss etc but loves this lip tint. I strategically place them above and around my cupids bow and just below my bottom lip to create a cute kpop-esque pout. gives just enough natural colour and shape to my lips I don't need much else. the mini is the best as I feel it is 'fresher' having smaller vials that I can have multiples in my handbag, home, work...
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  38. Love love love


    I am all for natural looking makeup and this things gives you such natural flush of colour. I loved it❤️
  39. Nice


    The benefit tints are nice, I don't tend to use them often as they don't work with the way I apply my makeup. They do look natural for when I don't wear powders.
  40. pop of colour


    Easy to use, lasts a few hours on your lips and stays all day on your cheeks
  41. Pretty


    I find this hard to apply as I do all tints, but when you do it’s great! I like it when I’m not wearing a lot of makeup and want a natural colour on my cheeks or lips.
  42. One of the best tint!


    I love lip tints in general and this is one of my top faves. it has a watery base which allows the lips to absorb it and gives you a bit of time to fully distribute it on the lips so it doesn't look blotchy. a few layers make a strong red tint and stay for hours for me. I use it on my cheeks too and it creates a natural flush for me. great for lazy and natural looking days!
  43. Love this!


    This is one of my favourites! I love how this adds such a rosy colour to my lips. I also love how you can control the intensity of the shade. I definitely recommend this because it would suit any skin tone.
  44. love this - buy the smaller size as you don't need much


    I have the smallest size this comes in (which is quite tiny) but think it is perfect. I only use a little amount and it gives a lovely flushed look.

    Great for a multi-use travel product especially in the mini size.
  45. Blush-Lip Tint


    Love the colour and love that I can use it as a blush and lip tint!
  46. Natural looking rosy cheeks


    Enjoy using this in my everyday make up on both lips and cheeks
  47. What a no no!


    This stain left my cheeks looking like I had blotted a raspberry icy-pole onto my cheeks despite buffing it out for ages! It enhanced my texture and left my makeup looking like a hot mess! It's a no from me!
  48. All time favourite


    I love this product to death. Such a stunning light flush of colour on cheeks and lips that makes you look more awake and healthy. I reccomend the smaller bottle as it lasts forever anyways and keeps it a little more fresh :) really great product and awesome for younger people just trying out makeup too!
  49. Great as both a lip tint and blush


    Bought this as a blush originally but then also discovered it makes a great lip tint. Colour goes on really easily, only need a small amount.
  50. A bit too pink


    This works well, don't need to use it with anything else. A bit too pink for my liking but works well.
  51. Wouldn’t purchase


    I got a sample of this from benefit and I just found it a messy and pointless product. Wouldn’t purchase
  52. Multipurpose


    I've purchased this a few times in the past and received a few as gifts and samples. It's a decent product, can be used on lips and cheeks for a natural looking blush, particularly if you're going for a natural no make-up look.
  53. Cute, but far from perfect


    I might just be a bit unco, but I find this really hard to use as a blush. The brush is next to useless and the liquid tends to cut through any foundation or powder already on my cheeks, leaving streaks. Not recommended.

    It's better as a lip stain, but again the brush lets it down a little. I don't have any lines around my mouth, but I imagine if you did, it would bleed right into th...
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  54. Nice and smells lovely:)


    It's nice for a quick natural look (can be used as lip stain and blush). Nice nailpolish-like brush. Smells superb. Of course is not enough on the lips if you prefer bright matte or satin look, but can be worn underneath a lip gloss if needed.
  55. Lovely tint, have to work fast though


    Benefit's Benetint has definitely been a cult product for many years. The shade is very versatile, great for a rosy flush to the cheeks or a lovely tint to the lips. However as it is a stain, it is very important to work very quickly or else it'll dry before it is blended properly! On the lips it can be quite drying, so be sure to have a gloss on hand to apply over the top. Great concept for a pro...
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  56. Quite intense


    I love the idea of this product but as a cheek stain for me it’s a little intense. Great on the lips as a berry stain though.
  57. 2 in 1 Goodness


    I am a lazy makeup girl, and two in one products are my dream! I apply to my cheeks and across my nose for a touch of sun kissed glow, as well as my eyelids and brow bones.
  58. Benefit Benetint review

    Anonymous (Adore Beauty Staff)

    This is a cult product but was a little so-so for me. It can be difficult to apply so you need to move quickly. Very pretty on lips but can be drying, so I always apply a balm or gloss over the top.
  59. Benefit Benetint review

    Anonymous (Adore Beauty Staff)

    Unfortunately for me, I found Benetint very messy and it really is a stain so you need to work it into the cheeks quickly. I personally prefer to use a powder or cream blush for a more natural look with 1/3 of the mess involved.
  60. Benefit Benetint review

    Anonymous (Adore Beauty Staff)

    The best lip stain, ever! The only thing I am not delighted with is how long the brush is on the applicator - makes it difficult to apply a perfect line on my lips, but it's a small price to pay for such a fab product! A great red tint which looks natural on the lips, and lasts well. Pop a bit of clear gloss over the top, and you're ready to go!
  61. Benefit Benetint review

    Anonymous (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I heart Benetint! It's the perfect Snow White cheek flush with rose petal lips. Yes, it is a stain, so you need to work quickly on the cheeks - I do one cheek at a time, I make a little X with the brush on the apple of my cheek and then quickly blend outwards. As a lip stain I apply two coats to dry lips, then put a gloss or balm over the top. Love love love.
  62. Benefit Benetint review

    Anonymous (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I was sent this as a sample from the wonderful people at Adore, thanks! And I love it!! Looking at the bottle I thought it would be too dark for my pale skin but the colour is such a pretty pink and it is easy to layer it to get the perfect colour. On cheeks it looks great on it's own or layering it with a powder blush. I think this is the most perfect pink stain for my lips that I have ever used....
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  63. Benefit Benetint review

    Anonymous (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I love using Benetint as a stain on my lips. I usually apply 2+ coats to my lips, followed by a clear lip gloss or balm. Benetint has got the most beautiful rose petal hue that lasts for many hours. It took me a long time to perfect the cheek application and I rarely use it for that purpose.
  64. Benefit Benetint review

    Anonymous (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I need about 3 to 4 applications of this product before I can see a flush of colour on my olive skin. Smells nice.
  65. Benefit Benetint review

    Anonymous (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I approached this product with much hesitation as I am completely hopeless with putting any colour on my cheeks that involves anything other than a brush and powder. Emphasis on completely hopeless. However, much to my relief, this product was so easy to apply. Just a dab on the apples of the cheeks and some blending with your fingers and you will have a lovely soft touch of rose on your cheeks, a...
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  66. Benefit Benetint review

    Anonymous (Adore Beauty Staff)

    This is a great stain but the packaging lets it down. The brush is cheap and quite usless for blending. I just use it to brush on 2 small X's on my cheeks and then quickly blend with a small foundation type brush. I find if I try to blend with my finger I end up with a stained finger instead of cheeks. Benetint is also a great lip stain. You can get the pocketpal version or even the mini Benetint ...
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  67. Benefit Benetint review

    Anonymous (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I love this tint! Such a nice natural blush - great for a natural make up look. Definitely worth getting
  68. Amazing Product!

    Lauren (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I received this product as a sample and immediately fell in love with it! The colour is natural looking and easily blendable. It looks amazing on its own, but often i used it as a base for blush which seems to give my cheeks colour all day. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone - it has quickly become one of the staple products in my makeup bag!
  69. Gorgeous just kissed flushed look!

    Elizabeth (Adore Beauty Staff)

    Love this product. By far the best cheek tint/stain out there. Great with bronzer for an all over easy natural look and whiter looking teeth! Can't live without it. Apply more for more color. Gorgeous! If you like stains you will LOVE Benetint!
  70. Great product, especially for fair skin!

    Chelsea (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I honestly couldn't live without this stuff! I use it for both my lips and cheeks, although be warned you have to work fast if using it as a blush (being a stain, it dries quickly). I apply a couple of coats to my lips and follow up with my trusty Nivea lip balm, since this product does tend to be drying. But that's a small price to pay for gorgeous, natural-looking rose-tinted lips, right? Right!...
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  71. Wouldn't be without it. Love it.

    Little M (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I have only just recently tried Benetint and I cannot express how much I love it! I was hesitant at first due to it looking so scary dark in the bottle and based on my previous (rather messy) experiences with stains, but this product is not like that at all. It starts off as such a subtle hint of colour that really is a beautiful natural glow. And then you simply build it up to the shade you want ...
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  72. Pretty!

    Alysia (Adore Beauty Staff)

    This is amazing! I received a sample and will definitely purchase the full size. I was always hesitant about this blush because of the intense colour, however when you rub it in it looks totally natural. It gives you a beautiful flush to your cheeks and it lasts all day. It definitely is not over the top or "clown-like".
  73. Benetint

    Adele (Adore Beauty Staff)

    Benetint is very easy and quick to use and the colour is very pretty
  74. Everyone needs this tint


    I always go back to repurchasing this tint. It adds the most natural and beautiful flush of colour to cheeks and makes lips look gorgeously pink and healthy. The tint is heavily pigmented - and you don't need much of it at all, but it is so buildable! So great for days when you want a beautiful deep red lip.
    I purchased this last November and one bottle easily lasts a Year- I love it!
  75. Benetint brings out the best tint in you


    When I was first contemplating on buying this product , I was a little hesitant , not quite sure if it was going to be satisfactory but after my purchase I never looked back . It was something like I had never bought before . The colour is just a perfect shade of natural rosy pink that seems to adapt to your natural skin tone . Used alone or with lip gloss on your lips it gives them a beautiful ro...
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  76. Love


    I love this tint. Whilst it is quite expensive, the bottle surprisingly lasts a while. The colour is really lovely and keeps on throughout the day. I sometimes find it difficult to use on my cheeks as the colour needs to be blended pretty much as soon as you put it on your skin - however if you can do that it works great!
  77. not worth it for my skin


    I have a yellow skin tone which is pretty tanned and the product only shows up on my cheeks after a lot of product. This is also the same for my lips. this makes the product run out very quickly. I will recommend benetint for people with lighter skin. The formula is very blendable over moisturiser or some cream base.
  78. Best blush ever magic !


    I have been using Benitint for years discovered benifit while living in London back in mid 2000 have been using it ever since I would highly recommend! The best product I have put so many of my friends on to it. It’s like magic on your cheeks
  79. Love this! Perfect rosy red tint.


    I have been meaning to buy this for ages, and it is my new favourite makeup item. I have tried other red (rather than pink) tinged blushes and they have never suited me. This is perfect and adapts to your skin tone. I wear a tinted moisturiser, a light powder, then put some tint on my cheeks and blend in with a sponge. Beautiful! It lasts all day. I have fair colouring, for those who want a refere...
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  80. The Blush for blush haters!


    I have fairly fair skin that tends to get flushed a lot, i always avoided blush because my skin was red enough!
    However, after trying this product I'm hooked! Gives a light wash of colour over a good coverage foundation and manages to make it look more skin like. Really easy to apply and blend in with fingers or a brush under OR OVER powder! It layers beautifully on top of itself for bolder ...
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  81. Great on cheeks


    Love this product - I apply it to my cheeks using a stippling brush as I find it easier than with my fingers. It lasts for ages and gives a perfect glow. The colour on lips is amazing but sadly it doesn’t last very long on me and is quite drying. The search for the perfect lip stain continues. Product lasts for ages so a small bottle is a great option!
  82. Love!


    I love this tiny. I haven't used it on my cheeks yes, wasn't game enough because I'm very fair, but have used on my lips and looks amazing, gives them a beautiful red but not too red colour, but it is also build able if you would like the colour to be more intense. I put a lip balm on top for shine. It tastes/ smells like roses when going on. Love it!
  83. Perfect for work


    I love this tint. I use it on my lips at work for a subtle but defined pop of colour. It is a beautiful red colour which looks natural. I usually reapply after lunch, the mini size is great for taking in my bag and for travel. I will definitely be trying more of the other shades.
  84. Pigmented! Multi-use! Beautiful stain! Compact and lasts long!


    This product was my first 'expensive' 'high end' makeup product when i was 14 that i bought myself and I buy myself one every year still to this day. Their formula for this tint is perfect and the fact that it can be used on different parts of the face and works for most skin types is amazing! I am between light and medium skin tone and I mainly use it on my lips and cheeks. The colour creates a g...
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  85. Love it


    I purchased the original red colour. It's so lovely on the skin, a little goes a long way and it has a rose smell to it. Unfortunately my lips are super sensitive and it irritates them but the tint looks lovely on my cheeks. It is a bit overpriced however, but it lasts a long time.
  86. LOVE


    creates the most beautiful flushed look. A little bit of product goes along way, versatile product that can be used on cheeks or lips for a light stain look
  87. Natural Rosy Lips


    I absolutely love this product! It gives my lips a natural looking rosy colour without the heavy or sticky feeling of a lipstick or gloss.

    I does tend to dry my lips out a little bit, but it's nothing a bit of lip balm over the top doesn't fix.
  88. Beautiful Rosy Tint


    I love the versatility of this product! It gives a really natural look to the cheeks and lips and lasts for ages. Such a beautiful colour too.
  89. Really beautiful


    I have a fair complexion and this is such an amazing and versatile blush, i even use it on the eyes and lips. It is so buildable and gorgeous I use it almost daily. This product does exactly what it says, I would highly recommend it.
  90. Love it in summer


    I love this all year round but especially in summer when I am warmer as my face is moist from heat and its harder to apply powder blush to cheeks.

    I don't use it on my lips just my cheeks.

    Bottle lasts for ages and you can build the colour up depending on the intensity you need. Just blend quick would be my advice.
  91. Great product, best rosy cheeks!!


    This is my go to cheek product, its so easy to use and creates the most believable flushed cheeks. The bottle lasts close to 8 months for me with daily use on lips and cheeks. Can be a little hard to work with just act fast and dab it into the apples of your cheeks after dotting it on with the brush. Once you get it, you wont look back!
  92. Brilliant


    Excellent versatile product. I use this on cheeks and lips and it gives a beautiful, natural tint which is what I want in my late 50's as a big smudge of blusher looks really bad as you get older.
  93. Natural, a little bit goes a long way


    I really like using this on my lips as it gives a natural colour and one mini bottle lasts for ages. It does leave a slightly bitter taste on the lips however. Would recommend :)
  94. Lovely


    I love Benetint. It gives a very natural blush. U can layer it for a more dramatic look. And it is very easy to apply. Just 3 short stroke and tap gently till it gives that natural rosy look. I have already made my repeat purchase.
  95. Pretty natural blush!


    This blush is great, it is so blendable and a little goes a long way. It is a really pretty colour and works for any skin tone. Love that it comes in a mini version too!
  96. Quite good


    Nice colour for a sheer lip tint and also quite nice colour for cheeks, but it can be a bit hard to blend. Using my fingers to blend it definitely works better than a sponge though.
  97. Quite good


    Easy to use and quite a pretty tint. Works great for cheeks but I think the lip colour doesn't look that natural and you need to reapply a few times to get a good strength of colour.
  98. I have pale skin and this is perfect!


    I love Benefit and I got this in a gift pack. You only need a tiny amount and it blends really well. I have pale skin and it gives my cheeks a lovely blush. I would repurchase this :)
  99. An all time fave from Benefit.


    Love this product! Beautiful rosy tint that lasts really well. Only need a small amount so bottle goes a long way. I have medium skin and it always adds a lovely glow to my cheeks.
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