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Whether you want to experiment with vibrant lip colours or simply add a touch of definition to your pout, BECCA lip products offer long-lasting formulations and ultimate lip nourishment with cocktails of high-performance ingredients.

From lip primers and lip tints to lip glosses and lip liners, BECCA has created an extensive range of lip products for all your different tastes, styles, and lip-care needs.

What are the benefits of using a lip primer?

Whilst a face primer may be commonplace in your beauty routine, a lip primer is an important step that is often forgotten. A lip primer has conditioning benefits to help smooth and hydrate your pout. A primer for lips also helps your lipstick go on easier and last much longer.

BECCA Lip Priming Perfector creates the perfect base for lipstick application and ensures that it does not feather or bleed throughout the day. It also contains Hyaluronic Filling Spheres, which help to plump the lips and minimise the appearance of fine lines and ageing.

The Lip Priming Perfector has a natural nude colouring, which simply evens out the lip tone and does not alter the shade of any lip product applied afterwards.

How to apply nude lip liner

Lip liner pencils are commonly used with bold and vibrant lip colours, which show up any application mistake and fade less naturally. However, a nude lip liner offers many benefits. It not only helps lipstick last longer but also defines your pout for healthier- and fuller-looking lips.

  • Use your nude lip liner to outline your natural lip shape. You can even go a tiny bit outside your natural lip line to subtly enhance and enlarge your lip shape.
  • Fill in your lips with your lip liner.
  • Apply a gloss or lipstick, or wear the liner by itself as a matte stain.

What are the benefits of using a lip tint?

BECCA Beach Tints are versatile, semi-matte tints that deliver rich, long-lasting colour to the cheeks and lips. These multipurpose tints can be patted on the lips lightly for a subtle, healthy wash of colour or built up for greater pigmentation. The travel-friendly tints come in a variety of different shades that are scented with their namesake fruit. A must-have for your makeup bag.

What are the features of BECCA Ultimate Colour Gloss?

Enjoy bold colours and a high-shine finish with BECCA Ultimate Colour Gloss. These glosses are enriched with antioxidants such as Vitamin E to nourish and condition the lips. A blend of emollient oils provides glide and comfort. An SPF is included, making these the perfect summer lip choice.

The long-wearing lip glosses feel weightless on the lips whilst packing a punch of vibrant pigmentation.

How to make BECCA Lip Gloss last longer:

Ultimate Colour Gloss from Becca is a long-wearing formulation. However, if you want your gloss to last even longer, apply Lip Priming Perfector first to extend the longevity.

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4 products found
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