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BECCA Concealers

Concealers Authentic

An amazing concealer is a must have for any makeup bag in order to provide extra coverage for blemishes and imperfections. It also helps to hide under eye dark circles too. Concealer can be used before or after foundation depending on what works best for you. It also comes in a range of formulations, be it powder, liquid or cream.

However, a little goes a long way! Too much concealer can highlight the very area you are trying to hide, be it wrinkles, pimples or pigmentation. Use only a tiny bit at first and build up until the desired level of coverage has been achieved. It usually requires a lot less than what you would expect!

While you might feel like you have more to hide as you get older, packing on full-coverage foundation can dehydrate your skin and highlight wrinkles and fine lines – particularly if you'€™re using a matte formula. This is where concealer can help! Make sure your skin is moisturised and primed before applying a lightweight foundation, BB cream or CC cream, and then use a touch of concealer to hide any imperfections that are still peeking through.


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BECCA Ultimate Coverage Concealing Creme

I'm a concealer addict, I have never been able to find what I need without... read more >>

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BECCA Compact Concealer

Colour is good. Though I found it hard to blend on my skin and it did not... read more >>

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BECCA Radiant Skin Creamy Concealer

This concealer covers blemishes brilliantly. Easily blends into my skin.... read more >>

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