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Master flawless makeup application with a collection of high-quality brushes and tools in your beauty cabinet. Whilst your fingertips can apply products adequately, using the best makeup brushes will transform your beauty look from average to professional.

Achieve precision fine lines and carefully sculpted eye looks with a gorgeous selection of eyeshadow brushes from BECCA. From packing on the pigment to smudging out a smokey eye, BECCA brushes always guarantee easy blendability and a stunning finish.

Airbrushing your complexion has never been easier than with the range of professional makeup brushes from BECCA. Whether you are applying foundation, powder bronzer, or creme blush, BECCA offers a selection of brushes that complements all of the brand’s bestselling makeup products perfectly for breathtaking results.

Which is the best BECCA brush for applying foundation?

BECCA has a large selection of foundations, all with different finishes and for varying skin types. The One Perfecting Brush is the perfect foundation brush for any formulation. This brush’s unique horizontal design allows you to easily cover large areas and access small contours of the face, ensuring a seamless finish.

Non-porous goat hair allows products to sit on the bristles instead of absorbing into the brush. This incredibly versatile brush can be used with liquid makeup, creams, and powders. Whether you are buffing, stippling, contouring, or highlighting, The One Perfecting Brush delivers a professional finish.

What are BECCA brushes made of?

Brushes from BECCA are made with either natural goat hair or synthetic fibres, depending on the brush’s intended use. Large natural-fibre brushes are traditionally used for applying powder-based products, such as loose or pressed powder, blush, bronzer, and contouring powders. Small natural-fibre brushes are for applying powder-based eye makeup.

Some natural fibres can create a smooth and polished look with liquid and cream foundation. However, synthetic-fibre brushes are best used for applying emollient-based products, such as foundation, concealer, cream- or gel-based eye products, and lipstick or lip gloss.

What is the BECCA Boudoir Skin Retractable Kabuki Brush for?

The ultra-luxurious BECCA Kabuki Brush provides the best possible coverage from powder-based products and is great for setting powder foundation. However, this brush is mostly commonly used for bronzer or contour, as it provides amazing precision on both large and small areas of the face.

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