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BECCA Beach Tint by BECCA


BECCA Beach Tint is a beautifully blendable, long-lasting creme stain that dries to a perfect streak-free, non-greasy and non-drying finish. This cult-classic is a must-have for travel, as a multi-purpose tint that gives a natural flush to the cheeks and lips.

With a satin-matte finish that is forgiving on all skin types, BECCA Beach Tint is an award-winning best-seller. Each tint is subtly scented with their namesake fruit, and is free from preservatives and parabens, and is dermatologist tested.

  • Enriched with antioxidant Vitamin E to repair and soothe the skin, while Nylon-12 provides a beautiful velvety finish. 
  • You can layer BECCA Beach Tint under powder blushes, bronzers, lip balms and glosses. 
  • Squeeze out a small amount of BECCA Beach Tint from the tube and apply to lips and/or cheeks under or over makeup. 
  • Our professional tip is to use fingertips to apply the product, gently dabbing the product on the apples of the cheeks or over the lips to create a subtle, healthy tint.

BECCA Beach Tint is available in Dragonfruit, Fig, Raspberry, Watermelon, Grapefruit, Guava, Papaya and Lychee.

Escape to summer with lightweight layers and effortless colour - inspired by the sun, sea and sand, warm and bright tones evoke a naturally fresh, romantic look.

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Great - 19-06-2018 by

This is a great product which I tend to use on my cheeks, rather than my lips. "Fig" is probably my favourite shade, but none are too jarring on my ridiculously pale skin. I also like the fact that the formulation is oil-free, which means no pesky pimples if you do choose to use this as a blusher.

Lovely natural tint - 15-06-2018 by

I love this beach tint! Watermelon is my favourite colour and the tint lasts for ages once applied as it sinks right into the lips unlike other lipsticks. The natural hue is perfect for day time wear. Only negative is it can dry out the lips, so moisturise well before applying.

A beautiful pink cheek and healthy youthful glow - 11-06-2018 by

I have been using this cream blush for 2 months now and absolutely love the way it looks, giving me a healthy pinky youthful cheek.
I apply this product ontop of my foundation (after I have powdered), and it stays all day (at least 8 hours). It is well pigmented, can be built upon for a stronger finish, or applied for a lighter look. I even touch up during the day if i need my makeup to last longer and it looks great after reapplication.
The lyche colour works well on my medium olive skin tone, its not over the top, but noticeable and very flattering.

The blush to beat all blushes - 29-05-2018 by

I'll never go back to a cake-based blush again!! These feel great, look great, and smell great too! I've tried almost every colour, depending on what colour I've had my hair at the time, but Papaya is my go-to. They last all day, can be used under or over your foundation, and look natural. An absolute must-have.

Long Lasting & Highly Pigmented - 25-05-2018 by

I LOVE these! I swear by the Grapefruit colour which gives a beautiful peachy tint. I love that these are cream based and don't cake up into my fine lines like a powdered blush would. They are incredibly long lasting too.

Perfect natural flush - 21-05-2018 by

I love love love this product! A little bit goes a long way and it's super easy to apply, I just use my fingers to blend it in. I usually wear this over a skin tint but also looks nice on bare skin. I have the shade Guava and it's the perfect natural blush colour!

Gorgeous Blend-able blush - 11-05-2018 by

This Blush is absolutely stunning, I bought it in the shade Guava which adds a really natural flush to the cheeks!
My main concern with liquid blushes is when they don't blend properly and look patchy, but the Becca Beach Tint doesn't have any of those issues.
I know the tint can be used on the lips, but i find it doesn't last particularly well so I only use it on the cheeks and eyes.

great colour and texture, highly recommended! - 08-05-2018 by

This tint is great! smells lovely (guava) and gives a very natural colouring that complements my pasty white complexion. I actually look alive!
Very builldable and you only need a little bit to start so it goes a long way.

Love it - 11-04-2018 by

I love this one! So versatile. I use on cheek and lips And it's subtle and glowing, great for Everyday

Awesome product - 19-03-2018 by

I purchased this in grapefruit and raspberry. The grapefruit is a great coral color which looks great as a blush. The raspberry is quite dark and more suitable for lips. It’s can be used to enhance natural lips or built up for a darker winter look.
True to it’s name this gives you a water proof look which is very life proof.

Best product ever - 10-10-2017 by

This is my most favourite cosmetic product! I have a few colours and Guava is my far my favourite. I will never use any other blush. I would highly recommend!!!

Great cheek and lip tint! - 12-09-2017 by

I love this product. The shades it comes in are great and the product feels and smells divine!

I think the packaging is a bit flimsy, however the product itself is great.

Kissable lips - 05-04-2017 by

Perfect if you are on the go and need a lip/cheek combo in one. Though they are a tint, they have an amazing colour pay-off and a beautiful matte finish. There is a colour for everybody and for all skin tone.They also last FOREVER, however, if they get a bit oily/watery it doesn't mean the product is off - just give it a good shake before using the tint.

Great colour, terrible consistency - 03-07-2016 by

I wanted to like this product, I really did. I've used other Becca products in the past, and I have liked them. However, this product really didn't agree with me. I found the consistency of the tint to be watery and thin. It barely lasted an hour on my lips before wearing off. The colour is gorgeous though (I got Watermelon), it's just a shame the product itself is subpar.

Irritating and smells - 08-09-2015 by

I have this in Fig and Watermelon. For my very pale skin, Watermelon was too pigmented and difficult to use on cheeks, but was great for lips. Fig was perfect for my cheeks, and is a pale nude rosy colour. The problem with these is that they stink, particularly Fig. The fragrance irritates my sensitive skin and is a very strong, sickly sweet candy smell that hangs around for hours. Despite liking everything else about these tints, the smell makes it impossible to use - $42 down the drain.

An essential - 03-07-2015 by

I ordered fig, it's a subtle natural dusty-pink that I use almost every day. Great on paler skin and when you aren't too sun-kissed. I've just ordered grapefruit for a stronger pop of colour.
The product can separate a touch but a good shake fixes that, and I just rub it on using my fingers. Love this product, it smells lovely too.

My daily go-to - 27-06-2015 by

I have this in watermelon and use it everyday in place of lipstick for a pop of colour. Lasts for most of the day

Great little multi-use tint - 15-06-2015 by

I use the Grapefruit tint and love it on days I want feel fresh and dewy. I find a teeny bit is enough for my cheeks, the colour can go a long way. I've also used it as an eyeshadow and find its one of those products that can really be used in every situation

Awesome summer staple! - 04-10-2014 by

Gorgeous colour, (I bought dragonfruit). Definitely want more colours but it's something you need to save for because the product is quite pricey.

A must have product! - 19-09-2014 by

I first recieved one of these Becca Beach tints as a freebie in a magazine some years ago. It was the watermelon tint, and it turned out to become my absolute #1 go-to product of all time!
Firstly, the tiniest dabs into your fingers will give a fresh and natural flush of colour when applied to the cheeks, and when applied to moisturised, but dry lips, does the same without looking like your actually wearing anything at all!
I get so many comments on how well I look when using this product, tehe;)
It will need a shake before use to keep it from separating , but this little miracle tube has always lasted me well over a year each time.
Also a great way to mattify your lipstick when used as a base.
Yes, it's the BOMB!

perfect for summer - 20-09-2013 by

I had read a number of reviews on this product and decided to try for myself. The tube is handy for application but a little on the small side. I recommend giving it a good shake before dispensing product. I initially just applied with my fingers and blended but found I achieved a much more even and nicer result when I applied with a small brush. I applied after foundation and finished with a translucent powder which gave a really nice natural flush. It has a nice fruity scent. The product has pretty good staying power and I will purchase again.

Love this product :) - 05-12-2012 by

I love this beach tint, it's an amazing product! I have it in Grapefruit, and am definitely going to try out some of the other shades. What I love about it is that it's so natural looking. It gives a beautiful blush on the cheeks and totally lights up my complexion. I'm quite tanned but beach tint in grapefruit would suit all skin tones I believe. It smells great, and I use it on my lips as well, but it can be quite drying, despite feeling great on my cheeks. To solve that, I just make sure that I've used a lip balm over night (to stop lips from cracking during the day) and use a clear gloss on top of the tint. Also make sure you shake the tube a little before you use it in order to get a good consistency of product. Overall, I loved the product and would definitely buy it again. The only con is that it's quite expensive for such a small amount. Or maybe it's just because I use it wayy too much…

Must have for your purse - 01-11-2012 by

I've been using it for years and I love it! I usually get "Watermelon", but, this time I tried "Fig" and I'm so happy with it. It looks great, so natural with just a dab of gloss over. This is always in my handbag.

GREAT COLOUR - 26-08-2012 by

I got a great colour - Watermelon. I use it mainly on my lips and then apply a lipgloss. It doesnt stay on like it says but is a great base. It is thin but I shake the bottle each time before I use it to ensure the full colour comes out. I love it.

Love this. - 24-07-2011 by

Absolutely adore this product. Use mainly on lips seeing as I also own lip and cheek creams in rosebud, petal and tuberose which I use on my cheeks. Have the tint in rasberry and grapefruit, the latter which gives you more of a natural look. The price for 7ml whilst is steep is probably a testament as to how popular is continues to be...smell does not last long although very nice for each colour. Have recently noticed when not used for more than a week that the oil in the product squeezes out before the colour so probably should be shaken before use as it separates. Little does last a long time.

Buy one.... Buy more - 21-01-2011 by

My beach tint obsession started with raspberry, a very flattering red/pink that produced a fabulous rosy cheek and a tender ''just kissed'' tint to my lips. Watermelon is the perfect long wear lip colour deep and noticeable but a little harsh on the cheek. But it is Grapefruit that I reach for most, a fresh dewy peach brightens the face and evens out the lips with a smooth nude hue. The tubes are cute and pop into the smallest clutch but they last months. they smell delicious, do not dry the lips and being a tint you can still see your fine lip lines through the colour so never appear cakey or ''painted''. Being water proof their staying power is incredible 9-10 hours on cheeks, 3-4 on lips. An absolute fav of mine so versatile and unbelievably beautiful.

- 05-12-2010 by

I love tints as they give you a natural look by blending with your skin. If you prefer the dewy rather than powdered look then this is for you. You can use Beach Tint on your lips & cheeks but make sure you only squeeze out the tiniest bit as it spreads well & is very pigmented. The packaging is good but they don't print the shade on the tube so if you have a few it can be tricky to tell them apart. They all smell yummy but the scent doesn't hang around long. Great little product.

- 08-10-2010 by

I have this in Watermelon. Surprisingly thin consistency. Nice, rich colour and not too pigmented. On the lips with a clear gloss or balm over the top it is pretty. Blends beautifully on the cheeks too. In terms of wearability it is not perfect on me as I have very oily skin and am a lip biter but it definitely stays put longer than most lip glosses. On the cheeks its staying power is comparable to a good blush.

- 20-05-2009 by

I bought this multi-tasking tint in the newest addition to the colour range - Raspberry, which is a blue-based deep pink that suits fair skinned girls who need cool toned makeup. The consistency is great, it blends out very well without drying up but yet it isn't oily, it feels like silicone based products do even though it comes out of the tube as an opaque gel and it's waterproof to boot. The scent is strong for the first few minutes so if you intend to use it on your lips as well be sure you like the smell of raspberry, I love it because it smells like my favourite raspberry chocolate pieces!

- 11-05-2009 by

Another lovely product from Becca. I have this in Peach and Watermelon. They smell beautiful (the Watermelon really does smell like Watermelon) and are easily spreadable with my finger on my cheeks. They give such a natural flush and glow of colour. Good also on the lips - natural looking colour and seems non-drying. The packaging is attractive - love the squeeze tube! Even though it's expensive, it's great value for money as a little goes a long way and it will last. Overall a beautiful cheek and lip product and recommend others to try it! Now I want the Raspberry!

- 22-04-2009 by

What a great product! I got the peach shade in a GWP and at first I wasn't sure about the colour on me. It looked a bit orangey when I put it on my lips. A bit of pale pink gloss on top though and it was divine! As a cheek colour it's brilliant, stays put all day and adds a really nice warmth. I've just ordered it in raspberry too which I think will be an even better shade on me. Small tube but you only need the smallest amount so it will last forever. I applied to my cheeks with a foundation brush which seemed to work really well.

- 27-02-2009 by

I love Becca's Beach Tint's. I have them in all three shades.The Beach Tint's are waterproof, and are fabtastic to wear alone as a lip or cheek stain or under blush to make sure you have colour on you cheeks all day. The tubes appear quite small but you only need the teeniest little bit as a little goes a very long way.

- 16-02-2009 by

I love this product! It gives a natural glowing flush to your cheeks and smells beautiful. It is easy to apply and you have time to blend it before it dries so you don't end up with blotchy stains on your cheeks like some product like this leave. I have the raspberry which would suit any skin tone and you can easily build the colour up for evening.

- 23-11-2008 by

I have this in watermelon and it gives a lovely rosy flush to the cheeks. It has a strong watermelon scent though, so not for you if you're not keen on watermelon. I'd like to try the peach shade also. The tube is tiny but will last ages as you only need to use the tiniest bit for a natural glow.

- 06-07-2008 by

I bought this product, as it was waterproof, specifically for my holiday. I love the colour and it was great to use on lips and cheeks. You only need to use a little of the product so it will last for ages.

- 05-07-2008 by

I have both shades and Ijust love them! They give a beautiful natural flush and make you look as though you are glowing from within.

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