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BECCA nail polish is gentle on your talons, yet provides great wear, in a range of fun and classic colours! 

Get the most out of your manicure by following these simple tips:

- Soapy dishwater can wreak havoc on manicures. Protect hands by wearing rubber gloves.

- Always file nails in one direction to a smooth and clean shape. Filing back and forth can cause splitting. Match the cuticle shape.

- Base and top coats aren’t just for fingertips. Remember to use these care products for a salon-quality DIY pedicure.

Finding the perfect shade for you is all about whatever makes you feel good. Don’t worry about matching your skin tone or being different. All that matters is how colour makes you feel.

- Wearing darker colours and finding your perfect red is always a great way to look younger. You may want to avoid sheer colours, which tend to bring attention to skin tone. Colour brings the attention to your nails.

Always store nail polish in a cool, dry place. For best results, keep the neck of the bottle clean.

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