You Might Be Making This Priming Mistake

If you didn’t think primer was a complicated enough subject already, turns out you might’ve been applying your primer the wrong way this whole time.

See, you might’ve thought applying it with a brush was best practice (and the germophobe in me says more hygienic too), but most makeup artists will tell you otherwise. According to the experts, we’re meant to use our hands to apply our primer.

Why Should We Use Our Hands?

Here’s a little tip I learnt from Director of Artistry at L’Oreal Australia, Ross Andrewartha – when you give the skin a really good massage and work your prep products into your skin for a couple of minutes, you encourage circulation.

What happens when we encourage circulation, you ask? Well, increasing blood flow and oxygen in the skin gives us a natural glow, makes our skin look plump and awake, and can reduce puffiness – all before you’ve even put your foundation on.

The warmth of your hands also helps to bind products like moisturiser and primer with the skin. When you use a brush, some formulas just get swished around on the surface of the skin, instead of sinking in.

What If You Prefer A Brush?

There is still a place for using brushes to apply primer. Some makeup artists will use their hands to apply a moisturiser or a serum to the skin using massaging motions, and then a brush to apply the primer.

Some primer formulas (for example, silicone-based) are more suited to brush application because too much warmth and manipulation can cause them to pill.

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