“Why Am I Shedding?” Answers to Your Most Worrisome Hair Problems

Having hair troubles? Thinning, shedding, damaged? Let me guess, you’ve tried everything. Don’t give up just yet, I think I might have a solution to your hair worries…


Thinning Hair

Are you constantly on the search for volumising products to give your hair the fullness and added body you’re longing for?

I recommend: Nioxin Hair System Kit 4: Noticeably Thinning

– Perfect for fine hair that is chemically coloured

– Designed for noticeably thinning hair

– The hair is visibly thickened and fuller-looking

– Leaves the scalp feeling refreshed & colour protected from fading

– Provides protection from the sun and damaging environmental elements

– Kit 4 contains a Cleanser, Scalp Revitaliser & Scalp Treatment

How To Use:

1. Cleanse: Apply to wet hair, gently massage into scalp and hair. Lather for 1 minute before rinsing thoroughly. Use daily.

2. Optimise: After cleansing, distribute onto scalp and throughout the hair. Leave on for up to 3 minutes. Rinse well.

3. Treat: Apply directly to entire scalp and gently massage into scalp. Do not rinse off.

★★★★★ Best product for Autoimmune affected scalp! – Simmid

“I suffer from a sensitive peeling scalp and hair loss due to Lupus and found this to be the only product that restores my scalp to a neutral condition, reducing the hair loss and giving my fine, thin, lank hair body, shine and some thickness. Within a month of using I am able to see new hair growth.”

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Hair Loss

It might’ve been sudden, or you may have noticed over time you’ve been experiencing hair loss. It’s not too late to do something about it.

I recommend: Viviscal Maximum Strength Hair Supplement

– Scientifically formulated to nourish the hair

– Supports healthy hair growth & combats hair loss in women with thinning hair

– Supplements are fortified with the key nutrients to help maintain healthy hair growth

How To Use:

Take 2 tablets daily for a minimum of 3-6 months (1 in the morning and 1 in the evening). To maintain healthy hair growth, take 1-2 tablets daily as required.

★★★★★ Long term use is as good as ever – Vera

“I have been using Viviscal ever since it became available in Australia. Now I am down to a once a day maintenance tablet and it still helps with the ongoing health of my hair. Only at the seasonal change do I up the dosage and it stops the excess shedding quite quickly. I am so happy to recommend it to anyone who has problems with shedding or thin hair.”

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Colour Maintenance

Don’t let your colour turn drab between appointments, there’s a way to keep your colour looking fresh and vibrant for weeks on end.

I recommend: Revlon Professional Nutri Color Crème

–  Refreshes your colour between salon visits

– Get results in under 3 minutes with instant colour

– Adds shine, invigorates, rejuvenates and repairs

– AHA fruit acids hydrate, soften, nourish and untangle hair without reducing volume

– Does not contain ammonia or peroxide

How To Use:

Wearing gloves, apply to clean, towel-dried hair. Leave in for 3 or more minutes before rinsing until water runs clear. Seal your locks with cold water.

★★★★★ Great product

“I recommend this for people that have blonde hair. Takes all the brassy tones to a beautiful subdued colour. Also leaves your hair soft and easy to manage.”

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Damaged & Split Ends

Don’t panic! Your hair isn’t completely ruined – there’s a way to rescue it from damage.

I recommend: Kérastase Serum Thérapiste Dual Treatment

– Designed for all hair types, especially dry and damaged

– The oil and cream texture instantly repairs, reinforces and resurfaces hair fibre

– Hair is left deeply repaired, revitalised and toned with added strength

– Provides heat protection up to 230 degrees celsius

– Split ends are reduced by 76% over time

How To Use:

Apply to washed and towel-dried hair. Massage onto lengths and ends. Proceed to blow dry and leave in.

★★★★★ Highly recommend for brittle blondes Ash

“I was suffering from bleach breakage and my hair was stressed and frizzy. I was a little cautious given the price of the products, having shelled out for “top of the line” treatments before, including Olaplex, which has often resulted in feeling like I’ve wasted my money. I was highly impressed with this range though. It really nursed and conditioned my hair. Use sparingly, it will work its magic and last quite some time. I made my original purchase September and am only just reordering.”

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