Who Wins The Battle Of Our Best Mascara?

Joanna Fleming

We’re all on the never-ending search for our holy grail mascara – well, I am. Even if I find a good one, there’s always that doubt in the back of my mind that there might be a better one out there that I haven’t tried yet. Hence why I’ve got what I call a ‘mascara cemetery’ in my cupboard. Actually, I really should clean that out.

Anyway, I’ve picked out four of my favourites, which also happen to be best-sellers on our site, to put them to the ultimate test and decide which one trumps all the others.


Benefit They’re Real! Mascara

If you want to achieve that falsies look, Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara could be the one for you. The unique staggered bristles on the domed tip of the brush grab super close to the root of your lashes, coating even the tiniest corner lashes for ultimate length.

For me, this mascara is a stand out as it does also add volume to the lashes and holds curl well – I’d recommend it for all lash types.

Length ★★★★★

Curl ★★★★

Volume ★★★

Separation ★★★★

Holy grail mascara – Steph

“This is quite literally the best mascara I have ever used. It doesn’t smudge once it has set, lifts my lashes like crazy and gives me so much volume! I always get compliments on my eyelashes when I am wearing this, people also often ask if I am wearing false lashes which is a nice compliment.”

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Eye Of Horus Goddess Mascara

The best way I can describe this mascara is the opposite of falsies – not in a bad way. I love wearing this as a daily mascara, or when I’m opting for a really natural makeup look (wearing a volumising mascara usually ruins this illusion).

Eye of Horus Goddess Mascara gives your lashes beautiful, natural-looking length, while separating the lashes really well. Oh, and it comes in a brown variation as well which I love. I’d recommend this formula for lashes that already have a bit of volume and length, as it’ll definitely enhance them.

Length ★★★★★

Curl ★★

Volume ★

Separation ★★★★★

My go-to mascara! Holly

“This is my new go-to mascara. I absolutely love this product. I used to use Clinique High Impact for many years but will happily change to this mascara. I have naturally thick lashes already so can’t comment on whether this provides much volume but it does provide length without becoming spidery and tangled.”

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Mirenesse Secret Weapon Mascara – Super Volume

Just as a heads up, our model Amelia has ridiculously long lashes, so we can’t guarantee you’ll get lashes exactly like hers – but Mirenesse’s Secret Weapon Mascara can help you on your way.

Featuring a specially-designed brush to increase volume and thickness, this mascara has a (very) long wearing, smudge-proof, flake-free and water resistant formula. It works a treat on longer, sparser lashes like my own, that are crying out for volume.

Length ★★★★

Curl ★★

Volume ★★★★

Separation ★★★

Possibly the one? Laura

“I’m loving this mascara at the moment – I have quite fair, straight lashes. I find this mascara lengthening and volumising, nice and black, and my lashes are still dark and holding their shape at the end of the day. No flaking, no panda eyes, no irritation. Slightly harder to remove than the regular Secret Weapon but still comes off with just water.”

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Lancôme Hypnôse Doll Eyes Mascara

This was the first mascara I bought when I started at Adore Beauty over two years ago, and I’ve still got a tube of it on rotation. The thing I love most about the mascara is actually the brush, funnily enough. It coats the lashes really well, allowing you to add layers of product, without your lashes becoming too clumpy.

The actual formula of this mascara gives decent length and volume, that tends more to the natural-looking side in my opinion. I’d recommend this for lashes that have average length and volume – but it can work well on sparse lashes too.

Length ★★★

Curl ★★★

Volume ★★★

Separation ★★

AMAZING!!  Michelle

“This mascara is my holy grail it is amazing!! I’ve tried so many mascaras and nothing remotely compares to this. It gives sensational volume, curl and adds length without clumping. It never runs or smudges etc yet is easily removed when needed. The brush makes it easy to apply to even the lashes in the very inner corner of lids.”

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So Who Wins?

All of these mascaras address different lash types and occasions. If you’re not one to have three mascaras in your draw on rotation, and you’re looking for the one, I’d have to say Benefit’s They’re Real comes out on top. I’m basing that on my personal rating for length, curl, volume and separation, keeping in mind I’ve got straight, long, sparse lashes.


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Joanna Fleming

Joanna Fleming

Beauty IQ Editor
Some of my must-have products at the moment are Kiehl's Crème de Corps, Benefit BADGal BANG! Mascara and M.A.C Cosmetics Strobe Cream.
Joanna Fleming